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Manga: School Rumble
School Rumble Forever!

From left to right 3rd row; Fuyuki, Hanai, Karasuma, Harima, Asou. 2nd row: Imadori, Karen, Yakumo, Sarah. 1st row: Akira, Mikoto, Tenma, Eri.

High school romance comedy. Idiot delinquent (Harima) has a secret, obsessive crush on an even more clueless classmate (Tenma), who is in love with a complete oddball (Karasuma), who is in love with food (curry). Tenma's quiet, gentle sister Yakumo, her ojou friend Eri, and the hot school nurse may or may not have feelings for Harima, depending on the rumors you believe and the time of day. Also, both Tenma and Harima's cousin Itoko think Harima is in a relationship with Yakumo. Class rep Hanai is loudly in love with Yakumo (thus seeing Harima as his rival), while two or three girls may or may not have feelings for him. Also, there is Ichijo, who likes Imadori, who likes Mikoto, who likes one of her ex-sempais, who got a girlfriend since the last time she saw him. And so forth. Failed confessions, confessions to the wrong people, and relationship misunderstandings abound.

You will rarely take any of this seriously.

School Rumble is a Gag Series that relies more on character interaction than actual progress in relationships. Parodies include Initial D, Fist of the North Star, Dragon Ball Z, Battle Royale, Iron Chef, Star Wars, and Ghost.

School Rumble consists of two 26-episode seasons, each covering a term of the school year, as well as two 2-episode OVAs: the first centered on the first term, and the second centered on the very end of their high school life. The second season ends with the characters planning the class trip that forms the first major arc of the third term. The second OVA ends with the characters having a class reunion some time after they have all graduated high school , but occurring presumably not beyond their first year of college .

Based on a manga written by Jin Kobayashi which ended on chapter 283 (if it can really be called an ending), followed by a brief sequel manga, School Rumble Z, which wrapped things up slightly more.

Now has a character sheet. All character specific tropes should be put there.

School Rumble provides examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: Harima getting "engaged" to Eri while living with Yakumo, dropped after one chapter for the No Ending.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Many characters depicted with black hair in the manga have it coloured in the anime (for example Mikoto getting blue hair).
  • Accidental Kiss: Strangely averted with Harima and Yakumo. Not long afterward, played straight with Harima and Imadori.
  • Affectionate Parody: Of high school romance. It's exaggerated humor serves to emphasize the absurdity, the joy and the sadness of first loves.
  • Airplane of Love: After Tenma leaves for America to go after Karasuma.
  • All Just a Dream: The one where Hanai lands on a strange island populated by people who look like his classmates. The manga shows that is was just a story invented by Akira.
    • Although the anime leaves it more ambiguous. While it probably happened, it could have just been some crazy hallucination Hanai had. (Although that doesn't explain where he got the poncho.)
  • All Love Is Unrequited: To the nth power...
    • Exceptions in School Rumble Z: Tenma and the brain damaged Karasuma, Karen and Imadori, Harima and Eri (apparently), Mikoto and Hanai.
  • All Men Are Perverts: The only real exceptions are Harima and Karasuma.
  • Alternate Character Reading:
    • The reason why some people are led to mistake "Harima Kenji" for "Harry McKenzie" - their names use the exact same characters, but are pronounced differently.
    • Harima reads "Karasuma" as "Torimaru" due to the alternate furigana readings the kanji in his name have.
  • Anguished Declaration of Love:
    • Harima to who he thinks is Tenma. He's already said too much by the time he realizes it's Eri.
    • A very heartbreaking example is Karasuma to Tenma, whom he has loved all along - especially when the reader finds out he's hallucinating her, and by the time Tenma actually reunites with him, he's already lost his memories.
  • Animated Actors: The end of the OVA shows Tenma and Karasuma in the recording booth.
  • Art Evolution: There is a notable change in art style in the series, becoming more sketchy and detailed - compare the OVA episodes and last round of chapters (and School Rumble Z) to the first two seasons and the beginning of the manga.
  • Art Shift: Tributes to Fist of the North Star, Initial D, Love Hina and the works of Osamu Tezuka.
  • Ascended Extra: Characters who made very small appearances early in the manga/season 1 get more time later/season 2, such as Asou, Yoshidayama, Mai and Tsumugi.
  • Author Avatar: Harima is Jin Kobayashi. It's also rumored that Eri is based on his wife.
  • Babies Ever After: Eri & Harima. Or is it? Also Hanai and Mikoto, in an Alternate Universe anyways.
