[[caption-width-right:330:[[LoveableRogue Dooly]], [[BadassAdorable Heedong]], [[SmallNameBigEgo Ddochi]], and [[AmusingAlien Douner]]]]

''Dooly The Little Dinosaur'' is a UsefulNotes/{{South Korea}}n comics character created by Kim Soo-jung. Dooly was later adapted as an animated series in 1987[[note]]By {{Creator/AKOM}}, Shin Dong-heon Productions, Sam Young Animation and Creator/HanhoHeungUp[[/note]], with a new series in 2008[[note]] animated by Creator/DongWooAnimation[[/note]]. The official site can be found [[http://www.doolynara.com/ here.]]

Dooly is a baby dinosaur who got magical powers after aliens kidnapped and experimented on him. He was sent back to Earth, but got trapped in a glacier for 100 million years; when the glaciers retreated, he found his way to Seoul.

In UsefulNotes/{{Seoul}}, he's found by a girl named Younghee, who thinks he's a doll and takes him home with her. He lives with her elder brother Chulsoo, and her father Kildong. Kildong hates Dooly and beats him whenever Dooly annoys him.

Despite being a dinosaur, Dooly is a mischievous kid who likes to eat and play, is loyal to his friends, and who misses his mother. He is always biting his tongue. He doesn't know why the aliens gave him superpowers, or quite know how to use them deliberately, but in times of danger he is able to use them. He does this by pointing his right finger and yelling, '''Hoihoi!'''

Dooly has four friends who Kildong also hates and beats (except Heedong).

* Heedong came to live with Uncle Kildong after his parents went abroad to study. He misses his mom everyday, but is happily entertained by Dooly. He isn't afraid of anything, and bites and scratches when someone makes him angry.
* Douner the Prince of Planet Kanttappia made an emergency landing on the planet Earth due to the malfunctioning of his 'Time Cosmos' Spaceship (it's shaped like a violin). He's stubborn and uncomplicated, but extremely loyal. He can travel back and forth in time and space in the Time Cosmos Spaceship.
* Ddochi, an ostrich that successfully escaped from a Las Vegas circus troop, always insists that she used to be a noble lady from Africa. She is a little bit selfish, and little bit shy, but Ddochi is the most softhearted ostrich that you're likely to come across. She also insists on calling herself a girl.
* Michol Ma is aspiring singer who lives next to Kildong. His role model is Music/MichaelJackson. His passion for singing drives his dreams, but his talent is lacking. He is quite lost in dreams most of the time, but he does know how to take care of himself.

!!''Dooly the Little Dinosaur'' has examples of:
* AdaptationalSpeciesChange:
** Dooly's mother fights a ''TyrannosaurusRex'' in the original comic. In the 80s cartoon the ''Tyrannosaurus'' gets exchanged with a mammoth, which gets exchanged with a trio of ''Allosaurus'' in the 2008 remake.
** The ceratopsian that swallows Douner was initially a ''Protoceratops'' in the comic. In the 80s cartoon it was a ''Centrosaurus'', while in the 2008 remake it was a ''Triceratops''.
* AlienAbduction. Dooly may be a dinosaur, but this one fits.
* AnachronismStew: The series has mammoths and primitive humans living alongside dinosaurs 100 million years ago.
* AmusingAlien: Douner is a goofy, silly alien.
* BadassAdorable: Heedong. He is very brave, and bites and scratches pretty hard.
* ButtMonkey: Kildong is constantly on the receiving end of Dooly's mischief.
* ChocolateBaby: Dooly is apparently a ''Ceratosaurus'', but his mother is a sauropod (with a horn on her nose). Subverted in the movie, where his mother looks just like him.
* TheDitz: Douner
* HumanPopsicle: Dooly in the glacier. Close enough.
* IMissMom: One of Dooly's biggest goals is to reunite with his mother.
* InformedSpecies:
** Many sources claim Dooly is a ''Ceratosaurus''. While he is vaguely a bipedal dinosaur with horn on his nose, his resemblance to a ceratosaur is zilch.
** Ddochi is supposed to be an ostrich, but she looks more like some kind of white humanoid with bird-feet and a feather tail.
** One episode of the 2008 series had an orangutan which looked more like a gorilla with an orange mane.
* IsItSomethingYouEat: Douner asks Dooly this in the movie regarding Heedong.
* {{Jerkass}}: Kildong to Dooly, Douner, and Ddochi.
* LoveableRogue: Dooly.
* MisplacedWildlife: An episode of the 2008 series had a chameleon and a frilled lizard living in the Amazon rainforest.
* MoralGuardians: These accused ''Dooly'' for being a bad influence on kids because he talked causally to his elders. Plus, it didn't help that Dooly often stuck his tongue out which is considered rude in Korean culture.
* TheNoseless: Heedong isn't drawn with a nose.
* PhlebotinumDuJour: Dooly's OriginStory - alien experimentation.
* TyrannosaurusRex: Douner lures a ''T. rex'' to rescue Dooly and Heedong from some primitives.
* UrineTrouble: Both Douner and Dooly have been peed on by Heedong at least once. It happened in the movie and the cartoon series.
* WouldHurtAChild: Kildong physically abuses Dooly and pals frequently.