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Examples of Misaimed Fandom for other works.

  • William Blake's "Newton", due to its "heroic" style, is widely misinterpreted as an approving depiction of Isaac Newton (eg in the three-dimensional sculpture by Eduardo Paolozzi inspired by it). In fact, the anti-materialist and mystically Christian Blake intended the work as a caricature mocking Newton for paying attention to insignificant things on Earth when he should have been thinking about his immortal soul.note  This is made clear by the engraving's original subtitle, Personification of Man Limited by Reason.

  • The Deadpool article was written as if Deadpool was narrating because one of the character's defining characteristics is how he has No Fourth Wall, so the idea was that if he addresses the readers in the comic books, it's only natural that he would do the same on his TV Tropes page. Then people proceeded to miss the joke when the style caught on, and as a result there are many pages dedicated to individual Marvel and DC characters that are written with No Fourth Wall, even if the character in question doesn't behave as such. Then it proceeded to extend into different works entirely, some missing the joke by an even wider margin, as characters with actual Fourth Wall attunement are missed out in favor of others.

Asian Animation
  • Rumor has it that Squirrel and Hedgehog is meant to bash and demonize the United States in favor of North Korea, but you'd never guess that. The Americans, portrayed by badass wolves armed with Frickin' Laser Beams and Glowing Eyes of Doom, are five different kinds of awesome compared to the North Koreans who are portrayed by wimpy little rodents. The Big Bad Lt.Col Fox Vixen is also popular enough, particularly with the Furry Fandom, to have spawned an entire slew of fan art from Americans praising her. The explanation given is due to Values Dissonance; Americans love seeing themselves portrayed as fearsome, stoic and mighty wolves, whilst North Koreans center a lot of their cultural identity around being innocent, meek and peace-loving souls tormented by big, powerful bullies, as a result of government propaganda.

  • The Conversion Bureau was written to explain Blaze's (the author) own hypothesis on why Equestria had no humans as well as Wish Fulfillment. Due to his lack of experience as a writer however, the story came off as incredibly misanthropic, and the mixture of the backlash he received as well as losing interest in the story altogether rendered it a Dead Fic; other authors came into the scene to write their own Recursive Fanfictions based off TCB, taking the basic framework of the story to espouse their Humans Are the Real Monsters views.
  • Some people need it explained to them that Friendship Is Optimal is supposed to be Psychological Horror, not Wish Fulfillment.
  • There is a huge percentage of Ranma fanfiction that portrays Ranma as eventually coming to enjoy his Gender Bender status, or even to outright prefer his female form to his male one. Many of these go so far as to show "her" acting more conventionally feminine by preference, sometimes even to the extent of falling in love with men and bearing children. This seems to stem from a combination of Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls and transgirls latching onto Ranma as a wish-fulfillment character, completely ignoring that, in canon, Ranma absolutely hates his Gender Bender status, wants nothing more than to be all male again, and the idea of physically and/or mentally changing permanently into a girl absolutely terrifies him. He has a particularly hatred of guys trying to flirt with him, being vehemently straight. The fact Ranma has more innate domestic skills than Akane Tendo is supposed to be part of the comedy. Ditto his tendency to engage in feminine roles to achieve something he wants; that's just Hypocritical Humor, given his professed distaste for acting that way.
  • Dakari-King Mykan is rather infamous for completely missing the point of works. It was enough to warrant him getting his own page.