Seiho Boy's High School is a 2010 shoujo manga that is set in an all boys school. The main characters are Maki, an everyman with a sad past, Nogami, a FourEyesZeroSoul character with a rude mouth, Kamiki, the hottest guy in school, and Hanai, a 'certified girly boy'. It's a romantic comedy focusing on their efforts to land girlfriends despite living in a OneGenderSchool out in the country.

Tropes Found In This Work

* BigBrotherAttraction - Ok, Big Sister Attraction between [[spoiler: Rui]] and his big sister.
* TheMourningAfter - Part of Maki's backstory
* SweetOnPollyOliver - Parodied as Miyaji dresses up as a boy to sneak into the school, so that she can dress up as Snow White for the school play. She visualizes the typical shoujo scenario. this does not occur.
* TeacherStudentRomance - Nogami and Ms. Fukuhara He's HotForTeacher and she's HotForStudent but his mouth and his youth keeps them apart.
* YaoiFangirl- Ms. Fukuhara is a bit of one, but Erika Tanako is a huge yaoi fangirl