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Memes: Home Stuck
Upside-down torso Eridan Ampora: Limbo Master

> Sleuth out internet colloquialisms.

Wow, they have all of the memes. All of them! You're surprised Know Your Meme doesn't have an individual article just for Homestuck... OH WAIT

Please Note: This page is for memes exclusive to Homestuck. Please put memes that are universal across at least two MS Paint Adventures in the appropriate place!

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • It started out with "What's In the Box, Jack?" Explanation , which then launched so many spin-off threads that they all ended up condensed into one gigantic Image Manipulation thread. Then there's pretty much everything from Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff (which also has achieved memetic status within the series' own universe). Listing all the in-fandom memes would take the rest of this page... oh look, it does!
  • In universe:
    EB: how do you know about jegus? do you even know what that is?
    AG: I have no idea! It's something Terezi has 8een saying non stop for some reason.
    AG: It is weirdly infectious.
    • In-fandom responses: "TROLLS DO NOT SAY GOG" (due to a few times when the trolls, before they met the kids, said "god" and "Jesus")
  • On 4chan's /co/ board, due to the massive amount of shipping and general threads, "HOMOSUCK IS SHIT" has evolved into an all-around catchphrase for anything that's too invasive or clutters up the board.
  • UPDATE Explanation 
    • also POTATO Explanation 
    • UPDORTExplanation 
      • Homestuck could have updated RIGHT NOW. Explanation 
  • Turn that 0_0 into a 0u0!
    • Wait, no, that looks stupid.Explanation 
  • being 0kay with things Explanation 
  • All of the X. All of it/them. Explanation 
  • Anythiiiiiiiing repeating 8 times Explanation 
    • "Be in cahoots. CAHOOOOOOOOTS!"
  • OH NOOOOOOO Explanation 
  • Sloppy makeouts Explanation 
  • Shit and the handle's repeated breakups and reconciliations Explanation 
  • Everyone is Spades Slick Explanation 
    • Everyone is Lord English, who is already here! Explanation 
      • Nepeta is Lord English! Explanation 
      • Are there more Lord Englishes I should know about?! Explanation 
  • BLUH Explanation 
    • HUGE BITCH BLUH BLUH Explanation 
      • GLUB GLUB HUGE FISH Explanation 
    • DERP
  • being STRONG Explanation 
    • STRONGjumping, STRONGgalloping, STRONGsitting, STRONGlifting, STRONGrunning, STRONGdating, STRONGhobble etc. Explanation 
  • ___ double reacharound Explanation 
  • complete bullshit Explanation 
  • Trollsonas Explanation 
  • Buckets counting as sex toys Explanation 
    • Referring to Valentine's Day as "Pail Day"
    • Is that... a bucket? Augh, I can't believe someone would post that kind of smut on a worksafe site! Have you no decency?
      • SIX SOLAR SWEEPS! NOT 0KAY! Explanation 
  • My Little Hoofbeasts Explanation 
    • NEIGH Explanation 
  • Basically everything in Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. Particularly "I warned you about stairs", "flip it turnways" and SBAHJification. Explanation 
      • where doing it man. where MAKING THIS HAPEN.
    • (in my dream) I am the X. Its me.
    • THE X RUSE WAS A...........
    • dude you gotta FLIP IT, TURN-WAYS
  • "YES. HELL YES. HELL. FUCKING. YES." Explanation 
  • 2X____COMBO!!! Explanation 
  • SWEET CATCH!!! Explanation 
  • Autistic Nepeta Explanation 
  • "Tangle buddies" Explanation 
  • "Lousy goddamn stupid X" Explanation .
  • Good dog. Best friend. Explanation 
    • Bad dog. Worst enemy. Explanation 
  • Doing an acrobatic fucking pirouette off the X Explanation 
  • You cannot beat X in a Y-off. He/She is simply the best there is. Explanation 
  • It's hard being a kid growing up. It's hard and no one understands. Explanation 
    • It's hard being a [insert thing here]. It's hard and nobody understands. Explanation 
  • Special mention should go to Nepeta, Equius, Feferi, Eridan, and Aradia for bringing cat, horse, fish, more fish, and frog puns into the fur-ray.
