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Manga: Undertaker Riddle
They'll play the funeral march that's just for you.
Hayato Sakura is a normal high school boy, except for one thing: Ghosts are attracted to him. At every step he takes, ghosts (mostly of them, girls) are stick to his back, making imposibleto him to have a normal social life. At his 17th birthday, running away from them, a tall blond man walks to him and turns the ghost into butterflies. Amazed for this incredible and beautiful man, who introduce himself as Undertaker Riddle, Hayato asks him to help him with his problem and the man agrees with one condition: Hayato must make a contract with him to help him with his work of making funeral ceremonies to evil spirits.

Undertaker Riddle is an ongoing manga by Akai Higasa published by Square Enix and serializated by Gangan Online.

Undertaker Riddle has the following tropes:

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