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— Every Mook in every Gundam series ever. Death immediately follows.

Gundam is a Long Runner, and has spawned a correspondingly huge amount of Internet memes.

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    Universal Century 
  • Char Aznable himself IS a meme, at least in the classical sense of the term. Explanation 
    • He's come here to laugh at you. Explanation 
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam featured a letter from Kai Shiden, written in Gratuitous English, which read "Captain Quattro, he is A CHAR." The result is anyone who shares characteristics with the Red Comet will be referred to as "A CHAR."
    • Harry Ord, he is a QUATTRO_.
    • Taken to its logical conclusion we get "Ratsel, he is an ORD." See here.
    • And adapted again by fans after seeing the first episode of Gundam Unicorn: Audrey Burne, she is A ZABI.
    • Considering how Gundam Wing's Zechs Merquise tries to cram every aspect of Char from every series he was in into a single-series character, he has been called "a Char fanboy" by some fans.
      • "Colonel Zechs, he is CHAR, and Relena, she is A SAYLA." Explanation 
      • From Endless Waltz: Mariemaia Khushrenada, she is A MINEVA.
      • From Frozen Teardrop: Relena Darlian, she is A ZECHS.
    • "Lacus Clyne, she is A RELENA."
    • "Alex Dino, he is AN ATHRUN." Explanation 
      • And who discovered his identity? Chairman Durandal, who was voiced by Shuichi Ikeda (AKA Char/Quattro).
    • "Yurin L'Ciel, she is A TIFFA."
    • "Shia Kijima, she is AN AILA."
      • Before that came "Sekai Kamiki, he is A REIJI".
      • Reiji also has his own "Aria von Reiji Asuna, he is DENSE."
      • And before that, (in line with another meme down below) there was "Tatsuya Yuuki, he is AMEIJIN".
    • "Ange, she is A CAGALLI." Explanation 
      • "Embryo, he is A RAU."
    • Asemu, he is a HARLOCK_
  • The Char Custom meme mutates three times faster than any other meme on this page. Explanation 
  • Don't forget the "Zeta Punch" videos, which are Gag Dub versions of two specific Kamille scenes: the fight with two male Bridge Bunnies followed by some "Bright slapping", and then his fisticuff with Jerid Messa from the first episode. This troper especially enjoys the Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, and Ken Masters versions. Or the Streets of Rage and Marvel vs. Capcom versions, and we cant forget the Smash Bros. original... and the Team Fortress 2 version.
  • Yazan Gable would like you to know that he's going to violate you.
  • The process known as the Bright Slap, used for "slapping the fail out of" a Wangsty Humongous Mecha pilot, comes from the original Mobile Suit Gundam, wherein Bright Noa did just that to protagonist Amuro Ray. Sadly, this is seldom employed in-show.
    • Except in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, where it happens all the time.
    • "You hit me! Even my father never hit me!"
    • Shinji does get Bright-slapped in Super Robot Wars Final, but contrary to popular belief, he never is in the Alpha timeline.
      • When he reappears in Alpha 3; he's 2 years older than when we last saw him, after the major Evangelion events. He's obviously grown a pair by simply fighting alongside the biggest badasses and hot-blooded Super Robot heroes ever. To the point that he's the one who calls out Kira Yamato for being to wangsty. That's gotta hurt, being told to man up by Shinji freaking Ikari.
    • The Bright Slap turns losers into MEN OF DESTINY.
    • The popularity of this meme is actually pretty bizarre, since, as anyone who's seen the episode could tell you, it didn't work. The first thing Amuro Ray did after getting his Bright Slap was to abandon ship and try to leave them to die, until his conscience got the better of him.
