! Examples of "Mundane" Torture

* In ''{{VisualNovel/Tsukihime}}'', after [[spoiler:the extremely violent awakening of Tohno SHIKI's(the real one) demon blood, he is "[[IntimateHealing taken care of" by Synchronizer Kohaku]]]]. Meaning, [[spoiler:in his insane state, he rapes her for the life energy that will help calm the demon blood]]. Kohaku responds by [[spoiler: using drugs, lies, and turning him against his father to make him her puppet who has absolute zero chance of ever recovering from his insanity and demonic blood.]] In Hisui's True End, this all finishes with [[spoiler:Kohaku manipulating SHIKI into killing his sister, and having the fake Tohno Shiki(he's adopted) finish off the heavily wounded, thoroughly broken, and completely insane SHIKI, ending the Tohno line completely]].
* ''VisualNovel/SuperDanganRonpa2'' has [[spoiler: [[BigBad Junko]] doing this to the entire cast of the game in the real world (the game primarily takes place inside a simulation of the character's lives before she did this.) She transforms them from generally decent and friendly high schoolers to self-mutilating sadists with no intentions in life except to cause as much [[OmnicidalManiac pain and despair as possible.]] The Ultimate Despairs are barely seen onscreen, but what we do see and know about them is rather unnerving.]]