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Manga: High School Girls
Eriko is disgusted with her daily life in her coed junior high, and so she sees her admittance into a prestigious all-girls high school with a mix of delight and hope, believing that'll allow her to enter a world of dignity, order, cleanliness and beauty.

Oh, how wrong she is.

High School Girls (also known as Girls' High, and originally titled Joshikousei) is a manga about a group of normal, average high school girls and the dilemmas they face involving teachers, boys and themselves. Featuring nice drawings, abundant raunchy humor and some nice lessons about life, was adapted into a Twelve Episode Anime series in 2006. One of the most disturbing facts about this series is that the original manga was closely based on the author's experiences going to an all-girls school, so go figure.

This series shows examples of:

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alternative title(s): Girls High; High School Girls
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