    • If anything, the REVERSE Bright Slap worked. Pulled by Kamille Bidan in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, who dodged the Bright Slap and returned one.
  • Acguy, with its big head, stumpy limbs and plump body, has acquired quite a following for being adorable. As the meme goes, "Acguy is love".
    • This first came up in Tony Takezaki's Gundam manga, where everyone in Zeon seemed to love the Acguy. A follow up was done in Gundam-san, then the fandom at large caught on.
    • This has more or less become an official Ascended Meme as of Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, where one of the main characters pilots a "Beargguy", an Acguy with a teddy bear-like head. Before you dismiss it as a simple coincidence, Beargguy is the only main mech on the show that isn't a Zaku or a Gundam.
    • A variant of Beargguy appears again in Gundam Build Fighters as Beargguy III (San), and yet again in Gundam Build Fighters Try as the main Mamagguy unit and a tiny, adorable Petitgguy riding on its back.
      • The four Petitgguy in the second ending were also made into their respective Petitguy kits.
    • It appears again in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn as DLC. It's the only Gunpla-original unit in the game and is a Lethal Joke Character par excellence.
    • In Japan, Beargguy is subject to a meme all its own: depicting him as Kuma, the 2chan equivalent of Pedobear.
  • Not to mention there is the original, "This is no Zaku, boy! No Zaku!" Explanation 
    • In Gundam SEED Destiny, Heine, piloting the GOUF Ignited, yelled at Stellar, "This is no ZAKU, pal. NO ZAKU!!" Explanation 
    • Recently adapted to "No Flag boy! No Flag!"
    • TakenUpToEleven in the Gihren's Greed series of games. You can send Ramba Ral new mobile suits through out the game which give us
      • When given a Dom: This is not a Gouf! Not a Gouf!"
      • And again when given the Gelgoog or the Gyan: "This is not a Dom! Not a Dom!"
  • Once the Big Zam is mass produced...
    • Ooh! Big Zam. Explanation 
  • "Ahmuro! I orda you to launch Gundamn!" British!Bright from the movie dub is great for memes.
  • SOLOMON!! I! HAVE! RETURNED!!!! Explanation 
  • You can't list every meme TV Tropes, not while your soul is still held down by gravity.Explanation 
  • Kamille Bidan is SICK OF ADULTS AND THEIR LIES! Explanation 
  • KAMILLE'S A MAN'S NAME! AND I'M A MAN!! Explanation 
  • And then there's GTFO Zaku.
  • Norris Packard's "THATS RIGHT, COWER! BE AFRAID!" speech often gets put under a screen cap of a Mobile Suit pilot (or any Gundam character) with an Oh Crap! face, though the end of the speech is modified somewhat to fit the situation.
  • If you ever show a picture of Micott Bartsch in a normal suit around /m/ it usually goes with the mentioning of DAT Hair.
      • LALAH!
      • NOOOO!
      • DON'T STOP!
  • Char Aznable likes little girls.
    • An Ascended Meme in Char's Counterattack, where The Dragon mentions that everyone thinks Char is into young girls.
  • One of Char's greatest crowning moments can be summed up with these words: BOOM! Headshot.
  • Behold! The Xbox Drop! It's leik OMGLOLHUEG!!!1
  • Gundam + Jessi Slaughter = "You done Goufed!" Explanation 
  • Tobia Arronax is what happens when Chuck Norris is given a Gundam.
  • This Nu Gundam isn't just for show! Original  Explanation  Further explanation 
    • This was changed in the English dub to "You're underestimating Nu Gundam!"
  • AZTEC SPACE NINJAS! Explanation 
  • Gundam ZZ is not an anime! Take this to be true! Explanation 
  • Gundam Unicorn: Angelo gracefully bowing out of the battle at the end of Episode 5, apparently to avoid overshadowing Full Frontal with the pwnage he had been dishing out up to that point.
    • Kobe Byarlant. Explanation 
  • Reconguista In G: Klim Nick toilet scene being nicknamed The Toilet Battle. Explanation 
  • Oh my SU-Cord!Explanation 
  • On a darker note, Bernie Wiseman and hamburgers. Explaination 

