Memes: Yogi Bear

  • I'm Yogi Bear, and I'm smarter than you average bear! I like to steal pick-a-nic baskets!
  • "But Yogi, the ranger isn't going to like it..."
  • Hello, Mr Ranger sir!
  • Heavens to Murgatroyd! I'm sexy! Beautiful, even!
    • Exit, stage left!
  • "Oh my darling, oh my darling, OH MY DARLING, CLEMENTINE..."
  • Now hoooooooooold on thar, Baba Louie. Quick-Draw McGraw will do the "thinnin'" around here, and doooooon't you. for. get. IT!
  • Oh dear, Hardy Har-Har (a hyena, by the way) just KNOWS something awful will happen...
  • Sheriff (ping-ping, PINNNNG!) Ricochet Rabbit is another example.
    • "I found another meme, oh father of mine."
    • "That's my son who said that!"
  • "Touché, away!"Explanation 
  • "Up and at 'em ... ATOM ANT!!"
  • Even though Precious Pupp and Mugger (from Hey there, It's Yogi Bear) did it first, Muttley has nonetheless become memetic thanks to what is now his trademark laugh.
  • "Hibbity-bibbity-POW!"Explanation 
  • "Grape Ape, Grape Ape"