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Manhwa: PHD: Phantasy Degree
PhD: Phantasy Degree (original title: Maseuteo Seukur Ollimpeuseu, lit. Master School Olympus) is a horror-themed comedy/action-adventure manhwa that focus on the adventures of Sang, a young woman who travels to Demon School Hades in hope of becoming a student there. The thing of it is that the school is meant strictly for monsters, so you can pretty much see the problem there. As the series goes on, we find out there is more to Sang and her motives than meets the eye.

Licensed and released in the United States under Tokyopop. Ten volumes of the series have been published; however, the manga is currently on hiatus and it is unknown whether the creator will continue it. He seems to have moved on to other manhwas, such as Dorothy of Oz.
The series provides the following tropes:
Phantom of InfernoMadmanEntertainment/Anime & MangaPita-Ten
Papi NyangManhwaPig Bride

alternative title(s): Ph D Phantasy Degree
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