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Memes: Power Rangers
  • It has generally come to be accepted by fans that all Green Rangers are air headed comic relief characters. However, out of the eleven Green Rangers to appear in the show, only Joel, Bridge, Xander, and Ziggy can really be said to have been air heads, and Tommy, Adam, Carlos, Damon, Trip, Cam, and Master Phant do not really count as the official comic relief characters of their teams.
    • Alternately, Green Rangers tend to be Memetic Badasses. Tommy, Adam, and Xander anyway.
    • Subverted with Tommy. While he wasn't a comic relief character, he could be established as one of the more forgetful members of the team.
  • Sacrifice the Zords! Explanation 
  • "It's morphin' time!"
  • All of the morphing calls.
  • Ahem. THAT IS NOT SPANDEX! Or buttery? *finger wiggle*
  • After the first movie came out, "Rockets away!" became very popular amongst the younger viewers.
  • Racist Rangers: In the first season, the black guy wears Black, speaks slang, uses a dance-based fighting style, and tends to insult the monsters racially. The Yellow Ranger was Asian, and was the only one who could understand the Hollywood Nerd's Techno Babble.
  • "My lips match what I say!"Explanation 
  • The Yellow Ranger has balls.
  • Adam factsExplanation 
  • Tommy factsExplanation 
  • Xander factsExplanation 
  • Billy MitchellExplanation 
  • Jason's film careerExplanation 
  • I destroyed Zordon!Explanation 
  • Tommy's crazy.Explanation 
  • Tommy's faking his Ph.D.Explanation 
  • Make my [x] GROW!
  • Observe the viewing globe.Explanation 
  • Banned in Australia!Explanation 
  • Geography doesn't work that way.Explanation 
  • I'm a frog? Fuck this, I'm going into anime.Explanation 
    • I'm a frog, and I drive a van.Explanation 
  • Ahm Scottish!Explanation 
  • Sex with Tommy is one of the fringe benefits of being a Pink Ranger.
  • TOMMMYYYYY! Explanation 
  • Turbo is the worst season ever. No, Wild Force is the worst season ever.Explanation 
    • In later years, it's been supplanted by "Operation Overdrive is the worst season ever" for some people.
  • Too much pink energy is dangerous!Explanation 
  • The Power Rangers invented the Google Chrome logo!Explanation 
  • Who's Madison?Explanation 
  • The Red Ranger needs a manicureExplanation 
  • Why do people complain about Justin being 12? Operation Overdrive had a 2-year-old, and he was pretty cool!Explanation 
  • Will! Don't steal anything on your way out!Explanation 
  • Ronny has zordgasms and loves drills.
  • Conner is addicted to power-ups. Explanation 
  • Power Rangers New Powers! They have powers, that are new! Explanation 
  • "There's a simple explanation for that." Explanation (HA!) 
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Explanation 

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