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Manga: Hanjuku Joshi

Hanjuku Joshi begins with the readers being introduced to first year highschool student Yae, who is naturally and intuitively feminine, something she despises in herself. We're then introduced to her classmate Chitose, a naturally tomboyish girl whom Yae is both admiring and jealous of.

Chitose quickly sets her sights on Yae and tries to become close to Yae, even on occasion flirting with her. Chitose eventually wins Yae over and the two become close friends. However, their Unresolved Sexual Tension continues to build and build before finally culminating in a kiss... Both of them are confused by this. What happens next for the pair? Is the love between them real?

Hanjuku Joshi is an explicit Girls Love manga by Akiko Morishima. It debuted in Yuri Hime Wildrose and will be released digitally in English by JManga. The erotic fare is there in the manga though it's used to analyze the relationships of the members involved. This work is also notable for comparing and contrasting legitimate romantic relationships between girls to the more typical to the Japanese mindset, Class S style relationships.

Hanjuku Joshi contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Hanjuku Jyoshi; Hanjuku Joshi
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