Y Not?

Xtreme Kool Letterz demands that certain letters are used. X and Z are generally considered the coolest of them all, which can lead to people forgetting all about the poor overlooked middle child: Y.

Y is Y forgotten? Maybe it's a case of lost/mistaken/confused or dual (consonant or vowel) identity. Maybe it's a case of All of the Other Letters. But one thing is for sure: people don't like Y and we don't really know Y.

One reason for international brands to avoid Y is that "y" in Spanish translates to "and" in English, making it difficult to sell something as-is without conversion; such as "Lunar Perfume Y" being seen as "Lunar Perfume AND..." ¿Y qué?

Can apply to a Lettered Sequel.


  • There's Gundam X and Zeta Gundam (And Gundam ZZ), but no Gundam Y.
  • Averted in Yu-Gi-Oh! with Y-Dragon Head, part of XYZ-Dragon Cannon and its upgraded form VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon. Averted again in the card game with the Worm archetype. There's one for each letter, starting with Worm Apocalypse and ending with Worm Zero. Worm Xex and Worm Yagan are the only two worms designed to specifically interact with each other, and are even shaped like their respective letters, something not true of any other Worms.

Comic Books
  • Defied in Y: The Last Man, in which the letter Y (as in "Y chromosome" among many other symbolic meanings) is used as a major motif. The protagonist's name is Yorick (as in "alas, poor") but it doesn't end there. In the epilogue, Yorick Prime (88 years old) manages to escape from the faculty held by his daughter, the future President of France. His straitjacket was blown away in a Y shape.

  • Stanley Ipkiss does this when he first transforms into The Mask:
    SSSSSSmokin'!! It's party time! P-A-R-T, Y? Because I...gotta!!

  • This is literally the title of Ringo Starr's 2010 album.

Video Games
  • Pringer X gets upgraded straight to Pringer Z.
  • In Mega Man X, they have X and Zero (possibly for reasons related to the Japanese symbols for "right" and "wrong").
  • Monster Hunter: G Rank armors are marked with X for the main species of the monster and Z for the subspecies. For example, G Rank Lagiacrus armor is "Lagiacrus X" and G Rank Ivory Lagiacrus armor is "Lagiacrus Z". And then Abyssal Lagiacrus (which is a G Rank monster to begin with) gets a different name altogether.
  • Averted in most Star Fox games, which have the stages Sector X, Sector Y, and Sector Z. Star Fox Adventures plays it straight with the Dino language, as the only letter from the default Latin alphabet that doesn't exist is Y (wherever it would go during a translation from English, letter O is used instead).

Web Animation

Western Animation
  • In Codename: Kids Next Door, the Kids Next Door has a sector for each letter (as well as a few with more than one), except Sector Y.
  • Johnny Test: Ms. X and Ms. Z
  • Played with in the Phineas and Ferb episode, "For Your Ice Only". Phineas and Ferb play an extreme version of Hockey named "Hockey Z-9", the name of which is similar to another game they played "Football X-7"note . When asked why they skipped "Y-8", they replied that they were saving it for croquet.
  • The Powerpuff Girls gives an upgrade to Chemical X... Chemical Z!
  • Averted with Pokemon Y, which is accompanying Pokemon X, while Z is the missing one — each game has an Olympus Mon of Plot Advancement whose name starts with that version's letter, and there's a third one named Zygarde, but Pokemon Z doesn't seem to be coming to pass.