    • ribbit
    • Often leads to "I can't really control the X" following an unintentional utterance.
  • THIS IS STUPID! Explanation 
  • Who's this douchebag? Explanation 
  • Got Tiger Explanation 
    • Dog Tier! Explanation 
    • And most recently, Cod Tier. Explanation 
    • Duck Tier for Doomed Eridan, who's God Tier outfit's hood makes him look like a Psyduck.
  • "It's not like X being real was ever a thing that stopped being true" and other verbose ways of reminding readers that something long-forgotten still has significance.
  • WV IS AN IMP! Explanation 
  • Worcestershire sauce Explanation 
  • Homestuck is RELENTLESSLY LIGHT-HEARTED. Explanation 
    • The villain is a DOG WEARING SUNGLASSES. Explanation 
  • Everyone hates Vriska! Explanation 
  • Tavros is the worst troll. Explanation 
    • Vriska is the best troll. Explanation 
    • Hussie is the best troll. Explanation 
  • Your name is [something stupid here] Example 
  • H3Y D4V3. H3Y D4V3. 1S TH1S YOU? Explanation 
  • An extreme example: on the formspring Hussie commented that "There are major characters, and there are minor ones. If you're waiting for me to fire up NEPETAQUEST 2011, don't hold your breath." Now, the fans are making it hapen. Twice.
  • 1/18 Explanation 
  • The best ship is FRIENDSHIP! Explanation 
  • Kanaya's feet. Look at them go! Explanation 
  • honk. HONK. Explanation 
  • MARCH MADNESS Explanation 
  • "Be the <noun>, <verb> the <noun>." Explanation 
  • Dave's hair is a bird!
  • Shenanigans on the fora have led to two involving photoshopping Erdian: "upside-down-torso Eridan" or "UDT Eridan" (from this), and ERIDAN AMPORA, LIMBO MASTER (from this). The logical conclusion. Explanation 
  • Another memetic mutation that eventually worked its way into the AlterniaBound album was Trollcops. It started as a thread on the forums and was your standard AU thread. The music team then answered with making the AU's radio theme, the aptly named Trollcops. It especially shows in the Radio Play version when the narrator describes the long-time officer (Terezi) and the rookie (Sollux).
    • Sollux's eyes flashing as a siren.
  • Troll terminology including Jegus and Gog (which they picked up from Dave), candlelight hate date, bone bulge, nook and seedflap.
  • Troll typing quirks Explanation 
  • Fan art depicting troll, felt and first guardian versions of various characters
  • Fat Vriska and Fat Feferi, aka Fatferi. Partial explanation 
  • Doc Scratch as The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Explanation 
  • Titles following the <noun>stuck / <noun>bent naming scheme
  • Homestuck versions of the Ooh Mister X meme (originally from Hark! A Vagrant).
  • Terezi facing the wrong direction in fanart Explanation 
    • This even extends to cosplay photoshoots, in which the various Terezis stand with their backs to the cameras, wave to the sky, or just look off in the wrong direction.
  • Pantskat Explanation 
    • Fully an Ascended Meme.
    • Missing Middle Kanaya Explanation 
  • The catchphrase "Kids & Fun" and the many variations of it
    • Tsunamis and Secretaries Explanation 
    • Gods & Fun Explanation 
  • The animes, like Disukuwarudo by Pratchett-san. Explanation 
    • Homestuck: The Anime. Complete with screencaps, episode summaries, VA discussion and Sub vs. Dub flame wars.Explanation 
  • "AnD ThEn mAyBe mAkE OuT a LiTtLe ;o)" Explanation 
  • "i am not a homosexual." Explanation 
  • This image of cosplayers, with a security guard giving them a funny look in the background, is meme gold.
  • Daddy Droog is best Droog! Explanation 
  • "Is she holding the gun right? Y/N" Explanation 
  • The Sufferer can break those cuffs.
