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Make Me Wanna Shout: Live-Action TV
  • Kira's Ptera Scream from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
  • Catalina's Sonic Blast on Space Cases, which apparently all people from Saturn have.
  • Lorne of Angel can hold a song note at any pitch, pretty much forever. His screams brought several demons to their knees holding their ears in pain, and, judging from the background noise, it can shatter glass as well. The real irony is that where he comes from, singing in general is considered a sonic weapon because they have no concept of music; he's viewed as something akin to a Person of Mass Destruction with none of a nuclear warhead's huggableness. In a multi-episode arc where the group goes to his home dimension, he holds off a lynch mob by bursting into a Mo-town number (until someone rides by on a horse and just knocks him out).
  • Echo DeMille in the Heroes webisodes and Jesse in the show proper. And Sylar too once he kills Jesse and takes his power. And just like every other power besides telekinesis that he just had to have, he never actually uses it.
  • Myth Confirmed: A trained human voice singing a sustained high note can shatter a glass. This only works because of resonant frequencies. A glass has a very simple shape, so it will have a resonant frequency that you can use to build up vibration in the glass until it shatters. Objects with complicated geometry and things made up of a variety of different materials (like buildings) won't normally have a single resonant frequency that knocks them down.
    • The exceptions to this rule are usually spectacular and expensive. After the horrible counterexample of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (the bridge pictured in the linked footage), engineers try not to build structures with a resonant frequency any more.
  • In the CBBC series Freephonix one of the three 'Freewavers' and Protectors of the 'Thirteenth Note' can use her singing voice as a weapon.
  • Jool from Farscape.
  • Pink Puffle Girl's superpower in the UK version of Who Wants to Be a Superhero?.
  • In The Librarian Simone Renoir shatters all the windows of a defunct abbey-turned-nightclub with a single high C. Of course she is a vampiric opera singer who's had centuries keep her voice well trained. More importantly, she was standing in the one spot in the abbey that would amplify her voice to levels loud enough to shatter all the windows.
  • Da Chief from Get Smart can do this, which comes in handy when a villain with eyeglasses is holding him and Max at gunpoint ...
  • Queen Mab from the 1998 miniseries Merlin. Apparently, she was the inspiration for the myth of the banshee.
  • BRIAN BLESSED though not in Real Life (As far as we know..!) is portrayed this way in Spitting Image
  • From the other Merlin is Mordred. On being surrounded by knights he lets loose a terrible scream which kills them all.
    • Also Morgana, who lets loose a scream that causes destruction and structural damage to the castle after Morgause is badly wounded.
    • Merlin has this ability as part of his dragon lord powers. It's not used that often, but when he does break it out, be prepared to get thrown into solid objects at high speeds.
  • Kamen Rider OOO: The Orca Medal gives OOO echolocation powers.
  • Doctor Who:
    • In "The Ice Warriors", Victoria screams to cause an avalanche that kills the Ice Warrior coming after her.
    • In the story "Fury of the Deep", Victoria's screaming defeated the seaweed creature.
    • The (Fourth) Doctor shatters a window by bellowing at it in "The Power of Kroll".
  • Teen Wolf has Lydia, who turns out to be a banshee. Her scream won't do sustained damage, but it will daze people and shatter glass.

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