Manga / Chi's Sweet Home

Originally a (seinen!) manga series written by Konami Kanata, Chi's Sweet Home is the story of a lost kitten who tries to return home to her mother and littermates, only to be adopted by a couple (the Yamadas) and their young son Youhei. However, the apartment complex in which the family lives doesn't allow pets, so a lot of time is spent preventing the landlady and the other tenants from seeing Chi. Later, the Yamadas move into a new house, and Chi has to adjust once again to her new surroundings.

The anime is produced by Madhouse, and each episode is three minutes long. The episodes correspond to one chapter from the manga. Chi is voiced by Satomi Koorogi, better known as Menchi of Excel Saga and Umagon/Ponygon from Zatch Bell!.

The manga is currently licensed by Vertical, with its first volume released July 2010. Both seasons of the anime were licensed by Discotek Media in April 2014.

The manga finally wrapped up in 2015 after it's 11 year run. However, the anime has now gotten a reboot serving as like a sequel to the Madhouse anime, airing in 2016. The reboot's episodes are about ten minutes long as opposed to three.

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