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  • Surprisingly, Truth in Television. The SR-71 Blackbird, if at its operational max speed of Mach 3.5 above a city (let's just ignore atmospheric friction for the moment...) at anything less than 10,000 feet, would level said city. Hell, simply flying a fighter jet as close to Mach 1 and at near the minimum altitude as they're allowed during peacetime can severely rattle a house. As in lock-the-cupboards-or-everything's-going-to-fly-out-of-them rattle.
    • The idea of the SR-71 leveling a city is dramatically overstated, as was demonstrated on MythBusters, where F/A-18s flying at 200 feet above the deck at Mach 2 were unable to break so much as a wine glass. While there would be a certain amount of damage from the pressure wave hitting flexible sheets of glass, otherwise, there's just not enough energy to do severe structural damage, even at Mach 3.5.
      • A fighter jet at Mach 1 tortures the eardrums of everyone around, but only makes the sheet glass rattle a bit. During an airshow in 1991, a patrol of MiG-29s performed the low-level turns needed to return over the airport over a small lake, between a neighborhood of small houses and another of apartment blocks. They sounded like rolling thunder for viewers, and the very ground rattled, but nothing broke.
    • For one SR-71's final flight before its donation to the Smithsonian, it set a world record for fastest Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. flight at 59 minutes. Unfortunately, the flight path took it directly over a Mormon temple, shattering all of its stained-glass windows. Oops...
    • This is referenced in an episode of Garfield and Friends: Jon reads about the sonic boom, calls Garfield for lunch... and the cat arrives at the speed needed for it to occur and start destroying the kitchen.
    • The Republic XF-84H test plane had a propeller whose blades turned at a supersonic speed. The result was a non-stop sonic boom at ground level with all of its destructive implications.
  • The Other Wiki talks about Operation Bongo II over Oklahoma City which led to the US halting SST development.
  • Tigers use their partly-subsonic roar to stun and drive off rival tigers.
  • Those Wacky Nazis tried to develop an explosive-driven sonic "Wunderwaffe" that could knock down planes. It actually worked, producing waves of sound which were highly destructive — within a range of about a dozen yards. Back to Zeichenbrett!
  • It was hypothesized that Sperm Whales used intense beams of sound to stun their prey.
  • Pistol shrimp used their claws to form a cavitation bubble that then explodes and stuns or kills their prey with a shockwave.
  • Dynamite fishing — illegal in most places — uses this trope. The shockwaves from a dynamite explosion can be much stronger under water, and will stun all fish in the vicinity.
  • If a pursuing predator catches up to a chicken, the chicken can escape by slapping its wings against its own body. The resulting thunderclap will only disorient its pursuer for a second or two, but that can buy it enough time to get away.
  • Not quite as impressive as some of these, but Welsh singer Tom Jones has been known to break microphones with the sheer power of his voice.
  • When frightened, a pig's squeal can reach 115 decibels. (For comparison, a jet engine at the distance of 100 m is about 110 to 140 dB.) Something to consider before you play pranks on a farm.
  • The bow-mounted low frequency sonars mounted on submarines and larger surface ships have to be powerful enough to bounce a signal off a target at a range of dozens of nautical miles. Said sonars are appropriately powerful (especially since sound follows the inverse-square law), and the most powerful ones can apocryphally boil the water right next to the emitters. There are plenty of reports of whales being caught in a sonar beam and dying from multiple internal organs rupturing.
  • It is believed sauropods defended themselves by cracking their tails like whips, causing a sonic boom.
    • It is not physically possible for them to have been able to generate a sonic boom strong enough to have caused any sort of significant damage to an attacker. They'd have had to actually connect with their tail to hurt anything. Any resulting boom (which would likely have sounded more like a bull-whip) would have simply been a side-effect of them swinging their tail, though it would probably have served as a deterrent noise to most predators.
  • The sound a sonorousnote  object, for example a wine glass, makes is what's known as its "resonance frequency". It's essentially a sound which it makes when it vibrates (e.g. by dampening your fingertip and running it around the edge of the glass) with the sound being louder the more it vibrates. Conversely the same sound will make the object vibrate. This means that if you play back an object's resonance frequency loudly enough you can quite easily make it vibrate enough to shatter through sound alone, particularly with brittle materials like glass.
  • The Chrysler horn (not to be confused with the horn on board Chrysler cars) is a nuclear air raid siren run off of a souped up v8 engine thats designed to warn an entire city from well outside city limits. When cranked up to max volume, these sirens have started fires, broken glass, killed animals, and cause material fatigue to nearby buildings and equipment. The fact that it could start fires with its sound couldn't even be confirmed for almost fifty years, because the sound alone broke the instrumentation needed to confirm this hypothesis (many tried to explain the random grass fires as the siren spewing gasoline due to internal mechanical failures). It can do these things because it has such a large wave amplitude that when the sound collides with an object, it causes a massive vibrations similar to an object at its resonance frequency (only with the Chrysler horn no resonance frequency is needed). These vibrations are then displaced as heat and cause material fatigue, causing stuff to break over time.
  • Long Range Acoustic Device weapon can send painful sound wave.

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