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Mind Rape: Music

"Mundane" Torture

  • "MK Ultra" by Muse, with a title inspired by a US torture and mind-control program Project MKUltra at The Other Wiki, is about Mind Rape:
    How much deception can you take
    How many lies will you create
    How much longer till you break
    Your mind's about to fall

"Creepy sexual" Variant

  • The PV for Agitated Screams Of Maggots by Dir En Grey does this to the protagonist and also the viewer for effect. It is a Mind Screw, which the maggot monster is forcing on the protagonist and then, as the video continues, moving from Mind Rape to attempting physical rape of the protagonist to Mind Rape the viewer.
  • Oingo Boingo's "Insanity" has progressively creepier Stalker with a Crush lyrics that lead to this:
    I'd love to see inside your mind and tear it all apart
    To cut you open with a knife and find your sacred heart

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