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    Old and tame (2017) 

(Also I finally published the chapter where Hmmm hmm hmm dies so I can just throw that everywhere now.)

This is Darkhorse. Destroyer of Light. He's one of the first villains the heroes face.

  • Inflatable Tube Guy flat-out shoots Steve's head off. Granted, he survives because he's a Treemaster, which can bounce back from anything except destroying the heart. But still, ITG just casually shoots at Steve's head, and the whole thing bursts off. Very unexpected, for a number of reasons.
  • Simple statistics can show how the defenders of the world have the odds stacked against them: there are 392 alive and officially recognized S Tier villains as of Volume 1 bonus. The ratio of S Tiered villains to overall villains is roughly the same as the ratio of S Tier heroes/defenders to overall heroes. So how many S Tiered heroes are there? Three. And the lowest-ranking one of them was even borderline, evident by how quick the officials were to mark him down to A+ once Diane managed to score leaps and bounds above him.
  • Tanker. Enfante Terrible doesn't even begin to describe her (although she is more of a teenager).
    • Unlike every single other officer in BLOODSHOT, Tanker routinely attacks and even outright kills her own mooks. She once shot one of them for agreeing with her, because he simply spoke without permission. And no, Tanker asking you a question apparently does not count as getting permission to speak, even if you are answering honestly. She later shoots another one for not answering, even though Tanker did not give her any indication at all that the mook did have permission to talk. Granted, as these are all working under BLOODSHOT willingly, they're Asshole Victims by default, but still.
    • In the beginning of Volume 2, she incinerates Jim alive. Steve has to watch as the man who is more-or-less his older brother figure is blasted to nothing by his flames. And remember how it's stated that a Treemaster isn't dead until their heart is destroyed? Yeah, we get a clear-cut description of his part-wooden heart getting blasted away too, confirming that Jim was legitimately killed. And Tanker's response is to laugh, and blow up the innocent person Jim was trying to save. Yeah... Peridot clone she ain't. She's an open sadist.
    • Her fate is also pretty horrible, especially out of context. A relatively pretty damn tall woman looking pissed off beyond reason takes off running and effortlessly catches up to her tank flagship, which had been stated to be able to break mach 5. Said woman stops the four-story tank by running in front of it and slamming her foot down on it. Tanker can only watch on the cameras as the woman, Diane, leaps in the air, breaks the entire top part off, dives down, grips Tanker by the throat, and delivers the story's first-seen volcanic punch right at her torso. Tanker's body explodes, but her head flips through the air until Blood King activates her detonation chip. In context, you'd be cheering. Out of context, a giant grown woman just punched a child so hard that she exploded.
  • Spi-Cat-Der's schtick is that he has an army of Giant Spider things that disguise themselves as cats. He effortlessly infests the Skull Crater with them — when Hammithan tries to come over there to stop him, he's instantly bit in the neck without Spi-Cat-Der even noticing. The poison acts quickly — he's obviously delusional when Diane picks him up, and Poixer later reveals that it could kill him within one hour. This is all before the battle proper where he gets serious and summons a Giant Spider Swarm to start rushing after the just-forming Intriguing Group. Keep in mind that he's only the second Monster of the Week.
  • The "tournament" that the Intriguing Group takes to register as official defenders starts lighthearted enough. Basically, GPF parodies the "Tournament Arc that drags on too long" by having Diane utterly destroy her opponent's Power Armor with ease, an action that scares off every other potential compatant and making them immediately forfeit... except Hammithan, automatically placing them in the final two. The fight starts out amusing enough: Diane quickly breaks Hammithan's second-tier mecha and he puts on a bit of a fight to try to keep his first-tier one standing long enough. Then they get in to a heated argument: Diane is about to stop, given that she has absolutely record-breaking super strength while Hammithan is an ordinary human. Hammithan, however, accuses her of giving up on everything, and goes out of his way to push her Berserk Buttons. Two chapters ago, we've seen what Diane's Volcanic Punch was capable of, and Hammithan is practically beggining her to do that on him. She compromises by not blowing him up, but instead by punching him hard enough that his body loudly cracks after hitting the ground, and the act breaks one of his legs.
  • Frankly, Diane herself counts if one does not consider that she's a heroine and one of the nicest characters in the cast. That aside, she's able to effortlessly carve up huge mountains or even cause country-sized bursts of fire. She's fast to break the sound barrier several times over
  • Revealica. The first S Tier villain that the Intriguing Group faces, and boy does she live up to the buildup of what an S Tier villain can do. A gigantic wolf-monster woman with an even bigger sword constantly making unsettling faces that can reduce an entire town to a flat wasteland within seconds. Much later, she leads a solo assault on Fiyecity, and despite being a high-tech and highly defended metropolis, they are completely unable to so much as slow her down. [...] However, unlike Tanker, she's legitimately nice to her own mooks, but she's still utterly ruthless to everyone else. Oh, and do you just think Diane will insta-kill her with a Volcanic Punch, given how it's been effective against a fish with SCP-682-esque adaptation (who did survive, but barely), a gigantic cursed relic made out of the bones of a powerful beast, and even some kind of freaking mountain-sized Eldritch Abomination from space? Yeah... no. Revealica is not the first enemy we've seen that survives a Volcanic Punch, but she is the first one that bounces right back. Namely, a tiny portion of her that was punched turns in to mist, and Revealica takes advantage of that confusion to turn it in to a claw that nearly stabs Diane in the gut. This is also the first time we've seen Diane get any visible injury from a villain, and it's pretty brutal.
  • Coward's Mask takes SCP-303's primal fear-inducing and adds it to an expert thief. Who also dabbles in necromancy. Yeah, imagine your house getting robbed and being unable to fight at all against the crook because he has a giant floating mask that triggers an overwhelming sense of fear in getting near the thing, while he freely turns your own home in to his giant battery that connects to the afterlife. Which is heavily implied to be unpleasant.
  • Witchita Fells. Yes, she's an expy of what is pretty much a one-off King of the Hill character, and said character was someone who was killed entirely out of her own stupidity from handling both a gun and junk food. This doesn't mean that the expy herself is not a super-powerful, ultra-destructive force that even puts Revealica to shame.
  • Xunter starts out as a joke, but as the story goes on, he gets increasingly competent, and starts joining the other officers in terms of how threatening he can be. "Target acquired" goes from being a Running Gag that he keeps repeating to sound cool to a legitimate pant crap-causer.
  • "Deep Brimcity." Brimcity itself is a rather standard City of Adventure that is surprisingly safe even though it is openly underneath the lair of the Big Bad. But that spot surrounding the
    • Speaking of Brimcity's geography, you know how there's a gigantic circle right in the middle of the city that's just sand of the Western Desert, and another one that's just snow of the Eastern Mountains? Yeah, that's not just to have the city form a loose "alchemic sulfur" symbol; those are actually "cursed" areas

