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Mind Screw: Web Original

  • The Demented Cartoon Movie
  • This parody of inception by Rooster Teeth will mind fuck you even worse than the movie did...
  • Oktober starts out fairly normal, then you notice that they seemingly can't spell Oktober right, and every character's interpretation of Katie seems to be different, and then they start doing backwards text parables, and then Natasha gets body-snatched by someone called Echo, and Katie's trunk is revealed to be some sort of portal to an alternate reality, then there is the whole Labyrinth thing and by the end of Book 1 NOTHING MAKES SENSE.
  • absorb the lovely.
  • Certain veins of lonelygirl15 videos veer toward this. Specifically, while LaRezisto consistently has a few clear points amongst the smoke and mirrors, OpAphid just seems to be weird-for-the-sake-of-weird half the time.
    • OpAphid is like that. It's even worse in Redearth88.
  • The League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions had some moments: the idea that it was both a story of superheroes in the future & a TV show about superheroes in the future was one; the Queue's explanation of how they created the LICC universe was another; although the Gerber Elf was the only one we know was an intentional Mind Screw on the part of an author.
  • The Nostalgia Critic references one chase scene near the end of the Tom and Jerry The Movie. The scene is shown while The Critic goes a little nuts himself.
    Nostalgia Critic: A cat and mouse are driving a ship trying to save the daughter of Indiana Jones while being chased by a purple people eater, a dog on a skateboard, a performing ship captain, his hand puppet Squawk, two Mexican wrestlers and a doctor riding an ice cream cart. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Mindfuck.

    Nash: (While holding Space Core) You're weird.

    • Some of the news reports Nash reads on What the Fuck Is Wrong with You? fall under this just for the sheer insanity regarding the people involved. Yet nearly all of them are real things that happened.
  • Charlie The Unicorn. Full stop. Just head over to it's WMG page if you want to see how zany things can get.
  • Salad Fingers. To some, it's not just a Mind Screw. It's full-blown Mind Rape, complete with post-trauma (again, to some).
    • David Firth's other creation, Spoilsbury Toast Boy, is particularly full of this as well. Come to think of it, anything David Firth makes is chock full of Mind Screw.
  • The entire premise of YouTube Poop.
  • Inward Hellix combines this with Guide Dang It and classic psychological horror to produce a major mindfuck of an online puzzle. It doesn't help that answers are rarely (if ever) published.
  • There Will Be Brawl. The finale, and thus the entire series.
  • The entirety of The Slender Man Mythos tends to feature these. Obvious examples are Marble Hornets (and especially totheark's videos), Dreams in Darkness and Just Another Fool.
  • Time Cube. You'll need to be in a different frame of mind to get anything out of it.
  • Pavlov's Checkmate and Card of Ten have somewhat convoluted plots and quite a bit of bizarre elements.
  • BRODYQUEST. In a good way, though. Maybe.
  • Kings of Power: 4 Billion%: just try to understand the plot and the on-screen actions, it's one big Mind Screw.
  • Only one room, a freaky Japanese short film.
  • Season 3 of Red vs. Blue introduces a group of constantly resurrecting soldiers, a time bomb, an endlessly repeating time loop, "Yellow Church", and a talking bomb to a series previously known for a more laid-back style of humor featuring a box canyon where nothing happens. Recreation (Season 7) and Revelation (Season 8) apply a Mind Screwdriver to most of this.
    • But Revelation then manages to take it further by revealing that everything for the past 3 seasons was part of a Recursive Reality created by a previous iteration of Epsilon, which was in turn created by another Epsilon before it, etc.
    • That may be looking to much into it. At a minimum, there is only the original timeline, and a trapped Epsilon-Church reliving his memories to find Tex in the epilogue.
      • Word of God confirms this: Of the on-screen events, only the Blood Gulch sequences in season 9 occur within the Epsilon unit.
  • Lauren's Cartoons, so much. Whether it's Jesus inexplicably appearing before Dora and Boots to give them a glass star, or a name named Batman sticking lightbulbs in his Eye Globes, it would be enough to give you a contact high... except for the fact that no drugs were involved (we think), and the story was written by what must be a very delusional five year old.
  • The Homestar Runner toon, 4 Gregs. Shapeshifter too.
    • Sweet Cuppin' Cakes. Oh god, Sweet Cuppin' Cakes.
  • As mentioned on the fan works page, everything by Chriddof. Videos (over 300 of them) range from Youtube Poop-like vids to uncanny 3D animations to genuine-seeming videos with a twist to odd spoken words and downright surreal ''stuff.''
  • Neil Cicierega with Hyakugojyuuichi, turning the Japanese credits theme from the first season of Pokémon into this.
  • Cyriak's videos, including this disturbing video starring a sheep. Baaa..
  • Deja Vu, a short film on YouTube actually has this trope as part of its subtitle, and for good reason.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Special Edition starts off normally enough, until random bits of footage start getting spliced in, and multiple levels turn out to be a Show Within a Show or All Just a Dream. Then the game starts breaking every fourth wall in sight, with Tails holding conversations with the player, and threatening the people watching the LP of the game. Then it spins the Gameplay Roulette wheel a few times, and pulls a few Fission Mailed scenes. By the time Sonic is flying through space, being attacked by Sega game systems, the player gives up understanding what's going on and just embraces the madness. Fittingly, the final boss is logic—which goes down with a single hit.
  • ''Project Million" brings us Spazz trying to determine how The Wire got out of the television.
    Spazz: How did you get here?
    Wire: Get where?
    Spazz: Like, here. In reality.
    Wire: I'm not here.
    Spazz: *poke* You are.
    Wire: No I'm not.
    Spazz: Well then what the hell am I doing, dreaming?
    Wire: No, not this time.
    Spazz: I thought that was an insane Inception reference?
    Wire: It was, that time. This time it's a Dream Within a Dream.
    Spazz: But isn't that also an Incep - how are you here?!
    Wire: I crawled through a river of shit and came out the other side clean, okay?!

    • He spends the next few moments trying to figure out what that even meant.
  • APPLE.MOV, it starts out relatively normal with a few odd things in it up until Applejack eats too many apples.
    • How about the whole PONY.MOV series?
  • Mind My Gap. Have fun trying to figure out how the story's timeline works.
  • Candle Cove is a good, but fairly subtle, Creepypasta example. In short, a bunch of people who grew up in the late 60's and early 70's reminisce about a TV show that aired in 1971 on a message board. After establishing the show as being terribly not-for-children and one description of a nightmare about it, the last few posts reveal that the nightmare, which was just the characters standing around screaming and crying for 30 minutes, was an actual episode, and every time a kid would go watch Candle Cove, they'd just tune the TV to dead air and sit there for 30 minutes. So they all remember watching the same thing that never existed.
  • The SCP Foundation has SCP-1539, the Semantic Disassociation Zone (a basement which switches the identities of objects without changing any of their other properties). You'd think that regular readers of a website devoted the to weird and the bizarre wouldn't be fazed by anything, yet SCP-1539 manages to confound them.
    Dr. Sanders: Can you tell us what you're doing? What is your name?
    SCP-1782-1: It is a meat offering. Thou shalt put oil upon it, and lay incense thereon.
    Dr. Sanders approaches the entity and the group of birds. They are non-hostile.
    SCP-1782-1: Pour all the rest of the blood thereof at the foot of the altar, chickadees. In the hole in the floor.
    • SCP-1193 consists of a rather abnormally long arm of indeterminate origin and a telephone with a voice on the other end rambling on about surreal stuff like getting "stuck in the stove" and his(?) unusual bodily design.
  • The Cyphers from The Wanderers Library, “is a collection of seemingly random quotes and musings, most of it handwritten. Based on the styles of handwriting found, the original authors number in the dozens. Some of these quotes have been deliberately arranged to form dialogues or storylike proses.” They make about as much sense as it sounds.
  • "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared" from This Is It starts off like a Sesame Street spoof... then comes the black goop halfway through, and full-on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory boat tunnel during the last minute.
    Notebook: Now let's all agree - to never be creative again!
  • The Team Service Announcement videos, a fan tutorial series for Team Fortress 2, tend to be fairly straightforward, but in Melee the Sniper turns into a frog, and the Demoman starts flying...
    • It's tame, however, compared to the non-TSA videos "anangrysockpuppet" makes, which are... pretty out there.
  • The entire Tanasinn meme. Apparently it's sole reason of existence is to mess with the minds of noobs at 2channote 
  • At first glance, nearly everything in Void Of The Stars

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