    Mobile Fighter G Gundam 

    Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 
  • "HEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Come back and kill meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!"Explanation 
    • "Relena... I'm going to kill you."Explanation 
  • "No. No machine-gun for him. Shoot him down!" from the dub's first episode. Followed immediately by the pilot trying to shoot Heero down with a machine-gun. The original Japanese dialogue was more along the lines of "There's no point firing a warning shot. Shoot him down."
    • This has given birth to a new meme: "The only cure for cancer is Tallgeese"Explanation 
  • The Gundam Heavyarms is purple.
  • Heero self-destructing his Gundam, making him An Heero.
  • Inappropriate Laughing Heero laughs at your misfortune.Explanation 
    • Also crosses over with Quattro's "I came here to laugh at you" meme, when people kept adding more characters laughing alongside Heero.
  • Gundam Wing as a whole has a lot of parallels to The Dark Knight Rises, hence the memes of the latter crossing over with the former. Such as: "...or perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot a man after throwing him out of a plane?"

    After War Gundam X 

    Turn A Gundam 
  • UNIVAAAAAAARSE! Explanation 
    • "TURN-A. GUNDAM." Explanation 
  • Who cares if Laura is a guy, I'd still hit it. Explanation 
  • Nanana nananana nanana CENTURY COLORS!Explanation 
  • The Moonlight Butterfly. Your argument is invalid. Explanation 

    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED & Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny 
  • "Help!! I'm going to killed Ms. Lacus!"Explanation 
  • Bow before your savior, Jesus Yamato. Note that many people want to see a match-up between him and Ali Al-Saachez.
  • Mu La Flaga is not a fortress, thus he came Back from the Dead after being blown up by an anti-fortress cannon.
  • I know we're supposed to be done listing Gundam memes... but at this moment, Cagalli is crying her heart out! Explanation 
    • *Above thread gets Savioured* Explanation 
  • Chairman Dullindal is Space Commie Naraku, and the Destiny Plan is space communism.
  • Lacus Clyne and her Haro army will conquer the Earth.
  • Clotho! Stop laughing!
  • "Nicol was fifteen! He loved the piano!" Explanation  Occasionally rendered as "HE LOVED TO PLAY THE PIANO."
    • Subtitled version: "Nicol loved to play the piano. And he was only 15."
    • Parodied here.
    • Kira swung first! Explanation 
  • Freedom Gundam: Taste the rainbow. Explanation 
  • At the end of Gundam SEED Destiny, viewers are asking: "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?" Explanation 
  • Budget well spent. Explanation 
  • Crossover meme with A Streetcar Named Desire: STELLAAAAAAAAA!!!
    Kira: (in Homer's voice) Out of my way, Jerkass!
  • Dammit, Fukuda!
  • What is Jesus Yamato doing in Cross Ange?!note 

    Mobile Suit Gundam 00 
  • Prince Ali, Mighty Is He! Explanation 
    • Prince Ali, Mighty Was He!
  • Setsuna F. Seiei would like you to know that he is Gundam.Explanation 
    • Which leads to Hilarious in Hindsight because at the end of the movie, he DOES become Gundam - an Innovator/ELS hybrid, but close enough.
    • Stupid Sexy LOCKON!
      • Damn you, Titeria! Explanation 
    • FUCKING RIBBONS!!!Explanation 
  • Kamen Rider Gundam 00 Virtue Cast Off!
  • HA HA HA HA HA! You are too reliant on TV Tropes, there's no way you can list all the Memes here!
  • Saji Crossroad being some incredible badass seems to be a joke among the fandom, helped by the Gumdamn! podcast's Soul Bro Ryu naming him "King Arthur" and declaring him "his man."
  • MarieMarieMarieMarieMarieMarieMarie...
  • Zetsubou-sensei is in Super Robot Wars! Explanation 

    Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 
  • Flit's hair makes him even more of a Gundam than Setsuna.
  • (munches on chocolate bar)Explanation 
  • FurittoFurittoFurittoFuritto...Explanation 
  • Madoka Titus Explanation 
    • Homura Spallow
  • Desil is Nena's and Ali's child. Explanation 
  • Left: Loveless Marriage. Right: Happy Family. Learn the difference, it can save your life. note 
  • See? Her hair is a bird. Your arguments are invalid. Explanation 
  • Asemu is better than a Newtype, he's a Supah Pairotto! Explanation 
    • His being a pirate leader in Generation 3 has mutated this into: Asemu Asuno, Super Pirate!
  • Kio is the Second Coming of Jesus Yamato! Explanation 

