''Morefuyu'' (漏れふゆ。 "Winter break.") is a {{Doujinshi}} {{Manga}} of the VisualNovel ''VisualNovel/{{Morenatsu}}''. Whereas ''Morenatsu'' means "summer break" and took place in the summer, ''Morefuyu'' takes place in the winter. ''Morefuyu'' is not officially part of the Morenatsu Project, but involved some of the same people who contributed to it. The {{Kemono}} artists Moto, Jaguchi and TRN drew individual artworks included in the book. Kurogane, Creator/{{Gamma}} and Kotori illustrated different story segments.

As with ''Morenatsu'', ''Morefuyu'' is also a [[ExplicitContent Plot with Love Scenes]], and is NotSafeForWork. Like ''Morenatsu'', the story is driven by character chemistry. One of the three stories does not have any sex scenes, and the other two each have one sex scene along with additional non-sexual CharacterDevelopment.

The manga contains three mutually unconnected WhatIf segments.
* ''The Reasons for the Future'': Follows the Tatsuki route of ''Morenatsu'', when Hiroyuki and Tatsuki became lovers. Hiroyuki is visiting Tatsuki and reconnecting. Illustrated by Kurogane.
* ''Christmas Without Me'': The main characters of ''Morenatsu'' have a [[ChristmasEpisode Christmas gathering]], but Hiroyuki didn't come. In his absence, the guys figure Hiroyuki must have become a man during the summer break, and they're trying to guess who among them has secretly become Hiroyuki's boyfriend. Illustrated by Creator/{{Gamma}}.
* ''I'll Always Be Next to You'': Torahiko greets Juuichi as he gets off the bus -- as Torahiko has been doing many times now, and Juuichi wants to know why. Illustrated by Kotori.
!! Tropes (including unmarked {{Spoiler}}s):
* FriendsWithBenefits[=/=]PetTheDog: In ''I'll Always Be Next to You'', as it becomes clear that Torahiko sorely misses Hiroyuki, Juuichi comforts Torahiko by having sex with him. This isn't implied as initiating a romantic relationship, but instead intended to help Torahiko come out of his gloomy mood.
* PornWithPlot: ''Morefuyu'' doesn't waste any time in the first of the three stories. But the second story does not have a sex scene, and all sex scenes are story-relevant.
* SpaceStation: In ''The Reasons for the Future'', Tatsuki tells Hiroyuki he wants to build their house orbiting in space.
* TwistEnding: In ''Christmas Without Me'', [[spoiler:it turns out ''none'' of the nine guys has become Hiroyuki's boyfriend. It was [[StacysMom Tatsuki's dad]] Tappei]].
* WhatIf: None of the segments are mutually continuous, and are to some degree mutually exclusive.