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Hey, why is the title "Wiki Sandbox" instead of Wiki Sandbox? Did someone change it?

Even when you Wiki Word Wiki Sandbox, it turns into Wiki Sandbox.

(this is way funnier if you look at the source text)


Donna Troy

THANKS FOR PAVIN' THE WAY FOR ME, BOYO. It's me, Darth Manchild of GIFT, and I would like to ruin your day!...and sell some seasonal lakefront property.

Sir, please, don't be such a jerk. There are other people who use this for practical purposes.

Who made you my father?

Sigh, working at Mc Burger Queen's is a better job than this.

Hope you get stuffed in a sandwich. You're fired.

Twisting my words huh? I WiLl NoT bE iGnOrEd! That sandwich is made from your tears and your childhood pets! I rode a rickshaw into that Mc Burgerhole while chased by rabid clowns, and blew them up with a little friend, TN, F***ing Awesome, T. I am of GIFT and My reach shall know no bounds! How about buying a little oceanfront property I have in Utah?

So this is how you TV Tropes.... Now how to create Red Links?

    The Best Writers Ever 



It's called "kick the dog" now.

    Something that Doesn't Exist 

  • Glass Cannon: The Ragefight Style. On one hand, you start runs with a massive boost in damage — enough to one-shot most of the game's standard enemies. On the other hand, you die in one hit and are unable to grab any extra hearts (although you are allowed to repaint the one you have, meaning you can make it cyan for shielding).
  • Procedural Generation:
  • Wind is Green: Again, this is

    Something that Does 

Cartoon Fight Club


  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • It's easier to list which parts of the meme fights are coherant fighting sequences and what's bizarre meme-related footage being played.
    • The results of Shrek and Donkey using the Happily Ever After Potion on Papyrus.
  • Growing the Beard: A very general opinion is that his 2D animations are getting better at least, to the point where some of them (ones made by guest animators especially) aren't exactly half-bad Death Battle follows.

In ntgwtn: "Hey this dude, among other things, took over the powerful demon sealed inside of them and then took down an army of trillions and has them brainwashed along with the rest of the planet. Eh, no biggie, get dunked on manners maketh man Binding of Isaac Binding of Isaac Binding of Isaac I already know I'm gonna win."

In the crossover thing: "Girls help I'm being attacked by some fucking homeschooled prarie 16 year old guy with no powers at all I'm just a helpless fairy that can't fight back."

When the character has the full twelve palettes but a good chunk of them are minor variations. "Oh hey this is the coloration in such-and-such game" etc. That's okay as bonus palettes and I guess it's nice if you're nick-picky about the exact color, but if you want to have multiple instances of the character out it's hard to tell them apart.

I'm sorry but calling azure "blue" or "light blue" is like calling orange "red." I mean yeah the way we were raised with color names and everything but if you look at [[ this]], orange is the same "distance" from red as with azure and blue. You take red and green light, blend them to form yellow. Throw on more red and you get orange. Now,

  • Even his element system fell under this. Originally, it was planned that his one (now-)old Total Drama fic was going to introduce a nine-fold element system where hybrids and the like were allowed, part of a regular society. First, you have to ignore, in the first place, the fact that there are nine major elements instead of his usual twelve-fifteen (or, rarely, more). There was still red = fire, blue = water, yellow = electricity (Fan said that, due to Pikmin, these will remain constant, although people would hardly associate these three with anything else), orange = earth, and green = plant. Cyan was the color associated with animal- or meat-related powers rather than violet, and even then, that was more of a "part animal" rather than "powers revolving around animal-like organic matter manipulation." Poison was the only one with a color (excluding the unsaturated gray, but we'll get to that) clearly darker than the others, at a deep purple, instead of the lighter magenta it became associated with. Wind is associated with pink instead of spring green, and it was going to be the one with the angelic motifs. Finally, there was a vampiric typenote  associated with gray. White or light gray is the color of neutrality rather than it simply lacking a concrete color, and chartreuse, spring green, azure, violet, and rose were unused due to Fan having not used a Hemospctrum-like color methodnote .

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