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Memetic Badass: Fan Fiction
  • Hottie in Hottie 3 The Best Fan Fic In The World, nuff said.
    • Up to Eleven in the sequel "Hottie 4: Even Better Sequel".
  • Mr. Black in Make a Wish. "Whoever caught the rabbit first would get the title of the best and be given the job of tracking down all the death munchers. Umbitch took one look at the forest and concluded that rabbits don't exist. The Aurors went in with fifty men and came out with ten . . . having fought a great battle with the rabbit and barely escaped with their lives. And Mr. Black . . . he didn't even bother to show up . . . three days later, the rabbit died . . . of 'natural causes.'"
    • Don't you mean that the rabbit died . . . in an 'accident'"
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic The Moonstone Cup features Twilight becoming this in-universe.
    "Yeah! Twilight Sparkle!" The gryphon went on, oblivious to Twilight's nervousness and Pinkie's Pinkieness. "She's an alicorn sorceress from Manehattan. Purple, kinda like you." The large gryphon leaned her head down and lowered her voice, conspiratorially. "Rumor going around the aeries is that she's actually another sister of Celestia and Luna and the Manehattan story is just a cover. You really didn't know about this?"
  • John Freeman who was Gordon Freeman's brother, who was one day in an office, typing on a computer.

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