Memes: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

The meme that took ZA WARUDO by storm.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 

  • Thanks to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, plus a certain Flash video, Dio is one of the most infamous manga villains of all time.
    • It's even crossed over into the real world...
    • ZA WARUDO!
    • The original flash video has been preserved on Dagobah, but the you can also see it here.
  • "Even Speedwagon is afraid!"
    • It's fun to make variations of his name: Speedbump, Rapidtrolley, Fastkart, Velocityvehicle... who is nervous, impressed, timid, astounded...
    • "Speedwagon withdraws coolly."
    • Speedwagon also has the Fan Nickname Moewagon.
  • The infamous "DUWANG" Translation Trainwreck of part 4 has brought some memorable lines such as "Get a feeling so complicated", "Who in face are you?!" and "What a beautiful Duwang". The improved Invincible Trio translations in the making keep a few of those as in-jokes and the TV anime is even being "translated" in this style by one fansub group.
    • "The first time I saw her, with hands on her knee... how do I say this... I had a boner..."Explanation 
  • Whenever an argument about who would beat whom in a fight comes up, the answer is always Giorno. Along with The Flash, he's perhaps the person most commonly brought up in power level debates.
  • The series' distinctive art style has become a meme, being a popular choice for Art Shifted fanart of other series.
    • Similarly, if someone randomly throws around the Japanese "dramatic tension" Unsound Effects ゴゴゴゴゴ (GO GO GO GO GO) and ドドドドド (DO DO DO DO DO), it's guaranteed to be a JoJo reference. Thanks to the anime, photoshopping said unsound effects into pictures has also taken off. Thanks to subtitles for the anime, which actually bothered translating the Unsound Effects, "MENACING" has become its own meme.
  • "Out of Function/Retire(再起不能/リタイア)"note 
  • Araki's habit of drawing the characters in very weird poses, such as Diavolo's final pose (when he's running from the little girl), Giorno's "gang-star" pose, and Anasui's model-esque pose, has also spawned some memes.
  • The infamous anatomy description that appears for Kars when he becomes the Ultimate Being. Partly because it's reminiscent of many a bad DeviantArt Gary Stu, but especially for one stand-out entry pointing out that for Kars, "Sex: USELESS".
  • People being confused about how King Crimson works will often result in everyone saying no one knows how it works.
    "It just works."
  • Joseph's penchant for provocative clothing and poses even by the manga's usual standards (especially in promos) has led to more than a few stripper jokes. It's since spiraled into prostitution jokes in the same vein as the edits from K-On!.
  • Fans have noted a fair number of coincidental similarities between Part 2 and the movie Zoolander (if Joseph is Derek). The main character's lack of common sense in many areas, the rivalry between Joseph/Derek and the new blonde ripple user/model that comes on to the scene, the large emphasis on posing, the odd fact that some scenes just look familiar, and the fact that both characters had their friends killed by Wamuu.
  • "Giant bara deer": A term for the musclebound men in the first parts of JoJo that arose after this animated .gif of Jonathan appeared on /a/ with the filename "giant_bara_deer_caught_in_headlights.gif".
  • Calling Wamuu's Holy Sandstorm attack the "Holy Wubstorm", after the Pillar Men's dubstep leitmotif.
  • Esidisi's crying face.
  • SEKAI ICHInote 
  • Rohan's response of "But I refusenote /Like hell I will!note /Daga kotowarunote /だが断る" when Highway Star commands him to call Josuke for help and thus lead him into a trap, is also a popular meme in the Japanese community, applied to any less than stellar Jojo-related info, product or news, or even anything in general. Ironically, Rohan uses this line and claims that he likes to say "NO!" to the faces of people who think they're hot shit, despite Rohan himself fitting that bill a good deal. Its also seen as an act of badass on Rohan's part, as he was in mortal peril and an inch away from losing his life to Highway Star only to rudely deny Highway Star's demand anyhow.
  • Ahh! Sto-sama is dead!/あーん!スト様が死んだ! Explanation with mild spoilers for Battle Tendency 
  • "Your stand is like your asshole. You can't go around showing it off to other people." Explanation 
  • You are a worthless child Jonathan Explanation 
  • Goodbye, JoJo! Explanation 
  • Anything Joseph says with Gratuitous English, the fans shall never forget.
  • "Bastard... How many lives have you sucked to heal those wounds?"
  • "NANI WO SURUNDA!? YURUSAN!!!" Explanation 
    • "DIOOOOOOOOO!!!" Explanation 
  • "You thought this would be [X], but it was I, Dio!" (alternatively for the one after comma: "Kono Dio da!") Explanation 
    Dub!Dio: You thought your first kiss would be JoJo, but it was I, Dio!
  • Diamond is Not Crazy Explanation 
    • Also, Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price. Explanation 
      • Lastly, D4C Pain Train! Explanation 
  • How deep can I hit it? Balls deep! Explanation 
  • With the TV anime premiere of Stardust Crusaders, it has become popular to swap out Dio's Hermit Purple-generated photo with just about anything else.
  • Did something, anything, happen? Then shout, "This must be the work of an enemy Stand!", which seems to be the usual (and correct) assumption in Stardust Crusaders.
  • Shadow Jotaro Explanation 
  • "Dio did nothing wrong!" Explanation 
  • Expect 「people」 who talk about Jojo to at least write a 「sentence」 with words closed by 「Japanese quotation marks」 and formatted in bold. Occasionally used to determine if someone has a 「Stand」.
  • Your next line will be: "[X]" ! Explanation 
    • [X]! ... Uh!? Explanation 
  • Because of a comment he made regarding his admiration of Jotaro's mother Holly, it's common on most sites to portray Noriaki Kakyoin has having a sexual preference for mothers.
  • The Eggbaby/"Kakyoin, did you lay this egg?" Explanation 
    • Kakyoin, what happened to you? Explanation 
  • NO WEAKNESS Explanation 
  • "This taste... it's of a LIAR! Giorno Giovanna!" Explanation 
  • Araki's apparent hatred of dogs. Explanation 
  • Kakyoin dies.Explanation 
  • "It's finally a Friday..." "Yes...finally here..." "Friday..." Explanation 
  • Polnareff's Bizarre Adventure Explanation .
  • Jotaro's occupation as a Marine Biologist has lead many to imagine that Jotaro has an intense fondness for Dolphins. This has lead to much fanart and edits of Jotaro with Dolphins, or jokes that he is even zoophilic.
  • The series is well known for being Reference Overdosed, especially when it comes to shout outs to classic rock, so fans sometimes like to add even more classic rock references into their fanwork. For example:
    • Episode 1 of the Abridged version of Phantom Blood accompanies a sad Speedwagon scene with a song by his namesake.
    • Dio is often swapped out with his namesake.
    You thought it was Ozzy Osbourne, but it was I, Ronnie James Dio!
    • The subtitles for the DUWANG'd version of "Sono Chi Da Sadame" are the lyrics to "Get Back", the song that gives the JoJos their namesake.
  • Using "Jesus mummified steel ball Christ!" (and variants) as an epithet. Explanation 
  • "I'm gonna 'fix' that spaghetti, and reduce it to its original ingredients!"Explanation 
  • IT'S HAPPENING! Explanation 
  • Abbacchio+Rohan+F.F=Egg Explanation 
  • Kinkshaming KiraExplanation