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Asymptote Horizons

Good Behaviour

Ultimate Wolverine
.GIFfany, looking at Unitia One: ...No.
(Unitia One turns away looking really sad.)

Alternate Ending, .GIFfany: What are you supposed to be a shitty self-insert for Bill or something?
(Unitia One turns away looking really sad with a tear drop.)

And no, she doesn't like Ninthee either.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: GPF is a fan of this.
    • In both versions of run:gifocalypse, .GIFfany upgrades a tiny bit from animatronics. In the remake, the other professors get in on the fun by summoning monsters of their own Elemental Powers that could swallow a whole house at least, to use on two children, one teenager, and one adult (later two adults when Melody joins in Arc 2, and four when Stan and Ford come in near the end). The whole remake is described as "Super Mario Odyssey written by PlatinumGames, but with my bad characters thrown in and I guess there's some Gravity Falls canon too. A little." This conversation from the remake puts it nicely:
    Dove: Oh for fuck's sake! Need I remind you that this is but a single human being with no super abilities that struggled against a few animatronic anthropomorphic animals?! Don't you think that a mecha the size of the planet that contributes to exponentially and eternally increasing your power which arcs across a is a little fucking overkill?!
    .GIFfany: No. Deploying seven quadrillion nuclear missiles in three... two...
    • i can't draw: another "another world" story eventually has both sides of the party upgrading in to this. One of the late game moves most of the party (except Taro and Margaret) is a sacrifice to Satan himself, where a portal to Hell (or, Sheol) opens up and a giant devil appears to fire several rocket-propelled grenades at the enemy, at the cost of this move permanently removing the user from your party as they leave to "do some lava-work." Secret Character Tamiko proudly weilds this around her belt, as story-wise she's more-or-less novemdecillions of demon cat girl party members in one, summoning huge armies of millions. On the enemy side, their attacks are mostly standard fare until you get to the penultimate area, where Septahexes (basically picture Bill Cipher, but purple septagons with three eyes and Ezekiel's hat)
    • His M.U.G.E.N world:
      • If his SNK Boss "Cheaper Edd" really wants his enemy dead (or, gameplay wise, if his power builds up to his full 100,000), he'll recreate the Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break and throw a galaxy-dwarfing drill at them. That's just a "megaspecial,"
      • Cheaper Edd is intended to be Fan's hardest but still reasonable and beatable boss. There are several bosses that range from being hard to beat to impossible without special
      • Chin is a Lethal Joke Character who specializes in this to make up for his status as a One-Hit-Point Wonder (two hit point after getting the Holy Mantle). His attacks

  • Rose: She's still uncreative and goes Whispy Woods on them.
  • Kathody: Staircase -> Helldritch abomination.
  • Searah: Waterwraith ripoff -> Colossal water beast that's like Sapientia crossed with Cthulhu.
  • Sandy: Kinda-big stone .GIFfany head -> Colossal fucking .GIFfany deity-like statue.
  • Cardia: Dragon -> Bigger dragon.
  • Bubbles: A fucking pipe -> A complex plumbing network of highly corrosive super-cleaner.
  • Leona: Yuga-ish painting version of herself with some inverted gravity -> An entire alternate art world.
  • Sonia: Piano -> Entire megaband of instruments fused together to a skyscraper-sized thing with body-controlling sound waves.
  • Dian: Robot poison dinosaur -> Bigger robot-poison dinosaur.
  • Wendy(/Natalie? But it can't be used as a wind pun...): Tornado -> Storm of tornados stretching over the sky.
  • Shannon: Giant "reflection" clusterfuck of herself -> Bigger reflection clusterfuck that fires gamma rays.
  • Burnda and Burrda: They fuse -> They still fuse but but this one now throws lava and "cold lava" at once.
  • Dove: Discount Giga-Goojin -> Discount Giga-Goojin that uses an army of aircraft carriers as giant laser blasters.
  • .GIFfany: Planet-sized mecha -> Planet-sized mecha that no longer has Power of Friendship to fight back against it and instead a tiny-ass shack robot and some stolen robots fight against it.

Seriously that's bullshit how the fuck is Soos even still alive after getting through all of that. The Pines are badass but this is like Bayonetta/Gurren Lagann-tier shit it's a whole new level.


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Main Character Index | Eve's Party (and Dave) | "Companions" | The Order of the Plant | Minor Characters | Spoiler Characters

Character sheet for the recruitable party members (and Dave) of Omega Toonwife Battle Simulator. Beware of unmarked spoilers for the entire game, especially prior to Green Tower.