  • Back for the Finale: In the last episode of Sangakki and last (#) chapter, all the student characters attend a reunion in America.
  • Badass Adorable: Karen, Mikoto and Lala - especially the former who is very sweet and gentle, yet can carry a piano all by herself with no effort.
  • Badass Grandpa: The fishing boat captain.
  • Bait-and-Switch Credits: The Ni Gakki opening shows Eri has a lot of servants when she only has two.
  • Balloon Belly:
    • Tenma in episode 4, 5 and 8 of Nigakki.
    • Satsuki in episode 8 of Nigakki, after she eats family-sized meals in hopes that she will grow taller.
  • Baseball Episode: 2C play it in a sports class.
  • Battle Aura: Both Harima and Hanai get this often, especially when it comes to each other and a Tsukamoto girl.
  • Battle Butler: Justified by Nakamura who was former Special Forces.
  • Battle Couple: During the Kibasen; Harima and Eri, Mikoto and Asou, Hanai and Karen, Harry and Lara.
  • Beach Episode: In season 1 and Volume 3, where Tenma's group goes with Harima, Hanai, Imadori and Nara. It was originally meant to be with Nara and his friends until Harima beat up said friends.
  • Beauty, Brains and Brawn: Eri, Akira & Mikoto.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Harima and Eri, also known as the Flag ship. Despite all the heartwarming moments they share, they always clash and refuse to even act they're friends.
  • Betty and Veronica: Concerning Harima, Yakumo & Eri respectively, while Tae is the Third-Option Love Interest.
  • Between My Legs:
  • Beware the Nice Ones: In one early Yakumo-centric episode, Hanai attempts to show her the practicalities of martial arts. He attempts to grab her but can't due to her being able to read his mind. He then ponders out loud how she can be so smart when her sister is the biggest clutz in the school. Cue an incredibly sinister look and Hanai is suddenly made to eat the floor. One of the very few times she ever gets angry.
  • Big "NO!": Harima near the end of Season 2, in Gratuitous English, no less.
  • Bishounen: Harry activates his Ouran-level full-bishie mode to woo girls in a cocktail party.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Karasuma turns out to have loved Tenma all along, but pretended not to notice her because of his disease that caused him to have memory loss. While in his hospital bed, he pours out all his feelings to who he thinks is the real Tenma, but which turns out to be an hallucination caused by his illness. The real Tenma is in fact, just outside the hospital, and never hears it. But through Tenma's efforts, he is showing signs of regaining his memories, or at the least falling in love with her again.
  • The Blank
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Eri, Yakumo and Tae all like Harima.
  • Bowdlerize: The anime cuts the manga's instances of underage drinking (for example Tenma being drunk while eavesdropping on Harima's story of meeting her). Fortunately, it does this by replacing the lost gags with new ones that mostly work just as well.
  • Bridal Carry: Harima does this to Yakumo during her and Hanai's mock wedding, thinking she's Tenma.
  • Bullet Time: Harima and Akira.
  • But Now I Must Go: Eri invites Harima to her house overnight to work on the school album. To get him to reveal his feelings, Eri's butler cosplays as a character from Harima's favorite show and fights him. Harima leaves the house without revealing his feelings because that's how the episode ended.
  • Butt Monkey: Harima, Hanai. Pretty much anyone who fails in their love life... which is just about everyone.
  • Calling Your Attacks
  • Cannot Spit It Out: A key trope in this series. Also some other ones from the Super Trope Poor Communication Kills including One Dialogue, Two Conversations and That Came Out Wrong.
  • Celebrity Paradox: The video for the opening song appears in an early episode meaning Eri and her voice actor Yui Horie both exist in the School Rumble universe.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: The original manga has noticeably shifted from random comedy to tear-jerking drama in the later chapters after the revelation that Karasuma is suffering from a terminal illness.
  • Christmas Episode
  • Class Trip: To England - but due to reasons, the plane lands on Kyoto instead. Hilarity Ensues when the students mistake the sights on Kyoto as English landmarks.
  • Coincidental Broadcast: When Yakumo is staying over at Harima's house, they hear a radio DJ say a blackout is a good time to do This and That.
  • Comic Role Play
    • Tenma helps practice Harima confess to his crush... which is her. Harima understandably is too embarrassed to say his confession to her properly, and Tenma berates him for being a wimp. She then tries to pretend to be him by sporting a fake moustache/goatee and stealing his sunglasses.
    • Harima does this a few times with Yakumo when thinking about his manga plot.
