You Are Not Alone

Batman: I can't do it... I can't stop them...
Alfred: No, you can't... not on your own. But it's high time you realize you're a man, not an island. And a man's strength comes not from just brawn and intelligence... but also from his allies.

Disambiguation: This is the WAFFy trope about friends and loved ones being with you in times of distress. For the dark trope that could have been dubbed this, about something nightmarish nearby, see Enemy Rising Behind, No Peripheral Vision, and Paranoia Fuel.

For many of us, Dying Alone is particularly depressing. Maybe The Hero is fighting alone against impossible odds with his confidence shot to hell. Maybe that Breaking Speech delivered to The Smart Guy over his non-existent love life hit too close to home. Maybe the Grumpy Old Man is especially grumpy with having to spend the upcoming Christmas alone again this year. Maybe the Shell-Shocked Veteran has decided that he can't live with what happened anymore.

This is when a character has their personal Darkest Hour (or are just down in a slump) and is brought out of it by the people who truly matter. It could be that the villain's Evil Gloating is interrupted by the Big Damn Heroes delivering a bone shattering punch to the jaw and rousing the hero with a motivational speech, assuring him that his struggle isn't meaningless and that he has inspired people to greatness. Maybe The Smart Guy comes home depressed only to discover that the recently reformed Femme Fatale is waiting for him wearing nothing but... Huh! The Grumpy Old Man gets an unexpected visit from his nephew and his family. And the Shell-Shocked Veteran receives a phone call from his estranged daughter just when he's ready to put the gun to his head.

Or maybe someone feels lonely and simply needs a hug.

Maybe it's the villain that needs the hug.

People, both real and fictional, often find themselves isolated and overwhelmed by the circumstances surrounding them. It is when this happens that The Power of Friendship and The Power of Love shines. Someone lending you a hand when it is truly needed is a great way to be told that "You Are Not Alone".

Is frequently a Heartwarming Moment. Can overlap with Big Damn Heroes if it involves a rescue. Can be used to bring people out of a 10-Minute Retirement. All-Loving Hero or the Good Samaritan will offer this kind of help even to random strangers. The Anti-Nihilist often practices this philosophy as a response to the nihilistically lonely world around him. Many a Badass Creed is based on the idea that the badass is just part of many; kill them and another will be there to carry on the fight. Extreme cases can even involve You Are Worth Hell (e.g., "it's okay to suffer a Fate Worse Than Death, as long as nobody's lonely!"). Compare You Are Better Than You Think You Are.

Compare with Loners Are Freaks. Contrast I Just Want to Have Friends , Et Tu, Brute?, In the End, You Are on Your Own and Unwanted Assistance. In certain cases, can be contrasted with Don't You Dare Pity Me!.

For the Anime movie You Are (Not) Alone, see the Rebuild of Evangelion series. Not to be confused with "we are not alone", which refers to extra-terrestrial life, or the We Are Not Alone Index (unless your angst stems from feeling like you're troping alone).

WARNING: Reading this page and any attached links may cause tears.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Gundam Build Fighters theme song's opening lyric flat out states it! "You are not alone, you and I have this between us."
  • In the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yugi has 4/5 of Exodia, but Kaiba will kick his ass next turn with three Blue-Eyes White Dragons if he doesn't pull the fifth. Yugi is about to give up, then he sees the figments of his friends standing behind his deck, with their hands in the center forming the smiley face they drew on them earlier, waiting for him to complete it.
    • Seen again when their spirits help the Pharaoh and Yugi face Pegasus and block his mind reading powers after Yugi cannot last in the Shadow Duel.
    • And again in the Virtual Nightmare Filler Arc; after Noah has turned most of the cast to stone, Yugi reminds the Pharaoh that they are with him in spirit, and visions of them cheer him on.
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: At the start of his duel against Darkness in his true form, Juudai's worried that he's all alone, since all of his friends have been taken into Darkness's world. Suddenly, there's a voice we haven't heard in almost twenty episodes and Yubel wants to know what is this alone he's talking about being? She's always with him! And he just smiles, glad to hear her backtalking him (as she apparently does off-screen).
  • Goku from Dragon Ball Z once invoked this trope. When Gohan was dueling with Cell, he almost gave up, but hearing his father's voice was just the pick-me-up he needed.
  • This trope is one of the central themes of the entire Lyrical Nanoha series — two messages that have a very strong presence are "there is always someone willing to help you" and "your friends will always have your back".
    Fate: See, Erio. Right now, you're full of unhappy feelings, and thoughts of unforgivable things. I certainly wouldn't be able to understand all of it. But I want to try and understand at least a little. I think we can share some of our unhappiness. I was the same as you, Erio. Told I was unneeded by the person I loved. Told I was a failure. It was painful, and lonely. I felt like dying. But, unhappiness doesn't last forever. Fun things, happy things, if you look, you will certainly find them. I'll help you search. So please, don't hurt others in your sadness.

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena had one of these for Utena's origin story, and in the manga, there was one for her finale.
  • Digimon: The Movie uses this when Tai and Matt travel into the internet through sheer love for their digimon to deliver a Combined Energy Attack. (Watch it here at 0:32!)
    Tai: Listen, I don't have a whistle to wake you, but I want you to know you're not alone, okay? And the mail keeps coming, it won't stop, kids from all over the world are writing to you. They need your help, you're the only one who can do it! Feel their hope, feel their strength!
    WarGreymon: I feel them!
    • Also in season 1, Matt gets lost in the Dark Ocean/Cave, convinced no one cares about him or needs him. Gabumon convinces him otherwise.
      • Same thing with Sora, only it's Matt and Joe who save her.
    • Calumon says this to Jeri in the 3rd-to-last episode of Digimon Tamers, which snaps her out of her then-suicidal Heroic B.S.O.D..
  • This trope is the point of Vandread. The overarching Aesop of the series is that no matter how tough things seems to be, they can always be overcome with the help of friends. The Grand Finale takes it to its natural epic conclusion by having thousands of warships warp in around the main cast as they prepare to take on a whole enemy armada with just one Cool Starship and an oversize robot, all of them requesting to fight at their side. It is revealed that these are the fleets of all the planets (with a sufficiently advanced technology) that the heroes have visited throughout the series and whose inhabitants they've impressed with their actions and words.
  • At the end of the first season of Code Geass, Lelouch and C.C. trigger a Mind Rape trap showing them events out of C.C.'s centuries-long life, including several horrific "deaths". The following conversation takes place.
    C.C.: The people who hated me. The people who loved me. They have all disappeared with time. In the endless and forever time, I...(her voice falters) Alone.
    Lelouch: You are not alone. We are accomplices. If you are a witch, then I am a warlock.
    C.C.: (Amused) You sure know what to say.
  • In Naruto, Naruto tells Gaara that as a fellow Jinchuriki, he understands Gaara's pain so well that it hurts him. It leads to Gaara's Heel–Face Turn and him considering Naruto to be his first friend.
    • In episode/chapter 1, Iruka says this to Naruto, and goes to to call Naruto a fine student that he cares for, who is a Konoha shinobi and not the demon fox.
    • During Naruto's fight against Pain, the Kyuubi drives Naruto into a despair of loneliness, leading to Naruto almost releasing the Kyuubi's seal, only for his father, Namikaze Minato to appear and say this to him.
    • Naruto has a similar experience later during the fight to claim Kyuubi's chakra, except that the one who appears to boost his morale this time is his mother, Uzumaki Kushina.
    • Naruto invokes this trope to overcome his evil side in a Battle in the Center of the Mind.
    • During the fourth Ninja World War, as Naruto almost falls for Tobi's Hannibal Lecture, Hinata says this to him and with Kurama's assistance, gets him back on track.
  • GaoGaiGar FINAL has the main hero Guy ready to Drop the Hammer on Pisa Sol, a veritable sun, only to discover that there is no way he can take this thing out on his own. He then receives the energy of every other G-Stone in the series and realizing that he is in fact not alone, he crushes a star.
    • Guy actually pulls this off in the last episode of the TV series.
    Guy: (to Mikoto in Zonuda form): If you die, I die with you.
  • Several variants in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • Kamina's catchphrase "Believe in the me who believes in you" is at least partly a reminder to Simon that he isn't alone, and has a brother who believes in him.
    • Just when all hope seems to be lost in the first failed attack on Dai-Gunzan, Kamina and crew are saved by a Big Damn Heroes moment from the people they met and inspired along the way.
    • In the second attack, Kamina breaks Simon out of his depression with something like the "needs a hug" variant, only it's a Bright Slap (which Simon later repeats for Rossiu)
    • After Kamina's death, part of what breaks Simon out of his Heroic B.S.O.D. is the realization that there are people depending on him, including the rest of Team Gurren and Nia.
      • And his subsequent quote, "My bro is dead, he's gone! But he's right there on my back, and here in my heart! He lives on as a part of me!" proving that he is not alone!
    • The Clap Your Hands If You Believe scene just before Simon and Viral attack the freaking moon.
    • A final example occurs near the end: as the good guys are being microwaved by a Big Bang-level attack, the inhabitants of Earth look on worriedly...then Rossiu says "But they can't be defeated by something like that!" Cue the Theme Music Power-Up and determined expressions from the watchers; Team Dai-Gurren somehow feels this, while Simon says "Not yet, I'm not done!", and neutralizes the attack with a Heroic Sacrifice from Lord Genome.
    • Spiral Power in general seems to mix The Power of Love, The Power of Friendship, Heroic Resolve, and Rule of Cool (and given one theme song there's a bit of The Power of Rock too).
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • This is also a bit of a Madness Mantra in End of Evangelion, coming from Asuka's mother's soul inside EVA-02 while Asuka sobs, "I don't want to die."
    • Kiel believes that each person is fundamentally alone and that because of this, people can never understand each other. He believes that by enacting Instrumentality, this will be overcome, making everybody happy. Ultimately completely subverted by Shinji Ikari, who accepts that each person is inherently lonely and decides to go on living anyway. In addition, Gendo's motivation for enacting his own Instrumentality Scenario is so that he can see his dead wife again.
  • In the Enies Lobby arc of One Piece, Luffy has been beaten to exhaustion by The Dragon Lucci and cannot get up. Then Usopp, who had left the Straw Hats and (though Luffy was unaware) had a change of heart and was fighting by their friends' sides in disguise, takes off his mask and calls out to Luffy and tells him to keep on fighting. When it becomes apparent that Luffy's too weak, Usopp attempts to draw Lucci into a fight with him, to Luffy's protests. Then Usopp challenges Luffy to get up and keep fighting.
    Usopp: Then stand up right away and don't act like you're about to die!! It's not like you!! Even if there are billows of smoke, we can still see the sky. We can still see the ocean...! It ain't like it's hell here!! Don't act like you are about to die!!! Don't make me worry too much damnit-!!!
    Luffy (struggling to his feet): ...I know...this isn't hell or anything like that...!
    Usopp: Win!!! And we'll go back together, Luffy!!!
    • The driving force behind that whole saga: Robin had been on the run from the World Government for 20 years, betrayed time and again, and she had given up living when Luffy saved her from death. She joined the crew, and for the first time she could remember, she was happy. Then they run into the people who caused her suffering, with the same Godzilla Threshold attack that destroyed her home island and everyone else on it aimed at the Straw Hats. She surrenders to them, while appearing to betray the Straw Hats, and accepts death to save them. When the Straw Hats find out, they rush through a tsunami, beat down an army of Marines and Agents, and declare war on the World Government, which is over 170 countries worldwide, before they even have a decent chance of getting Robin back. All of that just to prove that no matter what difficulty they would face, no matter what burden she carried, they would always come for her, and would never betray her over her "burden". Instead, they chose to make her burden their burden. It's the only time we ever see Robin, who's about as close to The Stoic as the Straw Hats get, break down in tears, having finally realized that after so long, she had finally found her place in life.
    • One Piece practically breathes this trope. Luffy and his crew remain supportive of one another no matter what.
    • To drive the above point home, One Piece has a Time Skip in which Luffy asks the Straw Hats to train for two years and become stronger so they can enter the New World then return to Sabaody Archipelago after said Time Skip. Two years later all of them reunite on the archipelago, and their solidarity remains as strong as it was before...while their strength, which was already Up to Eleven, has increased about tenfold per person.
    • The 14th opening. The song name itself is practically this, "Fight Together". With the last lyrics of the opening being, "Never forget that, we fight together". Cue Luffy jumping into the air and reuniting with his crew.
      • The song perhaps best exemplifies this during the latter half of the song, which shows each crew members' most intimate moments with Luffy, and then when Ace's spirit nudges Luffy closer to his straw hat, symbolically urging him to continue to follow his dream and reunite with his crew.
  • The Theme song of Rental Magica says the trope.
  • In the last episodes of season 1 of Sailor Moon, after all the scouts die and their spirits encourage Usagi, she runs towards the Dark, reassuring herself with "I'm not alone! Never alone!"
    • Happens to each one of the Senshi in the R movie. Fiore gives a big speech about how none of them have ever felt his loneliness which prompts a flashback from each of them. Ami remembers how she was thought of as stuck up because she studied all the time. Rei remembers people thinking her strange for her psychic powers and ignorant because she only spent time at the temple. Makoto remembers being thought of as a bully and her reputation as a delinquent. Minako remembers being mocked as a Sailor V wannabe by classmates who thought she felt she was above them. This then leads to a flashback showing how Usagi was there for each of them.
    • The end of the last episode of Stars is made of this trope: Sailor Moon has beaten Chaos and freed Galaxia, who leaves to return the Star Seeds back to their rightful places. Everyone but the Starlights and Usagi are dead, and she is left hanging in midair, triumphant but alone, when she hears a certain female voice... and then, more importantly, a certain male voice...
  • Sailor Moon Crystal so far seems to have a thing for this trope.
    • Act.8: Moon and her team coming to help Sailor V so she doesn't have to fight against Kunzite on her own. The Guardians tell her they used to be alone before meeting Usagi, but now they're fighting together, because "that's what friends do, isn't it?". Of course, this eventually botches Sailor V's plan to pose as a Princess in order to keep Sailor Moon safe...
    • Act.9: The Guardians telling the depressed Usagi that she was reborn for a reason and that they're with her to help her fulfill what she couldn't do in her past life.
    • Act.13 channels the Sailor Moon R movie, with the Guardians gaining strength from flashbacks of Usagi being friendly towards them. Later, when Moon is having trouble defeating Metalia, Mamoru cheers her up using the exact trope phrase and promises to support her if she starts running out of power.
  • Happens to Hohenheim, of all people, in episode 27 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He is reminded of his life in Resembool with his family and their friends.
  • If you are a young lesbian growing up in Japan, a culture that is accepting by Asian standards but heavily heterosexist by Western standards, this is Sasameki Koto's message to you.
  • Also a recurring theme in Rosario + Vampire: most explicitly when Tsukune comes to Yukari's aid against some angry lizardmen, telling her, "Like Moka said ... you're ... not alone anymore." Later, when Kraken is pulling Mizore off a cliff and she thinks in despair, "I really am all alone," the very next panel is Tsukune and Moka showing up to prove her wrong.
  • In episode 26 of Fruits Basket, Tohru proves to Kyo that he is not alone, and that even if she is terrified of his true form, she wants to be with him. In the manga, this scene occurs about halfway through the story.
    • Towards the end of the manga, Tohru convinces this to Akito as well. This ultimately gives Akito the courage to free the Zodiac, since she was afraid of being abandoned without them.
  • The last two episodes of the (first) Negima! anime revolve around this for several characters. All the power in the world means nothing if you can't say "Please help me", and The Power of Love and The Power of Friendship are the only things that can save someone from Despair Event Horizon.
  • Bleach:
    • Komamura tell this to Ichigo when he's paralyzed by Aizen's Breaking Speech. He is then joined by several shinigami (Hitsugaya, Soi Fon, Kyoraku and Omaeda) and Vizards (Shinji, Rose and Love) that are still standing, stating that they won't let Aizen use his shikai on Ichigo.
    • Tsukishima's epiphany after Ginjo dies. He realizes Ginjo only told him to kill Shishigawara to make him realize what bond exists between him and Shishigawara so he'd understand that he's not as alone in the world as he thinks he is, and if Ginjo's gone, there are people who care about him and whom he can care about in return.
    • The Everything But the Rain flashback arc turns out to be one giant Heroic B.S.O.D. for Ryuuken. In the end, he's so shattered by the events that have happened because they destroy his hope for the future of the quincies that he walks out into the Grey Rain of Depression with the full intention of never being seen by his family again. That's when he finds Kanae Katagiri has been waiting for him in the rain all along. When he tries to force her to return home, she utterly refuses, declaring that she won't ever let him be alone and that she'll protect him no matter what the cost. A few years after they marry, she dies and his Heroic B.S.O.D. crosses the Despair Event Horizon. It affects both his actions and his relationship with his son for the next nine years.
    • The latest example comes when Tetsuzaemon Iba goes to his completely depowered captain Sajin Komamura after his fight with Dark Action Girl Bambietta... and carries him on his back, promising to help him get back at Juhabach.
  • Simultaneously parodied and played straight in Game X Rush: Memori goes out of his way to give Yuuki the "If you ever need it, I'll be here to listen" speech, and Yuuki promptly laughs at Memori and resumes his teasing. However, Yuuki does take the message to heart; or at least he's touched by the offer, even if he'd never show it.
  • Shortly after her arrival, Detective Conan asked his new fellow shrink-ee Ai Haibara how she was able to stand having to live as a child. Her response was this trope, noting that everything she went through, Conan was as well.
  • In episode 8 of Gankutsuou Maximilien says this to Valentine.
  • During Maka's final fight with Crona in Soul Eater, Maka manages to enter Crona's mind and erase the circle Crona had mentally drawn to keep people out, then proceeds to walk towards Crona in real life after waking up in the threat of being impaled. Maka then gives Crona a hug, which completely purifies Crona's soul, weakens Ragnarok to childish proportions, removes any essence of Kishin energy from Crona, makes Crona cry in happiness, and now causes Crona to want to hang on Maka nearly all the time like a security blanket (albeit still walking behind Maka as a scared child behind their parent).
    Maka: It's not that you don't know how to deal with people... It's that no one ever took the time to deal with you.
    • Until, in the manga, where Medusa causes Crona to go Brainwashed and Crazy. After some battling, Maka and the others eventually get through to Crona in time for hir to pull another heel-face turn, complete with Crona performing a Heroic Sacrifice to help the cast and stop the Big Bad
  • In one of the early episodes of Pokémon, Ash chases after Pikachu during a blizzard, and gets hopelessly lost and separated from Misty and Brock. He digs a snow cave and starts to shiver, waiting for morning, and all his Pokémon come out to keep him warm. Every single one of them, even the Grass-type, refuses to return to their Poké Balls.
    Ash: [shivering and crying] I guess we'll all be cold together...
    • Near the end of the Pokemon 2000 movie, after Ash gets knocked unconscious and falls off Lugia into the ocean, Misty flat-out says this to Melody about Ash.
    Misty: You'll have to play Lugia's song. I'll go look for him. And Ash is never really alone because he's
    • Later, much later, in the movie The Rise of Darkrai. Now, this movie had a couple of ending songs, and the first one was this trope.
    Once you realize that you have been loved, then you will never be alone...
  • In Natsume's Book of Friends, Natori brings Natsume to the Assembly of Conjurers with the intention of showing Natsume that there are others like him. Unfortunately, he also learns that many of those others aren't nearly as concerned about the well-being of ayakashi as he might be.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Invoked by name in the last episode, last scene. Someone is fighting for you. Remember her. Always. The full quote was the former page quote.
    • Also inverted to "I am not alone" in the final episode, when Madoka Ascends to a Higher Plane of Existence, Homura is distraught at the prospect of Madoka ending up alone. Madoka replies that she won't - from now on, she'll be omnipresent, and therefore she'll be with everyone in the universe, throughout space and time. "Even if you can't see me, even if you can't hear me, I'll be by your side."
    • Invoked earlier in the series in episode 3 where it is deconstructed. Madoka promises to become a Magical Girl and fight beside the desperately lonely Mami from now on, telling her "You aren't alone anymore!" Mami's subsequent euphoria causes her to enter the ensuing battle somewhat more recklessly than she otherwise would have, to horrific consequences. Unfortunately, The Power of Friendship proved to be a deadly distraction in this case.
    • From episode 11: After a Homura's stand-alone fight against Walpurgisnacht, involving a LOT of dakka, explosions and enough C4 mines to fill a stadium, Walpurgis doesn't take any damage and its counterattacks leaves Homura badly hurt, with a big block of concrete crushing her right leg. Homura realizes that she can't defeat Walpurgis alone and that every time she tries, Madoka's fates become worse. She starts falling into despair until Madoka appears and hugs her while telling she has already done enough.
    • Sayaka's death paints this trope beautifully, where Kyoko sacrifices herself just so she wouldn't have to face the grim reaper's door alone.
  • InuYasha: Kagura is fatally poisoned by Naraku after a Heel–Face Turn/Heroic Sacrifice and believes she is going to die alone. Suddenly, in front of her stands the last person she expects to see, Sesshoumaru. They share a brief exchange in which he actually tells her that he came there for the sole purpose of seeing her. He tries to save her with Tenseiga, but he cannot. He asks her if she is leaving, to which she responds that she is and she happily fades into the wind, glad that she was able to see him one last time.
  • Happens a few times in A Certain Magical Index, like with Misaka during the sisters arc, as she's about to go essentially commit suicide to make the researchers believe that her clones didn't have enough worth to be killed in the Level 6 shift project, Touma shows up and saves the day.
    • Several girls end up saying this to Touma, calling him out on his tendency to tell others to ask for help while often not doing so himself. In particular, Misaka Mikoto says this to him at the end of the second volume of the New Testament novels, signifying the fact she's going to get involved with Touma's adventures with the magic side.
  • In .hack//SIGN this is a major message given to Tsukasa from Subaru, Mimiru, and eventually Bear.
  • In Oniisama e..., in a heartwarming and tear jerking moment, Mariko gives one when Aya, who spent nearly the entire series tormenting her, is about to commit suicide by going into the ocean and Mariko and her friends stops it, rekindling their broken relationship.
  • This is one of the platitudes Misaki offers to Satou as part of her treatment of his hikikomori condition and depression in Welcome to the N.H.K..
  • In Persona 4: The Animation both Kanji and Naoto get these in their dungeons. In Kanji's Yu lets Kanji know he isn't alone in his love for cute things. In Naoto's, Kanji tells her that he was bad at making friends, too.
    • This is a running theme in all the Dungeon Boss scenes in the Game, where one of the most effective arguments for calming the person down and getting them to accept their Shadow is that All of them there to rescue the person had gone through the same thing. The end result is one of the strongest examples of True Companions
    • Even the True Ending episode is named "No One Is Alone".
  • Played depressingly straight in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, when Emma tells this to Kamille at the very beginning of the last episode. The depressing part is that up to that point, Kamille has lost his mother, his father, his lover, his (sort-of) little sister, and almost all of his friends and comrades. On top of that, Emma says this while dying. Emma is completely right. The Zeta Gundam's biosensor, combined with Kamille newtype powers allow him to channel the powers of the dead to defeat Scirocco once and for all in the finale.
  • The Aesop in the first chapter of Gakuen Babysitters, where Ryuuichi finally allows the reality of his parents' deaths to sink in after staring at their old phone numbers on his cell, with his new adoptive caregiver arriving to comfort him.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry:
    • Keiichi and Rika spend the better part of an episode talking this message into Satoko's head as an essential part of getting her to help herself out of her uncle's abuse (the village's lingering resentment of her family, which is eventually stamped out, along with the understandable strain she is under, Satoko feels completely alone in her struggle). It works. Then they all die.
    • The major theme of the series is realizing this: the situations where things go to hell usually come about due to a lack of communication and trust between friends, leading to misunderstandings and murder. The situations where things turn out happier happen because the characters realize that they're not alone and their friends will help them, if they just reach out for that help.
  • in Xxx HO Li C, it turns out that Doumeki's undying loyalty to Watanuki came about because he wanted to prove him this, as he'd once overheard Watanuki lamenting that he felt he would die alone. Yuuko also has stressed many times that Watanuki "doesn't belong only to himself, because he's made connections with others", and Kohane has stated that while she thought that she and Watanuki were similar, she eventually realized that they weren't, because while she was alone at the time, Watanuki had people who cared about him. Even Mokona later states outright that "even if they aren't right there with him, Watanuki is never truly alone". However, whether or not Watanuki ever truly understands this is up to debate.
  • Fairy Tail has the Laxus sign, which basically represents the message: "No matter where you are, and even if I cannot see you, I will always be watching over you." Anytime anyone makes that sign, it makes for an epic moment.
  • Tsuchiya says this to Masaki in Holyland chapter 147 when the latter does not want to shoulder the burden of putting together a group to stand up to the drug pushers.
    • Masaki passes the favour on to Yuu in chapter 156.
  • A rather heart-wrenching example comes at the end of the AKIRA manga, wherein the resident insecure power-mad psychic overlord Tetsuo is able to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence when his childhood companion Kaneda reassures him that, for all of the misunderstandings between them, all he ever intended was to be his friend.
    Tetsuo: I am... so glad... for my new friend!
    • The thing that makes this moment so exceptional is that, despite all his good intentions, Kaneda's aloofness and somewhat abrasive personality were in a lot of ways the reason for Tetsuo's horrible domination/insecurity issues, which in turn was the reason for his flying leap from the slippery slope; Kaneda being the one to reassure him and hold his hand as he dies meant enough for Tetsuo to initiate the birth of a new universe.
  • One of the main plot points of Sword Art Online, specifically the "Mothers Roasrio" arc. In spite of dying of a Terminal Case of AIDS, even when Yuuki pushed Asuna away, Asuna helps her realize this, even up until her death, which is considered to be the most heartbreaking moment of the series. The anime even has a song with this called You Are Not Alone.
  • Voiceso Of A Distant Star: despite being (literal) light years apart the two characters manage this. "...I am here."
  • I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying has a non-verbal self reassurance. After waking up from a Flashback Nightmare to when she was alone and miserable, Kaoru sees her husband lying there in bed and spends several seconds just looking at him, remembering that the nightmare has passed.

