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Manga: Ubunchu!

Genre(s):Instructional, Slice of Life

Ubunchu! is a Manga written by Hiroshi Seo about a bunch of students starting and using Ubuntu. Six chapters (1-5 and 7) have been released and translated.

It features three (and only) members of the Computer Admin Club:
  • Akane: The club's president and a hard-core Linux geek who prefers using the command line interface. She's actually skeptical in using Ubuntu because she thinks that Ubuntu is just for watching YouTube. She probably uses Apache for the club's web server.
  • Masato: The club's vice president and a Windows user. He is also skeptical in using Linux because he can't play his eroge Visual Novel stuff on non-Windows computers. Also an Otaku.
  • Risa: A Mac user who wants to try out the Ubunchu Ubuntu LiveCD for their club's new computer. She really seems to be a Genki Girl...

It is under a Creative Commons-By Attribution-Non Commercial license, that means, it can be distributed freely, as long as it is not used for commercial purposes and it is attributed by its author. The manga can be downloaded here, complete with translations and left-to-right and right-to-left versions.

Not to be confused with Amanchu!
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alternative title(s): Ubunchu; Ptitlewj9ppj7d
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