Mind Rape / Visual Novels

Examples of "Mundane" Torture

  • In Tsukihime, after the extremely violent awakening of Tohno SHIKI's(the real one) demon blood, he is "taken care of" by Synchronizer Kohaku. Meaning, in his insane state, he rapes her for the life energy that will help calm the demon blood. Kohaku responds by using drugs, lies, and turning him against his father to make him her puppet who has absolute zero chance of ever recovering from his insanity and demonic blood. In Hisui's True End, this all finishes with Kohaku manipulating SHIKI into killing his sister, and having the fake Tohno Shiki(he's adopted) finish off the heavily wounded, thoroughly broken, and completely insane SHIKI, ending the Tohno line completely.
  • Super Dangan Ronpa 2 has Junko doing this to the entire cast of the game in the real world (the game primarily takes place inside a simulation of the character's lives before she did this.) She transforms them from generally decent and friendly high schoolers to self-mutilating sadists with no intentions in life except to cause as much pain and despair as possible. The Ultimate Despairs are barely seen onscreen, but what we do see and know about them is rather unnerving.

Psychic Torture

  • Mind rape is essentially what the Dark Man of Fables does to his victims. He is the darkness and evil of the world, the boogeyman, the terror in the closet and under the bed. He terrifies his victims, then consumes and uses their own fears to get behind the victim's defenses to destroy them.
    • In Fables: Rose Red, he's shown coming up silently and invisibly behind two NYPD officers. His influence causes the younger to confess to the elder that he's been sleeping with Kathy. (Apparently a wife/girlfriend.) The elder officer shoots the younger, then suicides. Part of the point being so the Dark Man can claim their teeth.
    • Later in the same book, his summoned witherlings -a type of zombie- aren't building fast enough for the Dark Man's liking. He invokes fears in their minds: one, the horror of drowning while inches below the surface; the other, the image of his lady leaving him. The Dark Man speaks, describing in detail what he's forcing into the man's mind; the woman of this once-man's dreams, with another, in the most carnal way possible. The witherling chooses to jump off the building. And yet, if the Dark Man has any of the man's teeth left, he can summon him again.