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A "World Map" is, well, any depiction of a region or setting. There are several tropes associated with this term - perhaps you were thinking about one of them instead?

* FantasyWorldMap: The world map of any ConstructedWorld, a popular inclusion in published fantasy literature.
* LevelMapDisplay: NPC's may give you an item called a "world map". You can peruse it at your leisure, but that's all.
* TheOverworld: A fully playable world map, functions like an actual VideoGame level: You can freely explore it while travelling between areas.
** OverworldNotToScale: A scaled-down, birds-eye view (or map) of the world (Popular in "eastern" style RPG's.)
* PointAndClickMap: A VideoGame map that functions like a menu screen: Click on a desired location to travel there, WarpWhistle-style. (Popular in "western" style RPG's.)

See also MapTropes in general.