Moment Of Awesome: House of Anubis

  • Nina building the cup of Ankh, with it being all glow-y and shiny.
  • Fabian tackling Rufus to save Nina, followed by Jerome throwing the deadly sandflies at Rufus.
  • Eddie using his Osirian powers to stop Senkhara from taking Nina into the underworld.
  • Joy's Heroic sacrifice to save Fabian from the lightning bolt Possessed!Nina threw at him, combined with CMOH.
    • Joy had another one earlier, too, when she completed the senet game. (Which was not only designed by Robert Frobisher-Smythe, a genius, Victor couldn't do it and neither could his father, proving her to be the worlds best senet player.)
  • Eddie allowing himself to be sacrificed to save the others and end Ra's wrath.
  • Alfie using the 'car' he made for Amber to break into the barn and save Trudy and his friends. It was nice to see him being the hero for once.
    • Also Alfie rescuing Willow from the gatehouse, on his own and succeeding.

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