    Gundam Build Fighters & Gundam Build Fighters Try 
  • After Gya Gya Gyan's brief battle in Episode 6, a lot of fan customized Gyan illustrations has shown up in pixiv complete with an excited Sazaki.
  • UC STRONK!Explanation 
  • This week on the Meatbun Chronicles...Explanation 
  • Aila eating food in general. note 
  • Attack on ZakuExplanation 
  • Build Strike Pitching PoseExplanation 
  • Gundam Valhallanote 
  • "Ameijin" being used as an adjective.note 
  • E-Sports Anime and Gundam E-Sportsnote 
  • Meijin Kawaguchi III, the real Gundam Jesusnote 
  • "Gunpla is FREEDOM!" note 
  • "JEGAN, HOW'RE YOU!" note 
  • "Beargguy Mother Fucker!" note 

    Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans 
  • Do you like Iron-Blooded Orphans? Then RAISE YOUR FLAAAAAAG!!!note 
    • After episodes 12, 16, and 21: "Flags at half mast..." Spoiler Entry 
  • Where did Chocolate Man touch you? Explanation 
  • QUALITYnote 
  • Move over, Setsuna, Ein is now Gundam.Explanation 

  • One more... when the Japanese Agriculture Ministry caught two of its employees editing That Other Wiki's Gundam page on company time, they issued the statement that Gundam does not fall under the purview of the Japanese Agriculture Ministry.
  • And now the Ministry of Finance joins in.
  • Do you accept Gundam Jesus as your personal saviour?
  • Soul Bro's Men: Soul Bro Ryu of The Gundamn! podcast has a tendency to declare the biggest milquetoast of a show (Sai Argyle, Rivalz, Saji Crossroad) to be "his man." There was even an episode dedicated to it.
    • In a recent episode, Soul Bro was asked if there were any Soul Bro's Women. He replied that the qualifications were different for women — he only likes men wimpy. He likes his women to be Badass Action Girls, his favourite being Emma Sheen.
    • For Gundam AGE, Chris and Neo declared Dique to be Soul Bro's Man, over Soul Bro's objections.
    • Other Gundamn! memes include "Gundam 00 Season 2 sucked!" (not what they really believe, but mocking the trolls who claimed this), "Gundam Unicorn does not exist" (refusing to report on it while it was still an unconfirmed rumor, which trolls exaggerated into them claiming this), and "Kill all the Vaygans!" (Chris agreeing with Flit's attitude towards Vaygan).
    • "Crushing hopes and dreams!" — since some of the fanbase tends to get... unrealistic expectations, they often feel it necessary to inject them with a sometimes-lethal dose of reality.
  • "Zaku test" is derogatory slang for a pentester tutorial program that takes a very basic understanding to crack.
  • Wow... although it is the page quote, there is no actual mention of the "IT'S A GUNDAM!" down here.
  • Never fall in love with a Gundam pilot, it will only end in disappointment (or an early funeral). Explanation 
  • The "Cardboard Box Gundam", which came from an extremely cheap (and bold) cosplay. Not that memetic here, but Big in Japan.
    • Mutated further when 00 came out, in which after Setsuna's catch phrase, many a fan art appeared of him wearing a cardboard box over his regular attire, with the word "Gundam" scrawled on the front of the box.
  • A Chinese theme park's knockoff of the RX-78-2 is quickly gaining meme status after its "renovations." Lots of fan art started popping up not 24 hours after the remodeled version was revealed, and even mock CGI. Nobody's sure what to call it yet, names range from "Sina Gundam" to "China Gundam" to "Sichuan Gundam."
    • RISE... CHINING GUNDAM! *snaps fingers*
    • Chinese Gundam fans, who were the ones spreading the renovation first, already took the task of calling it Gunzafu but finally settled on Tianxian(Sky Fragrant) Gundam Unit 2(Presumably the one without upgrades is Unit 1).
    • In Gundam Build Fighters, there's a character named China (although pronounced differently). Coincidence?
  • When vaginas FLY! Explanation 
  • "OPPA GUNDAM STYLE!"Explanation 
  • UNDERSTANDING! Explanation 
    • Kio in Gundam AGE is used to mock this, preaching for understanding and getting himself into trouble over it in no small part to such pleas hitting berserk buttons of those he's facing.
  • My other Car is a Gundam.
  • AngryMike/Wavehawk, please make ______ Explanation 
  • The Age of Onee-san Explanation 
  • God Graham FINGAAAH!! Explanation 
  • Robot King! Explanation 

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