Memetic Badass: Web Original

Solomon: King of Cool since 1973.

  • The 'I like trains' kid from ASDF Movie.
  • An in-joke among lonelygirl15 fans is to speculate that the Purple Monkey is an immortal being responsible for every plot twist in the series.
  • Survival of the Fittest
    • V3's Bobby Jacks, who after scoring a headshot on another student while his back was turned, was named 'Bocelot' (a reference to Revolver Ocelot) by other handlers, who joked about him killing other students with triple ricochet shots, scoring headshots from halfway across the island, and firing his gun and killing a student in V4 a year later.
    • Furthermore: Nobody killed Bocelot. He just got bored.
    • John Rizzolo is just your average player, except a little more cunning and a lot more sadistic. THE RIZ!, however, is so entirely badass that he creates cliffs from nowhere and drop kicks anyone he wants off of them. His Rizzlefandom on the SotF Rizwebsite has gotten to the point where Rizzlehandlers, often discussing entirely unRizrelated things, will add 'Rizzle' or 'Riz' to their words.
    • Lance Vanguard and Zack Dynamite, two rejected names for Characters in v4.
    • A rejected Troll profile gave us THE GODDAMN BUBBA DOVER. It was a Scary Black Man, with Blaxploitation tropes. Rather than being annoyed, it backfired and the handlers of the board seized on this one instead, to the point where any mention of Badass characters is sure to mention him at some point or another.
  • Fans of Kilplix's Left 4 Dead vids will note that Con, despite usually just lighting his team (or mainly just Kilplix) on fire, has quite the fan base and is thought the be the definition of awesomeness. In fact, Con is so awesome, he could probably kill Chuck Norris with only one Molotov.
  • That Guy with the Glasses
    • The fandom seems to have decided that That Dude in the Suede is a badass. And capable of bringing down Insano's reign of terror. It Makes Sense in Context.
    • God help Insano in May...
    • Proven in the Year 3 event... Suede kicked butt. No wonder Insano didn't show up.
    • "Shall I tell ye the stories of Blood Beard Joe?"
    • Malachite yet was already a badass in universe and it was proven to everyone when he let a car run into him and it exploded! He didn't even break his stride!
    • CHUCK NORRIS!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Don't Fuck With Mara Wilson
    • Carl Copenhagen of Demo Reel, Ex-East German Police and Mercenary,Lived a life of killing dangerous animals and people too before becoming a mild mannered Camera man.
  • In-Universe example: George Washington among other things invented cocaine, threw a knife into heaven (which scared God shitless), he routinely made love to bears, and possibly possessed as many as thirty penises.
  • During the third Desert Bus for Hope charity drive Matt Wiggins turned down an offer for $500 if he wore eyeliner. Hundreds of ridiculous accusations were made about how evil Matt was, including that he invented Desert Bus, midichlorians, and canceled Firefly. Two public access Twitter accounts carried out the meme (Things Matt Did and Things Matt Did 2). He was eventually redeemed by a) promising to watch Battlefield Earth, and b) this.
  • The Pokemon-themed adoptable site GPXPlus has Cloysterman, a meme spawned from an entry in the site's Pokemon dress-up contest. If it punches you, you WILL die.
  • Felicia Day has a blog entry detailing the Tweets other people have made of these about her.
  • Badass Artist Cri86 from the WALL-E Forum.
  • In The Slender Man Mythos, some have made Zeke Strahm one of these. When you can manage to give an epic Do Not Go Gentle speech in the face of a depraved, unstoppable, utterly horrific Eldritch Abomination, you are a badass.
  • Katherine Hillard is an in-universe example in Of Love and Bunnies, as most female space villains seem to not realize that her Heel-Face Turn was genuine, and as such refer to her as the universe's greatest mole and seducer of the Universe's Greatest Ranger.
  • Ashly and Anthony's dad from Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? is the ultimate badass. Look at any of their videos on Youtube for confirmation, particularly Lips.
  • The eponymous Ninja of Ask a Ninja often makes astonishing claims about what he and other ninjas can do. Like how a ninja can go through a snowstorm without being hit by a single snowflake, or that they are faster than the speed of light. They are the speed of darkness. He also claims that he killed 4500 people in a day and that the Black Death was a ninja.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd will take you back to the past, to play the shitty games that suck ass, even if he would rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in his ear.
  • This Hyperbole and a Half entry treats Kenny Loggins as if he were Chuck Norris.
  • In-universe example: William Clark in this Let's Play of Civilization IV. The Fictional Documents state that William Clark (the name of the starting warrior) became a legendary figure in American mythology. According to one legend, fish learned to breathe water so they could hide from him. The author describes his image as Gilgamesh meets Paul Bunyan meets Chuck Norris.
  • Bad Horse! He rides across the nation! The Thoroughbred of Sin!
  • Epic Meal Time: Muscles Glasses is definitely played up as this, culminating in coming Back from the Dead and winning a long series of arm-wrestles with various superheroes at Comic-Con.
  • Everybody knows that TotalBiscuit is THE FRICKIN' ARCHMAGE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!
  • Agents of Cracked brings us The Chief, who, among other things, eats lead and craps bullets(so his toilet gets all...shot up, when he poops), rides a triceratops to work, drinks tiger blood milkshakes for breakfast(MILKSHAKES, FOR BREAKFAST!), and personally knows Die Hard(Not Bruce Willis, Die Hard). Turns out he belongs to a pantheon of other such Chiefs, all of whom are equally badass(Up to and including sexually assaulting a mountain).
  • In a meta way, SCP-682 from SCP Foundation is one. Stories about new ways of killing it always end up in describing how it made it stronger.
    • Alto Clef can't be seduced because his crotch is a hand, and that hand holds a gun.
  • Uncyclopedia has AAA, the greatest gamer who ever lived.
  • Starting with this comment to Chapter 20.4 of Worm, the protagonist Skitter — a bug-controlling supervillain — is given the full Chuck Norris Facts treatment.
    Dues: In Brockton Bay arachnophobia is no longer a recognized medical condition. Instead there are several new conditions for people who are not yet deathly afraid of bugs.
    • There used to be a street called Skitter, but it had to be changed because nobody crosses Skitter and lives.
    • It's telling that the Skitter facts section of the Worm memes page is longer than the rest of the page, and that around half of the Skitter facts are things that actually happened.
    • In one of the final chapters, Doctor Yamada (a Badass Normal therapist who helps to stabilize many parahumans' sanity) also became this.
    Veloren: Doctor Yamada is a reverse eldritch horror. Exposure to her gives sanity points.
  • Brandon Tenold devoted four episodes of his Cult Movie Review show to the late, great Doug McClure. For a brief time in The Seventies, nobody fought big rubber monsters better. McClure was such a Bad Ass that he could take a arrow to the face and shrug it off.
  • The chef from Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time melts butter by screaming at it, peels potatoes with his teeth, chops food with an axe, and generally demolishes the entire kitchen (and the occasional assistant) in the course of making delicious food. It helps that he's very, very swedish.