The Band

    Eve's Party as a Whole 

  • Ambiguously Human: A good chunk of the party members, but the "four seasons" and Solanley are noteworthy cases. The former four all seem to be heavily tied to their respective season, [...] All GPF/DeepWater has said is this:
    Does a human stop being a "human" just because they've learned how to use magic? It's not like "mages" are a completely different species or anything.
  • Ass Kicks You: Every single one of them does this to the True Final Boss.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Quite a few potential party members have scars, especially in the very dangerous environment that is the Metal Factory. They're all good. The only "evil" injured character is the Actor from i can't draw who calls himself Lucifer, and it's not a scar so much as it is an entire missing arm. The closest example to X Marks the Hero is a parody with Eve; it's not on her face, it's on her ass cheek.
  • Informed Equipment: Played straight until/unless the player has Karla join the group, whereupon the "[Nudist Vow]" "armor" will
  • Late Character Syndrome: Defied. The reason why there are no party members from Sky Studios onwards is so that Sky Studios itself can serve as at least one full area before the apparent final dungeon
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: To name just one example, Eve's companions could include: a sleepy woman in pajamas who uses four knives at once, two on her slippers, that had no idea how she got there; a lightbulb seller that throws her sunglasses like a boomerang and fights by blinding enemies with bulbs; and a farmer who literally somehow cools lava in to gemstones for a living. And these are all human party members, as you've got seven angels/"fairies," seven demons, two mermaids, [...] Eve's "main" party consists of a dorky librarian who uses electricially-charged taser gloves to fight, a soft-spoken cyclist that kicks with intentionally wet boots, and the former member of a cult that worships a cactus who spent the first half of the game being the Mirror Boss.
  • Taste the Rainbow: Yes, the party was designed as a group that tried to be both big but not reliant on cliches. You've got several different races, a small assortment of body types, and quite a number of non-human (and then there's a handful of Ambiguously Human party members in-between) ones such as seven demons, seven angels, various other Cute Monster Girls, and the like. And personality-wise, they cover a wide spectrumnote .

    The "Seven Deadly Sins" and "Seven Heavenly Virtues" 

  • Dark Is Not Evil: The Sins are literal demons, yet they work with your party and are helpful characters. They're also pretty nice.
  • Irony: All seven Virtue-based party members and, to a lesser degree, the Sin-based party members act in the exact opposite way one would expect.
    • Chasity is by far one of the most sexual of the party members, constantly giving flirtatious lines to the point where it's obviously not meant to be taken as legitimate fanservice but instead as a really long Running Gag. Lust on the other hand remarks that she has extremely high standards before going in to dating anyone, and believes that flirting left and right has a lot of potential to be really creepy depending on how aggressive the flirter gets.
    • At first Sloth seems like a slacker, being found sleeping in a mining tunnel. However, you find out that she was actually exhausted because she overworked herself; Diligence, on the other hand, is found further in the tunnels having revealed that she barely even picked up her shovel before asking Sloth to do most of the work for her.
    • Charity is by far the most expensive Ticket-based party member in the entire game, as she bribes you for a whopping 666 Tickets (and she notes that the "real" Number of the Beast is 616, which was her original offer, so she's not "being demonic" by raising the price by 50 tickets). Greed, on the other hand, claims to have a crisis because she won the lottery (not even playing it seriously) and has no idea how to spend the money, so she's the only party member with a negative ticket requirement. She gives you seventy Tickets and joins you.
    • Guttony manages all of her entertainment carefully, and she's only really overweight because of genetics. Temperance on the other hand eats a lot and is addicted to video games, she's also thin from genetics.
    • Wrath is one of the biggest pushovers in the game and has very few attacks that actually damage the enemy directly (instead being status effect-based). Patience is anything but, and has a Hair-Trigger Temper prior to joining the party.
    • Envy genuinely looks up to Eve, Kindness refuses to join you unless you give up a good amount of your inventory and can "steal items" from enemies.
    • Pride is mostly quiet and humble. Humility, on the other hand, is an egotistical, wreckless, boastful asshole found surrounded by golden statues she made of herself who thinks that she can take down some of the Toonwifeverse's strongest deities entirely by herself.
  • Mythology Gag: The game nudges you to encountering them in the same order that their respective Seven Evil Inner Devils from Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage were fought: Lust, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. This is also the "official" order that they are listed. Lust and Chasity's requirements are a bit harder to get, but it's easier to get to their location before the locations of the others. This is also almost the "order" the sins are traditionally listed in from least-bad to worst, just with sloth and gluttony swapped, but Fan says that that was a coincidence back in Journals. It's still entirely possible to recruit Gluttony and Temperance before Sloth and Diligence, you just need to get to Metal Factory first and backtrack.

    The Fabled Zodiac 

Eve's Main Colleages

    Evelin "Eve" Lowyu 

  • Drugs Are Bad: Early in the game she's offered the option to take some of a Fantastic Drug called "***" (that's not Symbol Swearing, that's literally how the name of it is written; it's pronounced "Quadruple Asterisk" technically, but many of its users shorten it to "Quadast" or "QA" or they "try to immitate the bleep sound they heard on South Park"). Doing so sends her on an acid trip with a lot of grotesque, surreal imagery, culminating in a fight against a hallucination that almost looks like something straight out of the White Desert, just colored in. When the high wears off, it turns out what Eve was really fighting was a rare, endangered sacred tree. And just destroyed it. Oh, but look! That cleared the path to a treasure chest you otherwise could not reach! Maybe the game broke its own "moral" and there is something in that chest after all— it's just a slip of paper called the "PSA Paper" that just says "Don't do drugs!". To top it all off, fighting the hallucination awards no experience and no Tickets, so there's literally no reward whatsoever for doing this. You can't even sell the PSA Paper, and it stays in your inventory permanently.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The game opens with a flashback with her and the rest of the potential party members when they were eight. A gigantic, mutant, two-headed bear attacks her. You don't even get to play this out in a fight; she kills the bear. Without sweating a single drop.
  • Expy: She's heavily inspired by Kamina. However, while Kamina was faking his fearlessness the whole time, Eve genuinely is the sort of person who would jump headfirst in to danger.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Her starter weapon and shield are a giant tooth and nail taken from a huge mutant bear that tried to attack her when she was eight years old.
  • Red Is Heroic: Her associated color is a pure, bright red. She's the main lead and the hero of the entire group.
  • Stance System: So that she could keep up with the game's heavy emphasis on the elements (even compared to its predecessor i can't draw), Eve defaults to being fire-based yet can switch depending on what exact weapons or badges are equipped.