  • Comic Trio: Yoshidayama, Nishimoto, and Nara become one somewhere around the end of the first season. Harima, Hanai, and Imadori whenever they're all together, as well.
  • Conveniently Seated: Tenma sits in "that" seat, with Karasama right in front of her and Harima to her right. However, it's Karasama who spends all his time looking out the window.
  • Cool Boat: Eri's yacht (anime only).
  • Covers Always Lie: The page image, which shows Fuyuki among the main characters, when he has very little relevance compared th others and only has appearances in 2-3 episodes max.
  • Creator Cameo: Jin Kobayashi voices one of the fishermen who initially opposed Harima (wears a cap with the letter "F" on it). He also narrates the caveman episode in the OVA.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: Mihara.
  • Dead Man's Trigger Finger: Spoofed, like every other combat trope, in the mock battle at the beginning of Season 2. Eri (really Nakamura) shoots three guys while they're shooting at her. All three of them stop shooting after being shot themselves and two of them fall over. The last one starts shooting into the air again as he collapses, "dead."
  • Delinquents:
    • Harima was one in his middle school days, and he still gives this vibe in high school due to still getting in fights, his looks and slacking attitude towards school - even though he still means well and only really cares about winning Tenma's affections.
    • Tennouji, who constantly targets Harima too.
  • Demoted to Extra: Hanai in season two. Well, more like demoted to extra, then demoted to a running gag of being stuck on a kite for the last dozen episodes.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: "Mask Kamen" means literally "masked mask".
  • Dirty Mind-Reading: Once with Hanai after he left Nishimoto's place carrying the remains of Nishimoto's "collection" he ran into Yakumo. She quickly runs away afterwards.
  • Disappeared Dad: Many characters either have lost (The Tsukamoto sisters, Harry Mckenzie) or have distant relationships with their fathers (Masatsugu & Haruna Tougo, Eri)
  • Distant Finale: (Sort of) hinted at in School Rumble Z, with Harima and Eri shown having a child.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: The 3rd ED of the anime and the ED of the OVA are sung in-character by the Tsukamotos and Harima respectively in both the original Japanese and the English dub.
  • Don't Try This at Home:
    • Parodied when Imadori eats a shoelace.
    • Also when Tenma leaves a bathroom through the window, several stories above the ground, using a pair of plungers to go down the wall. This warning is actually displayed while she does this.
  • Establishing Series Moment: You just knew this wasn't gonna be your run-of-the mill Shoujo when you see the resident delinquent talk about the wonder of love after he just finished beating up a bunch of gangsters.
  • Everything's Better with Samurai: Harima during the Kyoto trip.
  • Evil Counterpart: The Outlaw basketball team and the English exchange students.
  • Expressive Hair: There's also Tenma's little wiggling pigtails. It's even lampshaded in a manga omake where her pig tails demonstrate her happy and sad moods... and then one scene has one pigtail on the side as normal and the other pigtail on top of her head, to indicate she's confused/absentminded.
  • Expy: Several characters from class 2-D resemble certain characters from Mobile Suit Gundam. Lara Gonzalez to Lalah Sune, Tougou resembles Anavel Gato, and Harry Mckenzie IS A CHAR.
  • The Faceless:
    • Eri's parents
    • Mikoto's first crush.
    • The Tsukuamoto's father.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Pretty much sums up Tenma's success with Karasuma and Harima's success with Tenma.
    • Not as much at the ending of the manga and in School Rumble Z for Tenma. Still sucks to be Harima though.
  • Fat and Skinny: Masaru and Nakamura. Nishimoto and Yoshidayama.
  • Festival Episode: Some episodes in Season 2 focuses on their cultural festival and the shenanigans that follow.
  • 15 Minutes of Fame: Lara accidentally adopts a new, very distinctive temporary look, then displays her fighting ability in Shibuya. She becomes "Queen of Shibuya", with girls aping her odd style, and for a week becomes a poster girl for cosmetics and the like. But when her CD single flops, Lara returns to her normal exchange student life.
  • Finger-Suck Healing: Karasuma gives one to Tenma. He simply copied it from a manga, but it doesn't stop Tenma from freaking out.
  • Five-Bad Band:
  • Flung Clothing
  • Forgotten Birthday: While busy celebrating Tenma's birthday, her classmates forget Harima was born a day after her. Yakumo remembers though.
  • Four Girl Ensemble / Four-Temperament Ensemble:
    • Tenma (sanguine), Mikoto (choleric), Eri (melancholic) and Akira (phlegmatic).
    • The 1st year girls get five: Miki (sanguine), Satsuki (choleric), Sarah (melancholic), Haruna (phlegmatic) and Yakumo (supine).
  • Funny Afro: Samuel.
  • Funny Foreigner: All of the transfer students, who tend to be a Large Ham.
  • Gainax Ending: Possibly the original series' ending due to undergoing Cerebus Syndrome; but definitely School Rumble Z, which throws around lot of random Alternate Universe stories and ambiguous hints.
  • Genre Deconstruction:
    • The entire series seems to start out as a deconstruction of a shonen love comedy by replacing the ditzy female protagonist we so often see with a Badass male delinquent. The first two chapters make it pretty obvious.
    • Another good example is when Eri walks in on Harima in the nude; usually its the other way around. ** The actual ditzy female protagonist (Tenma) is a total Butt Monkey whose affections are frequently spurned and who is the object of ridicule from friends, classmates, and even the narrator.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: There is one. Episode 7 of Nigakki. Harima makes stew out of it.
  • Gilligan Cut: When Karasuma turns down Tenma's umbrella with "I'm a kappa," she interprets this as him having a raincoat... Cue a change to that exact costume as she turns back around from her momentary Squee moment.
  • Giving Up the Ghost: This happens to Imadori after he takes a basketball to the face from Harima. He was distracted at the time by the ghost of an old teacher and wasn't paying attention.
  • Graduate from the Story: The final chapter in School Rumble Z sets place at Tenma's class' graduation ceremony.
  • Gratuitous English: Every chapter title is one and taken from the name of a movie, usually somewhat related to what happens in the chapter.
  • Hands-On Approach: Tenma imagines that Karasuma's spirit is helping her at the pottery wheel and holding her hands.
  • The Hecate Sisters: Tenma and Eri both match the maiden archetypes while Mikoto and Akira are the mother and crone, respectively.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Parodied in the wargames by a guy named Misawa ("Open a really good teahouse!").
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Itoko and Sasakura. Gets lampshaded in the Valentine's Day issue when Harima said they should just get married already.
  • Hidden Depths: Many of the characters who seem rather quirky, not bright or otherwise odd have this side to them. Examples are Harima and Karasuma, who are both secretly professional mangaka.
  • High-Speed Missile Dodge: Harima races downhill at high speed, in the snow, on a giant curry bowl, dodging a battery of large, apparently heat-seeking frozen fish.
  • Hot Springs Episode: A classmate's family owns one and has her classmates visit it in an episode/chapter.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • In the camping episode, Yakumo chastises Eri for listening in on Tenma and Harima even though she's doing the same.
    • In Chapter 195, Eri gets called an angry girl by Lala.
  • I Have This Friend: The whole idea behind the Slumber Party at Tenma's. She fools no one, but they still play along.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming:
    • The episodes of the anime are made up of three segments. In most episodes, all three segments have their own titles, which make up the entire episode naming (the two season finales being exceptions). And all three titles have common written elements between one another!
    • In the manga, all the chapters are named after movies. Some examples from the first volume: "Death Race 2003", "Broken Arrow", "Rain Man", "Enter the Dragon", "Speed", etc.
  • Important Haircut:
    • Lampshaded and parodied as Harima's facial and head hair change several times in the series as a consequence of various quirks in the plot.
    • Eri considers getting one to impress Harima.
    • Mikoto cuts her hair shorter at one point. It doesn't mean much to her, but Tenma uses it as an example to brag about embracing new lifestyles to Yakumo.
  • Improbable Weapon User:
    • When Harima interruptz Hanai & Yakumo's mock wedding, Hanai uses a camera stand to fight him off.
    • Which Harima deflects with a candlestick.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy:
    • Now and then Harima gives in and gives Tenma a chance to bond with Karasuma, such as covering Karasuma's mangaka duties while he visits Tenma on her birthday.
    • Despite her developing feelings for him, Yakumo does her best to give Harima some moments with Tenma after she realizes his feelings, even faking illness so that Tenma can go and help Harima with his manga instead.
    • Happens a lot after the Cerebus Syndrome kicks in, especially in the ending. Harima goes all out when he decides to take Tenma to the airport to fly to America to see Karasuma, and Karasuma's revealed to have purposely acted indifferently towards Tenma and reject her so she won't get too attached to him until his sickness overtakes him.
  • Informed Attractiveness: Yakumo. It seems like she has literal hoards of people proclaiming how beautiful she is, particularly in comparison to Tenma. It's played straight in that Yakumo is obviously very beautiful, deliberately drawn so that is her defining characteristic, it gets subverted when her beauty transfixes A WHALE who then helps tow a ship she is on.