    New and hip and edgier, with more sex stuff (2018) 

  • As per the norm with Great Pikmin Fan (except Emazh In, where the world there is mostly genuinely friendly), the setting is chock full of Fridge Horror. It's far closer to "ordinary" Earth than the world of Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group, meaning that the number of potential defenders with superpowers is considerably lower. Yet there are a hundred demons that came crashing on the planet a year ago, and after spending said year in dormancy, up to ninety-nine of them are out for blood (Unitia Origin is the definite "one" that isn't, and it's highly implied that she's the only exception). While Carlson thinks of most (there are some that even give him trouble) of the demons as inconveniences, ordinary people are not nearly as lucky and have to fend off superpowered monstrocities. Oh, and while Carlson does quickly try to set up a group of as many people as possible to help, most of them are just powerless people in costumes with some tools. The number of fighters with actual abilities is less than a dozen as of the Gatherer Arc, and most of their powers are considerably less impressive than those of the Intriguing Group. Aside from the Unitias acting as a mass army of help (and the Unitias are demons themselves, Origin being one of the 100 — think of what that says about how near-useless most of the non-demon fighters are), it's fairly obvious that humanity is pretty outnumbered.
  • Many of the demons themselves just look like they came straight out of some sort of supernatural horror movie. It's a good thing that OU is normally a comedy, and doesn't go worse than some mild drama:
    • Dagger, the first hostile demon seen in the story. He's some kind of... multi-arm worm-like thing that can barely be considered humanoid, with a mouth full of row after row of sharp teeth and several blank-white eyes.
    • Last. If the Unitias are the result of taking your standard Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl and making them Hotter and Sexier, Last's design instead the trope taken Up to 11. Pitch-black gigantic hole around her eyes, the eyes themselves
  • The Unitias themselves. They are an exponentially-growing army of demons that can alchemize/phase-shift their own materials and energies, which is said to be literally generated out of nothing. This effectively means that they can make unlimited anything, and use that to their advantage. Also, they might look unsettling to some, with their slightly exaggerated proportions (long clawed arms and especially all the teeth). Word of God is that they were supposed to blur the line between fanservice and Fan Disservice, and finding them sexy or unsettling are both perfectly valid options. He would then go over their inspirations, and with the exceptions of Felicia and Paimon, the inspirations are not exactly friendly characters.
    • On the flip side, Carlson was extremely fortunate that Origin's Tomb happened to be the first he encountered. Granted, he entered it at the beginning of the hibernation year, meaning he could have ran outside the Tomb if it was a hostile one and said demon would be unable to follow him, but imagine if Assily Blast and Unitia Origin's Tombs switched places. Or Eighth Circle and Unitia Origin's Tombs, as the former's is even bigger than his continent size (in order to fit him), so such as thing could easy take out several countries had it not landed in the ocean. And not just the ocean, a specific spot that was "guarded" so that the resulting splash would not cause an enormous tsunami that could wipe out the land masses.
  • Stella's fight against the thugs right near the beginning. Not the battle itself — the people that try to interrupt her date with Ritch.
  • Assily Blast. Yes, the demon may look goofy and like walking Toilet Humor, but that makes his ability to take out Carlson's entire group that much more surprising. Seemingly nobody can stop him, until Hoodieath shows up right as AB is about to punch Carlson's head off.
  • Swinging Blade's introduction. The guy himself is comical and hard to take seriously, but he appears by suddenly throwing a sword through someone's windshield, coming just inches from stabbing him. He's very lucky that SB did that in the lake where nature-guardian Brad was,
  • Ms [sic] Mist Maid. A demon usually shrouded in a huge cloud of mist that can overtake a city. We do see that she's another relative Cute Monster Girl, but until then the wait while the Knights (and Eighthback, holy hell does Eighthback get his ass kicked in the fight) are attacked are off against an unknown, invisible enemy... oh yeah, and there's her large mouth-stomach. And one additional ability: she manages to cause large scratch marks and even bites in Carlson without him even noticing until after he sees it. She could seriously wound you and it would take until it becomes critical or you see it before you start feeling it.
  • The Inventor. Okay, Humans Are the Real Monsters is kind of pushing it since Eighth Circle, wanting to wipe out all 7 billion people on the planet, is pretty much worse. But that doesn't mean that the Inventor isn't
  • Hot Ice seems to be fairly typical for a demon, just some kind of ice monster. Then Stella knocks him in to a volcano, and he reveals that getting heat makes him stronger. Cue major Oh, Crap! moment from even Carlson
  • The Eighth Circle's generally lazy and casual personality may be played for laughs, but on the rare occasion the narrative reminds us that he's the de-facto leader of the 100 and the Big Bad of the story for a damn good reason. After the Hoodieath Search Arc, we see a brief glimpse of him in battle with other demons that are not part of the 100. He can fire beams that can slice planets clear in two. And this was back when he was the Sixth Circle; he's two orders of magnitude more powerful now.
    • It says a lot when the Unitias repeatedly think he's unbeatable, no matter what kind of demon of the week the Knights take down. Assily Blast? Apparently he's just a speck of dust compared to the Eighth Circle. Dragon's Scale? Chump change compared to him. [Blah blah blah other stuff.] Not to mention that the Unitias themselves are an exponentially-growing army of fast and strong soldiers that can make matter out of nothing, and their numbers hit the millions really early on and keep exploding after that. Oh, and to those that think that the Group 11 thing is going to come in to play with the government or something being able to make enough roentgenium to kill him? Yeah, that's not gonna happen: he's completely immune to the Group 11 element weakness that every single other demon has. Copper, silver, gold, and roentgenium are all useless against him. And seeing as most of the heroes use those to some degree, even the ace Carlson...

  • Unexpected Character: Even the people who had read Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals prior to reading this and remembered the Moth Reaper, a twice-appearing Monster of the Week out of a 300,000+ word story, weren't expecting him to cameo as one of the minor demons.

"Or their hair..."

Actually, it would be out of character for the Unitias to do that, too. (So for them specifically I have more reason than "it's demoniiiiiiiiic") They are not concerned about modesty and in OU's verse it's legal to run around naked in public as long as you don't get your ass on a public seat (they obey this rule by bringing custom-made plastic wrapping). Even if their hair 'accidentally' covers them, they'll sure as hell notice, and move it so that it is not covering them. This happens in Chapter 2.

  • Spiritual Antithesis: They're both "twists" on action/"shonen" genre, but with a lot of nudity. However, outside of that, they go in different directions:
    • Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group is about a relatively weak protagonist finding himself lucking out when four (later five) powerful fighters end up moving in to his pseudo-apartment system and become his neighbors/"Treemates." He tries to get the six to band together, but they are also a heavy Dysfunction Junction that start off barely tollerating each-other. Ordinarily United is abotu a relatively powerful protagonist trying desperately to find backup so that he would not have to fight ninety-nine demons just by himself and with the Unitias, and while the people he finds cooperate pretty well, they are either considerably weaker than him or have very crippling weaknesses (such as a "werewolf" that can only transform in a bright, unobstructed sun, with the smallest bit of shadows or clouds over the Sun breaking the powerup), with Stella being the biggest exception.
    • The Big Bad of SBIG is physically weak, he's just respected by his group because he has a lot of inherited money and a device that lets him do whatever he wants. Also, he's a bit hyperactive and enjoys cutting to the point. The Big Bad of OU is very powerful, but lazy, and enjoys just relaxing until his mooks thin in number until it's just him.
    • The nudity is SBIG is not really sexualized, and it's treated in-universe as no big deal at all. The narrative even barely describes it. Most of the main shameless characters either have regular/"ideal" proportions. With OU, particularly the demons, it's a borderline "hyper-sexualzied Freudian nightmare." Most of the demons are exaggerated in some

    A new challenger approaches! Unviewable and related shit 

The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan

  • While played for laughs, the Red Empire is way too good at what they do. They take over the United States of America overnight, turning it in to a giant factory warzone that they use to try to take over the world.
    • Their establishing moment, where the president (who is an obvious expy of Quimby)
  • Ishiko making a portal from a(n already dead) yakuza's leg bones. Taro is understandably squicked out by it, and the story outright says that it's not going to describe the process.

i can't draw: A Badly Drawn Point-and-Click Sim Date Adventure

  • Proof of Great Pikmin Fan being Great Pikmin Fan: the main character of the game's prequel story, Taro, is suddenly killed by a truck in the beginning. Also, unlike most events, there is absolutely nothing you can do about this.
  • Junko pretty much single-handedly turns the idea of being "soul linked" to a number of hot women from something awesome to potential for endless paranoia. Her main shtick across both stories is that she's way too in to soul linking and repeatedly calls Taro "master" in a manner that was intended to be creepy.
    • A guy ends up being figuratively "bonded" with zillions of demon women Cute Monster Girls who are more powerful than they look, and can easily give nightmares to people they really don't like. Does this sound familiar? It's the plot of Ordinarily United as well. Carlson should be extremely thankful that the Unitias are friendlier than
  • Go ahead and buy the Love Potion. Try it out. It seems like the sort of thing that's Purposefully Overpowered for a reason, right?
    • Keep in mind that the Black Market salseman, the guy that gives you the potion in the first place, looks an awful lot like the same guy who gave Hammithan the Bone-Crafted Ritual Blade in Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group. Keep in mind that in the world of Unviewable, Steve exists in-fiction already.
  • Probably the biggest Oh, Crap! moment happens in the Factory Route. When Margaret suddenly says "Fuck you." Why? That's the motto of the Red Empire. Yeah, that's not Margaret — the Red Empire is back, and one of their own disguised as her. Say hi to Redshift, the new member,
  • Most of Yoko's route is played for laughs, where she "dares" you to enter a tournament with increasingly tough fighters. Most of them just look like Dragonball rejects, but the last one

    I know I did more stuff on the Sages than I did on the "Triforce part" of Zelda lore... (AKA this is why if my shit ever catches on a wiki would be VERY useful) 

The Six Sages are a group of six characters from various series that form a concept

Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals

By story, the Sages are introduced formally in Season Seven of Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals. Nepeta casually reveals in Chapter 24 that


This story reveals the Multiverse C incarnations of the Sages.

Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group

The Sages themselves do not appear and are not mentioned in Intriguing Group, but the main six characters are highly based on them. They are also color-coded similarly, except Shadow is associated with magenta, Spirit with yellow, and Light with cyan — as the text colors are in Ocarina of Time, and not their medallion colors.
  • Steve — Hank:
  • Diane — Brenda:
  • Poixer — Sheldon:
  • Hammithan — Kamina:
  • Nosfo — Alucard:
  • Quazzax — Rose: Both of them are the only aliens of the group (using Earth as a base)

Housestuck: The Split

The Sages, as Sages, have a much greater role in Housestuck: The Split, particularly the first season.

The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage

Sweet Jade and Hella John

In the original fanventure SJAHJ, the only Sages to make an actual appearance were Hank, as a reoccurring character, and Alucard, who made some cameo flashbacks but was already dead by the time the story began. In the new one, all six Sages show up as their Multiverse B incarnations.

Bobby Hill Gets Hit by a Car

    Screw it. And I'm hoping to finish this this month, anyway 

Escape From Fanservice Island

Spoiler Warning: As this is technically a Continuiation Fic, the mere summary of this will contain spoilers for the entirety of Gravity Falls. It is recommended to have seen the show in its entirety before reading further. Not only is the conclusion critical to the plot, the fic itself also loves to demonstrate the author's knowledge of canon, from large plot points to more obscure gags.

Escape From Fanservice Island is Great Pikmin Fan's second major, non-Stylistic Suck Gravity Falls fan fic, and a sort of spiritual... something to run:gifocalypse. Well, an accurate comparison would be that it is the rauncher, louder, more confusing cousin to run:gifocalypse.

The plot initially seems simple to the point of being an excuse to get as much nudity as possible. Set after the ending, one of Stan and Ford's adventures around the world points them to a "bridge-like being" on a distant, mysterious island out in the intersection of the [...I need to look up which three oceans] oceans. For a filmsy-reason of "rustification storms" (which are not fully explained until the final chapter), they enlist Soos as their sort-of repairman just this once. And, Melody volunteers to go on the mission as well. All seems completely normal.

Things go relatively normal after Stan and Ford wander off, and .GIFfany returns on the island to stalk after Soos and Melody, now with the ability to enter a physical form and make copies of herself. Meanwhile, a cave-in separates Stan and Ford themselves; the former comes across Darlene, who had been camping out on the whole island for a complicated set of reasons. And with Ford by himself, he encounters Pyronica, who had made it back to Earth with a new and mysterious teleportation power. Shortly after the group wanders around with their past villains and the seven of them eventually reunite, the "normal" completely drops and things just get bizarre.

[Blahblahblah NSFW, blahblahblah naked Stan ass.]

  • Ambiguously Human: Soos himself. The Yellow Sage-Guide notably identifies Melody, Stan, and Ford as humans before hugging them, and she does not say that to Soos — although she had already hugged Soos prior anyway because she's his patron guide. And then there's a moment where Zephieye puts up a spell that specifically knocks out non-humans... and yet Soos was conveniently knocked out just prior to its application. He has absolutely abnormal sexual stamina, and [...] To make things more confusing, in GPF's Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, he's explicitely one-fourth love fairy, yet he's completely human in GPF's run:gifocalypse. None of the three stories take place in the same universe.
  • Brick Joke: In Chapter 11's bonus, the girls from "Roadside Attraction" have gathered together and are talking about forming an "evil league of exes." Near the end of Chapter 13, one of them suddenly tries to attack Wendy after everyone watches their own film adaptation, and fails spectacularly.
  • Foreshadowing: Quite a bit, considering that the story is meant to be goofy from beginning to end.
    • There are a lot of hints early on that Pyronica is the odd one out of the team and the definite Big Bad, even before Zeskit is introduced:
      • Chapters 2-4 have dream sequences of the eventual main characters. Pyronica does not get a dream.
  • Gainax Ending: The proper final chapter is a Mind Screwdriver. However, the bonus of Chapter 13 [I honestly don't want to go over this yet, because it's really embarassing...]
  • Shout-Out:
    • For a reason even the author isn't sure of, the story suddenly throws a lot of Paper Mario: Color Splash by the end. 8 Ball uses the various Hexagram Emergency liquids to splash over the Keepers, causing different effects per liquid. Most of them are the same as what happens when Roy splashes you, except red and orange are swapped. (Anger and self-consious.)
    • When the gang is separated, Soos and Melody are in a place called the Basement, Stan is in a cave that is later revealed to be literally named the Caves, and Ford is in a temple nicknamed the Depths. The first three floors of The Binding of Isaac.
  • Stealth Parody: The entire fic is supposed to be absurd — even when the "Cerebus Syndrome" sets in, the story still does not pull back on its half-assed attitude. Such as the description of Zephieye's ghost outright saying that she should just have a seperate head with blood dripping (as she was finished off via decapitation)
  • Wham Episode: Pretty much the entire second half could qualify. But there are some chapters either before or after that stick out.
    • The Intermission: There is more than one temple, and one of them is under Gravity Falls. Also, it has a room depicting a nude Stan in carving form.
    • Chapter 7 is probably the biggest: Melody magician ex-girlfriend, the "Lightning Cultist," and the Great Zephieye from the Intermission are all the exact same person. The "Depths"/Red Temple was actually housing a powerful spirit entity known as the Red Sage-Guide, who explains that the main seven characters are

  • Paranoia Fuel: Ambushes in adventure mode are bad enough, but what's worse is getting the message "You feel uneasy..." there is an ambush around, you just don't know where.

    Randomly jumbled together with no context 

  • Call-Back:
    • In the Water Temple, Feferi suddenly and anti-climactically kills Morpha as she did with the Stalfos back in Hurrcain. By just going over to it, killing it, and saying to seemingly nobody in particular that she can "be mean some times" and "is not all nice." This is lampshaded a lot, and in an odd twist, this is where Meenah (re-)unites with the split timeline's counterpart of the Stalfos.
    • Kamina's speech to the Rainbow Crew about not misusing time travel is similar to his speech to Brenda in naruto the guy with the ninja.
  • Based on a Dream: Surprisingly, the surreal nature of the story is not because a bulk of it is based on a dream, but Fan said that he was inspired by some dreams to add some nonsense in:
    • Peridot's "gem ant swarm" was based on a dream Fan had long before writing BHGHBAC,
    • The gang being trapped in Superman 64 and Bobby playing a light-version of "Spin the Bottle" with the Seven Exes and the Literature Club was based on a dream Fan had where he was watching what promised to be a video "defending"/debating Superman64 only to, according to the comments, turn out to really just be some form of discussion about Doki Doki Literature Club! instead. Fan looked through the thumbnails of the video's timeline and saw images that depicted Monika and Natsuki sitting on some floor and his mind just clicked "spin the bottle" from there once he woke up. Also, it's a reference to the episode of KOTH "Plastic White Female."
      "Superman is bad!"
      "Superman is good!"
      "Let's... DEBATE IT!"
  • Misaimed Fandom:
    • Hoodieath has a number of completely unironic fans that think of her as some kind of figure in the right, at least on the stance of media censorship/content regulation (which is a large theme of the story). The idea behind her is that while she's supposed to make some points, it's heavily implied that most of what she does is for selfish reasons and she refuses to help out the main hero group on account of them and society just disagreeing with her over what is frankly trivial matters. She's practically seen as some kind of anti-censoring icon, even though she's supposed to be taking those views to arrogant and holier-than-thou levels compared to the more modest Knights. This is not mentioning that Hoodieath is not a complete 1:1 parrot of Fan's own views. She also makes fun of the crowd that tries to argue that extremely blatant fanservice is not being sexualized, or compare that to nudity that's clearly being done for humor's sake. Again, some of her fans unironically agree with that.
    • The people that either insist that Ordinarily United is meant to be a complete comedy/parody and so taking anything seriously, speculating, or analyzing the characters is absurd; or that it's some kind of Cerebus Syndrome-induced drama that gets progressively darker and edgier. Neither is true: OU is meant to be a comedy above all else, yet it also has a small number of serious drama/adventure moments. The fact that the Big Bad is stupididly lazy and that one of the more powerful demons is a naked fat man on the toilet are indicators that the story will never really enter 100% no-bullshit territory. Some wish that Eighth Circle, aformentioned Big Bad, was just a decoy over some real Knight of Cerebus, and while their claims would normally not be too far-fetched seeing as the writer of this loves faking out the final Big Bad, Word of God had clearly stated that Eighth Circle will be the final villain, and he is exactly as comical as he's being built up to be.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • All of the "major battles" (over the Sages) have settings that reference Fan's earlier works:
      • Peridot is ultimately found and fought in Empire City, a large metropolis. This is based on a rather major mistake Fan made in the old Carl Stevens Universe, where he assumed for whatever reason that Beach City was close by a gigantic metropolis. He had since redid Carl Stevens Universe, but the old one can still be found offsite. This battle also reflects Fan's trend on having large cities serve as either The Very Definitely Final Dungeon or being close to it (Buhvillen City, Labostoep, the Planet Negation Girl, technically London itself in HUC, ).
      • Rip is fought in the Grand Canyon. Not only is this place a Running Gag of a reoccurring location (especially in Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals, where the Rainbow Crew go there Once a Season), but it's the location of the Millennium's hideout in Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals, Rip's GPF debut.
    • Dairy Air-Cow introduces herself with an "ASS SMACK," a Running Gag in the Homestuck SBIG installments. Excluding rewritten content, the first time of note that that happened was when Nepeta killed Gamzee by slamming her butt against his head in Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals. Here, DA does something similar where she takes out a clown-like mook.
    • The final words of Act 1 are "Fuck, let's see... Mario and Luigi?" This is like how the original Sweet Jade and Hella John began (which was also the entirety of Act 1, as the story went in to a very long Mario intermission right from the start, which GPF regrets in hindsight): "Fuck, let's be... MARIO AND LUIGI!"
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy:
    • The Unitias canonically do not have this, but Great Pikmin Fan encourages drawing them like that if the artist is trying to do a "PG-13-friendly" version of them, as he strongly discourages putting clothes on them or drawing them with Godiva Hair (other forms of Scenery Censor are fine, though).

    Burnda: Yeah! We are going to... uh, NSMB the shit out of this!
    (She said that right after a lengthy Paper Mario: Color Splash reference''.)

New RG:
You're obviously free to leave whenver you want, but for those fence-sitters reading this: I would suggest going up to Chapter 4 before making the final judgement if this is your sort of thing or not. While this story is meant to slowly "escalate" like Wonderful 101 or Gurren Lagann if you're still totally bored by it all by Chapter 4 then I doubt the stuff that will happen late in to it will win you over, especially because I put more emphasis on the writing than the action. I will say that if you're the kind of person who hates an episode of a serial plot for no reason other than that it's "filler" and "they should have focused more on moving the story forward," this is probably going to be an unpleasant reading experience since the "side characters and domains" are the "main story that moves forward."

Oh, as for Ordinarily United? That's the sort of thing that you can pretty much tell if it's your cup of tea or not by the first chapter. And not even by the end of it. You're either hooked on naked uncovered demon breasts or you're turned off.

    Like the North American box art for Phalanx, but not really 

I don't care where the split between hypothetical volumes would be: Vol 1 should have the cover of like this MS Paint looking drawing of Carlson shaving his facial hair in the mirror, with an exaggerated and badly drawn "D:" face. Then Vol 2's cover is a full-body shot of Origin's male form (this one first, I think it would be more "effective" at being weird that way), shown from behind, with her bare ass uncovered. If it has to be covered up, I'd want it to be because that's like comic regulations or whatever, and NOT because I want the "uncensored cover art" to be hidden to those that buy it. I don't ever want to sell something purely by promising an uncensored verison. You either pay for the whole story (eg if I ever get to video game making), or the whole story is free (everything on Fictionpress, obviously; possibly web comics unless I somehow get my hands on a team by tricking them in to drawing things much better than I ever can). And make Vol 3 the same thing, but with Origin's default/female form. Just to mess with newbies.

Well, before I get too side-tracked: I just like the thought that people would either avoid the hell out of the first volume because it's some badly drawn cartoon shaving guy, see the second/third one and be like "Oh hell, that's the same series?!" and look at the first one. I know the opposite might be true: people see Carlson shaving and think it's just goofy funny stuff and then see the introduction of the Unitias after thumbing through a few pages and are like "Aw shit, it's ecchi trash." Eh, the "fanservice" is never going to die down, even when it's revealed that there is some kind of plot and some fight scenes (it just never takes itself seriously). Eh... just slap a warning sticker that the comic isn't afraid to show breasts. And butt, but honestly, what the heck kind of story shows full breasts but censors butts?

"Or blahblahblahblahblah put clothes on the Unitias blahblahblahblahblah."

No, if I were reading a story that promised millions of perma-nude women that can kick ass and they start putting on clothes and it took itself seriously I wouldn't be like "oh noez i came for teh nyudes and now there's plot but it's good plot so i stay????" I would just be disappointed that something that looks original (or, okay, by my tastes; if that was the sort of norm stuff and typical shonen/ecchi/the stuff the actual OU kind of twists around was rare instead, I'd still probably prefer the former, so I shouldn't act like I'm judging on a quality = originality guideline) turned out to be considerably by-the-numbers.

(Do not put clothes on the Unitias. Just don't. If you HAVE to for whatever reason make it "worksafe" then draw them like Barbie dolls and Sims)

This is all daydreaming shit. If I ever try to sell the rights to anything I made at all, it'd be something shitty that I didn't put much heart in to in the first place. Like Unviewable. Or Ant Infestation. I could actually see both of those kind of selling. I mean, I sell OU's soul to make money off of it and who knows how bad it'll get fucked up against my control because contracts and fine print:
  • The Unitias having clothes.
  • Carlson being turned in to your by-the-numbers generic "underdog screwup" played straight. Also, on that note, turning Inventor in to a "bully from the past who is still an asshole." Nevermind that Carlson and Inventor are meant to flip around that "good guy nerd, asshole jock" thing in that Carlson was a nice jock in the past (he's "less nice" in that by the start of the story he's not that open, and he's not a jock, but he's still a good guy) while Inventor/Eugine was a depraved, creepy piece of shit back then (and still is now).
  • The Unitias having clothes.
  • Anything involving de-aging the characters, and this goes for SBIG and dear lord especially Emazh In. Like, yes. Unlike "LOL YOUR STEREOTYPICAL ANIME," this does not take place in high school, a magic high school substitute, and it's not about high schoolers or even teenagers. Yes, yes, this is an intentional choice. OU itself even kinda openly talks about this, to the point where there's a quote that says "Why glorify high school that's not even where your life REALLY starts."
  • The Unitias having clothes.
  • Frankly, any of the good guys becoming that "asshole with a heart of gold"-type. Yuullieke was made to criticize that. Hoodieath is a more complicated version of that that does not openly antagonist or beat up the heroes just for saying things she doesn't like.
  • The Unitias having clothes.
  • OU makes a big point that, whether you like the humor or not (I personally don't, I consider myself both bad at writing humor and having weird tastes where I think terrible So Bad, It's Good stuff is hilarious and most other things are meh, so that's a bad combination since OU isn't trying to be outright bad on purpose), it at least tries to be creative and not overly focused on slap stick, "pervy moments lol," or heaven forbid boring innuendo. Well, just throw that out and have like half the jokes being crude boob jokes any 13 year-old can come up with. While we're at it, Stella and hell even Carlson lose all respect they have for boundaries and are obsessed with peeping on people and grabbing boobs, even though one of the points of Eugine is to show how horrific that sort of thing would be if treated realistically. "Buh it's comedeey so u can't criticize."
  • The Unitias having clothes.
  • The story actually taking itself 100% seriously. Yes, there is a plot. Yes, there are some moments not entirely played for laughs. But I specifically don't want OU to be that thing that "Oh, it starts light and fluffy but then Cerebus Syndrome kicks in and things get so edgy and dead serious!" There should always be a balance of light comedy and... a story, I wouldn't even say that it's a particularly dramatic one. Eighth Circle will be the final villain, by the way, and he is supposed to have a lot of goofy elements.
  • The Unitias having clothes.