    Ashley "Ash" Zharrd 

    Michael "Mike" Way 

A professional cyclist that specializes in kicks. He

    Lillian "Lilith" Sahtabb 

Initially one of the six enforcers of the Order of the Plant, and the only one that attacks Eve outside of Headquarter City. Usually attacking in-between the regions,

  • Duel Boss: Her first "battle" (the tutorial fight for the whole game) takes place before Eve has any party members, unless one counts Dave weakly trying to help. Her second and third fights are when she invokes this by trying to isolate Eve specifically, in both cases by chopping something down so that it goes down a slope and kicking all the other crewmates off. This is averted for her third battle, but she "makes up for" Eve having her company by spawning three huge plant monsters that are specifically resistant to Eve's attacks.
  • Foil:
    • The most obvious one is that she's a foil to Eve. Both are cape-wearing, hammy, sword-obsessed warriors that use similar moves and techniques. However, apart from those major traits they're almost complete opposites. Eve speaks in a blunt manner and barely contracts her words (when she does, it's— it is a big deal) while Lilith makes up her own contractions or uses contractions that feel out-of-place and sometimes don't mak'sense, Eve is associated with fire while Lilith is associated with plants (not opposites on GPF's elemental scale, but... they're not that much alike),
    • More subtle is that she's a foil to Brooke. Both of them were a bit troublesome as childen, in contrast to the nobleness of everyone else. However, Lilith was a "relatively harmless" kid with a lot of imagination that just wants to pick some fights with whoever's up to it. Brooke on the other hand was a bullying asshole through and through. Lilith grew up to be a self-deprecator with a rough life who joined the Order of the Plant to support her younger siblings but doesn't really want to work there, while Brooke grew up to keep her ridiculously high ego of herself, was rejected by the OOTP despite really wanting to be on, and applied for it in the first place just so that she could be an "awesome ruler." Lilith refuses to fight anyone who is not Eve for finding her "a strong and worthy enemy" and has to practically be forced by the rest of the party to fight them in her final battle, while Brooke happily hunts out people weaker than her to use as her subjects and cowardly backs off from those who prove they can fight back (Karla being the most obvious example). Sky Studios even bookends itself by fighting against the two childhood brats. You begin with a fight against Lilith, where she uses plants, finally confirm that she's not that evil, and Eve saves her and invites her to the party. Meanwhile, it ends with a surprise attack from Brooke (assuming the player did not go to the Test of the Hundred first), where she uses machinery, she's clearly cartwheeled over in to being irredeemable from what she did, and she ultimately fails to redeem herself.
  • Friendly Enemy: She's the only enforcer not outright trying to really kill Eve (well, jury's out on exactly what LegBoot wants, but when she "rejects" him he too resorts to attempted murder), and while a lot of her actions are over-the-top, she keeps her actual violence limited to Eve and tries to avoid harming the other companions until the final fight. Her man-eating plants do not have such standards, which she does not realize initially.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Lilith being the "mother of monsters" loosely foreshadows the giant plant-things she sends after you while you're going through Corp. S.'s ship, and the bigger versions she uses on her final fight.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Every other enforcer treats her like garbage despite being one of the hardest workers of them all, with Matrarx being the only Order of the Plant member that shows her anything resembling decency. It's no real surprise that all it takes for her to fight along the side of good is Eve offering her hand, which makes Lilith remark that Eve already did more nice acts to her than the entire group even though they were enemies. Granted, almost immediately afterward Eve saves Lilith's life, but it's her thoughts prior that count.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Lilith, as in the "mother of demons," and Sahtabb, as in a corruption of "stab." While working under the Order of the Plant, she's far from the worst enforcer, but she's not exactly a teddy bear to be around either.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: If the player does not "skip" anybody, she is the final recruitable party member in the entire game; she's also the only mandatory recruit after Tutorimall, the only one that can't be recruited until after the boss with Corp. S., and the only one that was actually affiliated with the Order of the Plant.

    Dave Highya 

Eve's business partner in Hi & Lo Hunting. Dave is not a recruitable party member and appears to not be one of the Chosen Reargicians. As he's nowhere near as good of a swordsman as Eve, his screentime in the game is pretty much limited to the beginning and the post-Green Tower segment.