  • Innocent Cohabitation: Eri turns down Harima's attempts to move in with her after Itoko kicks him out. Yakumo (with Sarah's urging) suggests that he live with her.
  • Instant Seiza: Subverted when Harima tests this out with Yakumo and concludes that love doesn't begin like that.
  • Intimidation Demonstration: Karen scares off an attacker by absolutely disintegrating an apple just by squeezing it in one hand. Later, Lala does this to intimidate a few classmates, but Imadori, unfazed, claims that it's no big deal and does the same thing with a ripe banana.
  • It Will Never Catch On: The caveman episode had lots like pottery (Yakumo), anime (Karasuma) and pointed spears (Harima).
  • Jidai Geki: Aside from Show Within a Show The Three Slashers, Nigakki opened with a segment styled after this.
  • The Lad-ette: Mikoto, who, despite her beauty, is quite loud and overly straightforward.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Anytime Harima talks to Yakumo about manga, pointing out things like Author Avatar, Tournament Arc, Battle Aura, Instant Seiza and Serious Business.
    Harima: The villain intends to use baseball to take over the world.
    Yakumo: How is he going to do that?
    Harima: I don't know.
  • Large Ham:
    • Masatsugu Tougou - the American national anthem or flag constantly playing/shown in the background while he makes his speeches doesn't help.
    • And, in a more meta example, Tenma and Harima's English voice actors ham up just about everything they say. It works. Gloriously.
      • It certainly helps that anything Luci Christian says is automatically cute.
    • Hanai as well. "For the class, and for myself ... TIME FOR TEA!"
    • The announcer for the cavalry battle too. He is clearly having way too much fun commenting on the match.
  • Literary Agent Hypothesis
  • Living Statue: Hanai awoke a statue of kuta panda in chapter 166.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: A given considering practically all of the students in 2C are introduced, as well as some students of 2D and 1D. Not to mention some teachers, family members, servants...
  • Long Title: The title of the first season finale, translated as follows:
    A sudden "farewell"... Lost in a maze... Who are you? ...Tell me. A passing-by unrequited love... May my feelings reach out for you. May my thoughts reach out for you. Maybe this is a one-time sensation, one page of my youth. This is the last chance, I want to know about... Your feelings. Words can be said, thoughts cannot be expressed. The confessions of that day made for one day of eternity, but... I'll continue this moment of ours forever. So, for tomorrow... "School Rumble Forever".
    • The English adaptation only uses the last phrase in this title.
  • Lost in Translation: Some of the jokes revolve around words sounding similar in Japanese and although they try, the jokes aren't quite as funny (if funny at all). The most prominent example is when Harima talks to Yakumo about Itoko and refers to her as "My itoko (cousin)". Yakumo gets the wrong idea.
  • Love Dodecahedron: And how!
  • Love Letter Lunacy: Goes two ways in the first episode - first from Tenma to Karasuma, and later from Harima to Tenma.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: The bread and butter of the series, though Harima and Tenma were both plenty dumb before they ever fell in love.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: With tuna.
  • Magical Girl: Mai's guilty pleasure. Deconstructed somewhat in Magical Mai episode, where she's sick of being mocked for wearing frilly pink dresses and beating up bad guys at her age and actually intends to hang up her wand for good after winning over her love interest.
  • Magical Realism: The Tsukamoto sisters are psychic, their cat can switch bodies with people, Harima talks to animals, his editor shoots eye beams, there was a talking cherry blossom tree and Akira is a spy.
  • Male Gaze:
  • Mangaka: Both Karasuma and Harima are this.
  • Manga Effects: Mentioned now and then when Harima works on his manga, such as instructing Yakumo how to apply screentone and freaking out when Tenma's beta job goes horribly wrong.
  • Masked Luchador: Lara's dad.
  • Measuring Day: Occurs in a chapter/part of an episode, and Tenma (and Harima) try to disguise themselves as doctors/nurses in order to get measurements of their crushes... sure enough, the physical examinations end up being cancelled.
  • Medium Blending: 3D Harima. Akira's overseas adventures are also told in 3D.
  • Mega Nekko: Tsumugi, one of the few characters who wears glasses. She's blind without them, as seen when they break in a flashback and Hanai has to give her a bike ride home.
  • "Mission: Impossible" Cable Drop
  • Mistaken Declaration of Love Several examples, but the most pivotal one is probably Harima to Eri.
