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A ten volume manga by Seimaru Amagi and Tetsuya Koshiba, published by Tokyopop in America.

Kurumi Ayaki is a young traffic cop who has just finished her last day on the job before she marries her hapless fiance Shingo. Or Not. Due to financial troubles Ayaki has to go begging for her job back but the only role left open for her in the police is playing babysitter to "hermit on homicide", Inspector Himuro. Due to his troubled past, Himuro is unable to leave his house and Ayaki acts as his eyes and ears on the street while he uses his intellect and skills to guide her actions. They are aided by former sniper Bob and together the three of them solve the crimes that no one else can.

The manga also spawned a live action TV series in Japan.


  • Bridezilla: Ayaki is showing this tendency in the first plotline Until it's driven home to her that the killer is using her antics to decorate his crimes!
  • Monster Clown: Ayaki and Himuro's first case involves one of these.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Ayaki, particularly in contrast to the seemingly colder Himuro. This is most evident in the first volume when Himuro tells Ayaki to leave an injured child to pursue a suspect.