  • Back for the Finale: Excluding five seconds that he's visible in the Metal Factory/Sky Studio transition, he only shows up at the beginning of the game and its final areas. As in, post-Matrarx final areas. Word of God is that he came up with Dave soley to have a comic relief guy that's only at the beginning and end, and in the middle we see Eve meet new friends.
  • Bonus Boss: There's a damn good reason why the description for the Legendary Rainbow Ticket says specifically that giving it to Dave might not be a good idea...
  • Butt-Monkey: It's downright impressive how much bad shit happens to him within the game's short prologue. All done by Lilith. She slices his car in half while trying to slice Eve in half, blows up his house thinking it was Eve's house, [...] Later on in the game, he makes a return in a small plane appearing to assist you on your way to Sky Studios... and just like Knuckles in Mirage Saloon, Logo the Clown knocks him off of it while taunting you.
  • Punny Name: His surrname. He's partners with a Lowyu. Hi(gh) & Lo(w) Hunting.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns:
    • Subverted. He's quickly put out of comission shortly after the Expressway makes it to the Tutorimall and
    • Inverted in that he has a sudden cameo right as the gang flies up to get to Sky Studios... just to be knocked down by Logo the Clown. From there, he's captured in Green City (an area that the party technically never goes to, if one counts Green Tower at the center to be a different region) for the rest of the game.
  • Social Circle Filler: To Eve, basically, showing that she does in fact have at least one friend prior to the events of the game. The only party member she knew prior to stepping foot in the Tutorimall was Lilith, and Lilith was trying to kill her.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He goes from being a complete wimp to one of the hardest bosses in the game if you give him the Legendary Rainbow Ticket.

Bland Forest Recruits

    Rain Perthrocard 

Likely to be the first optional party member recruited in the game, she is seen sitting on a rock letting water drip on her as soon as the player enters Bland Forest and will join just by talking to her and doing the token yes/no prompt. There really is no reason to ignore her unless the player is doing the achievements related to beating bosses with only Eve, Ash, and Mike. As her name might imply, she has a few water attacks, although wind is her main "element."

    Penny Gabs 

A nerdy economist that wants to study exactly what the mysterious "ticket" currency is made out of. She is one of the very few party members who has spells cast from Tickets (although she does have some regular ol' MP skills).

  • Punny Name: "Penny" for her obvious association with money (and generally being the first Ticket-based party member the player will encounter, at Bland Forest's inn), "Gabs" is "Bags" spelled backwards with the "S" still at the end.

    Pamela Ulhunch 

  • Punny Name: It's easy to shorten it to "punch." She's generally the first party member the player will find that will asks you to fight before joining up.


    Raeley Winkle 

A sleepy woman in pajamas that has a random chance of appearing when the party uses an inn, having no memory of how she ended up near your bed.

  • Anti-Frustration Features: Don't like the RNG-nature of recruiting her? Don't want to keep sleeping over and over again just for the chance of the flag to trigger? Clearing the Dream Ring is a guaranteed way of getting her in the gang, and it also has good rewards on its own (500 Tickets, which is a lot by that point in the game, especially with limited supplies; also, one of the best gauntlets in the game).
  • Meaningful Name: She's named after the story of Rip Van Winkle, and fits with that by being a sleeper who suddenly appears in another spot.
  • Pajama-Clad Hero: Unless you take up the "Nudist Vow" with Karla at Metal Factory. Still, she's this until that point.
  • A Wizard Did It: It's implied that her teleporting to your party was caused by aliens.

    Harley Olarly 

A zombie found in a semi-hidden area in the Lame Garden section of Bland Forest. Eve mistakes her for a genuinely dead body at first.

    Virjjee Goin' 

The "Virgo" of the Fabled Zodiacs. She's there in the open in Bland Forest's "Lame Garden" section,

    Spring Bloom 

The "unofficial guard" of the Lame Garden section of bland Forest.

  • Going Commando: She's wears a dress that's really more like a small nightgown, and it's commented that there isn't really anything under it. Her official art shows that her so much as walking or adopting a stance ends up flashing everyone.
  • Stealth Pun: Her two types of assisting flowers are "Red Violets" and "Blue Roses," a reference to the extremely common "Roses are red, violets are blue" poem.

    Elizabeth "Liz" Idego 

A scientist and one of three assistants (and the only recruitable assistant) working at a small place in the jungle portion of Bland Forest called the Gear Lab, a hidden base in the forest devoted to making anti-Order of the Plant tools and weapons. Her main element is poison, but she also has a number of electrical and "metal" (read: earth) attacks.

    Wylra Woolfie 

A dog-owner who joins Eve after she comes up with a solution to deal with her dog constantly asking to go in and out of her home. Turns out by this game's logic, Eve just needed to enter a fight with the door itself, which was also a sapient monster, so having her join is effectively the matter of beating a certain miniboss.

    Drakina Savanah Buzt 

  • Mythology Gag: It's implied that Mosquities from i can't draw: another "another world" story exist in this game's world too, and she's in some way tied to them.

    Libs Allance 

The "Libra" of the Fabled Zodiac, who joins the party after completing a puzzle related to balances.

