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Mes A Crowd: Tabletop Games
  • The Champions superhero Tabletop RPG had "Duplication" as a possible super power.
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition has the Fission psionic power and the Body Outside Body spell, both of which let you clone yourself. An incantatrix can use the latter to produce a hundred or more clones that last all day, and apart from a bit of feedback damage if they die, they are completely expendable.
    • It's an end of a long way. From Basic D&D (Master Rules) on, it was "Only One Me Allowed Right Now", then in 3E most little side-effects (like long delays or aging) making spells inconvenient for munchkinish style of dungeon-scouring were removed, but the clone spell created dead meat when the original was alive, and then... this.
    • Also the simulacrum spell.
  • GURPS has a Duplication advantage and Clone spell.
  • The Clarissa Explains It All Game can be played by up to six people, and all of them will be Clarissa Darling. Whoever gets a Driver's License and car first, wins!
  • Mutants & Masterminds has a Duplication power and includes at least two crooks with the power set. Remlok, a time-traveling thief, summons himself from various futures. The Other Woman has a more conventional duplication power.
  • In the Adventure! pulp RPG from White Wolf, this is the secret power of Yellow Peril villain The Ubiquotous Dragon. Being a universe where the power scale is rather low, this is not only very powerful ability, but he also uses it in a much more low key way than most examples on this page. Essentially, every one of his local Co-Dragons is himself, which means they are perfectly loyal and coordinated, and even if you find the body, he will still be there.
  • In Eclipse Phase, Brain Uploading has become so ubiquitous that there are now more disembodied minds than there are organic bodies to accommodate them. All one needs to do create a horde of themselves is to create duplicates of their minds (in a process called "forking") and then download them into new bodies (either organic or robotic). However, if the forked personalities stay separated from the original for more than a few hours, they start to become separate and distinct people, as their experiences alter their personalities.
  • The "Mr. LeThuys" in Over the Edge, who are a not-so-secret conspiracy of an old, potbellied, nihilistic Vietnamese man named Mr. Le Thuy who had a mad scientist create a retrovirus using his genetic material that would slowly change anyone injected with it into an identical copy of him. His/their goal is to gradually convince everyone else to join him/them, so that he/they could then end the human race and end the chaos of existence. He/they is/are also very convincing...

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