->"My name is Eita Chinami.\\
[[RatedMForManly I am a man among men.]]\\
[[GenderBender ...Or at least I was supposed to be]]."

Eita Chinami is a high-school delinquent who wants to become the most badass guy in school to win the chance to confess his love to school idol Yuika Kitano. He tries to achieve that by beating the crap out of every tough guy in and out of school. However, when he catches a cold and ends up taking the wrong pills, he wakes up the next day... as a girl. And an incredibly cute one, at that.

Now the only cure for his/her little predicament is to take the pills again. The catch -- (s)he is ''300 million yen'' short of a jar of it! With his/her metrosexual best friend Keisuke Oguri, Chinami vows to return into the true man (s)he always was... by having to take up an idol job -- and to his/her surprise, Yuika is also an aspiring idol.

''Idol Pretender'' is a {{Seinen}} manga series written and illustrated by Hiroki Haruse.
!!''Idol Pretender'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* ArcWords: "Gender doesn't matter."
* AttractiveBentGender: Chinami. Justified (the attractive part, that is), given the premise and the name of the AppliedPhlebotinum.
* BerserkButton: His anger isn't expreseed in a RoaringRampageOfRevenge level, but threaten Chinami's honor and Oguri will ''not'' hold back any punches.
* BigDamnHeroes: Oguri pulls one in chapter 4 by saving Chinami and Yuika from a stalker.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Aoi, before [[spoiler:[[WholesomeCrossdresser he]] falls in love with Chinami]].
* BreastExpansion: Only one instance is actually mentioned and confirmed, but Oguri confirms that Chinami's breasts have grown naturally from a 70D to a 70E in chapter 4.
* BoundAndGagged: Chinami and Yuika both get tied up after they get caught by a stalker.
* CantHoldHerLiquor: Yuika tends to get aggressive when drunk. And ANY amount of liquor seems to do the trick.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Chinami shows this (and (s)he couldn't explain why) whenever it is something related to Oguri.
* {{Chickification}}: Early on Chinami establishes her/himself as a bit of a badass with some pretty powerful kicks to people/equipment. Then Chinami failing to defend him/herself from the stalker in chapter 4. In his/her defense, he did have his legs tied up, but he also managed to snap the ropes around his torso without much apparent effort. As the series progresses, Chinami continuous to become more dependent on Oguri to defend her.
* ChivalrousPervert: Oguri, through and through. He may be shameless enough to strip in the middle of a crowd and even doesn't mind getting too close with female Chinami for comfort, but he's always ready to defend his/her honor.
* CreepyCoolCrosses: Oguri sports a pair of these as earrings.
* CryCute: As (s)he becomes increasingly feminine, Chinami starts to succumb to an adorably tearful mess a few times, much to his/her frustration.
-->"[[ImCryingButIDontKnowWhy Why am I crying? I'm such an idiot! Stop it! Stop crying!]]"
* CuteBruiser: Chinami, until {{Chickification}} begins to set in.
* DesignatedLoveInterest: While Chinami's feelings for [[spoiler:Oguri]] develop naturally, [[spoiler: Oguri's own feelings for Chinami]] come completely out of the blue.
* EasySexChange: Chinami.
* {{Ecchi}}
* EveryoneIsBi: Whether those involved are aware of it or not, the LoveDodecahedron is certainly a sexuality-confounding affair.
* FountainOfYouth: [[spoiler:Happens to Chinami at the end of Chapter 12.]]
* GenderBender
* GenderReveal: So far, this has happened [[spoiler:thrice -- in Chapter 3, where Aoi revealed to Chinami that she is actually [[WholesomeCrossdresser a he]], in Chapter 7, when Chinami and Oguri finds out that Rintarou is [[WholesomeCrossdresser a she]], at at the end of Chapter 13, when Yuika overhears Chinami summarizing his/her problems to him/herself]].