    Summer Maldheat 

    Twilla Wistfu 

  • Burger Fool: It "comes with its perks" in that she can use fast food as a weapon.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Fries, burning greese... her actual weapon class is a spatula.
  • Shout-Out: She's named after the autumn-themed areas in Pikmin 2 and 3: Twilight River and Wistfu'l Wild. Bland Forest is divided in to four sub-sections based on the four seasons, not counting the "dry desert-like" zone at the end (which is also a Pikmin reference; specifically the third game throwing a desert area in the mix of the Challenge Mode levels and Formidable Oak)

    Scera Pyio 

The "Scorpio" of the Fabled Zodiacs. One of the poison-element-users,

    Autumn Toofall 

The "leader" of Orangeish-Vermilion Leaf River. Like the other seasons, she's found and faught at the end with some flunkies.

    Olivia Coats 

  • Ironic Name: She's the only one of the group she's seen with who isn't wearing a coat. For starters. And in fact, the "coat" armor item is something she can't be equipped with.

    Frida Easy 

    Sarchitara Liarrow 

The "Sagittarius" of the Fabled Zodiacs.

    Winter Holdz 

The unofficial "guard" of Chilled Woods, the "winter" portion of Bland Forest.

    Cynthia Refell 

All three of the regions with optional party members have a "mildly plot-relevant" one that's not really recruitable until right near the end, such as Karla in Metal Factory or Granite in Platform Mountains. Cynthia is this towards Bland Forest, as a large portion of Eve's quest there is spent helping her assemble a chainsaw she can use to chop down the gigantic "firetree" LegBoot planted there.

She briefly mentions having an ex-husband at the end of Bland Forest. If the player goes to Metal Factory with her in the party, it will be revealed that said ex-husband is Sam.

  • Expy: Of Fan's O.C. Stand-in for Wendy's mother as presented in Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage. Making things more obvious is that her former husband went down the exact same path Manly Dan did in that badfic,
  • Meaningful Name: "refell" as in "felling trees," a similar pun-name system seen in GPF's Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group with the Unfel family (the people of the forest) and Witchita Fells (The Dragon, who wants to kill the people of the forest). However, while she is a "feller of trees," she's a good guy.

Platform Mountain Recruits

    Snow Jeracard 

Another random "nature-lover" that Eve and co come across as soon as they enter a new area. Well, after Eve wakes up from Lilith's second fight ending with her crashing in to a rock and getting knocked out.

    Marie Stable 

    Katten Jones 

"What's Milky doing with you? ...Good GOD, is she okay?! Urgh, she keeps running off like that! Sorry! But... it looks like she finally lost that weight while she was with you, so I don't know, maybe I'm the bad guy here and I owe you by joining you? What am I even saying... Milky, time to get you a babysitter!"

A cat-lover who initially does not want to join Eve's party, although her cat (Milky) sneaks off and does so. After leveling up the cat enough, she will give in and join the group after seeing how happy the adventure made it.

  • Magikarp Power: Invoked with her recruiting method; you get her cat to join you first, and


  • Hypocritical Humor: As much as she doesn't really like the "rampant nudity" of the Springheads, she appears to be naked herself. Subverted if Karla is recruited and the whole gang goes nude accordingly; all seven of the angels and demons have slightly different-looking bodies that are the exact same color as their faces instead of a similar color, implying that their "bodies" seen are actually just really thin armor or tight body suits.


  • Expy: Her design is heavily modeled after the Joy enemy from Bayonetta.

    Captain Griound Tanky 

  • Ironic Name: Her name sounds more like a tank or land-vehicle-related pun, yet she's actually a sea captain who first meets you out in the ocean. She's also not even a tank in the sense of being able to take a lot of damage unless you really grind up on Carrots (this game's permanent stat boosters); she has pretty low health and defense and is clearly a glass cannon.
  • Pirate Girl: NO! She's a SEA-CAPTAIN! Pirates are criminals and awful people!

    Capri Norcor 

The "capricorn" of the Fabled Zodiacs. Bizarrely, she fights with a yo-yo with a goat's face.


"Just... *huff* another... *huff* steak..."

A "slacker" demon found sleeping while she's supposed to be mining.


    Jamie Rolldon 

The only optional male party member in the game, he's a crossdresser found in the same general region Stacy would be found in (yet Stacy is not recruitable until Metal Factory).

    Aquaz Reetius 

The "Aquarius" of the Fabled Zodiacs,

    Tolea Wull 

One of the "customers" in the Hot Spring Mountain, who fights clad in only a towel.

    Foamla "Suds" Megashampoo 

The "guardian"/Renter of the Hot Spring Mountain.

    Solanley Galaxasto 

"Just tell me you know where bloodshed might be and I'm all yours... I'm all yours."

A strange woman first seen with a mask that has a bizarre fascination with all-things horror. She initially seems like an enemy, but is actually very friendly. Uses a number of meat-themed attacks, with the occasional paint move. She knows a bit about the Shadows; more than most of the other characters, but not that much.

  • Everyone Has Standards: Despite having tastes some might find disturbing, like everyone else in the party (and even Insa, who is supposed to be Brooke's "leader" that just didn't know about Brooke's "activities" when Insa isn't looking) she's utterly disgusted by Brooke's complete disrespect towards privacy. If she's recruited when Eve witnesses Karla smacking Brooke with a support beam, she's the only party member that will outright cheer.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Dear lord is she ever one. Ignoring how she somehow has slightly more information on the mysterious "Shadow" enemies,
  • Verbal Tic: She enjoys repeating the ending of her statements twice... her statements twice.

