Manhwa / Ark Angels

The environment has been badly damaged, and animals are going extinct left and right due to the greed and gluttony of humans. If this state of affairs continues, the Lord is going to wipe the Earth clean of all life for its own good — unless someone can collect all the endangered animals and shelter them in an Ark until such time as humanity is ready to appreciate them.

This job would have been Noah's, except that he missed the relevant meeting because he had a cooking class. So instead the duty falls to his daughters, Magical Girls Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Now the three of them must travel through time saving various animals (who appear to them as incredibly beautiful humans) — while still finding time in their busy schedules for school antics and maybe even romance (hey, it is Shoujo). Unfortunately, it seems the Lord really wants to get his smite on, as he's secretly sent a group of minions to hinder their progress. It's too bad for him that said minions are less competent than your average member of Team Rocket — the real challenge tends to come from the humans who want the Animal of the Episode as a meal, a rug, or a zoo exhibit. Even then, of course, love, justice, and environmentalism always prevail in the end.

Written and drawn by Park Sang Sun, Ark Angels was licensed by Tokyopop and released into three volumes, which are fortunately still available to buy.

This series contains examples of: