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First off, shorthand concept:
  • The game will a newly established team of heroes, forged in fires of a disastrous incident that ballooned city's population of supers and their work to prove themselves and clean the city up.
  • Rather than pure freeform, I'll be running it using Mutants & Masterminds (third edition). I'll basically deal with the system bits for you (unless you want to learn it for yourself); and really after character generation and establishing just what exactly skills/powers/gadgets do they have the whole thing runs very simply.

The setting

Ah, the world of superheroes. It is not a type in which superpowers didn't exist at all and then suddenly happened, no - this world had a long and ancient history of abnormality. There were ancient aliens uplifting people, gateways to other worlds, civilizations both magical and technological, wars between Atlantis and Serpent People; and remnants and echoes of the past still appear today. You name it, they have it in some form. Just look at the shout-outs list there.
Although the general global history shaped up mostly the same and the prevalence of super- elements varied through the ages. In modern times, Freedom City was a notorious hub of superhero activity, while on the opposite coast, Emerald City remained eerily devoid of grandstanding cape activity. Sure there were a few, but nowhere near the crowd. That is, until the game begins [tongue]

Characters signups:

No need to hurry to write it up in full upfront, you can open up with a basic idea and we'll hash it out together
  • Name: including civilian and hero identities or whatever else aliases you'll have
  • Personality: how does your character act?
  • Description: what do they look like? Again, both civvies and cape business suit.
  • Backstory: again, the obvious, but some things to consider here are
    • Did they already have their exceptional skills and what else before the start or will you be going through the Mass Empowering Event in the start of the game? In the latter case you still need the name and costume and so on, it'll just be the stuff that you In Character get a little later. Also if they already had the stuff: did they do superheroics publically, or were they hiding their capabilities, or were they doing some under the radar street-level crimefighting?
  • Powers, skills, gear: that's what you want to have, in generally described sense. Then we'll hash out the stats for it.

Again, the setting is very broad and can accommodate nearly any kind of origin. Although this is not a crossover, you may take inspiration from extant characters if you want.
The power level is pretty solid here - if you have a character with "average" attack strength for the PL, it will be as strong as a rocket launcher or a tank's cannon (but still nonlethal at will because comicbooks). Consequently, you will also be tough enough to endure getting shot with it - you will need to get hit twice with the worst luck on the dice for your resistance check to be taken down.
Going lower on the attack and toughness allows your hits to be more precise instead and yourself to be more focused on avoiding getting hit in the first place.
In other areas, such as intelligence, the characters can also easily reach superhuman scales and similarly impressive feats.

I'm going to post some example characters for demonstration and set up a chatroom for more on the fly discussion a little bit later on.

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