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Breaking news: I'm everyone, AND EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS ME!

  • Doctor Who:
    • Variation: thanks to The Nth Doctor, there's currently thirteennote  different incarnations of the Doctor running around the space/time... it's extremely rare for them to meet (Timey-Wimey Ball, actors dying and all that), but when they do the result tends to be similar to this trope. The 10 Doctors is an artist's rendition, shall we say, of how the first ten Doctors would act if forced to cooperate.
    • A straight example in "The End of Time": The Master hijacks the Immortality Gate to transform the entire human race except for Wilf note  and Donna note  into "The Master Race", a planet-wide population of (insane, madly laughing) Master copies.
    • Also in "The Deadly Assassin", while in the Matrix, the assassin takes on various generic historical personas (a samurai, a clown, a WW1 biplane pilot, etc.) to attack/frighten the Doctor (and the audience). At one point several of him seem to man several positions on a train (or trains) simultaneously to run over the Doctor's leg.
    • In another Fourth Doctor story, "The Leisure Hive", the villain Pangol used a form of Applied Phlebotinum to recreate himself thousands of times over as a conquering army. Thanks to the Doctor's interference he ended up with an army of Doctors, which disintegrated within minutes of their generation.
  • An arc in the later seasons of Stargate SG-1 had Baal make dozens of clones of himself, and in a few episodes set on Earth at least five of them hung out together. One episode even has a Gotta Catch Them All where the heroes travel the galaxy, trying to scoop up all the Baal clones. A freeze frame near the end of the episode shows fifteen clones in one room. It turns out it was a Batman Gambit. Baal knew the heroes would give him the info he wanted to buy time when he had hostages, as long as they knew he couldn't escape with that info. And the clones? Each one has a transponder, too weak to be detected, but if they all stand in one place...
  • Battlestar Galactica: it's a natural state for them (or as natural as Artificial Humans ever get), but each of the Significant Seven models has an army's worth of clones.
  • Power Rangers
  • An episode of Eureka features Dr. Stark accidentally cloning himself. The clones try to take over the world. Long story.
  • In the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode covering The Human Duplicators, Tom Servo ends up cloning himself dozens and dozens of times during a host segment, creating a small herd of Servos to menace Crow with. Strangely enough, this is one gag that doesn't Snap Back, and the surplus Servos end up as recurring supporting characters, usually whenever Servo wants to perform with the United Servo Academy Mens' Chorus or the Sir Thomas Neville Servo Consort of the Middle Ages Just-After-the-Plague Singers. In the final episode, Servo cleans up this dangling plot thread by blowing up all the doppelgangers.
  • Round the Twist has a character make only one clone to win a running competition. However, a rabbit starts cloning an army of itself with the machine. All the objects used in the machine, cloned or original, begin to dissolve eventually, due to a fault in the machine. At least one rabbit survives, though, because in the final scene we learn what happened when Bronson put her with a male rabbit.
  • Jed Garrity gains this power at the end of The 4400.
  • Eli, Samuel Sullivan's right-hand man (men?) in Heroes.
  • Kamen Rider OOO has this power as the Set Bonus for his Gatakiriba Combo. It doesn't get used very often because (In-Universe) it's physically taxing and because (in Real Life) it's reportedly a very expensive effect. The Movie contains a special usage, where OOO splits into eight copies and then each one transforms into one of his primary Combos to fight the Big Bad.
  • In Game of Thrones the warlock Pyatt Pree appears to create a double of himself, although many of those watching think the warlocks are charlatans and this is just a trick. It's revealed in the next episode that he really can do this, and create more than a single copy too.
  • This happens a couple of times on Charmed:
    • In the episode "Which Prue is it Anyway?", Prue decides she needs a power boost, and casts a spell to triple her power. Unfortunately, she doesn't realize that what it actually does is create three of her. It turns out to be useful, after all, because the two clones end up dying instead of the original Prue.
    • When Piper finds out that the Angel of Death is after her husband Leo in the episode "Vaya con Leos", she decides to cast a spell to hide him. While the spell does confuse the Angel of Death, it had an unintended effect: every man in San Francisco got turned into a clone of Leo.

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