  • Aradia's horns are a meme themselves, if only because Andrew seems to not give the slightest of fucks about having them look consistent between panels. In one panel with a heavy focus on Arasianote , he actually FORGOT her horns entirely. If fanart manages to keep Aradia's horns internally consistent, people will joke that Aradia is off-model in how on-model she is.
  • Kanaya is a drunk, hic! Explanation 
    • Grimdrunk Rose
      • And many other spin offs
  • "John and Dave Play Sburb", a video mashing up audio from Two Best Friends Play with scenes from Homestuck, has become very popular. "I might NEED the blankie!" "That's textook vampire-ism." Fans have been known to declare that Matt and Pat are now their headcanon voices for John and Dave.
  • John noping. Explanation 
  • ssh only ______ now. Explanation 
  • SHES HOT RUNWAY MODEL. (Referring to Kanaya.) Explanation 
  • HI AGAIN, IDIOT. Explanation 
  • The EOA5 bar and its seemingly eternal progression to the end Explanation 
    • Merry Gristmas Explanation 
  • Who's that boy, wanna be amigo?
    • Carlito! Carlito!
  • Dave as Satan, also known as Devil Dave. Explanation 
    • This also resulted in the creation of Jesus John, Reaper Karkat, and Angel Davesprite.
  • Hussieruya Explanation 
  • 10/25, never forget. Explanation 
  • Im Sorry I Thought It Was Obvious Explanation 
  • Pretty much everything about Jake English shortly after his debut.
    • HUBBA HUBBA Explanation 
    • As soon as his first Pesterlog conversation happened, fairly accurate comparisons to Nigel Thornberry ensued.
    • Double pistols and a wink is quickly becoming a favorite among fans.
  • Prior to the appearance of Dirk Strider and Roxy Lalonde, fanartists jumped on the idea that Dirk is a ridiculous fanspeak-spewing anime lover (probably inspired by his pointy shades), and that Roxy is a Valley Girl (inspired by an offhand reference: "you and she are totally BFFSIES 4EVERZ, her words").
  • There's currently a rebellion brewing on the forums against Betty Crocker. FIGHT THE BATTERWITCH. Explanation 
  • 13 YEAR BREAK Explanation 
  • Dirk Strider as a sink wearing sunglasses. Explanation 
  • "Brobot stalking Jake while unfitting music plays": After the update in which Brobot was first revealed, many fans posted the panels to tumblr alongside hilariously unsuitable audio. Music used included the Jaws theme, Every Breath You Take, Somebody's Watching Me, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Never Gonna Give You Up, and an original composition by soselfimportant, among others.
  • Trickster Mode, named after the Easter Eggs in various flashes, is an art meme where the characters are redesigned in bizarre ways, ie candy-themed and constantly cheerful. It can get very disturbing.
  • "The Vast What": In reference to Jane's alleged death. The abrupt nature of the update has caused fans everywhere to respond with merely one word; "What." The amount of fans responding to the update on Tumblr led to the phenomenon being known as the Vast What, in reference to the Vast Glub/Croak/Honk/Expletive.
  • And now with this update, we have eyebrows sweeping the forums.
    • Roxy mentioned "eyebrow raising funnybiz" earlier in the comic which prompted a tumblr user to make fanart of her looking at Dad's butt.
  • The line Jack Noir just bees himself instead has given rise to fanart of Jack as a bee.
  • "Do the [Element]y Thing!": Starting from this panel, fans have referred to something drastic done by the players, usually involving their powers, as "Doing the (Element)y Thing."
  • When the God Cat was introduced, fans began drawing it as Kyubey.
  • "I'm glasses." Explanation 
  • Photoshopping Jane's eyes on everything.
    • And with followed updates, this too.
    • Similarly, John's "beautiful" or "anime" Hussnasty eyes from this page shopped or drawn on other representations of John. There's a sub-meme where the eye is drawn only on the right eye.Explanation 
  • "HELLO DANTE": When it emerged that Dante Basco (whose character Rufio has had minor involvement in the story) has started reading Homestuck, Hussie slightly modified the header of the MSPA website to issue an... ominous greeting, then posted a screencap of it on Twitter and Tumblr. Some other Homestuck establishments, like the Reddit board, have since done the same.
