''Shaman Warrior'' is a nine volume {{Manhwa}} by Park Joong-Ki set in a [[CrapsackWorld dark fantasy version of medieval Asia]].

The Shaman [[SuperSoldiers Shaman Warriors]] are the deadliest and most feared soldiers of [[TheEmpire The Empire of Kugai]], possesing strange mystical powers. The series starts out focusing on one of the Titular shaman warriors named Yarong, who is the greatest of the deadly Shaman Warriors. On a Mission from the General of Kugia he and his servant, Batu, are ambushed by a large number of soldiers led by a man Yarong identifies as a Death Lord. Wounded and poisoned in the attack Yarong tells Batu to escape and take his daughter, Yaki, into hiding. [[TooCoolToLive Yarong puts up a good fight but eventually dies]] at the hands of the Death Lord. After reporting back to the General Batu takes the infant Yaki out of the kingdom and into hiding where he eventually learns that the General is the one that arranged the attack and used the deaths of most of the ambushers as justification for hunting down the Shaman Warriors from his old partner and lover the assassin Genji. Batu sets off to take vengence on The General and the Death Lord.

Not to be confused with the [[Manga/ShamanKing manga]].

Spoilers!! below

!!This show provides examples of:
* ActionGirl - Genji [[spoiler: and Yaki after TrainingFromHell in the [[TheSpartanWay The Butcher Camps]]]]
* BadassNormal - Batu, Genji and Yatilla have no superhuman powers but are nearly as deadly as Yarong.
* {{BFS}} - Batu and Yuda employs these
* BreakTheCutie - Yaki [[spoiler: after surviving the [[TheSpartanWay Butcher Camps]] Yaki loses the remaining people she cares about in rapid sucession.]]
* BolivianArmyEnding - [[spoiler: The last we see of Yaki she's fighting off a large group of soldiers the next scene is a time skip to Yatilla rallying his troops for open war with Kugai]]
* CliffHanger - [[spoiler: The entire series ends on one of these, see BolivianArmyEnding]]
* TheEmpire - Kugai
* KarmaHoudini - The General and Death Lord Yuda are still alive at the end of the series.
* KillEmAll - [[spoiler: by the end of the series all of the main characters except Yaki and Yatilla are dead]]
* LamarckWasRight - [[spoiler: The Shaman Warriors pass on the powers they gained from SuperSerum to their children]]
* PowerFist - Batu uses a pair of armored gauntlets
* SociopathicHero - Yaki [[spoiler: eventually becomes the captain of the Butcher Camps Assassin squad and only would of killed a child if not for the objections of her boyfriend]]
* TheSpartanWay - The Butcher Camps
* SuperSerum - [[spoiler: The Shaman Warriors were created this way]]
* SuperSoldiers - The Shaman Warriors were used this way by Kugai.
** [[spoiler: Kugai's occult experts and chemists made the Shaman Warriors to aid their armies which were spread thin by civil war]]
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness - Kugai to the Shaman Warriors