    Comic Books 
  • Captain America #270 features Cap's support of his gay friend Arnie. It's incredibly sweet, and it becomes downright awesome when he de-brainwashes Arnie and frees him from the Red Skull via a Rousing Speech, combined with a Gay Aesop. Keep in mind, this was in the 1980s.
    Cap: "You are not a freak! You are as good and decent a man as I’ve ever known! They can’t corrupt your love for Michael with their lies… They’re the disease!"
  • This trope is the source of one of the epic moments in Infinite Crisis. Wally West and Bart Allen try to trap Superboy-Prime in the Speed Force but Wally is torn away by the forces involved and Bart is left alone.
    Kid Flash: Wally! Wally, where are you going?! I can't do this! I can't do this alone!
    Superboy-Prime: You're right. You're even weaker than the rest. You've always been stupid. I watched you. Stupid little kid. Left all alone.
    Kid Flash: Shut up! I'm - not - stupid!
    ????: Bart.
    (Hand reaches out of the Speed Force, securing Superboy-Prime. It is followed by a face - it is Barry Allen, Kid Flash's grandfather in his Flash costume.)
    Barry Allen: You're not alone either.
    Kid Flash: Grandpa?
    • Newsarama ran an annotations/comments thread for Infinite Crisis. Their assessment of this scene was "And if you happened to be reading this scene in the shop when the thirty-year-old geek burst out crying, well, we hope you gave him a hug, is all."
  • Green Lantern's Story Arc, Sinestro Corps War, has an awesome one between Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner.
    For guys like us, overcoming fear is what we do best, but when it comes to guilt, regret... loss. Even Green Lanterns struggle with those. But we don't have to do it alone.
    The duo proceed to tear their way out of Parallax.
    • Earlier in the storyline, Hal Jordan is trapped in the anti-matter universe, about to be murdered by Sinestro Corps member Amon Sur, when...
    Amon Sur: It's ironic, isn't it, Jordan?... You dying here. Killed by Sinestro's army. Alone. You've been despised and abandoned by your Corps.
    The Cavalry: Despised is one thing. But abandoned? THAT the Green Lantern Corps don't do.
  • Batman: Dark Victory has such a scene. When a young Dick Grayson is taken in by Bruce Wayne after his parents were killed, he sadly tells Alfred, "I'm... I'm all alone now, Mr. Pennyworth." Alfred recalls a very similar scene years ago when eight year old Bruce said, "I'm... I'm all alone now Alfred", and Alfred couldn't think of anything to say to him as he walked out of the room. Back to the scene with Dick, Alfred decides not to make the same mistake.
    Alfred: I am going to tell you something that I wish I had told another little boy years ago. You are not alone. I imagine you never will be again.
  • Superman:
  • Supergirl:
    • Supergirl gives this speech to Lar-On -a Kryptonian werewolf who lost his family and got stranded in Earth- in Supergirl (Rebirth) #1:
      Supergirl: People feared me, too. At first. This doesn't have to be you. You're not alone. Stop this. Let me help you. My father may have abandoned you... But I never will.
    • In Action Comics #850, Supergirl has to take over her cousin's body to save his life. Before leaving, she uses her heat vision to write on the wall: "Hang in there, big guy. You're not in this alone."
  • New Mutants: Danielle Moonstar to Rahne Sinclair after a battle alongside her: "Without you those policemen would have died. You're not alone. Moira loves you, and I..."
  • Alan Scott's speech to the scattered survivors of Anti-Life in Final Crisis.
    Alan Scott: You are not alone! And it's not over yet!
  • The Bronze Age Teen Titans were made on this Trope. The Battle Cry was "TITANS TOGETHER!"
  • Valerie's letter in V for Vendetta: even though Valerie died years ago, her words still comfort Evey.
  • Inverted, in a way, in Watchmen: What finally breaks Walter Kovacs and creates Rorschach, turning him from a mere vigilante into a true example of He Who Fights Monsters, is the knowledge that "we are alone. There is nothing else". Rorschach uses a Hannibal Lecture to explain this concept.
    • It's later played straight when Dan explains to Rorschach that, despite his flaws, Dan is still his friend. It helps ease up some of the problems between them and they're able to work together for the rest of the story.
  • In Dark Empire, Leia retrieves a fallen Luke from the Emperor pretty easily. In the radio drama, though, it's expanded on in a sequence where we see how Luke's been Mind Raped, with the Emperor making him believe "You are nothing", "You have no name", and "You are alone". When Leia breaks through this, Luke pulling free is marked with embracing their bond in The Force and shouting "I am not alone! I am never alone!"
  • In New Avengers, Doctor Strange comes to them at two of the lowest moments in his life, not expecting their help or even asking for it, but is pulled into their circle in a way that screams this trope. After the second time, he joins the team.
  • At the end of The Return of Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne finally realizes that the reason why he's been so successful as Batman and survived for so long is because he's always been surrounded by people who care about him and share his determination to protect others and serve justice. This revelation gives him the strength to banish Darkseid's presence from his mind, body, and soul.
  • Meta example: This post from Gail Simone to people who want to make comics but feel inadequate (which applies just as much to any other creative endeavor.)

    Fan Works 
  • A Crown of Stars: After having been pushed beyond her limits Asuka is convinced that nobody could love her, nobody can understand her, nobody can help her with her troubles and she is alone. However, in the first chapter she meets her future counterpart, and her older self tells her she is not alone and she does not need facing her inner demons alone:
    Asuka:"It’s not half as bad as you think, to face it, once you know you are not alone."
  • Advice and Trust:
    • In chapter 1, after having a long talk, Asuka and Shinji realize they are not alone, since they are alike. They are overjoyed.
    • In chapter 4 Asuka declares this triumphantly to Rei
      Asuka:"Well… yeah. I did. But it's a lot harder to blame you for acting that way now that I know you're drugged like this. That's why I reacted so strongly… my step-mother tried something like that with pills when I was younger. I know what it's like. It's not like I think you would kill yourself or something just because Commander Ikari ordered you to or such."
      Rei:"If I was ordered to do so, I would."
      Asuka:"What?! Are you crazy? Why?"
      Rei:"He has raised me for years. He cares for me. If he gave that order, I would trust he had a necessary reason for it. [...] …He is all I have."
      Asuka:"Jesus fuck, Wondergirl! Don't ever do that! Kill yourself just because you were told to?! I mean… Gott! Never! We're soldiers, yeah, and we could die anytime, but never just on someone's say-so! Make it for a reason worth it! Look at baka-Shinji! He didn't jump into a volcano because someone ordered him to! He did it against orders, because he thought I was worth risking his life for!" 'And don't you ever risk yourself like that again, you stupid, brave idiot of mine. I love you so Gottdamn much. My damn martyr baka-Shinji…' "He'd do the same for you, just like he said, and… and so would I! Commander Ikari's not 'all you have'! You're not alone! You, and me, and Shinji, we all look out for each other because there's no one else who can in a battle!"
    • Later in that chapter Asuka tells Shinji she is not alone anymore thanks to him:
      Asuka:"Would you want to be like Wondergirl? If your father had raised you, you might have ended up like her: a drugged robot ready to die when he orders you to. I… If you had acted l like that, if you'd been raised that way, do you think Misato would have taken you in, that you'd be living here, that we'd… be together? If you acted like her, I'd never have kissed you, and we wouldn't be lying in bed like this right now." She pulled his head down to hers for a kiss. "I like you the way you are, my baka. You're just like me. You can understand me and my pains because you suffered them too. I'm glad you're here and the man you are, Shinji. I was as alone as you, before. And if you weren't here, I still would be."
    • Shinji said this to Rei in chapter 8 when the latter was suffering from a Benzodiazepine overdose. Complete with a hug from him and Asuka.
    • Rei said this to Ritsuko in chapter 9 when the latter hit rock bottom.
  • The Child of Love:
    • Shinji and Misato try to explain Asuka repeatedly that she is not alone and she doesn’t have to face pregnancy and motherhood alone. After several months their words get through her.
    • In chapter 8 Asuka cries saying she is sick of being alone and she hates it… and Misato reassures her that she is not:
      Misato:"You're not alone, Asuka...I'm here, we're all here for you."
  • Evangelion 303: While Asuka went through a severe breakdown Shinji told her several times she is not alone, nobody is really alone, and he was there for her.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: Ryuko tells her father Shinji that he is not alone after Asuka's death. Unfortunately it was not enough to cheer him up.
    "Dad, it's okay. I'm here for you. You're… you're not alone, you know?"
  • Scar Tissue:
    • When Rei tells Ritsuko she is hurt and angry and confused because does not know how dealing with her emotions Ritsuko tells her she is not alone:
      Ritsuko:"You can't numb yourself out, Shinji wouldn't want that. As to who you are… [...] You're whoever you want to be. Your essence is still the same, and if you feel confused, or overwhelmed, you can only come to me, or Shinji or Misato, even Maya would be happy to help you. Just… don't bottle it up inside you. You're not alone."
    • In chapter 17, when Asuka is depressed because her troubles with Shinji, her Unit 02 and her nightmares, Misato reminds her that she is not alone:
      "Talk to Ritsu. Whatever you do, Asuka, please remember. You're not alone."
  • In the Touhou fanfic "Girl of the Dusk" by Gensoukoumuten; no one deserves to be alone without love. Not even the darkest Eldritch Abomination. No one.
  • In the Good Omens/Supernatural fic series Arrangements, the author has outright stated that trust and faith are his two main themes. Example lines range from serious reminders that quote the trope name verbatim to things like Bobby's response to Crowley asking if anyone's going to accuse him of betrayal.
    Bobby: [growling] I think what the archangel is trying to say, idjit, is that I just spent fifteen of the most embarrassing minutes of my life telling you I trust you, and he's just spent the past month or so of his telling you the same thing, and I don't even know how long yon angel of yours has been saying it, and that there was quite probably the stupidest damn question we ever heard! Of course we bloody trust you, y'idjit!
  • "Mad Dog's Legacy", a Daria fanfic series, focuses on the growing bond between Daria, Jane, and Quinn in light of Daria being molested when she was a child, Jane being evicted from her house, and Quinn self-medicating to handle the stress of it all. Made especially clear after Quinn's accidental overdose when Quinn declares "I'm going to need both my sisters to help me."
  • Generally a theme of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic— as well as the series itself.
  • In The Bridge, Xenilla gets some strong mental trauma after fighting King Sombra and being subjected to his greatest fear, losing his little brother. It breaks his typically stoic smugness and he locks himself in his chamber. After loyally waiting outside his door to get him to come out, Blade Dancer finally has enough and breaks in to find Xenilla disheveled and broken down. Despite his attempt to scare her off and pitiful following requests to be left alone, she refuses to sticks by him the entire time. Her presence finally helps him get a grip and recover.
  • In Fate Zero Sanity, Berserker and Soul give this to Saber after Rider's What the Hell, Hero? at the Servant banquet, telling her that they will stand by her no matter what and that they would have no one else as their partner. This, along with You Are Not Alone, convinces Saber to truly accept them as friends and allies, which continues on for the remainder of the War.
  • In the ending of Happy Hours of I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC, Spider-Man is hanging on a ledge trying to reach Lance's head with Batman holding him back. Spider-Man insisted that he had to so he could find out what was being blocked in his memories.
    Spider-Man: Don't you know why I thought you were so cool? It's because of this. You can take anything that comes your way. No family, no powers — it doesn't matter! Nothing gets you down. I thought if I could be more like you, then... I've had to take a lot of crap in my life but this... this is too much. Don't you get it? I'm all alone.
    Batman: No, you're not.
    (Spider-Man slowly gives him his other hand and Batman pulls him up)
  • Thousand Shinji: As Shinji is healing Asuka's mind, he feels how lonely she felt when he was trapped in his Eva, and he tells her that he was always with her, even if she couldn't see him.
    I was always with you in spirit.
  • The Second Try: During an argument in chapter 4, Asuka tells she'll always be alone, and Shinji replies that she doesn't have to be alone because he wants to be there for her.
  • Infinity: After finding out that Preica is still alive, Nanoha reminds Fate that she has friends and a real family that love her and will support her no matter what.
  • In the Miraculous Ladybug fic Spots Off, Marinette is publicly exposed as Ladybug after being caught transforming on Alya's livestream, and is soon on the verge of a breakdown due to fear of the consequences of her screw-up (eg, her friends and family being targeted by Hawkmoth). But when Chat Noir visits her, he repeatedly insists that she doesn't have to go through this alone, eventually getting through to her.
    Chat: (wrapping her up in a tight hug after she bursts into tears) You don’t have to punish yourself for this. Even if it was your fault, which I will personally never believe it was. No one's asking you to handle it alone. We all want to help you. Do you believe me?
    Marinette: (meets his gaze and sees the unconditional support and love in his eyes) I mean… I guess
    Chat: (laughing quietly) You guess?
    Marinette: (gives him a smile) Fine. I believe you.
    Chat: (returns it) Good. Because you aren’t alone, Marinette. And we can deal with this, together.
  • The Predespair Kids: Throughout the Hope's Peak Arc, there are rumors that Karma may have been recruited by Ultimate Despair, or at least she's considering joining them. As a result, Rogue and Kyoji both reach out to her, trying to convince her that she's not alone and there are people who care about her. In the end, they succeed.
  • This Bites!: Cross does his level best to hammer this into Robin's head in an attempt to avoid the events of Enies Lobby.
    • He later uses it to snap her out of a Heroic B.S.O.D. when the Buster Call begins leveling the island around them.

