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Make Me Wanna Shout / Fan Works

  • Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy:
    • Cure Vanilla's first attack, "Pretty Cure Vanilla Echo", had her scream into a giant yellow megaphone made of light, producing soundwaves that went straight to the enemy, killing it as of episode 5.
    • Word of God says that Cure Tangerine's upcoming power-up attack, "Pretty Cure Tangerine Silver Wail", has her scream out orange soundwaves which do the same thing.
  • In Keepers of the Elements, Air Keepers gain this as one of their abilities.
  • This is one of the more common superpowers that turns up in Rise of the Galeforces, and one of the rare few to be used by more than two Supers. Apparently, the Sonic Scream, as it's officially called, used to be quite popular.
  • The Scream Horn from Calvin and Hobbes: The Series invokes this.
    • Also, the "Stupendous Scream" from "Wild Movie".
    • One of Dr. Brainstorm's trademark shouts manages to knock Jack off his feet in "Thunderstorm".
  • Shadowwalker of the Warriors in Drunkard's Walk II has a scream that seems to be the sonic equivalent of a laser, a beam of coherent sound that pounds, slices and shatters whatever it touches.
  • In Red Lightning, Ensemble Darkhorse Conner gained this power through the storm, in the form of a biological sound system in his chest.
  • The story A New Order has Usagi use this in her first youma fight, and then keep using it in almost all of her subsequent fights. It isn't at all lethal, but it can make most villains curl up in a ball of pain.
  • In the Daria/Legion of Super Heroes Crossover Legion of Lawndale Heroes, OC Julia Carlyle (one of the Royals Who Actually Do Something who's attending a Hero Academy that also acts as a Military School and Military Academy, which is where she first encountered the Legionnaires) has this as one of her primary abilities (along with being a Winged Humanoid with a Healing Factor).
  • Joakim Bróden singing Attero Dominatus in "Metal Ripper". It produces a shockwave powerful enough to shatter every window in Canterlot Castle's throne room and send the Royal Guards flying.
  • This Bites!: With his Noise-Noise Fruit powers, the Baby Transponder Snail Soundbite can emit a burst of sonic vibrations, tuned to a specific frequency, that is capable of shattering bone, stone and steel.