  • Moment Killer: Mikoto & Akira after Harima proposes to Eri so she can stay in Japan.
  • Mood Whiplash: Tenma and Eri having an awkward misleading conversation about men's bodies to Eri and Mikoto getting into a shouting match about Harima.
  • Most Common Superpower: In the Magical Mai episode, Tenma is a Western-style superheroine specifically based on Wonder Woman: and she has huge fake breasts. Not implants, mind you, they're part of her costume, but still.
  • Motorcycle on the Coast Road: Often shown with Harima who constantly rides his motorcycle around.
  • No Ending:
    • The manga introduces what looks to be two important plot elements that throw fuel to the Eri/Harima and Yakumo/Harima factions, then bitchslaps both camps (and everyone else) by aborting it via a Time Skip and two inconclusive chapters that reset what character development Harima had managed to obtain. The ending of School Rumble Z seems to hint at Eri/Harima, but it's not clear whether the brief image of them with a child is the actual future or not.
    • The anime suffers from the same fate albeit a slightly less depressing one (seeing as Karasuma appears to be recovering at a faster rate).
  • No Indoor Voice: Lara Gonzalez
    Lara: ICHIJO!
  • Nosebleed: Many. Most notably a violently explosive one.
  • Not So Stoic: Harima, Yakumo and Karasuma.
  • Not What It Looks Like:
    • The traditional reaction subverted in one case, where Harima and Eri are in a very suspect position and Akira walks in, stares at them for a moment, and then correctly guesses the unintentional events that lead them to where they were.
    • Played straight with Harima's initial meeting with Tenma in middle school after she wakes up in his room with him on top of her.
    • Eri walking in on Harima and Mikoto in public and thinks they're on a date.
    • Tae jumping Harima and witnessed by 5 students.
  • Oblivious to Love: Obvious here, but one moment deserves special mention: in an episode where Tenma visits Harima at the hospital, he outright confesses that he likes her, and she understands... that he said he likes some kind of egg.
  • Odd Friendship: Harima & Yakumo, Mai & Nishimoto and Lara and Satsuki.
  • Oh, Crap:
    • Harima's face after his mistaken confession to Eri.
    • Harima's expression when Eri walks in on him naked.
  • One Degree of Separation: A given with a big cast. For example there's Harima who meets Yakumo before finding out she's Tenma's sister, and two sisters who meet his brother before finding out whose brother he is.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: Because of this, Eri thinks (probably still) that Tenma is no longer a virgin.
  • Overtook the Manga: The second season ran out of content from its corresponding school term, resorting to several filler episodes and an open anime-original ending that is best forgotten.
  • On the Next
  • Paintball Episode
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Almost no one can recognize Harima without his sunglasses. The sunglasses and moustache/goatee is also what helps him have Tenma not recognise him as the kid who saved her and apparently takign advantage of her.
  • Plot Tumor: Tenma. The Flag, Riceball & Kid's Meal pairings overtake her and she loses prominence as main character... then for no reason at all she becomes the focal point of the finale without resolving any of the pairings.
    • That said, it might not be a tumor at all. Most of the other drama occurs with Harima, who was established as the main male protagonist from the outset, so for the plot to focus heavily on his stories isn't really that much of a change. The lack of a resolution, on the other hand, probably gave most of the readers a tumor.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Most of the plot would be resolved if every character would be a bit more forward.
  • Porn Stash: Nishimoto gave away his to his classmates, Hanai confiscates the rest. Yakumo runs away from him when she senses his lust.
  • Psychic Powers: Both of the Tsukamoto sisters can see ghosts. Also, Tenma can effortlessly bend spoons, while her younger sister Yakumo can read the minds of any guys who are interested in her (along with some special cases) as well as animals (though that doesn't mean she can understand them). Tenma's power has absolutely no impact on the plot (used only once, as an aside), but Yakumo's power is a key aspect of her character.
  • Race for Your Love: Harima pretty much kidnaps Tenma and takes her to the airport so she can go to America and see Karasuma.
  • Real Trailer, Fake Movie: Akira helped Tougou make one to commemorate the class' Kyoto trip. It starts as parody of The A-Team but then zooms in on the love story of Eri & Harima.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni
  • Relax-o-Vision
  • Retcon: The ending of School Rumble Z seems to look like one.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: Yakumo and Sarah, especially in the manga.
  • Running Gag: Several, aside from the countless times someone is interrupted when confessing their love.
    • Professor Tani mistaking Harima for gay.
    • Nakamura dressing up as Eri.