    Films — Animated 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Abyss (1989) has a perfect example of this. Bud Brigman is doing a suit dive more than 20,000 feet below the surface of the ocean and is suffering from pressure effects (tremors and vision problems) as well as the cold. His ex-wife Lindsey is on the radio trying to encourage him, with assistance from the other crew members.
    Lindsey: You have to listen to my voice. You have to try. Concentrate, all right? Just listen to my voice. Please. I know how alone you feel. Alone in all that cold blackness. But I'm there in the dark with you. Oh, Bud. You're not alone. I'm with you. I'll always be with you, Bud. I promise that.
    Catfish: How you doin', pardner? You still with us? Come back. You talk to us, buddy boy.
    Lindsey: Bud? You hangin' in there? Talk to me, Bud. Are you okay?
  • There's a perfect example also in Full Metal Jacket - the speech Hartman makes to the platoon on Graduation Day from Basic Training:
    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Today, you people are no longer maggots. Today, you are Marines. You're part of a brotherhood. From now on until the day you die, wherever you are, every Marine is your brother. Most of you will go to Vietnam. Some of you will not come back. But always remember this: Marines die. That's what we're here for. But the Marine Corp lives forever. And that means YOU live forever.
  • This is what George Bailey comes to realize by the end of It's a Wonderful Life: "No man is a failure, so long as he has friends."
  • From The Two Towers when Gandalf and the exiled Éomer relieve the siege of Helm's Deep.
    Gandalf: Théoden King stands alone.
    Éomer: Not alone. ROHIRRIM! TO THE KING!
    Théoden: And Rohan will answer. Muster the Rohirrim!
    • Averted in The Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo asks Galadriel for advice.
    Frodo: I cannot do this alone.
    Galadriel: You are a Ring-bearer Frodo. To bear a Ring of Power, is to be alone.
    • And then Sam proves her wrong and plays it straight, refusing to let him leave for Mordor on his own. And let's not even mention all the crap they go through together.
  • Jurassic Park:
    • After the kids are left alone in the car by Gennaro and attacked by a T.Rex:
    Grant: Listen! Lex, I'm right here. I'm going to look after you, but I have to go help your brother, so I want you to stay right here and wait for me.
    Lex: He left us... he left us!
    Grant: But that's not what I'm gonna do.
  • The Specials: Done a few times, with different heroes, after the Strobe disbands the Specials.
    • Amok gets this talk from Power Chick, at a bar with Alien Orphan and Mr. Smart. Then Alien Orphan gets them all dancing.
    • Eight gives a very literal variation of this in a diner to the Strobe. Eight is literally a hive-mind in eight bodies, so three of him stay in the Bahamas while the other five sit and give him the talk about how the Specials need each other, even if the world doesn't need them. He stops partway through to mention how nice the sunrise is where he is in the Bahamas.
    • The next day, the Strobe inverts the trope. He tells his wife, Ms. Indestructible, that he plans to punish her for her affair by staying married, shutting himself off even more to trap her in an emotionless marriage.
  • Superman:
    Lara: "He'll be isolated. Alone."
    Jor-El holds up a single green crystal.
    Jor-El: "He will not be alone. He will NEVER be alone..."
    • This becomes a meaningful echo in Superman Returns when Superman is talking to his own superpowered son:
    Superman: "You'll feel like an outcast, but you'll never be alone".
    • In Man of Steel Zod broadcasts this message to Earth with the intention of reaching Kal/Clark/Superman. While his intentions may have been hostile, as far as he knew, Kal may have been eager to join Zod and live among other Kryptonians.
  • Star Wars:
    • A New Hope: Even after Luke's wingman (Wedge) had to pull out, his best friend (Biggs) has been killed, and even Artoo is hit and unresponsive, in the final moments of the trench run, when any other person would have felt completely and utterly alone, he hears his not-so-dead mentor, Kenobi whispering in his ear, reminding him that "The Force will be with you. Always." And Han Solo and Chewbacca show up. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Star Trek:
    Kirk: "My friends, I can't ask you to go any further. Dr. McCoy and I have to do this. The rest of you do not."
    Script: [beat]
    Chekov: "Admiral, we're losing precious time."
    Sulu: "What course please, Admiral?"
    Kirk: "Mr. Scott?"
    Scotty: "I'd be grateful Admiral, if you'd give the word."
    Kirk (looks at them all, humbled) "Gentlemen... may the wind be at our backs. Stations please."
    • At the beginning of Star Trek V, Kirk tells Spock and McCoy that he knows he'll die alone, leading to the following heartwarming moment near the end of the film:
    Kirk: I thought I was going to die.
    Spock: Not possible. You were never alone.
    • In the 2009 Star Trek reboot film, Spock decides to infiltrate Nero's ship, since he has the best chance of succeeding since as a Vulcan he's genetically closer to Romulans. Kirk emphatically announces that he's going with him.
    • In Star Trek Into Darkness, after the Enterprise is about to fall out of orbit after getting pummelled by the Vengence, Spock orders the bridge crew to abandon ship while he tries to bring the ship under his control. After he repeats his order, Sulu answers, "With All Due Respect, sir... we're not going anywhere!"
  • In Return To Paradise, an American man in Malaysia is sentenced to death due to the absurd amount of hash he had on him, unless his two friends return from the States, accept responsibility, and serve time in Malaysian jail. One man agrees to face punishment and the judge is moved by this nobility into lightening the sentence. When a reporter breaks the story to the press and maligns the legal system in Malaysia, she presses the judge's Hanging Button. As the original man is led crying to the gallows, his returning friend delivers a You Are Not Alone speech which helps him die with remarkable composure.
    I'm here, Lewis, I'm right here. You're not alone, Lewis. Look at me, Lewis. You're not alone, Lewis. Look at me. You're not alone. I'm here. Look at me. See me, Lewis. You're not alone. I'm right here. I'm right here, Lewis, I'm right here. I see you, Lewis. I'm right here. Lewis, you are not alone right now. I'm right here. You are not alone, Lewis. I see you. I see you, Lewis. I'm right here. You're not alone. You are not alone, Lewis!
  • The Terminator: John Connor gives Kyle Reese some words of wisdom and encouragement to say to his mother in the past, which admit that she's got tough times ahead of her, fearing Judgement Day, but reminds her that, in the future, he'll be there to shoulder the burden too.
  • Showcased at the end of The Breakfast Club, when everyone puts aside their differences, realizes that they're all Not So Different, and all become friends. The song they dance to is even called "We Are Not Alone."
  • Harry Potter
    • Though it isn't outright said in the book, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore says this to Harry a couple days after he returns from the graveyard, and to many fans it was one of the more redeeming moments of GoF's portrayal of Dumbledore.
    • Taken a step further with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In the novel, the reaction of Harry towards the adults withholding information from him and being an outcast at school is anger, feeling like he was being treated with kid gloves, which was not overly well-received by fans. In the film, Harry's reaction is one of sadness and isolation, feeling like everyone is intentionally distancing themselves from him, and Voldemort tries to exploit it during his attempted Mind Rape of Harry during the climax, making him think of the people he has lost and will lose. Harry's mind is able to remember all the good people in his life who have helped him, and realizing he is not alone forces out the Dark Lord.
  • Expressed in several forms by different characters in X-Men: First Class, most directly when Charles Xavier says this verbatim to Erik Lehnsherr after he rescues the latter from drowning.
    • Also invoked when a young Charles meets a young Raven.
    Charles:I thought I was alone in the world... But here you are.
  • In the first Spider-Man film, debris-hurling New Yorkers openly taunt the Green Goblin as they invoke this trope for Spidey.
  • The conclusion of Revenge of the Nerds did this collectively, as the college's outcasts call for everyone else who's ever felt picked on to join them on the field, and every non-jock on the campus does so.
  • Will Smith's character uses this in I Am Legend, during his daily radio broadcasts.
  • The song "More Than A Band" from Lemonade Mouth exemplies this.
  • In Conan the Barbarian (1982), Conan is saved from crucifixion and revived by his friends whom he'd previously left behind. His lover, Valeria, promises that she'll always be with him and even return from the dead to aid him if necessary. Later on in the film she makes good on her promise, returning from the afterlife to save him when he's about to be killed by a foe.
    Valeria: All the gods they can not sever us. If I were dead and you still fighting for life I would come back from the Abyss, back from the pit of Hell, to fight at your side.
  • Bad Boys: "We ride together, we die together. Bad Boys for life. We'll just have to do it ourselves." Which is immediately followed by:
    "You look like you're about to do something stupid. I'm in."
  • The Amazing Spider-Man has this moment:
    The Lizard: Poor Peter Parker. No mother, no father, no uncle; you're all alone!
    (shotgun blast)
    Captain Stacy: He's not alone.
  • The final song in Into the Woods is this to Jack and Red after their parents are killed.
  • In Airheads, SWAT leader Carl Mace tries to humiliate Chazz in front of the people supporting him by revealing that Chazz was a huge geek back in high school. When Chazz owns up to it, thinking his plan has been undone, several people admit to their share of geekiness in a show of solidarity.
    Metalhead 1: I played D&D, too!
    Lemmy: I was editor of the school magazine!
    Metalhead 2: I used to wear corduroy pants!
    Metalhead 3: I used to masturbate... constantly!
    Girl 1: We're with you, Chazz!
    Girl 2: I want your body!

  • In A Brother's Price, the Whistler family are quite fond of this trope. If you are friends with them, you will never be alone. Eldest Whistler tells Jerin to hold his head high, and fear not, for he is a Whistler, and will always have the protection of his family. (As there are more than fifty of them, all trained gunwomen, this is not an empty promise.)
  • A big thing in Animorphs, but most obvious in #31, when Jake's father is at risk of being infested. Jake's panicking and on the verge of having a mental breakdown, and is expecting a longwinded lecture from Marco about the importance of staying clearheaded and rational, instead of doing something stupid and reckless. But Marco just says, "You're not alone, man."
  • Kurt Vonnegut in Timequake: Many people need desperately to receive this message: "I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people don't care about them. You are not alone."
  • In the Codex Alera series
    • The tribes of the Marat form bonds with totem animals, and this forms the basis of the tribes they divide into. Kitai, however, accidentally bonded with Tavi after he saved her life in the first book, and as the first Marat to bond with an Aleran, has no tribe to call her own and she tells Tavi that she is all alone in the world. You can guess his response.
    • This receives a callback a couple books later. Tavi's aunt Isana, speaking with Kitai, says it must be awful to be alone, without a tribe. Kitai's response is, "I would not know. I am not alone."
    • In the final book, after the Big Bad Vord Queen gives a powerful Breaking Speech to the entire nation by watersending, citing the true futility of their fight against her, how city after city falls and their once great legions all but shattered, Princeps Tavi sends his own counter-message, that the Legions are still strong. They will still defend people and protect the great nation of Alera. That the Big Bad will be routed and destroyed. And he is not without empathy for those trapped behind enemy lines and tells the commoners if it is to save their lives, they may accept the amnesty of the Vord Queen's offer to surrender to her. He will not punish them for this action.
  • In Dragon Bones, Oreg cheers up Ward at some points, but the most impressive one is the literal example: Ward and Tosten have been taken prisoners and sit in a small prison cell with mouldy straw on the ground. Ward tries to summon Oreg, half-convinced it won't work, but it does work. On which he first has to comfort Oreg, who suffered from the separation. Oreg then breaks them out. There is also one in the backstory; Tosten tried to commit suicide, but Ward found him in time and rode off with him in the middle of the night, to find him a place to stay, away from their abusive father. Came as a surprise to Tosten, as Ward had been Obfuscating Stupidity, and didn't seem able to understand his distress.
  • In The Dresden Files
    • Jim Butcher also wrote a rather touching instance of this trope in the book Small Favor. The Archive, a twelve-year-old girl who is also the repository of all recorded human knowledge, has been kidnapped by Denarians who intend to torture her until she becomes one of them. Just before heading into a probably suicidal battle to save her, Harry sits down and writes: You are not alone... We're coming after you. Don't listen to them. Hang on... You are not alone. Post-rescue, the little girl cries in his arms and whispers, "I got your letter. Thank you."
    • Also, from a conversation between Harry and his father in ''Dead Beat:
      Son. Everyone dies alone. That's what it is. It's a door. It's one person wide. When you go through it, you do it alone. But it doesn't mean you've got to be alone before you go through the door. And believe me, you aren't alone on the other side.
      • In general, Harry has to relearn every few books that he can rely on his friends rather than just take on the evil of the week alone.
    • Molly Carpenter, after Harry's death, pushes out on her own and asks none of her friends and comrades for help, resulting in her living alone on the streets. Karrin Murphy, Father Forthill and the Leanansidhe, Harry's amoral and twisted fairy godmother each try in their own way to help Molly realize she isn't alone and needs other people. Karrin offers a warm bed and some food. The good Father offers kindness and understanding. Lea likes to beat Molly in harsh training sessions and then summon Molly's enemies to potentially kill her if she fought them without anyone's help.
  • In Lee Lightner's Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolf novel Sons of Fenris, Ragnar goes to eat in the great hall and finds Haegr, a fellow member of the Wolfblade eating alone, and Berek's company, to which he used to belong. But when he goes in, Berek's company recognizes and rises up to greet him and surround him with such enthusiasm that he is deeply touched.
  • In His Majesty's Dragon, Laurence forces Captain Rankin to go to his dragon Levitas as he lies dying. Rankin has been neglecting and verbally abusing Levitas throughout most of the book, so Levitas' final heartfelt "You came..." makes the scene even more of a tearjerker.
    Laurence: "The government is not of my party, the King is ill and mad, but I have given my word!"
    Temeraire: "Then I must go alone... I will go alone...."
    Laurence: (after a very long pause) "No."
  • Gordon R. Dickson's short story "Steel Brother". A young man is alone running a robotic outpost in space to guard against the alien enemy. He can't face the fear until after he fails in battle and finally surrenders his mind to the computer memory banks where he discovers that the past (deceased) commander of the post left him a message, the same one every member of the corps leaves for his successor, "You are not alone, all along the frontier there is one of us standing guard, even if you die, another will take your place".
  • Dumbledore leans on this in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: "I am not afraid, Harry. I am with you."
    • There are tons of examples in HP. Ron in the Shrieking Shack in Prisoner of Azkaban: "If you want to kill Harry, you'll have to kill us too!" Neville in the Ministry of Magic in Order of the Phoenix: "HE'S NOT ALONE! HE'S STILL GOT ME!" McGonagall during Dumbledore's arrest scene in the same: "He will not be single-handed!" Et cetera.
      • Which makes sense, since the series is about the Power of Love. In Deathly Hallows, virtually every character in the book alive and dead joins in to fight Voldemort's forces, all just so that Harry can be protected long enough to find the last Horcrux. Even before that, it's implied that the students of Hogwarts remain loyal to him and continue their own resistance, so that they'll be ready when Harry returns to help them.
    • Ron and Hermione assure Harry of this at the end of the sixth book. And at the start of the seventh, when Harry still doesn't get it Hermione gives him a fantastic speech that also serves as a What the Hell, Hero? for all the times he's considered going off without them.
    • And at the end of the seventh, as Harry heads off alone, he realizes he has the Resurrection Stone. He can't ask anyone living to come with him, but he brings back his parents, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin, and they promise they will accompany him to the very end.
    • This is also the gist of Dumbledore's reassurance to Harry both in Chamber of Secrets and at the end of Deathly Hallows:
    "Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it."
  • In Matt Farrer's "After Desh'ea" (in the Warhammer 40,000 Horus Heresy book Tales of Heresy), Angron's rage stems from his current isolation, all his friends and comrades having died in their rebellion. Kharne persuades him that the War Hounds desire only to join him, and he is deeply moved by the thought of their being loyal to him, and the salute they give him when he comes to them — he is a general again.
    • The Heresy novels also provide a profoundly disturbing example of this trope. Early in The First Heretic, Argel Tal looked down on the Adeptus Custodes, who fought as individuals in contrast with Tal and his fellow Word Bearers. By the end of the book, Argel Tal's squadmates are either dead or twisted beyond recognition, any bonds of fellowship broken, and he muses that his brothers are dead... at which point Raum, the creature co-habitating his body, assures him "I am your brother."
  • Early in Heir to the Empire , Obi-Wan appears to Luke Skywalker in a dream. Luke tells him that it's been a long time, and Obi-Wan tells him that it's going to be a lot longer - he's here to say goodbye. He can't be Luke's Spirit Advisor anymore. When he vanishes, a despairing Luke thinks that that's it - he's alone. The last Jedi. The last thing Obi-Wan tells him is Not the last of the old, Luke. The first of the new.
  • Ferus Olin, after being mortally wounded by Darth Vader, is found by Leia, who holds his hand as he dies. He doesn't know she's there - he sees Roan Lands, the man who had been "his partner and friend for the best years of his life" and who had died twenty years before this.
    "Did you really think I would leave you here alone?"
    • That same book has Luke captured and tortured. Obi-Wan's spirit, and perhaps the Force, stay with him to keep him from giving up.
  • Galaxy of Fear: Tash at several points is alone and afraid, and sometimes The Force helps her.
    You're not alone, Tash. You're never alone.
  • At the end of Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, Kurt Ambrose is mortally wounded and barely able to stay conscious when the Elite commander approaches the rapidly closing portal that Kurt had stayed to defend. As he summons the will to stand, he sees a vision of all the previously fallen Spartans, both the Spartan-IIs that he had served beside and the Spartan-IIIs that he had trained. In unison, they silently give him the thumbs-up "can do" signal, and it steels his nerve for what he has to do.
  • In the first chapter of Nineteen Eighty-Four, Winston takes a look at O'Brien and imagines him saying this. Unfortunately, O'Brien is far, FAR from being on Winston's side.
  • In Jack Campbell's Relentless, when Geary faces returning to Alliance space a century since he left it, the sole survivor of that era, Desjani assures him he will not be alone.
  • In Juliet Marillier's Son of the Shadows, Bran is in a coma. Every man in his band tells a story of how he reached out his hand to them and gave them a place and an identity, to remind him that there are many people who love and need him.
  • The Lord of the Rings gives us the siege of Minas Tirith, where the defenders are trapped inside the city and outnumbered roughly 1,000 to 1. Very little help has come, and Rohan (their neighbors to the West) failed to answer their called for help. The dawn comes, and the defenders can only watch as the enemy breaches the city gates. Suddenly:
    "In dark Mindolluin's sides they dimly echoed. Great horns of the North wildly blowing. Rohan had come at last."
  • In The Bible, following God is presented as rather impossible without divine intervention, so God is always sending a word of encouragement to those who choose to be on His side. Here's a few highlights:
    • To Joshua, as he's facing the prospect of filling Moses' very big shoes and leading the Israelites.
      "As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you."
    • To Elijah, as he's having a Heroic B.S.O.D..
      "Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him."
    • And Jesus to His disciples, as He's about to ascend into heaven.
      "...surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."
  • The endings of both Brisingr and Inheritance from Inheritance Cycle feature Eragon lamenting his state of being alone and then being buoyed by the knowledge of the friends and family he has to help him and realizing that he is not alone.
    • A little spoiled by his self-imposed exile.
  • In the second book of the Croak trilogy, Lex comes back to town expecting her friends and dead sister to hate her. None of them do. Practically everyone else in the town does, but that's beside the point.
  • Happens pretty early on in The Zombie Knight. Shortly after becoming Garovel's servant, Hector who has been resurrected after killing himself out of loneliness is terrified at the thought of Garovel leaving.
    Hector: Um... please... um...
    Garovel: Hmm?
    Garovel: Don't you remember? When you talk to me in your head, I'll hear you no matter where I am. So don't frown like that. You understand? You're never alone, Hector. Not anymore.
  • "These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.”
  • In Starship Troopers the Mobile Infantry have an institutional loathing of leaving a comrade behind. Even in situations that are dire and require a retreat, the MI will go to great lengths to make sure that not even a single one of their soldiers gets left on the battlefield.
  • This is a central theme in Those That Wake and its sequel, What We Become.
  • A variation on this is Barclay's justification for working with Bruce Maddox on an AI project in the Star Trek novel "Immortal Coil": if he and Maddox can create a Soong-type android, Data won't be alone any more.
  • When Blake Thorburn in Pact is on his last legs, out of options to complete the Impossible Task given to him by the Incarnation of Conquest in order to avoid becoming Conquest's slave, he makes it back to his apartment, where his Unwitting Muggle Friends Joel and Alexis have been waiting, having become increasingly concerned about his erratic behavior over the past few days. The two of them remind him that it's okay to be selfish, and he decides, instead of keeping his friends out of the supernatural for their own safety, to bring them in on the secret.
  • In Jeramey Kraatz's The Cloak Society book Fall of Heroes, inverted. Amp objects to leaving his parents alone in the Gloom. Their response is that they are not alone, with the obvious implication that they have each other.
  • In Dora Wilk Series, when Bogna is close to mental breakdown because of her magic and her son is attacked by supernatural, Dora tells her this and promises to introduce her to other magicals and explain everything to her.

    Live Action TV 
  • Little House on the Prairie: Season 8's "A Promise to Keep," featuring the return of Victor French to his role as Mr. Edwards, the Ingalls' friend, as a series regular. The episode itself focuses on Edwards' darkest hour: Edwards — already mourning the death of his son, John Jr., and having lost his family due to alcoholism — learns Grace has found a new boyfriend and plans to have her divorce petition finalized. Edwards snaps and tries to break into the Mercantile to steal all the whiskey and other alcoholic beverages the Olesens had in stock ... and then he sees the church. He trepidly walks in, kneels before the altar and begs God for guidance. Rev. Alden — a man who otherwise considers Edwards uncouth and irritating — walks in and comforts Edwards, and then reveals he himself is a recovering alcoholic, having lost his entire family due to an epidemic. The two kneel before the altar and pray some more to God ... and presumably talk about their shared circumstances (Edwards, early in the series, revealed his first wife and young daughter died due to typhoid when he was living in Kansas.)
  • In The Red Green Show, there's always a segment where Red offers some (humorous) advice to his fellow middle-aged schmucks, always ending with the line "Remember, I'm pulling for you, we're all in this together."
  • Doctor Who: These are Arc Words for Series 3 of the revived series. "You Are Not Alone" were the literal Last Words said to the Doctor by the Face of Boe, giving him hope that he wasn't the last Time Lord. He wasn't. Unfortunately, the other survivor turns out to be the Master, hiding as a human plot-conveniently named Professor Yana.
    • Although this worked because the Doctor has a love/hate relationship with the Master, and even said once the Master was defeated, that while he was around the Doctor had something to live for. The real angst kicks in when the Master subsequently dies, meaning that the Doctor now really is the Last of His Kind.
    • Not to mention, with Jenny out there, he really isn't alone.
    • In the Fires Of Pompeii, the Doctor is forced to cause the destruction of Pompeii in order to save the rest of the world. Donna voluntarily shares the burden by helping him deliver the final blow.
    • Sarah Jane's line at the end of Journey's End:
    Sarah Jane: You know, you act like such a lonely man, but look at you! You've got the biggest family on Earth!
    • There's also the revelation that Amy and Rory's daughter Melody (who will grow up to be his future wife River Song) has Time Lord DNA.
      • Speaking of whom, Amy invokes this trope in the opening of A Good Man Goes To War:
    Amy: And wherever they take you, Melody, however scared you are, I promise you, you will never be alone. Because this man is your father. He has a name, but the people of our world know him better... as the last Centurion.
    • Then there's the last episode of series 6. The Doctor's death has been set as a fixed point in time, making it unavoidable. The Doctor wanted to die quietly, forgotten by all except a handful of his closest friends. River is having none of this, and holds the very fabric of reality over the precipice to remind the Doctor of the trillions of lives he's touched:
    • The Christmas special The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe opens with an alien warship hovering over the Earth saying "People of Earth, you stand alone." Then it explodes. Guess who did that.
    • A small thing, but these words are one of the lyrics of "Vale Decem", the song that the Ood sing to the Tenth Doctor as he regenerates.
    • Tragically inverted in "Face the Raven", in which Clara must tell the Doctor "You're going to be alone now, and you're very bad at that" since she is about to be Killed Off For Real just as he's about to be delivered into the hands of his enemies. She advises him "Heal yourself" to deal with the anguish he already feels, but as it turns out, he's all too alone in the two episodes that round out the season, resulting in a Protagonist Journey to Villain as he tries to take her advice...
  • Star Trek is built on this concept:
    • In the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Pathfinder" the characters finally manage to restore contact with The Federation. The message Starfleet Command wishes to give? You Are Not Alone.
      • Also used 2 seasons before in "Message in a Bottle".
    • In Star Trek: The Next Generation, episode "Loud As a Whisper", the telepathic, deaf, and mute Mediator's Chorus (a group of three who speak for him) are killed. He is highly upset and desperately trying to convey his frustration and distress to the crew, who can't understand him without words. Captain Picard grabs his hand, grips it against his chest and practically yells at him.
    Picard: You are not alone! Do you understand? We - are all in this - together - now!
    • Also from The Next Generation, in "The Bonding" a small boy is being told about his mother's death, claiming that he's "all alone now, sir." The response from Picard, uncomfortable around most children at the best of times?
      Picard: On the Starship Enterprise, no one is alone.
    • Consider an episode of Enterprise, when Archer and Reed are trying to remove a Romulan mine from the ship. Reed tells Archer that he feels he's too "close" and friendly with the crew. Archer responds that he had a CO who felt the same way, but Archer believes that he must maintain a closer bond with his crew, because this far from home, "all we have is each other."
    • The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Body Parts" ends with Quark broke and forced to liquidate most of his assets. He's ruined and is forced to close the bar. Then the others start dropping by to leave spare furniture, drink...
  • In Hogan's Heroes, Carter is taken off to a chemical warfare plant after a plan goes off the rails and the Germans wind up thinking he's a chemical warfare expert who wants to turn traitor, so the guys have to dress up in SS garb and masks to retrieve him in broad daylight. Before going, Hogan reminds the men that it'll be very dangerous and therefore the mission is strictly voluntary. The boys' answers?
    Kinch: Let's go get Carter, Colonel.
    Newkirk: Now, Colonel. Now.
    LeBeau: Why are we standing here?
    • Not the first time the guys have done something like this. Earlier in the series, fellow underground member Tiger is betrayed and captured by the Gestapo. Hogan immediately passes the news to London and is livid when the orders come back to not attempt a rescue and leave Tiger to be interrogated and executed. The others are initially hesitant to disobey an order, but Hogan absolutely refuses to leave her behind, and orders the men to start getting together the supplies he'll need to go to Paris where Tiger is being held and bust her out. The men protest he can't do it alone, but when he sarcastically responds that they've "just elected me Lone Ranger," there's a moments pause before Carter throws in with the Colonel by claiming to be his Tonto, followed by the rest.
    Newkirk: (after agreeing to help Hogan) Who's the Lone Ranger? Never mind that, who's bloody Tonto?
  • Firefly, from "Out of Gas".
    Mal: (sitting on the medical bay bed, with the crew around him) Y'all gonna be here when I wake up?
    Book: We'll be here.
    • It makes for a nice contrast with an earlier scene, where he decides to stay behind on the dying ship and Inara tells him he doesn't have to die alone—and his opinion is that, regardless of circumstances, everyone dies alone. (The above line comes after the crew demonstrate what they think of this by turning their lifeboats around and coming back to what they think is a dead ship, to rejoin Mal.)
      • There's also the moment in the film when Book dies.
    Shepherd Book: You can't order me around, Mal. I'm not one of your crew.
    Mal: Yes you are.
    • A relatively unspoken variation: "Big Damn Heroes, sir!"
      • Later, it very much is spoken:
    Mal: You're part of my crew. Why are we still talking about this?
    • Also the old war credo shared by Mal, Zoe, and Tracey in "The Message":
    When you can't run, you walk. When you can't walk, you crawl. And when you can't crawl, you find somebody to carry you.
    • In the pilot, when River is lying in bed and feeling Simon's face, and then murmurs that she didn't think he'd come for her - to which he replies "Well, you're a dummy." Contains all of this in a single unspoken package.
    • This is basically the entire point of the series.
  • The entire point of Daniel visiting Jack in the Stargate SG-1 episode Abyss.
    • Not to mention his speech to an amnesiac Vala at the end of Memento Mori.
  • On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy is being haunted by the spirit of the First Slayer who is trying to show her that the life of a slayer is marked by its loneliness. She looks down at a tarot card in her hands that pictures Giles, Willow, and Xander, and replies: "I am not alone."
    • In a later episode, Spike outright states that having friends and family is what keeps Buffy alive (at this point, she's already more than doubled the average time any girl survives after becoming the Slayer).
  • Angel does it during "Expecting", when Angel discovered Cordelia very pregnant. "'re not alone."
  • The West Wing has several examples, but one of the great ones is Leo's "guy in the hole" story to Josh, ending with, "Long as I got a job, you got a job, you understand?"
  • The 100th episode of Criminal Minds is a real kick in the teeth for Aaron Hotchner: The Reaper kills his ex-wife, Haley, and goes after his young son Jack as well. But the team is there for Hotch no matter what - from Morgan pulling Hotch off Foyet's corpse to the entire team gathered around Jack in Hotch's office after he's just been cleared of any wrongdoing, they've got his back.
    • There's also Lauren. Prentiss, self-isolating from the team for their protection, gets this message on her cell:
    Garcia:Hey, it's me. Hotch asked me to try all your numbers, and I have this as an old listing and you probably don't even use it anymore, but if it is you and you're out there, come home, please. God, Emily, what did you think? That we would just let you walk out of our lives? I am so furious at you right now! But then I think about how scared you must be in some dark place all alone, but you're not alone, okay? You are not alone. We are in that dark place with you. We are waving flashlights and calling your name, so if you can see us, come home. But if you can't, then, then you stay alive because we're coming.
  • On NCIS, after Ziva's father, the only living relative she had left, is gunned down, Tony tells her "Aht lo leh-vad" (Hebrew for "You are not alone").
  • In the Burn Notice episode "Enemies Closer", Larry, Michael's old Evil Mentor, has been trying to turn him in part by sabotaging his cell phone to isolate him from his friends. He's finally succumbed to one of Larry's Breaking Speeches when his brother Nate shows up and complains about how it's been impossible to get hold of him lately. Realizing that his friends and family haven't abandoned him after all, Mike returns to fine form.
  • This bit of dialogue from Gossip Girl:
    Chuck: I spent eighteen years accepting the fact my mother was dead. It was misguided to let one of my father's girlfriends allow me to question that. To hope things may be different.
    Blair: Your real mother would never turn her back on a chance to know you.
    Chuck: I don't have a real mother Blair. I never will.
    Blair: That doesn't mean you're alone. I love you Chuck. And I will always be your family.
  • The reimagined Battlestar Galactica episode "Occupation" - the colonists on New Caprica, having suffered for four months under the boot of the Cylons thinking Adama and Apollo had jumped away and left them to their fates finally receive a message from a Raptor - "We will make contact with this frequency every twelve hours. Prepare sitrep for command authority. Have hope. We're coming for you." Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.
    • In "Faith", a fatally injured Eight reaches out to Athena, who turns away. Instead Anders grabs her hand, telling her, "It's okay. I'm with you." She dies moments later.
  • In the season six finale of Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Miranda Bailey tells this to Charles Percy as he dies from a gunshot wound. Bailey and a patient that helps her hold his hand until the very end.
  • In episode 47 of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, main character Takeru, who turns out to be a Body Double for the true current head of his "family's" clan, is lead to believe that his life up to now was worthless, and is nearly tricked into falling into darkness by his season-long archrival. Only the appearance of his teammates, who both help defeat the archrival for good and reaffirm their dedication and friendship to him instead of to the clan head who replaced him, keep him from falling. The scene ends with him breaking down in tears amidst his friends' support.
  • Two examples from Mahou Sentai Magiranger; in episode 13 the siblings come together to help Urara realize that she can rely on them and not just see them as children, and in the final episode it is Kai who receives the support of his family when N Ma has killed their father and brother-in-law, assuring him that he'll be able to pull through where they failed.
  • A good example is from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters during episode 20, when Filmroid shows illusions, Hiromu is stuck in one of being re-united with his parents. Yoko then tells him he shouldn't hide his loneliness since the team is there for him.
  • Inverted in Blackadder II episode "Money". At the end of the episode, when Edmund Blackadder is convinced that any attempts to raise the money to pay the Bishop of Bath and Wells or to run away from him are doomed to fail and that he's going to be brutally killed, he asks Baldrick if people would remember him if he dies. Instead of trying to comfort him, Baldrick honestly admits that Edmund is hated and mocked by everyone... but instead of breaking Edmund completely, this enrages him and makes him come up with a new plan to save his life, out of pure spite.
    Edmund: Bloody cheek! I'll show them!
  • From one of the original LazyTown plays, the song Ég á Góðan Vin (I Have A Good Friend) song fits this trope to a tee.
    "You are never alone / Even though someone tossed you aside.
    You are never alone / Because you have me."
  • Ladies & gentlemen, Friends.
    I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour.
    I'll be there for you, like I've been there before.
    I'll be there for you, cause you're there for me too.
    • Also played word for word when Chandler freaks out his friends will find people and he'll die old and alone. Monica tells him straight up that's not going to happen. (And, of course, it doesn't... because he eventually does finds someone... her).
  • In Kamen Rider OOO, Eiji is left to fight Dr. Maki all alone with the fate of the world on the line after Ankh performs a Heroic Sacrifice to allow him to utilize TaJaDor Combo using the Core Medal that contains his existence, killing himself in the process. As Eiji begins to fight, Ankh's spirit manifests and hits Maki in the face before giving Eiji a smile, letting him know that he's far from alone. After killing Maki and saving the world, Eiji is left powerless and plummeting from several thousand feet in the air...only for his friends to rush to his aid and Eiji realizes this trope was true all alone.
  • In The Vampire Diaries Jeremy promises Anna that she won't be alone, because once the current spell that gives ghosts physical presence ends, he'll be the only person who can see her, and only that when he wants to.
  • In Supernatural's season five finale, when Sam has been taken over by Lucifer, Dean tells him it's okay, he's there. Dean's presence enables Sam to throw himself into hell's solitary confinement to trap Lucifer.
    • In "I Know What You Did Last Summer" demon Ruby says this to Sam before making out with him, and in the very next episode Fallen Angel Anna says this to Dean before making out with him.
  • After Provenza's breakup with his fiance in 'The Closer', he lamented that he's old and alone. His police partner Flynn pointed out that while he is old, he's not alone.
  • In Person of Interest John gives this to Carter despite the fact she is trying to arrest him.
    • He again does this to Agent Shaw. Claiming despite the fact they walk in the dark, they don't have to do it alone.
    • This is really a recurring theme throughout the show. Everyone in the main cast has reminded each other of this.
    • In Season 4, Shaw's hostage negotiation with Gary who is wearing a suicide bomb on a crowded train. After some thinking, she listens to Fusco's idea of trying to convince the man he is not alone by talking with his other victims, the average people who like him suffered because of the financial crash. The people on the train, sans the jerkass banker right next to Gary who advocates Shaw just kill him, do come to Gary's emotional support, despite his current actions.
      Shaw: See, Gary? Life is crap. Welcome to the human race. But the good news is? You're not alone.
  • A recurring theme on Community, where the study group of Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits act like a family to each other. Hell, see the page quote for True Companions:
    Jeff: As long as you have friends, you have a family.
  • Likewise a major theme of Babylon 5. The Opening Narration in each of the first two seasons emphasises that the station is all alone in the night, but given the arc of the series, which begins with each of the alien cultures isolated and ends with the majority of them forming a new political alliance whose origins and nucleus are on the station, it's a strong candidate for the Most Triumphant Example of this trope.
    • This is said verbatim by G'Kar to Delenn, after he and Londo get the other alien governments to vote unanimously to provide military support and warships to Sheridan's fleet, in order to aid him in overthrowing Earth's tyrannical President Clark, out of gratitude for what he did for them during the Shadow War.
  • Happens in Merlin quite a bit, especially when Arthur wants to head off to rescue someone or complete some task on his own, only to have Merlin, Gwen, Morgana (in the early days), or his knights remind him that he doesn't have to do everything alone.
  • Invoked in the Castle episode "In the Belly of the Beast" when Beckett was recovering from being tortured and nearly killed by Vulcan Simmons:
    Castle: See what happens when I leave you alone?
    Beckett: Babe, I wasn't alone. When they were interrogating me, the only thing that kept me going was thinking about you, about our future, the wedding. You were with me the whole time.
  • Felicity gives one of these to Oliver in "Streets of Fire," the penultimate episode of season two of Arrow:
    Oliver: I have failed this city. Yao-Fei, Shado, Tommy, my father, my mother. All that I have ever wanted to do is honor those people.
    Felicity: You honor the dead by fighting. And you are not done fighting! Malcolm Merlyn, the Count, the Clock King, the triad, everyone who has tried to hurt this city, you stopped them! And you will stop Slade.
    Oliver: I don't know how.
    Felicity: Neither do I, but I do know two things: you are not alone, and I believe in you.
  • Happens in the very first episode of Xena: Warrior Princess. A repentant Xena is trying to perform a Heel–Face Turn and make amends for her violent and bloody past, but due to her reputation, with the sole exception of Gabrielle no one seems willing to give her a second chance no matter what she does, and even her own mother rejects her. Eventually Xena goes to visit the tomb of her dead brother Lyceus.
    Xena: Since you've been gone I kind of lost my way, now I've found it. I thought I could start over....but no, they don't trust me. Not even mother. I can't blame her, she can't see into my heart but I've got to believe that you can, and I wish you were's hard to be alone.."
    Gabrielle: (quietly, standing in the doorway)You're not alone.."
  • Daredevil: Karen's response when Matt has a Heroic B.S.O.D. after seeing what goes on in Madame Gao's drug lab.
    Matt: I can't do this alone. I can't...I can't take another step.
    Karen: You're not alone, Matt. You never were.
  • Fabian from House of Anubis gives Nina a speech about this when she's distressed about the mystery and Senkhara, and how the teachers seem to be winning.
    Fabian: Victor may have more luck than we do, but we have something he doesn't have. Each other. Us and all of the Sibunas. We're going to get through this, because we won't let each other give up, and we won't let each other fail.
  • An episode of Happy Days has Fonzie getting harassed into leaving town by a cop who wants to purge the town of "leather jackets". When Fonzie is about to give in and leave, Richie, his friends and the whole town stand up to the cop by wearing leather jackets in solidarity for Fonzie.
    Richie: So what are you going to do? You can't kick us all out.
  • In's "Dying To Connect", this is how Zoe manages to stop Ralph from overdosing online.
  • In Luke Cage, Method Man delivers an ode to Luke's badassery and awesomeness over a montage of Harlem citizens wearing bullet-pocked hoodies to flummox the cops hunting for him.
    Luke Cage, please believe me sir, the streets got your back!

  • "Magenta" by nano.
  • Embrace - You're Not Alone among many, many others.
  • Tokio Hotel - By Your Side
  • "You're Not Alone" by Saosin.
  • Everybody Hurts, R.E.M.
    If you feel like you're alone / No, no, no, you're not alone.
  • Two songs, both named "You're Not Alone", from Final Fantasy IX
  • You Are Not Alone by Eagles
  • Mumford & Sons' Timshel ("And you are not alone in this / As brothers we'll stand and we'll hold your hand")
    • Although there's a partial subversion in the final line: "But I can't move the mountains for you."
  • "Roll With the Changes" by REO Speedwagon.
  • Parts of "We Are Young" by fun.:
    So if by the time/The bar closes/And you feel like falling down,/I'll carry you home/Tonight...
  • Two Steps Behind by Def Leppard qualifies.
  • You Find Out Who Your Friends Are is this trope in every way but the exact words. The video makes it even better.
  • Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water.
    I'm on your side / When times get rough...
  • Rock and Roll Suicide by David Bowie is an extremely emotional song, starting slow and melancholic, then breaking out into beautiful passion as he cries out, "Oh, no, love, you're not alone!"
  • "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)" by Josh Groban.
  • Avril Lavigne's Keep Holding On. The whole song really, but the opening lines say it directly.
  • Roger & Hammerstein's "You'll Never Walk Alone".
    • So awesome, to the extent that it became (and is best known as) the club anthem of Liverpool FC (to the point where the title is displayed on the Shankly Gates) and later, Celtic FC and Borussia Dortmund, oddly enough.
    • And the Bootstrapped Theme of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.
    • This is also the Madison Scouts' corps anthem (invoked when current members and alumni use the acronym MYNWA, or May You Never Walk Alone).
  • The chorus to Michelle Branch's "Everywhere".
    "'Cause you're everywhere to me
    And when I catch my breath, it's you I see
    You're everything I know that makes me believe
    I'm not alone."
  • A Better Place, A Better Time by Streetlight Manifesto.
    "I know that you think that you're on your own
    But just know that I'm here
    And I'll lead you home
    If you let me."
  • Michael Jackson's/R. Kelly's "You Are Not Alone" is about being with someone in an emotional sense if not a physical one.
  • (You Were) Never Alone by SAGA
  • Nickelback brings us Never Gonna Be Alone
    You're never gonna be alone
    From this moment on.
    If you ever feel like letting go
    I won't let you fall.
  • "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North.
  • Savage Garden's "Crash and Burn."
    "If you need someone to call
    If you jump I'll break your fall
    If you need to crash
    Then crash and burn, you're not alone."
  • A running theme of Brave Saint Saturn's music; the phrase "You are not alone" shows up in the liner notes of the first album.
    • A few years later, at the parent band Five Iron Frenzy's final concert, Reese chanted those same words over the bridge of the last song they ever played together. "You are not alone, you are not alone, you are never alone."
  • The song "Never Alone" from Fame. Beautiful and uplifting.
  • Eminem's "Not Afraid". Just listen to the lyrics by the end!
    Everybody, everybody, come take my hand
    We'll walk this road together, through the storm
    Whatever weather
    Just lettin' you know
    You're not alone
  • Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush (and a whole lot of other people who've done a cover of it since), originally from Peter's album So.
    "Don't give up, 'cause you still have friends" and "When times get rough, you can fall back on us."
  • Not Alone by Linkin Park.
  • Lady Gaga's Dance in the Dark has this at parts of it.
    You will never fall apart.
    Diana, you're still in our hearts
    Never let you fall apart
    Together we'll dance in the dark.
  • From the title track of the album "We Are The Others" by Delain
    If you feel mistreated, torn and cheated,
    You are not alone.
  • This trope is featured in "Like You" by Evanescence
    You're not alone
    No matter what they told you
    You're not alone
    I'll be right beside you forevermore.
  • 'Aftermath', by Adam Lambert is very much this trope.
  • That's What Friends Are For
    Whoa, and then for the times when we're apart
    Well, then close your eyes and know
    These words are comin' from my heart
    And then if you can remember, oh
    Keep smiling, keep shining
    Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
    That's what friends are for
    In good times, in bad times
    I'll be on your side forever more
    Oh, that's what friends are for
  • "I will Carry You" by Clay Aiken. "You should know now that you're not alone. Take my heart and you will find, we will find, a way home."
  • Hide In Your Shell is a great example of this trope.
    If I can help you, if I can help you,
    If I can help you, just let me know.
  • Splashdown had one in I Understand.
  • The line "Believe in me as I believe in you" from The Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight, Tonight," already a generally uplifting song, can be interpreted as this.
  • The Corrs song "At Your Side"
    I'll be at your side
    There's no need to worry
    Together, we'll survive
    Through the haste & hurry
  • The voice within, by Christina Aguilera.
    Young girl, don’t cry, I’ll be right here when your world starts to fall.
  • Toy Story's "You've Got A Friend In Me":
    When the road looks rough ahead, and you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed...You just remember what your old pal said: Boy, you've got a friend in me.
  • Paul McCartney's "Always Somebody Who Cares"
  • Second album by Breaking Benjamin is titled "We Are Not Alone"
  • "Not Alone" by Darren Criss, from A Very Potter Musical:
    Baby, you're not alone, 'cause you're here with me
    And nothing's ever gonna bring us down, 'cause nothing can keep me from loving you
    And you know it's true
    It don't matter what'll come to be—our love is all we need to make it through.
  • There are a lot of songs titled "Hitori Ja Nai" (which is the article title in Japanese) in JPop. With various flavors, too.
  • Für Immer by the German band Unheilig:
    Weinst Du auch, wenn Deine Welt zerbricht? Weinst Du? Ich weine mit! Brauchst Du mich, wenn Du am Abgrund stehst? Springst Du? Ich halte Dich!
    Translates to: Do you cry when your world breaks apart? Do you cry? I cry with you! Do you need me when you're in front of the abyss? do you jump? I hold you!
  • "Valkyrie Missile" by Angels & Airwaves.
    If you're here and you're all alone tonight
    Then I'll give you a free ride
    Take a chance 'cause I know you want to
    If only you'll hold on, just hold on
    I'm here and I'm with you
    I'm here too, I feel you
    We'll get through
    I know this, I've seen it
    A hundred times, a thousand times
    Just one more time with you and I
    I'll pull you close...
    And then we'll say goodbye.
  • "Carolyn" by Black Veil Brides
    You're not alone
    And we'll brave this storm.
  • "Stranger Things Have Happened" by Foo Fighters.
  • Dare ka ga Kimi wo Aishiteru by Takayuki Miyauchi.
    Dare ka ga kimi wo, aishiteru / Dare ka ga kimi wo, shinjiteru / Dare ka ga kimi wo, motometeru / Doko ka de, doko ka de
    Somebody out there loves you / Somebody out there believes in you / Somebody out there is looking for you / Somewhere, somewhere
  • "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet:
    No, you'll never be alone
    When darkness comes
    I'll light the night with stars
    Hear my whispers in the dark
    No, you'll never be alone
    When darkness comes
    You know I'm never far
    Hear my whispers in the dark
    • While it's not as overt as "Whispers in the Dark", "Awake and Alive" expresses a similar sentiment, especially in the lines immediately preceding the chorus in the first two verses:
      It's getting harder to stay awake
      And my strength is fading fast
      You breathe into me at last
    When my faith is getting weak
    And I feel like giving in
    You breathe into me again
    • This theme is repeated in "The Last Night", wherein the singer is speaking to a girl suffering from depression.
    This is the last night you'll spend alone
    Look me in the eyes so I know you know
    I'm everywhere you want me to be
  • "Message in a Bottle" by The Police tells the story of a castaway who sends out an S.O.S. in a bottle, and waits for a year with no reply. Then...
    Woke up this morning, don't believe what I saw:
    Hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore.
    Seems I'm not alone in being alone,
    Hundred billion castaways looking for a home.
    • Ostensibly, it's just about a castaway...but considering who came up with the song, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that the hidden message is You Are Not Alone.
  • "Run With Us" by Lisa Lougheed, the theme song for The Raccoons.
    If a desperate love,
    Keeps on driving you wrong,
    Don't be afraid,
    You're not alone.
  • "Yubiwa" by Maaya Sakamoto, which was used for the Big Damn Movie of The Vision of Escaflowne;
  • Lady Antebellum and Jim Brickman give us Never Alone
    When hard times have found you
    And your fears surround you
    Wrap my love around you
    You're never alone
  • I'll Stand By You from Pretenders
    When the night falls on you
    You don't know what to do
    Nothing you confess
    Could make me love you less
    I'll stand by you
  • Lean On Me, by Bill Withers
  • "Your Heart Will Lead You Home" by Kenny Loggins, used for The Tigger Movie.
  • My Dearest; by supercell, used as the opening for the Guilty Crown Anime, the song is about someone who realizes they are not alone and then does everything they can for that person, lyrics found here.
  • Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms as the name would suggest;
    In the fear and alarm
    You did not desert me
    My brothers in arms.
  • Pink Floyd's "Outside The Wall" from The Wall, where the titular wall represents the emotional barrier many have built sealing themselves off from the world.
    All alone, or in twos,
    The ones who really love you
    Walk up and down outside the wall.
    Some hand in hand,
    some gathered together in bands,
    the bleeding hearts and the artists make their stand.
    And when they've given you their all,
    some stagger and fall after all, it's not easy.
    Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall.
  • Seal's "Don't Cry", whose chorus says it best:
    Don't cry,
    You're not alone.
    Don't cry tonight,
    My baby.
    Don't cry;
    You'll always be loved.
    Don't cry tonight,
    My baby.
  • "Not Alone" by All That Remains. Though it's more "I am not alone" than "you are not alone", it's a similar sentiment. (Also ambiguous is whether it's referring to a woman or to a God.)
    I'm not alone
    With the touch of your hand
    I am whole again
  • Brandon Heath's "It's No Good To Be Alone"
  • Pearl Jam's "Present Tense":
    You can spend your time alone, re-digesting past regrets, oh
    Or you can come to terms and realize
    You're the only one who can't forgive yourself, oh
    Makes much more sense, to live in the present tense
  • "Lullaby" by Nickelback is full of this trope, calling out to the listener that no matter where they are, there is someone who wants them to make it through.
    • "Somebody for Me", as well, though the sentiment is more romantic than most examples.
  • Second Person's "Paper Umbrella" is about someone desperately trying to convince their friend that they are not alone in their suffering. Lyrics can be interprerted for nearly any situation - mourning the loss of a loved one, divorce, a parent consoling a child, or even a child consoling a parent.
  • Stick To Your Guns, a hardcore band, brings us Amber, a song about a girl who thinks nobody cares about her. The lyrics speak to the listener at some point, as well.
    She screams "oh"/I've had enough please make this go/The sea is rough and I'm drowning slow/The mind-numbing pain has her lost in the undertow/But braves her storm/You're not alone
  • "Not Alone" by Red. Pretty much the same sort of thing as many of the songs already here.
  • "The Unwinding Cable Car" and "Hello Alone" by Anberlin. The latter is an aversion until the last line of the song, though.
  • Death Cab for Cutie's "I Will Follow You Into The Dark":
    If Heaven and Hell decide
    They both are satisfied
    Illuminate the 'no's on their vacancy signs
    If there's no one beside you
    When your soul embarks
    Then I'll follow you into the dark.
  • "Unity" by Shinedown
    Put your hands in the air if you hear me out there
    I've been searching for you day and night
    Shine a light in the dark, let me see where you are
    'Cause I'm not gonna leave you behind.
    If I told you that you're not alone
    And I showed you this is where you belong
    Put your hands in the air
    One more time.
  • Garbage's song "Beloved Freak" has "You're not alone" as a repeated lyric. What's really heartwarming is that it was the last song on the track, which the band typically reserves for their most depressing songs.
    Tell me where it hurts
    And to hell with everybody else
    All I care about is you, and that's the truth
    They don't like me
    Yeah, I can tell
    But you do, so they can go to hell
  • The Marianas Trench song "Beside You":
    And when your heart wears thin
    I will hold you up
    And I will hide you
    If it gets too rough
    I'll be right beside you
  • Depending on what version you're hearing, the classic Christmas song "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" can send this message.
  • Erutan's rendition of "You're Not Alone" from Final Fantasy IX, mentioned below, adds lyrics to the song overlaying the scene that illustrate this trope.
    When the storm draws nigh
    Dreams will shatter before your eyes
    Know that you're not alone
    When the battle starts
    I will comfort your restless heart
    You'll know that you are home

    When your stars stop shining
    Endless vines around you winding
    Know that you're not alone
    I will give my all
    So your tears will no longer fall
    Down, down on sorrow's stone
  • This is echoed repeatedly in "The Gates" by Young Empires.
  • Move Along by The All-American Rejects.
    Hands are shaking cold
    Your hands are mine to hold
  • Flares by The Script
    Did you see the sparks
    Feel the hope
    You are not alone
    'Cause someone's out there
    Sending out flares
  • Eye of the Storm, by Killswitch Engage.
    Through the eye
    Of the storm
    You are never alone
    Even through the shadows
    You are never alone


  • This is the message that the anthropomorphic representation of philosophy brings to Boethius in The Consolations of Philosophy: once you have become a philosopher, philosophy will always be with you, no matter what.
    "Could I desert thee, child," said [Philosophy], "and not lighten the burden which thou hast taken upon thee through the hatred of my name, by sharing this trouble? Even forgetting that it were not lawful for Philosophy to leave companionless the way of the innocent, should I, thinkest thou, fear to incur reproach, or shrink from it, as though some strange new thing had befallen?

    Tabletop Games 
  • Legend of the Five Rings gives us this exchange when the Water Dragon offers Yoritomo to take his twenty strongest samurai to Volturnum, most likely to face certain death
    Yoritomo turned to the Dragon, lifting his kamas from their sheaths. "I am my twenty strongest samurai!" he roared. "Take me, and I shall show you how the Son of Storms faces death!"

    The Dragon rolled through sea foam and salt tears, prepared to work its magic, when another voice echoed from beside the Mantis general. Aramasu, Bayushi no more, stood at his father's side.

    "And I am twenty-one."
  • Warhammer40000
    • The Eldar capture the souls of their dead to save them from being absorbed by Slaanesh, the god of excess. The Eldar keep them inside soulstones, which are used to amplify the psychic powers of their descendents and to pilot giant mech suits. Given that every hour they live is their darkest hour, this example qualifies.
    "You are our children. Dead though we are, we shall not abandon you"
    • This is also one of the central points of the Imperium's faith. This is a vast and merciless universe filled with eldritch abominations and untold cosmic horrors, where everything hates humans. But the Emperor of Mankind watches over and protects His servants. Any human, as long as he or she believes in Him on Terra, will have something worth fighting for and have Him as Father, Guardian and God. This isn't just their religion, by the way. This is actually the part of the laws of physics in this universe. The Emperor watches over all mankind, but he cannot, and therefore will not, protect those who do not serve him faithfully.
    "There is only the Emperor, and he is our Shield and Protector."
  • Hunter: The Vigil uses this as a game mechanic, emphasizing that hunter cells will always work together no matter what they face in the darkness of the unknown.

  • In Stephen Sondheim's musical Into the Woods, the last song contains the lyrics; "you are not alone, believe me, no one is alone".
    • The song the lyric is from before being reprised in the finale: No One is Alone.
  • Also the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel includes the song You'll Never Walk Alone.
  • At the climax of The Phantom of the Opera, Christine offers the Phantom compassion, sings that he's not alone, and kisses him thoroughly. She leaves with Raoul anyway, and he presumably dies alone after all.
    '''Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? God give me courage to show you You Are Not Alone!
  • The Wicked musical has this theme running as subtext throughout, most obviously in "For Good".
  • There's a funny exchange in Spamalot in "I'm All Alone" when Arthur sings about how alone he is while Patsy sings about how he's not alone.
    Arthur: But I'm alone.
    Patsy: Oh no, you're not.
    Arthur: So all alone.
    Patsy: I'M HERE, YOU TWAT.
  • This is also a major theme in Children of Eden.
  • "Not Alone" from A Very Potter Musical and its reprise at the very end of the show. The first time, it's Ginny singing to Harry (which becomes a four part harmony when Ron and Hermione show up) before destroying the sixth Horcrux. The second time is when Quirrell and Voldemort reunite in Azkaban.
  • Seussical: Both Horton and JoJo are feeling ostracized and lonely near the beginning of the show, then they manage to talk to each other and finally find the friend they've been looking for:
    Horton: You called my name and you set me free. One small voice in the universe...
    JoJo: One true friend in the universe...
    Both: Who believes in me.
  • The finale of Songs for a New World is "Hear My Song". The plot of the musical is rightfully sketchy at best, dipping in between time lines as we visit immigrants, wives left behind by soldiers in the Civil War of 1775, a woman who left her life to marry Santa Claus and a man who is the "steam train" of professional basketball. The end song is the most simple. It is the two main females singing to their children, about how they might be scared of what's happened and is going to happen, but they should just "trust in mama's singing, and the gift tomorrow's bringing. Trust it. Don't ask why." Unbelievably heartwarming as they remind them that they're not alone.
  • At the end of Next To Normal the usually (and understandably) moody Natalie returns home to her father sitting in the dark and crying after he has just come to term with the death of his son and has been left by his wife. She asks if it's just them both now, and he simply says "yes". She proceeds to turn on the lights and tell him "we need some light. First of all, we need some light." We then see them all adjusting to a better life together (at last) after everything has passed.
    • Diana singing to Natalie in "Maybe (Next to Normal)" could stand for this, too. It works, and they say that they'll "be fine." Even if Diana does eventually leave them to go and live with her own parents for a while.
  • In Duncan Shiek's adaptation of Spring Awakening, Melchior discovered Wendla's grave (who had died from a botched abortion while Melchior was at reform school, because he got her pregnant and was framed for his best friend Moritz's suicide) and decides his life is no longer worth living. He is visited by Wendla and Moritz, and all three sing "Those You've Known." Melchior ends the musical with renewed hope, since his loved ones are not as far as he once thought.
    • This is a much more upbeat ending than Wedekind's original play where Mortiz's ghost attempts to convince Melchior that death is better than his miserable life (subverting this trope). Melchior is rescued by The Masked Man (Wedekind's self-insert), who gives him hope for the future and chides the ghost.
  • RENT: "And when you're dying in America, at the end of the millennium/You're not alone..."
  • The Eleven O'Clock Number "Is Anybody There?" from 1776 is John Adams declaring his vision and determination to see American independence, but ends with the question wistfully repeated, does anybody see what I see. Then Lyman Hall steps out of the shadows to say "Yes. I do." And changes his vote on the board from no to yes.
  • For most of her young adulthood, Allison Bechdel from Fun Home Believed she was destined to live a life alone due to her confused sexual feelings and continuous bottling up of them. Her room mate, a Lesbian named Joan teaches Allison that she'll never be alone by being her first sexual encounter and girlfriend. It's heartwarming and Allison sings the song Changing my Major that is about how flipping happy and excited Allison is after she finally learns to let go and accept herself.

    Video Games 
  • The main schtick of the Warrior of Sunlight and Heirs of The Sun covenants in Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, respectively. They are the covenants that specifically focus on assisting others in PvE gameplay. Before a boss gate, it's much more likely to see soul signs of those covenants than any other, waiting to be summoned to help out any who ask. Jolly cooperation indeed!
  • Final Fantasy breathes this.
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite had a tagline of "In the world of Monster Hunter, you are never alone." Which should be true as trying to solo some of the Harder Than Hard G-Rank quests can result in repeated death with High Rank armor and weaponry. Doesn't really help that the entry G-Rank quest just pits you against two Joke Characters with rather bad weapons and armor...
  • In Grandia, Guido snaps Justin from his Heroic B.S.O.D. by gathering all the past party members to encourage him.
  • In American McGee's Alice, the Gryphon joins Alice in a way to encourage her. For the first time since the beginning of the game, she has someone she can depend on (other than Cheshire, who can only be depended on for enigmatic sayings).
  • Sort-of kind-of inverted in the endgame of Baldur's Gate II. If you have Aerie in your party when you confront the Big Bad, then the usually timid White Mage will taunt him over how the protagonist isn't alone, while Irenicus most certainly is.
    Aerie: I came to hell to help my friend! Who helps you, Irenicus? Demons? You're going to die alone and you know it!
  • BioWare just likes this trope:
    • The 'you are not alone' speech is the primary method of convincing both Aribeth in Neverwinter Nights to come back from the Dark Side.
    • Your True Companion uses it on the Player Character in Knights of the Old Republic. All the crew, save Carth, rally around you after The Reveal. Carth comes around later, and in a big way if you play female. And at the Rakatan Temple, Jolee and Juhani step up, insisting that you will not be alone when you face your destiny.
    • In Jade Empire, it's only there on the Open Palm, but Sun Li knocks out your party and traps you in a Soul Jar with demons of fear and doubt. You call on your party members' spirits to help, and they gladly battle the demons. Even Sagacious Zu, who made a Heroic Sacrifice of his life comes back and uses the last of himself to break you all free. Sun Li is left scraping his jaw off the floor.
    • Mass Effect:
      Joker: I'm sitting here in the Andura sector with the entire Arcturus fleet. We can save the Ascension. Just unlock the relays around the Citadel and we'll send the cavalry in!
      • Just knowing that it is not going to be just you and two companions fighting Saren, Sovereign, the Geth, and the Krogan, but that the Arcturus fleet has come to help you, is a big shot in the arm at a desperate time.
    • Mass Effect 2:
      • During Tali'Zorah's loyalty mission in , Shepard and Tali have returned to the Migrant Fleet so that Tali can defend herself against the charge of treason. During the trial, the admiralty board, who have clearly already decided that Tali is guilty, inform her that geth have taken over one of their ships, killing everyone aboard including Tali's father. Shepard and Tali volunteer to try to take back the ship. On the ship, Tali finds her father's body and finally breaks down. The game gives you the option to give her a hug. It is generally considered to be one of the universal Paragon choices to make, even in a completely hardboiled Renegade playthrough. Paragon Shepards can give a rousing speech in her defense at the end of which one of the admirals thanks Shepard for standing in defense of one of their people. Shepard responds, "With all due respect, Admiral, I didn't represent one of your people. I represented one of mine." After the trial where Shepard's speech saved her father's reputation and kept her from exile, she says:
      Tali:I can't believe you pulled that off. What you said... I've never had anyone speak like that on my behalf. Thank you for being there for my father and me... even when... thank you.
      Shepard: Tali, about what your father said... what he did... you deserve better.
      Tali: I got better, Shepard. I got you.
      • An even more literal example occurs if Kal'Reegar survived on Haestrom and Veetor wasn't given to Cerberus. If both of them are present, you can take the option "Rally the Crowd" - at which point they both come forward and call the Admiralty Board on their crap, and Kal'Reegar even demands that if they exile Tali, they'll have to exile him as well.
    • Dragon Age II actually has this a couple times, depending on how you play Hawke/what responses you pick, particularly after Fenris's personal quest is completed. A good example is the dialogue between a Mage Hawke and Feynriel, a young half-elven apostate.
    Feynriel: Why do you even care? You don't even know me!
    * Hawke creates a blinding ball of light in one hand*
    Hawke: *gently* I am you...
    • Mass Effect 3:
      • As Shepard breaks more and more as a result of the war and The Chains of Commanding, their friends from throughout the trilogy (Garrus, Liara and Joker in particular) constantly try to let Shepard know that they have friends to support them.
      • In the Synthesis ending, the narrator observes that thanks to Shepard's actions, this is now the case for them:
    EDI: Because of him/her... I am alive, and I am not alone.
    • The "Hope" trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic ends with a subversion of Everybody's Dead, Dave, where Jace Malcom is seemingly left the Sole Survivor of a Republic squad that ran into a Sith Lord—but when he launches a signal flare, hundreds of such flares are shown launching into the sky across the planet, just as the Republic Fleet arrives into orbit. The original (unused) narration for the trailer even concluded with the words "We are not alone".
  • Metal Gear Solid 4's ending is all about this trope. From the fight between Outer Haven and the Missouri, to *sniff* Otacon telling Old Snake that he'll be there for him until Snake dies from clone degeneration. Otacon even lampshades this
  • Fallout: New Vegas has a fair number, including several you can use on companions.
    • If you're a good person, this is what the Dead Money DLC is all about.
    • Lonesome Road is made of this trope: If you're not talking to ED-E about his travels and reassuring him that you'll take care of him, you can see Ulysses watching you from far away, or talking through ED-E about your common destiny. While he does talk about your connection in terms of nuclear annihilation he still recalls the communities you both have traveled to, and how he has been walking the same path as you the whole time. In fact, while the DLC is called "Lonesome Road" the "Lonesome" refers to how you got there, not how you're going forward. Regardless of how you process, there will always be someone there.
  • In Valkyria Chronicles, most characters have a list of other characters they get on particularly well with. If a character launches an attack with one of their friends nearby, the friend will sometimes provide covering fire while saying a unique piece of dialogue along the lines of "You're not alone."
  • Possibly one of the darkest instances of this trope: in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, in the True Demon Ending, Lucifer has given you the power to challenge God's genocidal plan to destroy and rebuild billions of parallel worlds. He warns you, though, that God will curse you... but he will never, ever, abandon you. And, as other games confirm, this is his stance for the whole of Humanity.
  • One of the ending sequences to Star Fox 64 has the main character's father do this from beyond the grave to show his son the only safe way to escape from the Big Bad's Taking You with Me Collapsing Lair.
    James McCloud: Don't ever give up, my son.
    Fox McCloud: Father?
    • Really, a lot of this goes on in Star Fox. In Star Fox Adventures, Fox is saved and assisted in fighting Andross when Falco returns just in time.
  • In Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, Soma gets a telepathic pep talk from the whole supporting cast before going into The Very Definitely Final Dungeon. For bonus points, the music that plays during said talk is actually called "You're Not Alone".
  • The good ending of Disgaea 2. Adell gives Rozalin this assurance, after she claims to be "a being of solitude", and that she can trust nobody, her memories of her painfully lonesome life as Overlord Zenon having returned to her.
  • Ignitus to Spyro at the ending of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night.
    • After Ignitus' Heroic Sacrifice and himself being pulled back from being Dark Spyro , Spyro is feeling lost and alone after his mentor and father figure's death... until Cynder tells him he's never alone and gives him a nuzzle.
    • An example that crosses over with Worth Living For near the end when Cynder breaks Malefor's hold on her through sheer willpower to bolster Spyro's spirits. "There's always something to fight for..."
  • In Oni, if Konoko chooses not to kill Griffin, she fights Muro and cronies in the final battle, as he berates her for coming alone against him. Cue Griffin and a pair of TCTF Black Ops helicoptering in. "She isn't alone!"
  • In the Ending Theme Tune of The World Ends with You, (called "Lullaby for You", by Jyongri) these words are used. (In the Japanese Version, it's "Hitori janai".)
    A lullaby for you...
    Don't you worry baby,
    I'll be there by your side.
    Make tomorrow be wonderful, too.
    Close to you I hope to stay,
    Endlessly from today,
    Even through cloudy days,
    You are not alone.
    Hanekoma: Trust your partner, Phones.
  • Ōkami's ending had elements of this mixed with the Clap Your Hands If You Believe.
  • Kingdom Hearts naturally has one, being a game based on the power of friendship and such. Sora's keyblade is taken from him by Riku and Donald Duck and Goofy leave him (as they had orders to follow the keyblade). Later, he catches up to them and when Riku attacks Sora, Goofy blocks the attack followed by Donald joining him and stating "Well, you know: all for one and one for all." Cue Sora's speech about not needing the keyblade, since his friends are his power. (After which the keyblade immediately reappears in his hand).
    • Mickey says this to Riku during Chain of Memories while the latter is worrying about being consumed by his inner darkness.
    • Kingdom Hearts II sees Sora scold Riku for trying to take on so many burdens himself, when he has so many friends who'd gladly help. Even Donald and Goofy, who aren't as close to Riku as Kairi and King Mickey, confirm it.
    • This once again comes up in coded, where the digital Riku in Jiminy's Journal admits his envy of Sora having so many friends that trust him. Data Sora stops him right there, countering that his friends are Riku's friends, too. Cue Mickey, Donald, and Goofy cheering Riku on from afar.
    • Invoked by Sora in 3D, when he says that hearts are what tie people together even when they're apart, the ties he shares with his friends are what make him strong, and that he's glad to be a small part of the group the Keyblade chose. While it's not done in the trope's usual form, the visuals definitely have this vibe.
      Sora: "My friends. They are my power!"
  • At the end of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Bowser, while facing off against Dark Bowser and barely keeping his footing with the hurricane in the background, gets this from Starlow, who tells him that Mario and Luigi have been inside of them this whole time and that they've got his back the entire way. While Bowser can't hear any of this due to the hurricane, Starlow yells at him not to forget that his archenemies are helping him to the end.
  • In the ending of both Persona 3 and 4, the Main Characters are empowered by the Social Links he's made throughout the game, with the characters he's formed the strongest bonds with cheering him on and encouraging him to fight, ultimately granting them an Eleventh Hour Superpower.
    • Especially evident in the ending of Persona 3, where the Protagonist faces Nyx, Goddess of Death by him/herself. As Nyx continues hammering the Protagonist with attacks that he/she barely withstand, the members of SEES cheers him/her on and empower the Protagonist through The Power of Friendship
    Fuuka: He's going to face it all by himself!
    Junpei: No, he's not alone! I won't let him die!
    Shinjiro: All right. Let's do this.
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin eventually becomes very evidently about this for the protagonist, Tatsuya. For much of the early game he seems an aloof "lone wolf" type thrown in by circumstance with his rival from another school, a girl who has a crush on him, and a reporter and her partner looking for a scoop. As the backstory unfolds, it's clear that Tatsuya is an emotionally-scarred loner who already lost his closest friends as a child and is reluctant to get involved with anyone or anything. But now they're finding each other again... just in time to be viciously subverted by the ending, leaving him scarred even worse for the sequel, Eternal Punishment.
  • Persona 5: Invoked by the heroes. The 4 initial members justify continuing Heel–Face Brainwashing corrupt adults after the Starter Villain as a way to encourage others to stand up for themselves. Each new party member similarly mentions one of their reasons for joining is so that no one will have to be exploited or suffer like they did.
  • Wild ARMs 2 has a variant, in that it's a self-induced epiphany... at first. A recurring theme states that heroes exist only to sacrifice themselves so that the weak don't have to fight. After the resolution of the main plot drives this point home, the protagonist's depression allows his Enemy Within to take over, trapping him inside of his own soul. However, in order to prevent what just happened to Irving from happening again, he calls out to the hearts of his companions to give him the power to draw the Sword of Plot Advancement. Not only do they respond, so does the entire population of Filgaia, whose prayers and desire to help protect their own world fuels the hero's new Combined Energy Attack. The ensuing Final Duel Boss fight is set to an orchestration of the game's theme song, titled "You'll Never Be Alone No Matter Where You Go".
  • Phantasy Star Online 's Tag Line: "You are not the only hero."
  • EarthBound. Paula's prayers cause the world and the player to aid the heroes in the final fight, making it one of the best examples of this trope.
    • MOTHER 3 also made it into this trope quite well. The final fight is Lucas alone facing the Masked Man, who turned out to be his twin brother Claus. Knowing the truth, Lucas cannot bring himself to fight. note  However, Lucas soon realizes that he is not alone (despite the rest of the party being knocked out by the Masked Man), for his father (Flint) and deceased mother (Hinawa) are all by his side the entire time. Makes it a very emotional fight.
  • One of the main points of the plot -and gameplay- of Thomas Was Alone.
    • In fact, by finishing the game, you get the achievement "Thomas Was Not Alone".
  • Done a couple times in Resonance of Fate.
    • Once where Leanne tries to sneak off to break into a heavily guarded facility on her own to try and see her old mentor/foster father, who she's not even sure is alive. Her boys intercept her half-way there, causally asking if she 'needs to hire some hunters?' and taking turns listing off everything they've done together up to that point as a 'resume' of sorts. They won't take a no for an answer.
    • And again when Zephyr and Vashyron try to keep Leanne in the dark regarding some fairly important points of her own life, thinking they're protecting her. She catches them out and scolds them rather sternly, telling them she's one of them now and an adult on top of it. At the same time, Zephyr finally comes close to his very own breaking point that he's been rapidly progressing towards since Lagerfield. After discovering the truth behind a lot of what's going on, he blows up at how calm the other two are. He admits he's frightened and insists the other two are frightened, too, no matter what they say, ending with- "I can't- I don't... want it to end like this." Leanne gently takes his hand and his gun, tells him nothing is ending, and telling them that they both have changed how she lives and thinks, and that she's going to get her answers. It's subtle and quick, but with the little touches- including a brotherly clasp to her shoulder from Vashyron, who until that point has notably refrained from such gestures unless they're playful- it's a touching little moment of solidarity and self-made family.
  • Case 5 of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has this happen to Edgeworth after Damon Gant is finally convicted. He's worried he'll jump off the slippery slope like the killer did - until Lana points out that he's not in danger of this, because the killer was all alone, and Edgeworth has Phoenix on his side. You can then present Edgeworth with evidence (specifically, the two halves of the falsified evidence list, one which was found by Phoenix and the other which was in Edgeworth's possession) to prove it.
  • Super Robot Wars W manages to turn the Tekkaman Blade finale into one of these: Blade, who has lost all of his memories except how much he hates the Radam beasts and just had his Evil Twin brother Shin'ya die in a Heroic Sacrifice, goes off alone to fight Big Bad Tekkaman Omega, actually his older brother Keigo, much like in the show. After two turns of facing off hordes of Radam beasts with no music except the sound effects, Ruri appears saying the Trope Namer alongside the rest of the playable crew, who then call out to Blade and get him to snap out of his rage. Then the whole team crushes together Omega and the Radam beasts.
  • In Phantom Brave, the alternate campaign Another Marona has the entire cast pull this on Carona, who up until then had never had anyone to rely on.
  • Tales of the Abyss has this with Guy to Luke, other than a brief stint after the first plot point.
    Guy: "Even if the whole world rejected you, I'd still be here, by your side."
  • During the already pretty darn epic "Cypher of Damnation" questline in the Burning Crusade expansion of World of Warcraft, during the final Big Bad fight some of the characters the player interacted with during the quest, including one who's *dead,* show up to help, with the head of the group shouting so loud the whole zone can hear it, "You do not fight alone!" Although the Big Bad turns out to be an intelligent and evil MOUNTAIN, as it *also* turns out, one of them's a tank, and one of them's a healer, and they're all elite, so the player is suddenly fighting with a self-contained unit which can royally kick the Big Bad's ass if played intelligently.
  • One of the themes of Katawa Shoujo, as shown in the promotion material:
    • Hanako especially struggles with this.
  • ICO has Ico and Yorda, despite being unable to talk, convey this message to each other with nothing more than an outstretched hand and a smile.
  • BioShock 2: Zig-Zagged disturbingly. Along with being constantly reminded that "Big Sister Is Watching You", Sofia Lamb constantly reminds the citizens of Rapture that "[They] are not alone". In other words, neither she nor the Rapture family will ever abandon them, and if they ever turn against the Family she will know.
  • Spec Ops: The Line has the parting words of Konrad be a reminder to Walker that despite everything that has transpired in the story he still has a home to go back to. Walker and Konrad had previously served together in Afghanistan and Konrad was of the cynical opinion that soldiers could never go back home, they had a line they had to cross where they would ultimately die bitterly on the battlefield. Konrad urging Walker to go home is asking him to prove him wrong.
    Konrad: No matter what happens next, don't be too hard on yourself. Even now, after all you've done, you can still go home. Lucky you.
  • While any MMORPG guild should be an example of this and/or True Companions, DC Universe Online's league Patriotic Heroes is built on the idea. Founded by two IRL friends, the league's main message is "no hero left behind," most of the members are recruited after helping or being helped by a current member, and they are always happy (or at least willing) to help each other with a difficult mission or gear hunt.
  • At the end of Kud's route in Little Busters!, she's been separated from her friends and boyfriend on an island under civil war, her parents are dead, and she's become resigned to her fate as she is chained up as a human sacrifice...until Riki, through the power of their connection and the ritual they went through earlier, is able to communicate with her. At first Kud believes she's hallucinating his voice, but she's still so relieved to hear him, and when she realises he really is talking to her, he manages to convince her to keep fighting and try to escape her death.
    • Also, in both the anime and visual novel, there's an example near the end of Refrain where Rin runs around the school remembering being with her friends and then meets up with Komari on the rooftop, but the anime adds two more implied examples: after Kyousuke says goodbye to Riki and prepares to die, he sees the other girls and guys in the classroom with him as they disappear. And later, after they have died and Riki is struggling to cope, he's able to pick himself up again and fight against this reality when he remembers all of his friends and how much he wants to see them again.
  • Minecraft's ending basically exists to say that the "true creators" of Minecraft are existent, you can see their thoughts, and they tell you that you did well and they love you.
  • In his second year as Batman, Bruce Wayne's been in a fight for his life all Christmas Eve. After fighting through several assassins, corrupt police and petty criminals, he returns home only to discover that Bane has figured out his identity and attacked the Batcave, and Alfred is injured. More piles down on him when he finds out that criminals led by Bane and the Joker have taken over a prison. Bruce then gives up, only for Alfred to drive home a point that he has been making all night: he can't fight the war on crime alone, and has plenty of willing allies to fight alongside him. This leads to Bruce donning the cowl once again to go kick a very large amount of ass.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (series)
    • This happens to Gaius When an attack hits close to home on the southern portion of the Highlands. He tells his comrades that he wants to do this alone. But alas, they refuse
    Jusis: I would never disgrace the honor of my family name by fleeing in the face of danger.
    Alisa: Besides, it seems like your people have done a lot for my grandfather.
    • In Cold Steel II, Rean really starts to feel the burden of being the Ashen Awakener and is reminded more than once that he's not alone; that he has the support of Class VII and everyone else he's come to know and appreciate at Thors Academy.
  • In Undertale's Pacifist ending, all your friends tell you this while being strangled to death by Flowey as they deflect his attempts to finish you off. Their kind words fill you with so much determination that your HP begins to refill slowly, and then all the minor side characters you've also befriended barge in and start encourage you as well, filling your HP up. Subverted as Flowey was planning something like this to happen so he could steal everyone's SOUL. But double-subverted when their kind words and friendship manage to persist even after the timeline has been destroyed and you should have forgotten them, which ultimately allows you to call them back to their senses and save them all.
    • And perhaps even stronger on the Genocide route; despite everything you've had to do to get there, Papyrus is willing to spare you, offering to be your friend.


