Manga: Soul Hunter

Soul Hunter (or Hoshin Engi) is a Shōnen Manga series by Ryu Fujisaki, published by Shueisha. Serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from 1996–2000 and compiled in 23 tankōbon volumes by Shueisha, the 18 Kanzenban volumes were released periodically between July 2005 and June 2006 in Japan only. VIZ Media has acquired the rights to the Manga, with bimonthly releases starting June 5, 2007 to the United States and Canada.

The story involves Chinese mythology and history of China, in particular the last members of the In (Yin Dynasty aka Shang Dynasty) and the plot to overthrow them. The Manga follows Taikobo who is tasked with hunting down and sealing the 365 people on the Hoshin Scroll. The goal of this venture known as the Hoshin Project, is to trap Dakki the evil antagonist and her minions in a 'middle' world between the Sennin World and the Human world. The story follows the exploits of Taikobo as he strives to complete this task.

The story was also adapted to a 26 episode Anime of the same name broadcast on Japanese TV in 1999 and released in North America on DVD as Soul Hunter in 2001. As of January 2009, Shomei TV announced their intentions to remake the anime series if they received 10,000 signatures.

Additionally, a video game based on the manga was developed for for the Playstation and the Wonderswan. Soul Hunter characters also appear in Jump Ultimate Stars for Nintendo DS, with only Taikobo playable and other characters severing as support.

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