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Manhwa: Zero: The Beginning of the Coffin

Zero: The Beginning of the Coffin (제로: 시작의 관, Jero: Sijagui Gwan) is a 10 volume manhwa by Dall-young Lim (story) and Park Sung-woo (art). The Japanese version is published by Comic Valkyrie.

Based on a PC video game of the same title, Zero is the prequel to the PC game and encompasses a story in which a young man must protect himself and his two sisters from those who are after their special abilities. Having been born in a secret government laboratory that cultivated telepathic powers within humans, Shuuichi and his two sisters, Sumire and Katsumi, are forced to endure a difficult life as test subjects until their escape. Years later, these siblings are still being sought after by unknown organizations that are after Shuuichi's powers as he is what they refer to as the "zero-sample" with the ability to cause "zero-shock."

Zero: The Beginning of the Coffin contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Zero The Beginning Of The Coffin
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