    Web Original 
  • The Spoony Experiment: Despite the self-admitted hypocrisy, Spoony took Roger Ebert's review of the movie Fanboys kinda personal, and offered this rebuttal:
    Spoony: You are not stupid for seeking people you identify with. You are not an idiot for finding friends and feeling like you have somewhere you belong. Your particular brand of happiness might be pretty fucked-up, but you're not fucked-up for pursuing that happiness. As long as you're not hurting anyone, wave that freak flag high. Final Fantasy VIII may suck, and you may suck for liking it, but I'm the captain of this suck-filled leaking failboat, and I’m not going to have some jerkoff movie critic who’s never cracked a Player’s Handbook in his life call my homies STUPID.
  • This:
    JewWario: Hey there,I feel that way sometimes too. Sometimes nothing goes wrong and I feel bad all day long. It's weird. The brain is a weird thing to deal with and I know that I shouldn't feel bad, but I still do. Sometimes too much. Sometimes I hate myself so much... but that's when I need people around me.You are important. You may not know it, but your life affects many others. Sometimes you just don't know how much. You are important and sometimes you just need someone to tell you that. So... I am telling you:You ARE important. Someday you will affect someone and they will be sad if you leave. Even if it's just to another part of Mexico, they will be sad. Everyone touches someone's lives. We sometimes don't know it.You just told me that I matter too... but I'll bet you didn't know that you did. So thank you. It means a lot to me.Hang in there. We all have good and bad days. We just need to get through the bad days together. That way, we're stronger. Always stronger together. -Justin "JW"
    Justin: I want you all to look at me. Because what I’m about to say is important. I’ve been thinking about this a lot; a lot lately. And I want you all to know this. This goes out to everybody. You’re not stupid. Okay? You’re not stupid. Don’t ever tell yourself that you are. You’re important. What you have in your head may not mean a lot to a lot of people, but its what makes you special. You are important. You mean something. And you’re going to go out there, and you’re gonna to do some wonderful things. But, first and foremost, you’re not stupid. You’re not an idiot. Don’t ever tell yourself that you are. And, if nobody else ever tells you this, I will tell you this; I care about you.
    • Both of these quotes become a lot more heartwrenching when you remember that Justin himself committed suicide in January 2014.
  • Heta Oni: "I'm sure I'll cry. And then...and then...look around yourself. You are all...un-alone.
  • In Red vs. Blue, Church gives this message to Carolina after showing her some journals from her old friend York.
    Carolina: Why did you show me that?
    Church: Because I know what it's like to spend your life chasing ghosts.
  • A heartwarming message from Toki to Bunny. Interesting thing about that story is that the author wanted to let everyone know they are not alone and that she wants to see them smile and that no one is alone.
  • In the second episode of Demo Reel, the sick person actually has to force the worried friend to go and do something else.
  • The climax of this video.
    Gideon I've done the one thing my enemy could never do. (Planeswalkers start warping in). I've made allies from my enemies.
  • The episode "Burning the Candle" in RWBY is about Yang trying to convince Blake that she, Ruby, and Weiss wanted to help her get through whatever was troubling her, and that Blake shouldn't force herself to take on more than she can handle.
  • Episode 9 of Critical Role has Vax'ildan calm down Keyleth with this when the latter is starting to have a Freak Out about the situation their initially simple search for Lady Kima has led them to.
  • Humourously applied in several Game Grumps episodes, and occasionally used more seriously than thought possible for a comedic game show.
    Arin: I CAN'T DO IT, JON!
    Jon: I can't either!
    Arin: I can't f**king do it...

    Western Animation 
  • Aelita says to her friends that "fighting XANA is [her] job," implying that she thinks she has to fight XANA alone. Jeremie and the others join hands. Jeremie says, "No, Aelita. It's our job." That cements the fact that she doesn't have to fight him alone.
  • Justice League:
    • In an episode in which J'onn is forced to open his telepathic awareness across the entire city after Luthor escapes. The experience is... disillusioning, to say the least, as he gets a taste of how petty, bitter, and selfish humans can be inside their own heads. The episode ends with him discovering a group searching for a missing child—all of them obviously desperate to find her, and he realises that humans are not all bastards. And then Diana finds him. There is hugging. It's ironic, in a way, because J'onn is still alone in the universe, and this is something he's always going to have to deal with - but it's not all hopeless.
    • The trend continues when J'onn leaves the League temporarily in "To Another Shore," to find a home. When he returns, he has a wife.
  • In Justice League Unlimited, when the entire core original team form a chain to drag The Flash out of the speedforce shouting, "We're here, Wally. We're all here!"
  • Teen Titans:
    • Beast Boy tells Raven: "You think you're alone, Raven. But you're not." He gets a hug in return (much to his shock).
    • After having just gone through an episode-long brutal Mind Rape, Robin confesses to the other Titans that sometimes he feels like he's the only one still looking for Slade, "the only one that can stop him". Whereupon Starfire steps forward and tells him gently, "Robin... you are never alone."
  • This is arguably the whole point of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Every episode, he teams up with another hero from the DC universe, to the point where he might as well be in charge of his own Justice League. It hit home most recently in "Night of the Batmen!", where Batman is incapacitated on a mission, and Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Captain Marvel all don Batman disguises to defend Gotham City in his stead while he recovers at the hands of the Martian Manhunter. It's never explicitly stated within the episode, but the sentiment is definitely there.
  • An episode of Samurai Jack has Jack being infected by Aku's energy, which begins to overtake him. Just as he is about to give up, he recives a vision of his parents. They remind him of all the people he's saved and restored hope to, and their spirits come to his aid. His allies appear before him next to remind him he's not alone. This allows him to successfully fight off the darkness.
  • The Xiaolin Showdown episode "Omi Town" had Omi looking for his parents. He thinks he's found them, only to have it turn about to be a dead end. Naturally, he grieves, but Master Fung, Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay, and Dojo remind him of a family he already has.
  • When Goliath returns to his clan after the "Avalon Tour" in Gargoyles, he tells everyone, who thought they were the last surviving gargoyles in the world, that there are gargoyles in England, Japan, and Guatemala, as well as the last rookery being alive and well on Avalon (and demonstrated by Angela). Hudson says, "We're not the last... we're not alone!"
    • Goliath's clan had already crossed paths with one of the London gargoyles, Griff, but this is where the fact that they weren't the last of their kind, that other gargoyles were surviving throughout the world, really sank in.
  • Spoofed in The Simpsons episode "Lemon of Troy," when Milhouse is about to be beaten to a pulp by a boy from Shelbyville. He sputters, "Is this the untimely end of Milhouse?", only to have the other boy reveal that his name is also Milhouse. Realizing that neither is the only one with such a moniker—"A pain I know all too well"—they embrace and Milhouse (of Springfield) sobs, "This is what it sounds like when doves cry."
  • Done indirectly in the season two finale of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!. Antauri has, to all appearances, died, and the rest of the team minus Chiro are talking about how he always thought of death as the next journey. "But... he's all alone now," says Otto. Sprx's response? "No. No monkey team member... is ever alone."
  • Done briefly, but effectively, in the second episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, "The Elements of Harmony": Twilight Sparkle is facing Nightmare Moon in the ruined castle, and just when Twilight thinks she has successfully activated the eponymous Elements, the one magic that can stop Nightmare Moon, Nightmare destroys them with a stomp of her hooves. And in that moment, when all hope seems lost, Twilight's friends come charging up the stairs.
    • Discovering this trop is what allows Twilight Sparkle to understand how the Elements of Harmony actually work.
    • In "Bloom and Gloom", when Apple Bloom feels embarassed for worrying too much about what will happen when she gets her cutie mark, Princess Luna tells her that she's not the only one who has those problems, and to prove it, she shows her that Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were also having similar nightmares as her. And when the three meet together in the dreamscape, they decide to send Babs Seed a care package to show her that they're still friends even though she got her mark.
  • South Park, "The Poor Kid". Kenny as Mysterion says this word for word to his little sister Karen to comfort her when she's scared by the change. He stays true to his word.
    Mysterion: You are not alone. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, I will always be here! Do you understand?
  • Legend Of Korra Due to Korra’s sheltered upbringing and considering all the responsibilities of the Avatar being on her, this is the lesson that takes the longest to sink in throughout the series despite having a dedicated team, family and network of allies as she defaults to isolating herself whenever she suffers a Heroic B.S.O.D. until the Grand Finale where she’s not only over her issues, but goes on a vacation with Asami, her new girlfriend for the latter’s sake.
  • The opening lyrics for The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, especially when combined with which character is shown for which line:
    Our world's about to break
    Tormented and attacked [Hulk]
    Lost from when we wake [Captain America]
    With no way to go back [Thor]
    I'm standing on my own [Iron Man]]
    But now I'm not alone
  • Steven Universe:
    • In "Barn Mates", invoked by Peridot to Lapis; unlike most examples of this, it's mostly delivered in sarcastic and frustrated tones, but the final sentiment at least is genuinely heartfelt. It doesn't work, but points for trying.
    Peridot: Look, I get it, you know. You're confused. You can never go back to Homeworld. This place doesn't exactly feel like home yet. You're alone. No one could possibly know what that feels like! Oh Wait!—I do! We're the same! Except... you don't have to be alone.
    • In "Beta", despite Amethyst's best efforts and a new upgrade to her whip, she's still unable to defeat Jasper on her own. Steven says that he knows how she feels about being inferior, because he himself feels the same about not being Rose Quartz, and because of that they should stick together and tearfully asks Amethyst to not let him out of her fights if he can help her. Thanks to Amethyst understanding she can rely on Steven, Smoky Quartz is born.
    Amethyst: Steven, I can't win... no matter what I do, no matter how hard I work, she came out right.. and I came out wrong.
    Steven: That's just what Jasper thinks, and she's the only one who thinks you should be like her. Stop trying to be like Jasper, you're nothing like Jasper, you're like me! Because we're both not like anybody. And yeah, it sucks. But at least I've got you... and you've got me. (tearing up) So stop leaving me out of this.
    Amethyst: (also tearing up) Us worst gems gotta stick together right?
    Steven: That's why we're the best.

  • Good Smile Company's Hatsune Miku (Support Version) Nendoroid's flag says this. The Nendoroid was redistributed with special pom-poms and a flag to support the relief for the victims of the 2011 Sendai Tsunami and Earthquake. For every Nendoroid purchased, GSC donated ¥1,000 (about $12.00 USD) to The Red Cross in Japan. 74,394 were ordered, meaning GSC donated a whopping ¥74,384,000 (about $913,260 USD).
    • Gaia Online had a similar fundraiser for the same disaster through their Cash Shop.

    Real Life 
  • You.
    • It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, how old you are, where you're from, what you do for a living, what religion you are, your opinions, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE loves you and cares about you. Be it your friends, your family, or some random person on the street, there's always someone that wants to see you smile, even if it doesn't seem like it. Love and affection are present everywhere you look, and if you're considering hurting yourself, for the love of God, think about this before you do it. Even if nobody you know or met cares (and I guarantee that they do), there's a million people you've never met who don't want you to hurt yourself. I know I don't. So go hug a kitten, pet a puppy, smell and give someone flowers, tell a joke, be happy. Because as long as you live, you will never, ever be alone.
    • Remember, you are a troper. You're one of us. Even if this is your first time on this site, even if you don't have an account, you're part of the community we have here. And we don't want to lose you. You've made it this far and we know you can make it the rest of the way. You Are Better Than You Think You Are, and we tropers are in this together. Never forget, we tropers aren't a community, we're a family.
    • No matter what's wrong right now, no matter how bad it seems, things will get better. I've been through this crazy rollercoaster too many times to count, and I can promise you this: it will be okay. Life has its lows, but it's not just one black pit. We're all out here, believing in you and hoping as much as we can that you'll be okay. And, all you have to do is wait. Have it be a day, five days, or much longer, you'll find out things aren't as always as bad as they seem.
    • You want proof? Take a look at the pages for suicide, preventing suicide, self-harm and abuse. All of them have this message. Most of them have hyperlinks and phone numbers that will connect you with people you can talk to. None of us want you to be hurt. We want you to stand up and show the world how awesome we know you are.
    • Listen, you guys. If you are out there, and you are scrolling through this wiki, stop for a second and think. I cannot even explain for awesome and amazing this world is, and if you want to leave it, please. Don't do it. Put the gun away, get down off the stool, put the pills back, hide those sharp objects in places where you'll never find them again. After all, no matter how alone you feel, someone, somewhere, cares about you.
    Hans Christian Andersen: Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.
    • You are alone in your own mind. No one can ever see the world the way you do, no one can ever hear the world the way you do, no one can ever have a life quite like yours and, on a molecular level, you can never truly touch anyone or be touched. Don't let it get you down, though; it simply means that no one can ever truly be a copy of you. No matter how boring or uninteresting you see yourself, you are the only you there can ever be.
    • Technically you're never alone even if you're a loner because people are always somewhere near you. The only true way you could be alone is if you go into space, and even then people are still near you just a couple thousand miles below you.
      • Not even that far - the International Space Station orbits the Earth at an altitude of no more than 260 miles. And at all times there are hundreds if not thousands of people in all the world's mission control centers (not just Houston and Korolyov - those two may be the biggest, but a total of 21 different centers across five space agenciesnote  are involved with the ISS), all working to make sure those single-digit-number astro/cosmo/whatever-nauts can do their job and stay alive and healthy doing it.
      • The most alone any human has likely ever been (at least as far as we know for certain) were the pilots of the Apollo command modules, while they were on the far side of the moon and the other two were down on its surface. At those times, they were about 3500 km (~2200 miles) from the nearest other humans, and completely cut off from all contact with other humans. This is the closest anyone ever got to being truly alone - and even then it only lasted for a bit under an hour at a time.
    • Statistically speaking, amongst the nigh-seven billion Earthlings exists a potential solacing comrade — supportive, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, felicitous, magnanimous, understanding, patient, simpatico, considerate, hospitable, etc. — suitable for someone somewhere, suitable for you.
  • When the UN passed a declaration officially protecting gay, lesbian, transsexual, etc people around the world from discrimination, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel Baer had this to say:
    "[It is a signal] that there are many people in the international community who stand with them and who support them, and that change will come. [...] It's a historic method of tyranny to make you feel that you are alone. One of the things that this resolution does for people everywhere, particularly LGBT people everywhere, is remind them that they are not alone."
  • Read: in China, there was a 16-year old boy whose life was like crap. So he eventually decided to commit suicide. However, just when he was about to do it, in front of everyone, by jumping off a bridge, a 19-year old woman rushed to stop him. She told him that she was going through a rough time, just like he was, and showed him the scars on her right wrist to testify. She said that she considered suicide, but didn't go through with it and she didn't want him to do it either. And then she hugged him and kissed him.
    • All the examples in that article are about someone reaching their lowest point but being brought out of it by some chance event or intervention — a friendly phone call out of the blue from someone who just wanted to chat, happening to hear a song that struck a chord with them, even a friendly puppy — letting them know that they weren't in this alone, that there was someone that was there with them and / or understand what they were feeling.
  • The four Warrior Ethos of the United States Army are as follows: 1. I will always place the mission first, 2. I will never accept defeat, 3. I will never quit, 4. I WILL NEVER LEAVE A FALLEN COMRADE. Pretty much every soldier worth his/her salt knows that without the fourth one, the other three are worth jack-monkey-squat. And of the seven Army Values, the first one is LOYALTY.
  • In 1989, 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death in the Hillsborough Disaster, the worst sporting disaster in European history and (excepting the Lockerbie Bombing) the worst loss of life on British soil since World War II. Condolences flooded in from all around the world, including from US President George H.W. Bush and Pope John Paul II. Other clubs played a significant part, with a minute's silence held before the Champion's League Semi-Final between AC Milan and Real Madrid being broken by AC Milan fans, who spontaneously starting singing Liverpool's club anthem You'll Never Walk Alone. Never has that song been more appropriate.
    • To this day, the day is marked with moments of silence in league matches all over Britain and clubs around the world and the Hillsborough memorial is invariably decorated by the scarves of fans from clubs from all over the country and the world. There's even an annual memorial service in the battlefield of Spion Kop in South Africa, which lends its name to the famous Kop Stand at Liverpool's home stadium.
    • After the inquiry into the Hillsborough disaster ended with the police condemned for mismanagement of the with tragic results, vindicating the families of the victims who had insisted that the fans were smeared by the press and the police, Newcastle United insisted on a minute's applause for 'the victory of truth' at their next home game, in large part because their manager, Rafael Benitez, had been manager of Liverpool (and remains a revered figure by the club's fans) and had been closely associated with the cause of the the families, donating £96,000 ($140,260) of his own money to the Hillsborough Family Support Group in 2010, before donating a further £2,800 via his wife's charity in 2011. During that minute of applause, the Newcastle fans sang You'll Never Walk Alone, Liverpool's club anthem and epitome of this trope.
  • In 1993, the Great Midwestern Flood, a tiny Asian country (whose name I'm sorry to say I can't remember) that we had been helping after it had been devastated by flooding after particularly brutal Monsoon rains turned around and sent aid back to the US.
  • The September 11 attacks are living proof of this trope in action.
    • The day after 9/11, Queen Elizabeth had the guards outside Buckingham Palace play The Star Spangled Banner during the changing of the guard instead of the usual God Save The Queen. This is the only time in the history of the ceremony that any anthem other than God Save The Queen has been played during the changing of the guard.
    • Three days after the attacks, the German destroyer FGS Lütjens approached the American destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill at sea, her sailors manning the rails, flying an American flag along with the German Naval Ensign, and holding a banner reading "We Stand by You".
    • A Kenyan Masai tribe offered the US a herd of 14 cows, an enormous gesture for people arguably in much worse straits than we were. note 
    • In its editorial reaction to the events, the French newspaper Le Monde asserted that on that day "We are all Americans!" Many of the other international reactions to the events of that day — such as the aforementioned Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace — were intended to send the same message.
    • Firefighters, paramedics, police officers, businessmen/women - everyone on that day banded together to combat the tragedy.
      • A small town in Australia (almost literally on the other side of the world) has a memorial to the dead
  • A similar response took place after the 7/7 bomb attacks in London.
    • The US Army band played God Save the Queen outside the British Embassy in Washington DC as the State Department lowered its flag to half mast and President Bush signed the condolence book in London.
    • Australia, New Zealnd, Canada and France all flew their flags at half mast.
    • The European, Polish and Irish Parliaments all held a minute of silence.
    • Russians laid bouquets of flowers outside the British Embassy as a human chain of solidarity was formed by staff and locals during a minute's silence.
    • God Save the Queen was played at the changing of the royal guard at Plaza de Oriente in Madrid in memorial to the victims of the attack.
  • In World War II, the United States played this role for the British, Chinese, French, and Russians. It didn't officially enter the war until the winter of 41/42, but ever since the mid-30s, China had been receiving aid, and the French, British, and Russians soon after Hitler's Germany began warring against them. Most of this was through Lend-Lease, but some very specific examples of direct assistance in the Liberty Ships, the Eagle Squadrons in Britain, and the American Volunteer Group (famously, the Flying Tigers) in China.
  • The US did this again when the Indonesian Quake struck.
    • As one US Admiral pointed out when the French sarcastically asked what we were going to do by sending a carrier group there (paraphrased):
      French Admiral: What are you going to do with an aircraft carrier? Bomb it?
      Response: Our aircraft carriers generate enough power to provide electricity for 3,000 homes without affecting operations, have a fully equipped medical facility capable of emergency treatment, water purification facilities, the resources to airlift food and supplies and we have eleven of them. How many does France have?
    • They did it again after the earthquake in Japan. And so did the rest of the world.
  • The Canadian ambassador to the United States said these words after Hurricane Katrina.
    "You are our friends and together we are family – you do not suffer alone."
  • Humanity's various effort to communicate with aliens, from the information stuck on space probes to the various messages beamed into space, probably counts as this since a lot of the time the intent is simply to let anyone out there know that we exist. In the words of the Russian scientist Alexander Zaitsev regarding the rationale behind METI (Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence):
    "The science known as SETI deals with searching for messages from aliens. METI science deals with the creation of messages to aliens... In contrast to Active SETI, METI pursues not a local and lucrative impulse, but a more global and unselfish one – to overcome the Great Silence in the Universe, bringing to our extraterrestrial neighbors the long-expected annunciation “You are not alone!”"
    • We already have a handful of space signals that we can't identify, the most famous being the "Wow!" signal. It's been verified that the signal could not have come from a satellite or anywhere on Earth. If it's extraterrestrial, it shows that we are not alone in our desire to find others like us out there. Perhaps, the aliens want to make friends, too.
  • In any form of rescue, one of the first priorities is establishing communications, in any way possible. As many people who have been rescued will tell you, the importance isn't what's said, but the simple message the communication implies: "We know you're there. We're coming."
  • This video.
  • When something goes wrong, you are not alone. Paramedics, EMTs, Firefighters, and Police Officers all share one common goal: that others may live. If there is a life to save, nothing will stand in their way to do so. There are even documented cases of responders manually lifting trucks off of victims to pull them from danger. And the funny thing is that they don't view themselves as heroes. It's either another day on the job, or a case of doing what they'd want their fellow man to do for them.
    • Additionally, when those guys are in trouble, the most heartening thing they can hear is the screams of sirens as their fellows get closer and closer, inspiring them to fight harder, hold tighter, and just survive one more second...
  • The Please Don't Jump movement. Someone posted a secret on PostSecret that they were going to kill themselves by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. People around the world started an online movement to convince them not to. The members around San Francisco even went to the bridge to write uplifting messages in case the original poster hadn't seen their online messages.
  • Dogs. Essentially man's best friend, a dog doesn't care about how rich or poor, old or young, successful or not its master is. Dogs love unconditionally, and will stick with their master to the very end.
    Senator George Vest: "The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog."
  • Pets in general. You take care of them, and for most of them, they can't leave you and they wouldn't want to.
  • The IMAlive project - an instant messaging version of a suicide helpline. Trained volunteers are there 24/7, just to chat with those who need it.
    We can help you get through this. Please know that you are not alone.
    "I feel exactly the same way, you're not alone ♥"
    "Yeah, that not-alone feeling? Is one of the best feelings in the world. :)"
  • The Washington State Vietnam Veterans Memorial Inscription
    "To all my brothers and sisters who made it back, but never made it home. In memory of those who have died from physical and emotional wounds received while serving in the Vietnam War. We honor and recognize their pain and suffering, but above all we respect the courage of these Washington State residents. When our country called, you were there. We have not forgotten, you are not alone. You Now Rest in Glory"
  • Anyone who can claim the title "United States Marine" has 240,827 men and women who will ensure that they will never be alone. And that's just counting active and reserve units.
  • "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."
  • In 1934, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk sent a message to the mothers of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who had died at Gallipoli. "Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives… you are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets where they lie side by side here in this country of ours… You the mothers who sent their sons from far away countries, wipe away your tears. Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. Having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well."
    • While the message has since been revealed as apocryphal, it has also long since been adopted by Turks, New Zealanders and Australians alike as a kind of fundamental truth.
  • The Civil Air Patrol of the United States continues to exist, in part, due to this trope. From search and rescue to disaster relief, their personnel are constantly bringing aid to those who are isolated or in danger. Why is that? Because they want to. They are volunteers. Hell, some of them are not even adults! Yet, you can rest assured that if something terrible has happened and you are lost in the world, there is a chance they will come for you. En masse.
  • The American flag for the Prisoners of War and Missing In Action, seen here has the phrase "You Are Not Forgotten." A reminder to those who are trapped behind enemy lines or lost, while America, both the civilians and military, may not be with you physically, we are with you in spirit and we will ensure you are returned home.
  • Rather oddly (to outsiders) there are lawyers' assistance programs in every state of the US. This actually has a reason: Those in the legal profession are statistically more likely to become depressed, attempt suicide, or become drug/alcohol addicts than any other employment-based group in the country. Furthermore, the special position of lawyers in society—mediating the relationship between citizens and the state—means that it is particularly important for lawyers not to have these problems. As a result, every state bar association runs a program part of whose purpose is to assure every attorney, law student, and judge: You are not alone in this.
  • One of the talking points in the "Be a Buddy, Not A Bully" program has "You are not alone" as one of the things a "buddy" could talk to the bullied individual about to make them feel better about himself or herself.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge is by far the most popular place in the world to... commit suicide. A highway patrol officer named Kevin Briggs has made a career out of saving would-be jumpers. His empathy and unwillingness to give up have saved hundreds of lives.
  • On a similar note, Don "The Angel of the Gap" Ritchie. He lived next to a cliffside in Sydney, Australia where suicides were extremely common. For 45 years, Don watched the cliff for jumpers and would invite them to his home to talk. Officially, he was credited with saving 160 lives and his family estimate the number may have been closer to 500.
  • The underlying message of Forest Rain's My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic-inspired "'Great to be Different' Community Video" is not just celebrating difference but showing that there are others who have struggled with self doubt and have come to be proud of who they are. It's also an affirmation that there are people out there who won't look down on you based on what TV show you watch.
    "I just wanted to tell you that the hardest thing I faced wasn't the teasing or the pain. It was convincing myself I wasn't stupid strange or lame, and helping others do the same."
  • After a bomb went off at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, Ellen Degeneres had this to say to the city of Boston.
  • The Yogscast's Zoeya knows what it's like to hurt.
    Zoeya: Each and every single one of you, you all deserve to be happy. Never give up. And smile more because you really do look beautiful when you smile.
  • Military. Police. Firefighters. Coast guard. Border guard. Jail guard. These are people whose dayjob is ensuring you can sleep safely at night.
  • This article. BACA: Bikers Against Child Abuse. Big burly scary bikers, who find abused children and protect them both from physical dangers and just from the fear of being alone and helpless. As one kid put it
    I'm not afraid. My friends are scarier than he is.
  • When serious natural disasters strike, especially when they strike impoverished countries, expect international aid (UN or otherwise) to be forthcoming. Some NGOs like Doctors Without Borders and the International Red Cross also brave these places to bring aid to those in need. When Mother Nature herself smites you with her wrath, remember You Are Not Alone. There are those who will come to your aid and there are even samaritans who make it their life's work to do so.
  • When things get bad, Iran and the United States are ready to help each other out, revealing that beneath all the name calling the alleged mortal enemies are really something closer to Friendly Worthy Opponents.
  • Little girl wants to know how to deal with being called a nerd, Wil Wheaton responds.
  • When Ronald Reagan was brought to the hospital from his attempted assassination in 1981, he said to the surgeons "I hope you're all Republicans.", to which the chief surgeon, Dr. Joseph Giordano (a Democrat), said "Mr. President, today, we're all Republicans."
  • After Robin Williams tragically took his life, Cracked, a website known mainly for its irreverent snarky humor, revealed that they have a system in place in case any of their commenters express suicidal thoughts. They will send such commenters messages of support, and in some cases even dispatch emergency services to their location. So if even Cracked likes you and doesn't want you to hurt yourself, you are definitely not alone.
  • Ugol's Law holds that no one is ever alone in their kink. It's easy to have a rare fetish, to be unable to find anyone to share it with, even to feel that the whole world looks down on you for it. But the consensus of kinksters is that there's someone else out there with the exact same one.
  • In December 2014, a gunman took hostages at a cafe in Sydney, Australia. Amid uncertainty about the hostage-taker's motives and fears of reprisals after a flag bearing the Islamic proclamation of faith was raised in the cafe, some Australians created the hashtag #illridewithyou in a bid to show solidarity with local Muslims who might feel threatened by backlash.
  • During a promotional screening of Furious 7, Vin Diesel started to break down while talking about costar Paul Walker, who died during production, when an audience member said "You've got family here, Vin!"
  • In 2014, middle school student and lacrosse player Braeden Lange came out publicly as gay when he discovered his friends' negative views on homosexuals. Although shunned and ridiculed by classmates initially, to the point of depression, his father discovered a profile from ESPN from 2005 of Andrew Goldstein, then a Dartmouth College lacrosse player who would eventually become the first gay athlete to play professionally in a team sport (in his case, Major League Lacrosse). The video quickly reversed Braeden's depression, and he felt better about himself afterward. Later, Lange and Dr. Goldstein (now a cancer researcher at UCLA) would meet, and Dr. Goldstein would organize the Courage Game, a lacrosse exhibition in connection with the NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championship, for homosexual athletes and their allies (regardless of orientation) to honor gay athletes, particularly Braeden.
  • In the wake of the 11/13/2015 ISIS attacks in Paris, the lights of the Eiffel Tower were turned off as a sign of mourning. The rest of the world responded by lighting up various buildings in the color and pattern of the French flag. "The whole world stands with Paris tonight" indeed!
    • A couple of days later, when the French national football came to England to play a scheduled friendly against a team who it should be remembered are their oldest rivals, something that stretches back most of a thousand years, innumerable wars and sporting competitions... they were welcomed to Wembley, the home of English football, with the entire stadium lit up in red, white and blue, the motto of the French Republic emblazoned on the side, the usual vast St George's Cross made of cards held up by fans at the home end replaced with the French tricolore and thunderous roar of all 90,000 fans in the stadium singing 'La Marseillaise'. Moreover, as a result of the vast surge of public outrage, two weeks later the previously reluctant British Parliament voted to begin bombing raids against IS with immediate effect.
  • Fred Rogers, a real-life All-Loving Hero if ever there was one, made it his life's mission to tell people this message through his television show:
    • He closed each episode with the words: "You make each day a special day. You know how; by just you being yourself. There's only one person in the whole world like you. And people can like you just the way you are." note 
    • In one of his books, he explained his rationale:
    "When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. The people we trust with that important talk can help us know that we are not alone. ... If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person."

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