  • HONL Explanation 
  • There's a Youtube meme where people try to take the like/dislike numbers and use math to get 8. Explanation 
  • MMM WHATCHA SAY Explanation 
  • Roxy herself is pretty much a meme, what with her druknen tyspo *typos. Not to mention her dreamself has been manipped into sleepwalking in several panels.
    • There's even an app to let Roxy sleepwalk across ANY MSPA panel, and you can further extend it to your computer in general.
  • When the panel revealing UU's identity came out, Hussie created a fake version in an attempt to deter spoilers. The fanbase promptly responded with their own versions of said panel.
  • Jokes about Hussie killing off characters, as well as predictions as to who will die in the upcoming updates, stemming from how many characters die on a regular basis. Explanation 
  • Day 23. Explanation 
    • These are sometimes followed by comments such as "Day 23: Even the other fandoms are begging homestuck to update." "Day 23: Even the forum admin have begin begging." and "Day 23: Other fandoms are starting to doubt Homestuck's existence."
    • Similar versions have existed for the beginning of the Megapause (April to June 2013) and the current Gigapause (since October 2013).
      • In particular, Uncomfortablestuck got popular during the Gigapause. Explanation 
  • WHOOPI Explanation 
  • Spatula Explanation 
  • Check y9ur privilege. Explanation 
  • From the Homestuck Adventure Game Kickstarter's comments section: the Pimpkin Explanation 
  • KURLOZ! Explanation 
  • NYEH! Explanation .
  • X with Equius Explanation 
  • Vriska pointing at her treasure maps being used as an exploitable images is pretty common.
  • caw caw motherfuckers Explanation 
  • Mituna's dandelion hair. Explanation 
  • Nepeta is dead. Explanation 
  • FeFETAsprite/Ironcheese Explanation 
  • Putting Karkat's face on things. Explanation 
  • Fandomstuck (Also called Fandombound) Explanation 
  • Placing chatlogs in this format has become popular, often as a way of expressing just how weird this webcomic actually is. Have an example:
    • Page 1: A boy stands in his bedroom
    • 4657 pages later: A post-apocalypse self of that boy's ectosister's grandfather kisses the decapitated head of their best friend's brother's post-apocalypse self on the lips in front of an erupting volcano.
  • Mere seconds after appearing, Jake's God Tier outfit became the ultimate rage in Tumblr. Particularly a rather... ''frontal'' panel regarding its selection of leggings. Or lack thereof.
  • Also from Tumblr: John didn't show up with Jade because he was stuck in the line at Starbucks. Explanation 
  • I got up at 5am and made all these goddamn pancakes. Explanation 
  • Photoshopping John's disembodied arm everywhere.Explanation 
  • Homestuck fans in regular clothing hearing about the first update since the mega pause, and stripping the regular clothes off to reveal homestuck clothing underneath.
  • If the comments on the "Squiddles Opening" video are to be believed, pretending that the Squiddles is an actual old kid's show is popular as well (i.e. saying stuff like "I loved this show when I was little", "I watched every episode!" etc.)
  • Ansrew, Andrew's evil counterpart. A typo in the forums and a troll (Not one from the Trollslum, the forum kind) resulted in the character becoming infamous in the forum community. Utterly insane, and both nightmarish and bizarrely funny.
    • Lesser know than Ansrew, there is also Abdrew. He is basically Hussie, but with a six pack and a mastery of the ways of love.
  • Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Explanation 
  • Murderstuck. Explanation 
  • Homestuck is too weird for 4chan. Explanation 
  • The gigapause has been riddled with so many false alarms that it's become commonplace for fans to periodically spam tumblr with assumptions that an upd8 has occurred and refutations thereof. This may have something to do with the lack of a confirmed date for the Final Upd8's upload.

    Different Contexts 
The Different Contexts thread has also spawned its own set of memes:

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