[[caption-width-right:342: Clockwise: Ryuu, Shinomiya, Haishima, Akaneko, Chinatsu, Tomoe, and Shiro.]]

A BoysLove series serialized in the Opera(Edge) magazine since 2010 and created by Hiiragi Nozomu.

For some reason or another(probably chemical pollution) all the female teenagers in town have been turned into middle-aged men. Friends and classmates are suddenly finding each other attractive and falling in love.

No to be confused with Advertising/{{Orangina}}.

!!This manga contains

* BeautyMark: Setsu.
* {{Bifauxnen}}: Setsu and Ryuu when they were female.
* BigDamnKiss: Shinomiya turns Ryuu's chaste birthday kiss into one of this.
* {{Biseinen}}: They might be middle-age but some of the characters are hot! Especial mention goes to Shinomiya. For more traditional {{bishonen}} examples there're Satou, Misoji, and Ushio.
* BoysLoveGenre
* ButNotTooForeign: Daniella who's half-Japanese.
* [[{{SuperDeformed}} Chibi Mode]]: Tama's mom switches between mom mode and [[{{SuperDeformed}} Chibi Mode]], while Tama-chan's male form is always this. The other characters are usually only SuperDeformed on title pages and volume covers.
* ClassRepresentative: Setsu.
* CosplayCafe: The Oyajinas put on one for their SchoolFestival in the second volume.
* DarkSkinnedBlond: Haishima.
* {{Fanservice}}
** ShirtlessScene: Both in male and female forms.
** FanserviceCostumes: The CosplayCafe is full of this with Shiro in a police uniform, Ryuu as a butler, Shinomiya in a military uniform, Chinatsu and Tama-chan in maid outfits, Akaneko as a vampire, and Setsu as a yakuza.
* FirstKiss: Shinomiya steals Ryuu's first one.
** {{Gainaxing}}
** LingerieScene: Chinatsu, the first time she notices she has been turned into a man.
** PantyShot
* GenderBender
* {{Gonk}}
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Tama and almost everyone.
* IncompatibleOrientation: Setsu and Ushio while Setsu was a girl.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: Only in comparison to most other BL manga. So far, there has been only 13 characters deemed important enough to appear in the covers, but there have been other characters who get a short ADayInTheLimelight or who are just recurring extras.
* LoveTriangle: In the first volume we have this love square: Setsu has a crush on Ushio who likes Tomoe who likes Chinatsu who likes Tomoe. In the second volume there's one with Haishima, Ryuu, and Shinomiya.
* {{Megane}}: Shiro, Tomoe, and Akaneko.
* {{Nosebleed}}:
* OfficialCouple: Ryuu/Shinomiya and Tomoe/Chinatsu for now.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Tama-chan while she was female, she only looks short while she's a guy.
* OneGenderSchool: The "girls" go to one, while Misoji, Satou, Shouyuya, Ushio, and Kuni go to another one.
* OneHeadTaller: All the couples have this going on.
* {{Otaku}}: Kuni and Shiro; Kuni is a run of the mill otaku while Shiro is a [[{{YaoiFangirl}} fujo-er fujayi]]
* PornStache: A lot of the other girls get one when they are transformed into men, but Daniella's stands out since she gets a truly magnificent one.
* PronounTrouble
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: Tomoe and Chinatsu while they were females.
* SharpDressedMan: The Oyajinas are frequently seen in suits.
* ShipTease: Misoji/Satou, Misoji/Tama-chan, Ushio/Setsu, Ushio/Tomoe, Shiro/Kuni, and Shinomiya/Tomoe.
* StalkerWithACrush: Misoji for Tama-chan, although the tables seem to get turned by the end of the second volume(at least momentarily).
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Ryuu(tomboy) and Shinomiya(girly girl).
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: Setsu for Ushio for now, but he will probably become a VictoriousChildhoodFriend in the future now that they don't have an IncompatibleOrientation.
* UnrequitedLove: Haishima has a crush on Ryuu, who's more interested in Shinomiya.
* WholesomeCrossdresser: What do you expect from guys who used to be female?