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Man Child: Anime & Manga

  • Aoi from Aoi Destruction is 38 but looks prepubescent and acts like an elementary schooler.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia; yes, new viewers, the character throwing a tantrum and beating a dragon with a Hello Kitty doll is a four-thousand-year-old man.
  • L from Death Note. He sits like a kid, eats a lot of sugar, playing with his food, and in the anime, after hearing something important, ran and dove head first on the couch like a ten year old boy would.
    • They give the reason for his sitting position being that the brain gets the most oxygen from that posture. His liking of sugary foods has been explained in special material as being necessary for his brain, which burns calories like mad.
    • Near. He's 17-18 in the post-timeskip (21 in the post-series one shot) and he's always seen playing with toys.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • When there isn't something to punch, Goku embodies this trope, often acting less mature than his granddaughter.
    • The Ginyu Force would qualify, playing jan-ken-pon to see who gets to fight who, and betting chocolate bars on the outcome of fights.
    • Dragon Ball Abridged portrays Nappa as this. In this story, he is a borderline retarded Psychopathic Manchild whose dialogue mainly consists of non-sequiturs and random annoyances to his partner Vegeta to the point that "Goddammit, Nappa!" has become his Catch Phrase.
    • Android 17, in all his fascination with his own personal entertainment, is the kind of Psychopathic Manchild that borders on this trope.
  • Amarao from FLCL is a subtle example, established early on when it's revealed that he has a serious Sweet Tooth and hates spicy food ("spicy = adult and sweet = kiddy" being a recurring motif in the series.) He spends his whole time in the series trying to turn Naota away from his Coming of Age Story Character Development, and Word of God confirms that he's basically an older version of Naota without said Character Development.
  • Milla Ackerman from Godannar before regaining her full memories.
  • Usagi from Junjou Romantica appears to be this. He's actually trying to simulate a child's environment because he wanted to "recreate what normal kids do in their childhood".
  • Apachai Hopachai in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is known as the "Death God of the Muay Thai Underground" and is a deadly fighter in combat. Outside combat, however, he's very innocent, gentle, and childlike.
  • Galactic otaku Keroro Gunsou is this - followed Pekopon anime as a child, then subjected to Training from Hell until he was assigned to Pekopon to lead the invasion... making it far easier to follow his old hobbies as a result. Just picking up where he left off in life.
  • King Dedede in Kirby of the Stars, he tends to act childish, constantly whines and demands his way and orders monster to sick on the Cappy's and Kirby For the Evulz.
  • Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Downplayed, and played for tragedy instead of humour.
  • Doctor Tokita in Paprika.
  • Figure skater Azusa Shiratori from Ranma is a spoiled 16 year old girl who acts like a 5 year old, she'll steal anything she considers cute even if it's just a food item and she will give it a pet name, if the person who has the thing she wants won't hand it over she will attack them with anything she can find.
  • Maximillian Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh! uses a toon deck, and all his duel talk is about his favourite children's cartoon based around a rabbit. He also loves cartoons. A lot.

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