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Manga: Kunimitsu No Matsuri
Ahhh, Japan. A supposedly democratic country, with elected parliament and prime minister and all that. There just some problems with that, namely: the bureaucratic was insane and impenetrable by most people, the elected officials are in cahoots with corporation, funding unnecessary (sometimes downright destructive) project that cost millions of taxpayers money, and corrupt government officials taking advantage from all that, while fooling the people.

But there's one man who wouldn't stand that.

His name is Mutou Kunimitsu.

He will fix Japan by become a politician, or die trying!

There's some itsy little problems, though: although good-natured, he's crude, naive, hot-tempered, has no connections and most importantly, only came from highschool, where almost every other politician has at least university degree. How's he gonna succeed?

Come from creator of Psychometrer Eiji, this shounen (yes, political shounen) manga show quite great detail about politics and how it works, also shows insight on some public policy and corruption in Japan.

This manga provides example of:

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