    Lanny Paltzer 

"I'm just going to be blunt. Got any Hank Hill '34? Yes or no."

Someone a little obsessed with King of the Hill in general and Hank Hill specifically. She'll only join if you give her the Naughty Hank Image found in a hidden area in the Bland Forest-Platform Mountain transition.

  • Mood Whiplash: She's encountered in the room right after Solanley's. You go from a dark, red and black place full of paintings of hands and Nightmare Faces to a room plastered with (pixellated) Hank Hill porn.

    Pie Thasees 

The "Pieces" of the Fabled Zodiacs. Claims to not be "a technical mermaid" despite looking part-fish; confusingly, she's found in the same area with the "actual" mermaid party member who resembles a more "usual" American depiction a lot more.

    Scella Durga 

A mermaid in the "Water Mountain" who thinks that humans are all inherantly violent. Getting the whole party member to just defend in her battle will have her reconsider her opinion on humanity and join up with the party.

  • Affectionate Parody: Word of God is that she's slightly inspired by Undertale in general and Undyne specifically (although design-wise she's loosey based on Aqualea, the mermaid from the SNES version of Wario's Woods). Getting her approval by having the entire party defend is in reference to the end of the Undyne befriending event, where the character hits her with a deliberately weak attack. Considering the number of Take That!s strewn about the game (including the mandatory battles against not one, but three Peter Griffin lookalikes, who are also among the very few characters in the game to outright die)
  • Mythology Gag: She continues GPF's cross-story Running Gag of mermaids "ironically" using the element of fire.

    Aqua Guuah 

The Renter of the Water Mountain. Another mermaid, except with a blue-themed palette in contrast to Scella's use of pink (and green to a lesser extent).



    Mary Altarss 

"You... you figured it out?! You figured it out! Yes! The game was a trap! An endless cycle of pain, misery, and death! But... but not playing it all! You unlocked the true best ending!"

An artist and training video game developer who has recieved a number of awards from her first game Selflessly Ending World Hunger.

  • Stylistic Suck: While her art work itself is pretty impressive, her gaming career is not. Selflessly is a game about a stick figure with MS Paint graphics that pushes a button labeled "end world hunger" that actually just launches a missile at the city in the background. It's entirely possible to get the game-within-a-game to "crash" simply by going left long enough.

    Dyna Dyes 

The "Renter" of the Canvas Mountain. Someone generally obsessed with the arts, although unlike Mary, she's more in to still work than interactive works/video games.

    Airram Eeseay 

The "Aries" of the Fabled Zodiacs.

    Princess/Queen Granite 

"You know that thing you see on TV where people float down safely in umbrellas? ...Don't try that. Just don't. Trust me. It doesn't work. At all."

A supposed ruler of the Platform Mountain region that was initially kidnapped by Rockshell. Witnessing her kidnapping starts a sequence where you play as her, and have to make it out of the dungeon before she becomes permanently recruitable to Eve's party in the game proper.

Metal Factory Recruits

    Thunder Ehwazcard 

  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: The previous two "[Whether name] [Rune]cards" join the party right off the bat, but she demands a number of things first. This is hinted at since you actually find her in the inn (yes, there's an inn inside a factory, that's one of the least-weird things about this game)

    Berta Trapz 

  • Meaningful Name: It sounds a bit like "bear trap." Guess what her location is littered with. She also sets up traps that have a chance to snap on enemies for massive damage, including bosses where it wouldn't really make sense.

    Amy Arr 

A rough general that is convinced that the Metal Factory is a warzone, and not without good reason.



    Taurla Russtmin 

The first of the Fabled Zodiacs that could be recruited in Metal Factory.

    Lumijill Enessense 

A lightbulb maker who specializes in flashing enemies with powerful bulbs. Is mostly light-related, but has a number of fire and electricity moves, and even a plant and an earth attack.

  • Improbable Weapon User: Light bulbs and her own sunglasses.
  • Self-Harm: You find out later that unlike the other scarred Metal Factory workers, her wounds were self-inflicted. If she's one of your three non-Eve members by the time you reach the rematch with (cyborg-)Brooke, Brooke will specifically mock her for this.

    May Ohrnotz 



    Geminella Iisacks 

A curious wanderer looking for her lost twin that offers to join you if you can find her if certain conditions are met. Said twin can actually be found in Sky Studios; if you don't go through her recruitment

    Jane Jadeuh 

  • Yandere: Implied to be one of them, if a downplayed version. She's a bit

    Eugina Eer 

The conductor of the only train in Metal Factory. Unfortunately for her, her train ends up getting attacked by "The Motes," expies of the Smorgs. Fortunately for that situation, that happened to be the train ride she takes Eve on.

  • The Artifact: She has some blotches of ash on her face and clothes after the Motes fight, even if you recruit her and long in to the game after that. Subverted if you recruit Karla, where she also cleans her face up upon forfeiting her outfit, although that raises the question of why she did not do that before when joining the party normally.
  • Punny Name: It's a play on "engineer."

    Canssit Latbarc 

  • Sdrawkcab Name: The last four letters of her surname are just "crab" backwards.

    Stacy Fuller Eristov 

    Sandy Gritz 



    Leoitzia Tigpunch 

The twelfth, Leo-themed, and last of the "Fabled Zodiacs." A lone fighter with an army of lions that slowly increase in rank and mineral composition (with her being assisted by a "Platinum Lion" and a "Pure Platinum Lion") that dwells deep within the sewers of the Metal Factory.

She is the only one of the Fabled Zodiacs also on the list of Mountain Warlords. Or, she was. She got kicked out for being too violent and unpredictable, which is saying quite a lot considering the seven that made the list that you'll see in Platform Mountain.

  • Establishing Character Moment: You know you're dealing with someone either utterly fucking nuts, utterly fucking badass, or both when the first thing you see her doing is guzzling down nuclear waste. Speak to her and she does, indeed, fit the "nuts" qualification. Fight her and you'll find out that she is, in fact, badass.
  • Expy: Great Pikmin Fan has, prior to releasing this game, dabbled in Homestuck bloodswapping. Specifically, he replaced all of the main trolls with a Nepeta of the same blood color. Leoitzia is effectively Fan's Fuchsia/Pieces Nepeta, as they both are associated with a similar color (also, fun fact, the rest of the zodiac is colored in a similar manner going from there, but in reverse; IE Virgo is violet, Libra is purple, Scorpio is indigo, etc) and they're both completely fucking nuts compared to the canonical Nepeta. Both also love wearing gold and are some of the last people you would want to piss off, although Leoitzia is considerably stronger than Pieces Nepeta (who was openly ranked by Taurus as the weakest of the fuchsiabloods, although Taurus is far from completely reliable).

    Karla Tonn 

A very powerful nudist and the last potential party member Brooke is seen trying to hit on. She is unique in that the player does not need to do any quest to get her to join (unless one counts watching the mandatory cutscenes first, and going through most of Metal Factory), yet recruiting her requires permanently giving up armor (although not badges, headwear, or shields) for the entire gang.

  • Disc-One Nuke: She can utterly nuke what little is left of Metal Factory once she becomes recruitable, and the Sky Studios is a joke with her in the party. Even the Green Tower and the fight with Matrarx are almost nothing. However, she comes with the cost that the party cannot equip any main armor, which is especially bad seeing how powerful some of the lategame armor is.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Brooke tries to harass her? She replies by smacking Brooke with a support beam, and then threatening her by lifting a car with one hand.
  • Jerkass: You wear clothes? She barely even talks to you at all. She barely even considers that some of the scarred or injured party members might be trying to hide their injuries, although this is mitigated in that most of them don't really mind exposing their various burn/cut/gear-accident marks to the world.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: In the "official party member list," she's ranked dead last out of all the optional party members, and can very easily be the final member you'll get before the fourth and final Lilith fight that ends with her joining you. She's the only one where her recruitment process involves making a permanent sacrifice that affects gameplay. Some other party members have "mild" sacrifices like having to do such-and-such battles with some limitations or not being able to do this until a miniboss you find later is killed, but she's the only one where it's permanent. Hell, she's also the only party member that involves changing the sprites your characters use both in and out of battle, and as she herself is always naked, she has no alternate set of sprites. So, you guessed it, she's also the only party member with just one set of sprites.
  • Super Strength: She's capable of suplexing rocket ships. Yes, you actually get to unlock this as one of her lategame attacks. Stat-wise, it's powerful enough to take out cyborg-Brooke in one fucking hit.

The Order of the Plant is a


    The Enforcers in General 

    Lillian "Lilith" Sahtabb, Enforcer of Sword ("Gladia") (Unmarked Spoilers) 

See the page on party members.

    Tutorial Wizard, Enforcer of Dragon ("Draca") 

    LegBoot OriginalPants, Enforcer of Fire ("Ignis") 

    Rockshell, Enforcer of Earth ("Terra") 

    Corp. S., Enforcer of Water ("Hydro") 

    Logo the Clown, Enforcer of Wind ("Zeph") 

    High-Prophet Matrarx (Unmarked Spoilers) 

  • The Dragon: She considers herself this to Aeritola. However, as Aerotila is a double-subverted normal cactus and thus is not sapient and cannot really act,

    Aeritola, the Creator (Unmarked Spoilers) 

The enigmatic leader of the Order of the Plant and the eponymous "Plant" of the group. Aeritola is initially built up to be leader and a potential boss even beyond Matrarx, however, after beating Matrarx, Eve finds out that the "Creator" is naught but a cactus. This initially just seems like a joke, until shortly after where more about the fabled "Ultigarden" is revealed. It is apparently the "final final afterlife," where souls go even after spending time in Heaven or Hell. Whether it is an even more glorious paradise than Heaven, a worse torment than Hell, or something in-between or none of the above is not known even by the dimensions' rulers, as anything that has gone in — living or dead — has not came out. And, until about two-three decades ago, nothing has came out past the Green Gates... until a potted cactus was tossed out. The first of anything that passed through the gates. Seeing it as a sign of change, Matrarx founded the Order of the Plant around it.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Through the whole game, all members of the Order of the Plant refuse to refer to Aeritola with pronouns until you reach Matrarx, who says "He...?" with some uncertaincy. When you see what he's like, this makes sense: he's a literal plant, and plants are biological
  • Real After All: Subverted. At first it seems like a joke where the "Creator" turns out to be a cactus, then you find out that he

Other Units

    Land-Renters as a Whole 

The Land-Renters are a group of "part-time" Order of the Plant workers who lightly oversee various parts of the regions Eve visits, and are loosely "led" by the respective enforcer. For some reason, they are all female. Most of the earlygame Renters aren't really hostile and every single one of them from the first three regions can eventually join Eve after meeting certain conditions from their defeats, but Sky Studios has a few that are far meaner and do not give in.