    • Naru, Nishimoto, and Yoshidayama trying to meet girls with "swimsuit sumo".
    • Eri somehow getting into situations involving a naked Harima.
    • Hanai on his kite.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses:
    • Yuuki, occasionally.
    • Hanai at times.
  • School Play: A cross between "Sleeping Beauty" and Seven Samurai.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Harry and Togou.
  • Sentai/Super Robot: Both are given a homage in episode 18 in the form of Dojibiron.
  • Serious Business: How about the time when they have a WAR GAME just so they can choose on what to do for their School Festival!?
  • Shadow Dictator: The Principal (manga only).
  • Shaggy Dog Story: The first several episodes are about Tenma trying to impress Karasuma and/or Harima trying to impress Tenma but nothing ever comes of it. Arguably, the whole series counts as one. See the "No Ending" description above.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: Happens to Harima very often with any of the girls interested in him, especially Eri.
  • Shipper on Deck: Sagano for Tawaraya and Asou, Tenma for Harima and anyone he might have feelings for (except herself, of course), the main group for Mikoto and Asou, Mikoto and Akira for Harima and Eri.
  • Ship Tease: It's passed around, but mostly is Eri/Harima, Mikoto/Harima (in the anime, its mentioned that they actually went on a few dates), and a bit of Harima/Yakumo, Harima/Tenma, and even Mikoto/Hanai to the side.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: The Tsukamoto sisters and the Togou siblings. There's also Akira and her half-sister Motoko.
  • Single-Stroke Battle: A variant occurs with the guns between Harima and Hanai during the war survival game.
  • Sitting on the Roof: Many scenes take place on the school roof.
  • Sleep Cute: Tenma on Harima's shoulder on the train home after they shop for Karasuma's birthday present.
  • Slice of Life
  • Slow Motion Pass By
  • Soap Opera Disease:
    • Karasuma has an incurable disease that—once set in motion—wipes his mind clean and destroys all cognitive ability.
    • Given the vagueness of her ailment, Akira's younger half sister as well.
  • Spoiler Opening: Each season has one, showing events that will happen throughout the entire season (Ichigakki, for example, showed Harima's Important Haircut from day one). Same goes for the endings.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: Madoka, Shigeo and Mai shooting each other to the tune of "Feel Like A Girl". Then again, they were just playing...
  • Stroke the Beard:
    • When Harima crashes Hanai's mock wedding.
    • Eri accidentally chops Harima's beard while he's asleep. When he starts going for his beard during his sleep, the girls hilariously grab Eri's pigtail so he will stroke it instead and not suspect anything.
  • Sunglasses at Night: Harima. Hanai during the Wargames arc.
  • Surprise Santa Encounter
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Harima engages it when Yakumo notices that the characters of his manga look like him and Tenma.
  • Take My Hand: In the manga, Harima handcuffed himself to a girl he thought was Tenma who was about to fall off a bridge. It's really Yakumo, and the bridge stands over a small creek.
  • Take Off Your Clothes: During the camping episode. Harima tells Tenma to disrobe and this shocks the eavesdropping Eri and Yakumo. Eri takes a second look and sees Tenma and Harima wearing a curtains so they can dry their clothes.
  • That Came Out Wrong:
    • Subverted when Harima and Tenma are taking cover in a cabin from the rain - see the Take Off Your Clothes entry.
  • Theme Tune Cameo:
    • The music video for the opening theme, "SCRAMBLE!", appears in a billboard.
    • Itoko sings the first season end theme in her sleep. And tapes and plays it to taunt Harima at one point.
    • Tenma sings the "SCRAMBLE!" chorus in the pool episode
  • Third Person Flashback: In an episode, Yakumo has a flashback/dream to when she was a little kid that is from the first person perspective. Up to and including when the camera shakes up and down to indicate her nodding her head.
  • This Is Reality: Harima comments to himself that if life were like a comic book, he'd be able to win Tenma over more easily.
  • Those Two Guys: Lots, which is a given considering the Loads and Loads of Characters. For example, Tsumugi & Sagano, Madoka & Mihara, Asou & Suga.
  • Threesome Subtext: Eri and Yakumo are both interested in Harima. They're both teased with him as well as with each other (most notably their slow dance in an episode). Before the original manga suddenly stopped, Harima's also apparently engaged to Eri while living with Yakumo, with all three apparently content with the arrangement.
  • Through His Stomach: Constantly comes up in the series, especially when Tenma, Eri and Yakumo are concerned.
