Manga / One Piece Wanted

One Piece Wanted is a special volume of short stories written by a teenaged Eiichiro Oda long before his work with One Piece. Some elements of these stories were later re-used by Oda in his later work. The five stories are:

  • Wanted: It tells the story of Gill Bastar, an extremely skilled gunslinger who has killed a lot of men (all of them in self defense) and now has to deal with the ghost of a vengeful bounty hunter who needs him dead.
  • God's Present to the Future: Bran is a skilled pickpocketer, so incorrigible that God himself decide to kill him by dropping a meteor on him. But he writes down the name of a large shopping mall instead. So it's up to Bran to prevent a disaster and find a solution.
  • Demon's Night Parade: The young monk Guko is looking for his master, a wise and powerful demon-hunting monk. However he's asked by the people of a remote village to help them against the evil Cannibal Ghoul who's infesting the woods around the village.
  • Monsters: A story about the young samurai Ryuuma (a Zoro prototype.) who aims to be the strongest swordsman in the land, a mysterious knight and master fencer Cirano and a legendary horn which can summon a dragon.
  • Romance Dawn: A prototype of One Piece, where the main character (Monkey D. Luffy) has to help the young girl Anne to save her pet bird Baloon from the wicked captain Spiel the Hexagon.

Wanted contains examples of: