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Wakahisa Family

    As a Whole 

  • Badass Family: Every immediate member is a badass. The siblings all regularly work with high-level magic, and in some cases abstraction manipulation. Depending on how things play out, they could all band together to stop someone from unlocking the apocalypse. As for their parents, Ted is a skilled micromanager who once survived a tornado by grabbing on to grass blades, while Kristie can be sparred at any time for an optional Bonus Boss. Oh yeah, Kristie is also by far the hardest boss in the entire game, and it's implied that she's still holding back.
  • Ironic Name: "Wakahisa" means "forever young." They're fairies, who only have a lifespan of 40-50 years.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: As the title implies, there's millions of them. Somehow, the sequel will expand to billions of them without really aging everyone.


The central protagonist, recognized by her pink hair and apron outfit. She's a bit disappointed in herself for failing to living up to her own expectations in life. Her male alt is named Oliver, bearing the same hair color and outfit.

According to Word Of God, the female variations of everyone is seen as the "canonical" story, and this was the case of the original comic. Tropes for her and all of her siblings are presumed to apply to the female variants unless otherwise stated.















    Minor Siblings 


The mother of the massive family, recognized by her half-blue, half-white half-dress. She lives with Ted in a (relatively) more suburbian section of Dekstop, far away from any houses of her daughters.

  • Bonus Boss: Unusually for a bonus boss, you are allowed to challenge her at any time. (Aside from if the Darkness Sword is bought.) Just be sure to do so after getting a lot of endgame-level equipment.
  • Parents as People: The story really goes out of its way to establish that she and Ted are a caring couple to their kids, even if Olivia introduces her by saying that she's "not easily impressed." On one hand, she and Ted busted themselves making sure none of their millions of children would die. One of them was born very ill and weak, said to have only seven years to live. Kristie basically went fuck that and kept her alive too, and that daughter turned out to be Mint. She and Ted have been supportive of their kids and basically raised a team of planetary defenders against no less than three extremely prominent supervillains. On the other hand... they did basically raise a large group of strippers along the way, too. (They're not all strippers per-say, but they all work at their same bar, and they have a 'ranking system' were strippers rank the lowest.) Kristie shows her signs of Brutal Honesty, rarely, while Ted can be a bit clueless when it comes to actual safety.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Ted is shorter than nearly all of his kids. Kristie not only towers over him, but she's also taller than the rest of the family — symbolic of how imposing she seems at first.


The father of the family. He's an... odd-looking fairy with blue hair

  • Gag Nose: He has a large bulbous one based on Game & Watch's nose being one of his only discernable facial features. This is exaggerated in his own design.
  • Gonk: He looks like a weird attempt at portraying Mr. Game and Watch as a humanoid figure that isn't a sillouette, then animated in a vaguely Ed, Edd n Eddy-esque style, and given pseudo blue 'emo' hair on top of that. And yes, he keeps Game and Watch's nose.
  • Nonstandard Character Design: Looks like a rough sketch you would see out of some old cartoon. In the comic, his mouth isn't even visible unless he's talking, and then it's depicted from the side (we usually see him like this) as a "curve" going inwards, while most of the other characters look more realistic. Even if they aren't even remotely human.
  • Parents as People: A pretty decent father overall. He is, though, a bit of a risk taker, and was never that fond of safety.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Kristie's starting to show her age at 41, but she otherwise looks just as well as her daughters (or sons, depending on the option). Ted isn't exactly terrible looking, but he's got a very strange and exaggerated design that clashes horribly with the rest of the characters.

    Spoiler Character! 


Initially appearing as a seemingly random enemy in the forest area, it's revealed later on that she's probably the most badass of all the sisters, and just picks to hold back unless extreme force is absolutely necessary. The Darkness Sword learns this the hard way.

  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: She very clearly doesn't take any of the invasions seriously even when under the enemy's control and hits with laughably weak attacks. It's revealed that she really wasn't caught up in the antagonizing spell and was on Olivia's side all along, and she's a lot more powerful than she seems. She could also craft her own huge mecha which can spawn drills out of nothing, and make armor
  • Expy:
    • She's obviously taken off of Striker Mint from Deep Water's 361 series, a member that first seems to just be one of the regular background fodder characters, but... isn't. (Neither are a few other members of the team, for that matter.) Except that while Striker Mint makes her importance by helping certain members of the 'Main Twelve' get along, thus through peace, this Mint reveals what she's been practicing through violence.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Her name remains Mint when you select the option to make the group a team of brothers instead of sisters.
  • Red Right Hand: Has six fingers and toes. Kind of like another cat and green-themed character that was a lot more dangerous than she seemed that Deep Water wrote while under an earlier name...
  • Walking Spoiler: The fact that a seemingly regular, run-off-the-mill field enemy sister has her own trope entry would have been eyebrow-raising as-is. Her entire point is that she's a bit more powerful and slightly more important than she seems, and she's the final boss of the Darkness Sword route. The latter is something you're not even really clued in to until after her fight begins, since it builds up Dave as the final boss instead. (The fact that you encounter her just after beating Dave doesn't help.)
  • You Killed My Father: The Darkness Sword wiped out every last one of her sisters and then killed her parents. Of course she's not going to be happy with this.

Olivia's Friends




A member of a species called "danay" who works in a factory in the tundra, producing gears.


A song-writing shark-woman who spends most of her spare time by the beach, exploring the deep oceans as part of a hobby.

Other Major Characters


A plumber constantly getting kidnapped.

  • Punny Name: He's named after plumber's crack. Interestingly, he's one of the few humanoid charactersnote  whose ass is never visible.





Other Characters


Olivia's dog. You can actually name him at the beginning of the game.


Carlson's boss and the owner of the Gear Factory.


The item shop owner. He'll race over from location to location depending on what you do,


The owner of a rather special item shop that sells items specifically to bail you out of situations and make the game significantly easier, at the cost of... a high cost. He's a man in a tight green full-body suit with three stems from the head that is especially hostile towards the PRINCESS army. The reason being that he was once a major, well-respected hero until they swooped in and established BBBBE's, their sex appeal and revealing outfits quickly overshadowed his Boring but Practical approach and all of his associated merchendice took a tanking in sales until he was nearly broke. He's still pretty envious of them.

  • Ambiguously Human: Despite being said to be a human, he has an intentionally exaggerated and stylized design that's second only to Ted (who isn't human, but a fairy, but most of those look exactly like humans in this world anyway) and resembles Homer Simpson if he went dressing somewhat like Tingle. He also has very yellow-ish skin.
  • Catch Phrase:
    • "Pay me [number] Gemoids."
    • "I have the RIGHT to double my charge. As long as you're still a PRINCE[SS], you pay double!"
    • "Read the sign!"
  • Easy-Mode Mockery: His items are completely optional in any route, and can't be obtained in a Darkness Sword route when the eponymous sword takes over. Getting them will give you a limited number of free passes over pits, a pretty decent arrow-type that can be aimed to anything, a great health refill, etc — at the cost of dealing with this guy and having to potentially grind off of Sacks/minigames (as there's a finite amount of sisters since they join you after being defeated) in order to get enough to pay for his ridiculous prices.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The first thing he says is "Get the [bleep] outta my store." He's the only character in the entirety of at least the first game who swears at you, especially odd for a shop keeper.
  • Ignore the Fan Service: Regardless of what gender you set the protagonists as (FYI he's into both), he doesn't care at all that they walk around nearly naked most of the time. His rage that they've been looked to over him to the point where they indirectly put him out of business in the past will overshadow any attraction.
  • Jerkass: He charges you a lot out of pure envy, seems to hold no respect towards the PRINCESSes, and even disses his direct competition (Lou). When he temporarly takes over for the Water Inspector — the guy who warps you around the different regions for free — he still tries to charge you a ridiculous amount, but if you reject it he'll charge less. If you accept it, he'll finally start to feel guilty about his actions and half his prices to the PRINCESSes.
  • Tsundere: Yes, he's a bit on the blunt side. With the PRINCESSes. Not only does he kind of have a reason for it (their rise in popularity led to him losing a store, he's barely able to make this new one work), not only does he show a softer side if you do a certain chain of events, but he's actually pretty decent to other people. Well, except Lou. He's competition in terms of selling.

Other Things

  • Actually, Dave's a genius. You can explore his house (as any non-Olivia sister, or Olivia herself before she gets creeped out by him, or Olivia again after he starts showing his true side and she decides that maybe snooping his house for clues might be a good idea) and found that he was a straight-A student with an IQ of 162. (By comparison, high-standard over-achiever Kristie has an IQ of around 150.) He just has a bit of trouble telling fiction from reality and refuses to admit that he's not in the exact kind of story he thinks he is. Oh yeah, there's his whole sociopath/stalker thing.

  • Since their stores in Dekstop are right next to each other, Kurt will be looking over at you through the windows if you shop at Lou's. This can lead to some different scenarios:
    • If you enter Lou's store and leave without buying anything, then enter Kurt's, Kurt will be appealed and think that you went to him since nothing in Lou's store did it for you. If this is the first time entering Kurt's, he'll also not say his usual "Get the [bleep] out of my store," but he'll still charge you double.
    • If you do the opposite — enter Kurt's store, take his advice and leave, buy something from Lou, and then head back to Kurt's — you'll trigger a unique response where he looks at you with crossed arms, refusing to say anything other than his usual "Pay me [cost] Gemoids."
    • Going back and forth without buying anything will eventually have him belt out "BUY SOMETHING ALREADY!" automatically when you enter his store.
    • When he replaces the Water Examiner, and you decide to pay him 5,000 Gemoids (which he returns), then head into his store, buy nothing, buy something from Lou's, and head back in, he'll have his head on his desk, blaming himself for being a terrible store owner. He'll be so guilted that he'll offer you one item for free.
  • Taking Kurt's ride over to an area where he has a shop and then racing to that shop will result in Kurt panting in exhaust, as if he ran back to his store. He'll explain that he has a warping system to get from store to store. Why can't you just use this to skip through the game? Thinking about it, every single one of his stores outside of Dekstop is initially blocked for some reason (a massive snow hill, very fast gears grinding away, etc), and due to mechanics they're blocked by things you can never really clear from the other side. So even if he wanted you to use his transport system, you'll still be stopped by the Broken Bridge.
  • The Water Examiner will say that the patch of water by Mnyuda is "the purest of water, untouched by anything." If you don't talk to him first, then splash around in it a little, and talk to him, he'll be visibly annoyed with you and comment that it was pure until "a certain group of FAIRIES started splashing around in it..." If you've jumped around in Cassie's "specialized water" first, he'll have a different comment depending on what water you contaminate the sample with (combat water, temporal water, purist water, etc).

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