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Manga: Monster Soul
Black Airs, baby!
Welcome to Elfenland, a fantasy world where monsters co-exist with humans. However, as you can imagine, tensions on both side flair more often then not, leading into an ongoing battle between the two (Humans are afraid of the monsters preying on them, while the monsters are afraid the humans will hunt them down). Despite this, a group of monsters, The Black Airs, a ragtag bunch said to be the strongest monster force (which include Aki (a werewolf), Touren (a sand golem, half human hybrid), James (a Frankenstein's monster-ish guy), Mamii (mummy) and Joba (a onion looking monster) have made sure both sides are under control and work to find a peaceful solution to the war.

Such is the story of Monster Soul, a manga from Hiro Mashima (Rave Master, Fairy Tail). Not particularly a long manga (only two volumes) but a good yarn nonetheless, especially those to fans of monsters. Has been licensed by Kodansha Comics and available for purchase in the U.S
Monster Soul include the following tropes:
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alternative title(s): Monster Soul
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