"I have merged with a rift in to an infinite number of parallel worlds. I have seen all forms of alternate timelines. I have seen dimensions abstract and sane. I have near-infinite power, which I can use to replicate myself expoentially and indefinitely. I can make matter out of nothing. I have seen God, and— no, I have seen the horny twenty-something asshole who wrote this stupid shit. He doesn't deserve to be called 'God.' That does not matter. What matters is that I have seen everything, and I know the answer to all. Ask me one question."


"You had one shot and you blew it."

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"And Ninthee is just a run-of-the-mill yandere archetype."

Ninthee: What happened over there... that was not your fault. And no, it was not my fa—
Ninthee: Okay, it was. But not in the way you think. That was not part of my "genius plan."
Ninthee: That was just a result of me being a burden on society. A social and political bogeyman, that is one way to think about it.
Ninthee: Lhaurfreeze put you in that situation because of me. Because I was, by most standards, a terrible person.
Ninthee: I had just embraced that title for a long time. But now it finally haunted me.
Ninthee: I just... I already knew, from first-hand experience, that most humans would not handle Emazhes! That entire space colony? Dead. Because we were introduced to them. Everything escalated, a war broke out, and the whole satelite was wiped out, leaving us to just... watch.
Ninthee: I knew that humanity could not handle Emazhes! But you seemed like exceptions. So I wanted to bring you in, and not us out.
Ninthee: What I did not know was that...
Ninthee: Maybe Emazhes can not handle humans either.
Ninthee: And we are just doomed to be seperate races, or we'll destroy each-other from the inside.

Ninthee: ...I'm not the only one getting bored with this, am I? Are you testing my patience? If you are... it... it's working.
Ninthee: ...You're actually taking some of the fun out of this. I mean, are you really going to stay the full sixty days?
Ninthee: Wasn't there a puzzle game where you had to wait one hour to get a hidden... what was it, a planet or something, and people thought that was excessive? You really are on a different level from most humans, then.
Ninthee: ...I even ran out of things to talk about.
Ninthee: You must either think that that small sample of Infinity Amusement Park is really interesting, or you have NOTHING better to do.
Ninthee: You know what? If you want to go outside or something, you can. I'm getting tired of this.

Ninthee: ...I knew it.
Ninthee: You do not really believe in trying to help everyone.
Ninthee: I figured it out. You befriended some of the Charges, but not others. Some you beat in battle, and ignored right after.
Ninthee: You just wanted to get home, and befriend the people YOU liked along the way.
Ninthee: This is a self-centered way of thinking. You judge people only by their first impression of you. You do not try to look down.
Ninthee: ALL OF THE CHARGES have something meaningful and loveable to them. They are ALL good people. Not "some of them." You barely spoke to any of them... that is not right. It is not the correct answer.
Ninthee: So you hate friendship, then. Even if it is offered to you freely. You ignore the obviously right choice, and move on to your edgy rebel state.
Ninthee: I want to ask again. With no wrong options for you to pick. Will you accept me in the Band?
(If the player walks away)
Ninthee: ...Do you really hate me... that much?
Ninthee: ...
Ninthee: ...
Ninthee: ...
Ninthee: FINE! Let's see you reach Kristie WITHOUT my advice, then!

How far did you get in the game? The only way Ninthee acts like your stereotypical yandere and nothing more from beginning to end is if you blindly listen to everything she says (well, not technically, you have to fail her "test" at the beginning by walking out of the exit door), and EI was specifically designed to be tedious and grind-y if you do that, to discourage you from doing so. Not to mention that right from the start of the game she kidnaps the four humans, so that's a big indicator that she's no saint and listening to her might be a bad idea even if you disagree with Alexia's (and others) hatred of her.

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