    • Tenma thinks Yakumo is doing this when she starts bringing an extra lunchbox for school - however she finds out the extra lunch is for the stray cat, who would eventually join the sisters as Iori.
    • Tenma tries to get closer to Karasuma by first making curry for him, except it backfires when she accidentally brings two lunchboxes full of rice (while Yakumo had the two lunchboxes of curry). It Gets Better when Karasuma suggests turning the rice into onigiri, and afterward she starts bringing them for him and herself. invoked
    • Eri prepares to do this for her dad for a rare dinner together. Unfortunately after grocery shopping he tells her he has an urgent business trip to go to.
    • Tenma once trickes Yakumo into giving Harima a lunch box, set with a heart shape no less.
    • In preparation for the cultural festival, the girls of 2C practise making onigiri and try to get their male classmates to guess who made which. Harima is very determined to eat Tenma's to incorporate this trope, even though he knows how horrible she is. In the end, the onigiri he thinks is Tenma's (because of how bad it tastes) is actually Eri's (who unsurprisingly is pleased) - he finds out when eating Tenma's real ones that hers are much worst than he anticipated.
  • Thundering Herd:
    • A variant in the Nigakki opening - Hanai and Harima aren't being angrily pursued, but they're still (angrily) running in front of the rest of the male cast.
    • Occurs in the last episode of Nigakki, where Harima is being pursued by Tenma who's annoyed that he's ignoring her... followed by a whole lot of other pissed off male students who have heard rumours that he has private photos of Tae.
  • Tiger Versus Dragon: Harima (dragon) and Hanai (tiger) at the mock wedding.
  • Time to Unlock More True Potential: At one point, Harima has to regain his spirit not as a fighter but as a mangaka, under the eye of the captain of a fishing vessel.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl
    • Tenma (tomboy), Yakumo (girly)
    • Eri (tomboy), Yakumo (girly)
    • Eri (girly), Mikoto or Akira (tomboy)
    • Lara (tomboy), Karen (girly)
    • Itoko (tomboy), Youko (girly)
  • Transformation Sequence: In the Magical Girl parody episode, Mai gets a Sakura-level one.
  • Umbrella of Togetherness: Used 3 times to ship Harima and Eri.
  • Universal-Adaptor Cast: Very fond of these for Imagine Spots and random historical retellings. Also Up to Eleven in School Rumble Z where majority of the chapters are the cast in a Alternate Universe.
  • Unknown Rival: Harima is this to Karasuma, who isn't particularly aware by his nor Tenma's feelings.
  • Unwanted Harem: Subverted. Tae is the only one who expresses open attraction toward Harima. He treats Yakumo only as his friend and Eri as someone he owes a debt too but doesn't like. And he never seems to actually learn any of their names, probably because he only cares about "Tenma-chan".
  • Visible Sigh
  • Visible Silence: Prone to "..." speech bubbles and "shiin" onomatopoeia in the manga, especially when a rather ridiculous moment happens.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: A picture of a cat is shown when Tenma gets seasick in the cruise episode.
  • Wacky Homeroom: 2C and 2D are full of Large Hams and oddballs. Especially the former - they hold a war survival game at school just to decide what to do for the cultural festival.
  • Wham Episode: Episode 10 has both a Wham Shot for Harima and a Wham Line for Eri, in the same scene, as Harima made his big confession for Tenma... to Eri.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Used mini-plotwise in the Manga: Madoka seeing other men behind Shigeo's back. One account semi-witnessed by Shigeo himself (who doesn't know what's going on) and another by Suga, for which Madoka uses a kiss (presumably his first) to 'keep him quiet'. Though, it is revealed later in the Manga that in the end, Shigeo and Madoka are still dating (which either means they resolved the issue or it was never brought to Shigeo's attention).
  • What Is This Feeling?: Eri encounters this often whenever Harima is on her mind.
  • Wiki Walk: Tenma trying to interpret Karasuma giving her a turtle to help with ideas for the cultural festival results in this... mostly because she somehow deducts she has to play a game of shiritorinote  to get what he means.
  • Wild Card Excuse: "Because this is the Tea club afterall..."
  • Will They or Won't They?:
    • Harima/Eri - especially the latter who, despite sharing many heartwarming moments with the former, still won't admit she has feelings for him.
    • Harima/Yakumo - in Z, Tenma threatens to crash the car she's driving after finding out Yakumo still can't define her relationship with Harima after all these years.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Eri unloads a rolling sobat on Harima in one episode, and in a much later one puts him in a Boston Crab.
  • Your Size May Vary: Tennouji and a certain mammoth.

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