* GoodAngelBadAngel: Yuika has them in chapter 11 as she questions whether she should [[spoiler: look up Chinami's skirt while she's unconscious to confirm his/her gender]].
* HandsomeLech: Oguri, Chinami's best friend. He's also borderline CampStraight.
* HomoeroticDream: Chinami has one at the beginning of Chapter 6 involving Yuika.
* HotSpringsEpisode: Chapter 5 takes place at a hot springs located somewhere in the Hokkaido prefecture.
* HystericalWoman: Chinami isn't bad about this initially, but as time goes on he/she becomes more and more prone to becoming weepy over his/her romantic woes.
* IncrediblyObviousTail: Chinami, Yuika, and Aoi tail Oguri in chapter 6 after Chinami suspects that he has a girlfriend. They can be seen looking around a corner several times.
* IWantToBeARealMan: Chinami's original plan to win over Yuika. Unfortunately for him, one bad cold and the wrong pills later, he ends up going InTouchWithHisFeminineSide.
* KickChick: Chinami as a girl, in contrast with preferring to throw punches as a guy. At least [[{{Chickification}} early on, anyways.]]
* LiteralMinded: Oguri warns Chinami not to punch anybody after he debuts as an idol, so when an armed thug breaks onto the stage and takes Yuika hostage, Chinami takes him out by kicking him.
* LoveDodecahedron: Chinami has a crush on Yuika, who [[spoiler:eventually declares her love for his/her female persona]]. Also, Chinami is {{Tsundere}} around Oguri (to the point that [[spoiler:(s)he wonders whether (s)he's actually going gay for him]]), and [[spoiler:both of them have crossdressers crushing on them, male Aoi Subaru and female Takizawa Rintarou, respectively.]]
* ManIFeelLikeAWoman: One of the first things Chinami does post-gender-flip is to grab his/her breasts and see how it feels... much to his/her dismay, (s)he actually gets aroused.
* MeaningfulName: Godlike Beauty DX. "DX" is an emoticon that could mean either horror, disgust, sadness or great dismay -- the very spectrum of emotions Chinami felt when he woke up as a girl for the first time.
* TheMindIsAPlaythingOfTheBody: PlayedForLaughs -- Chinami would do something girly, then rage over how (s)he did it so naturally.
* TheKlutz: Rin
* NoRomanticResolution: [[spoiler:We never learn precisely what Oguri told Chinami ''or'' Rin, leaving the question of the final romantic pairs unexplained.]]
* PhlebotinumPills: The magic pills Chinami accidentally takes at the beginning, Godlike Beauty DX.
* PinballProtagonist: Chinami basically just goes with whatever zany antics the other characters lead him into at a given moment.
* SecondLawOfGenderBending: [[PlayingWithTropes Played with]]. [[spoiler:After finding out that Yuika is in love with his/her female form,]] Chinami starts thinking that it might be better to just stay as a girl... right before (s)he chews him/herself off for thinking that.
* {{Seinen}}: The manga is serialized in Champion RED Ichigo magazine.
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Oguri and Chinami... at least before the latter's accidental makeover.
* ShoutOut: A [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Mami]] cosplayer can be clearly seen in chapter 6 at the cosplay event.
* SkinshipGrope: By Rin to Chinami in a bath tub scene.
* StupidSexyFlanders: Despite still thinking of himself as a guy after switching genders, Chinami starts developing feelings for Oguri.
* ThanksForTheMammary: [[InvokedTrope Invoked]] by Yuika in chapter 11 [[spoiler: to confirm Chinami's gender]].
* ThirdLawOfGenderBending: Much to Chinami's dismay.
* TrackingDevice: Aoi apparently has plenty of them on Chinami.
* {{Tsundere}}: Chinami towards Oguri. [[spoiler:It comes to the point that (s)he questioned him/herself whether (s)he's already becoming gay for him.]]
* WardrobeMalfunction: After knocking out the man holding Yuika hostage with a kick, Chinami's string-bikini bottom comes undone while (s)he's still on the audition stage.
* WholesomeCrossdresser: As of present, we have Oguri, [[spoiler:Aoi and Rintarou]].