Manga / Bloomer Blue Maniacs

What you see is what you get.

In a flash, Chiihaya sees the figure of a girl in bloomers pass by. In a scant moment's glance, her heart was stolen. A girls' love story about bloomers.

Exactly What It Says In The Quote.

Bloomer Blue Maniacs is a short manga by Gouda Nagi (better known for various K-ON! and other schoolgirl-related art) that tells the story of young schoolgirl Chiihaya, who has her heart stolen away by a passing girl with long hair, a lithe figure, and perhaps most importantly, bloomers. Not having seen the girl's face, and attending a school where the gym classes do not use bloomers in standard uniforms, thus begins Chiihaya's quest to find her 'Bloomer Girl'.

Bloomer Blue Maniacs contains examples of: