-> "''I wanna expose my perfect classmate's weak point!''"

''Husky and Medley'' is a {{Yuri}} romance manga illustrated by pixiv artist Kurosada. The dialogue is almost entirely based on chat logs housed on the Japanese internet forum 2channel, which purportedly chronicles the [[BasedOnATrueStory real life events]] of the eponymous characters, and making it something of a DistaffCounterpart to [[Franchise/TrainMan Densha Otoko]].

The story begins when a female high school student (code-named "Medley") who attends an all-girls school turns to her fellow 2ch anons for advice on how to find the "weak-point" of one of her classmates (code-named "Husky"), who Medley has had a long-standing crush on. On the urging of her compatriots, Medley initiates a somewhat suggestive conversation with Husky via text-message, and eventually builds up the nerve to invite Husky over to her house.

What follows is a chronicle of the girls' budding relationship, with Medley dropping in to update 2ch about their progress and to seek out suggestions on how to take things to the next level.

!!''Husky and Medley'' contains examples of:

* AffectionateNickname: "Husky" refers to Medley's initial description of her crush, which included the fact that she owns a Siberian husky. (Thus putting the "pet" in "pet name".)
* CovertPervert: Medley is surprised to learn during an after-school encounter in an empty classroom that Husky, who everyone thinks of as the perfect strait-laced schoolgirl, actually has a bit of a dominance kink. After Husky holds Medley up against a wall in an embarrassing position while kissing her, Medley reports to 2ch that "this was the day I became a masochist".
* {{Gayngst}}: Downplayed in chapter 6; while eating lunch with their friends, Medley and Husky overhear some girls at another table expressing disgust over a couple of lesbian students. Hearing it affects both Medley and Husky, but they're more worried about how the other one took it and resolve not to allow such people and opinions to get between them.
* HappilyEverAfter: A few years after the initial 2ch postings, someone saying they were Husky posted to another 2ch thread that they were both now in college and still together.
* MeaningfulName: Both of the main characters "names" are chosen by the 2ch anons following the story, mostly for ease of reference. "Medley" likely refers to the fact that the text messages she sends to Husky are often randomly selected from among the anons' suggestions, making her part of the conversation a medley of various forum users.
** It's actually stated in chapter 3 that the name is chosen from the word "me-dorei" or "female slave" in Japanese. Medorei-Medley...
* PlayingCyrano: 2chan is Medley's Cyrano. It goes surprisingly well considering how horrifying the premise is.
* RomanAClef
* SchoolgirlLesbians
* ShoutOut: In one translation at least:
--> "''Thanks, Tenko. [[Series/LookAroundYou Thenko]].''"
* {{Yuri}}