Misaimed Fandom: Other

Examples of Misaimed Fandom for other works.
  • The Conversion Bureau was written to explain the Blaze's (the author) own hypothesis on why Equestria had no humans as well as Wish Fulfillment. Instead, a fair amount of authors who came after him use the basic framework of the story to espouse their Humans Are Bastards view.
  • Some people need it explained to them that Friendship Is Optimal is supposed to be psychological horror, not Wish Fulfillment.
  • The Deadpool article was written as if Deadpool was narrating because one of the character's defining characteristics is how he has No Fourth Wall, so the idea was that if he addresses the readers in the comic books, it's only natural that he would do the same on his TV Tropes page. Then people proceeded to miss the joke when the style caught on, and as a result there are many pages dedicated to individual Marvel and DC characters that are written with No Fourth Wall, even if the character in question doesn't behave as such. Then it proceeded to extend into different works entirely, some missing the joke by an even wider margin, as characters with actual Fourth Wall attunement are missed out in favor of others.