In General

Bland Forest List

  1. Winter
  2. Autumn
  3. Summer Maldheat
  4. Spring Bloom

Platform Mountain List

Metal Factory List

    Sky Studios Renters 

In General

Each studio (Logo-Fu, Aqua, and Sky) is rented out to one person, who yet again has a thematically-appropriate appearance. Initially seeming like recruitable party members, they're... not. Remember what the Friendship Stone tells you upon reaching Sky Studios; there are no further recruits.

Their "power list" is as follows, and they are encountered in a far more linear fashion than the previous three areas (although each of them has two routes to reach her). Again, #1 is the "strongest," and they get weaker down the list. This time you are required to encounter them in reverse order.

  1. Mary Gleafill
  2. Carbly Soda
  3. Kell Brocks

  • Defeat Means Friendship: Downplayed. There's no way to get these three to join your party, but they generally become a lot friendlier with Eve after she kicks the shit out of them.

Kell Brocks

A news reporter in a red suit older than the party's members that attacks with a microphone and has an alternate "broadcast" form.

  • Bait-and-Switch Boss: By this point, you're probably used to the formula the game has set up: each crossroads has side-areas, and the major ones end in a fight with a person who rented out that space. Normally, they're simple minibosses — they do become party members, so from a gameplay standpoint it's supposed to feel like just one "party member" (even if one with backup) is going up against four. Kell seems exceptionally weak even with that in mind... and then she enters her next form, and her fight plays completely differently and she completely loses any "recruitable party member vibe" she might come off as having.
  • Expy: She looks like a female version of Kent Brockman.

Carbly Soda

Mary Gleafill

"...Hey. HEY! I'm top of all the Renters for a reason. If I marched over to the regions before me, I could easily kick everyone else's asses. Even the Enforcers. "

A "blood"-soaked self-proclaimed warlord found at the end of a movie set for some kind of Sugar Bowl-like film.

  • Ironic Name: Her name and the location she's found in gives off the feeling that she's going to be some sort of Tastes Like Diabetes encounter, similar to how Angie/Separation fakes you out. Instead, at the end of the bright, candy-colored rainbow field movie set lies a huge, muscular warrior dripping with fake blood that uses a bone-like sword to try to cut your party in half.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: She marks the game's second big Difficulty Spike, after LegBoot OriginalPants at the end of Bland Forest. If you want to fight Logo or, more likely, Cyborg-Brooke,

Other characters

    The Shadows 

Very mysterious entities that come in a variety of appearances, most of them as monochrome beings. Some humanoid, some not that humanoid, some really not humanoid.

  • Easter Egg: It's entirely possible to go through the entire game without knowing that these guys even exist.
  • Jump Scare: They tend to show up as random results of sleeping at inns. The one at Bland Forest's inn won't do anything even when interacted with, but will suddenly run at you at full speed when you try to leave the area.
  • Odd Name Out: Like the Joy Mutants, they're some of the few enemies with just one name, while many of the hand-picked enemies have two.
  • Stone Wall: One thing most of them do have in common is that they dish out very little damage by the standards of their point in the game, yet take quite a bit to go down. "Hand" is an exception to this, as it has even stronger defense and hurts like utter hell even by Sky Studios standards.

    Brooke Cops 

A "member" of the Polygonal Meme Band who likes to go around

  • Already Done for You: Attempted inversion. She sneaks after Eve and co, standing one floor behind them the whole time, as they go through the Test of the Hundred, waiting for them so that she can steal the treasure at the end at the last second. Apart from the issue with dealing with Eve herself, she jumps in a bit too early and gets eaten by the boss as a result.
  • Asshole Victim: Wutorial Tizard ends up eating her at the end of the Test of the Hundred. At best — and this is the option less-seen by new players as they would probably beat Cyborg-Brooke first — she's a selfish asshole with no respect for boundaries, and at worst she tries to comit mass-murder of dozens of people (she threatened to crash the studio down on Green City proper), so it's not exactly like her death will land top spot on a Tear Jerker page. Even Eve, who is supposed to be something of an All-Loving Hero, hesitates a bit before trying to save her for "some reason," and after failing Ash asks why Eve even bothered in the first place.
  • Bait-and-Switch Boss: Upon reaching the top of Sky Studio, the last of the three Sky Studios, you think you're about to fight Logo the Clown... and then Brooke blows him up, revealing to have given herself a cyborg upgrade. Subverted if you do the Test of the Hundred first, as she still gets killed by the Bonus Boss Wutorial Tizard. But because she's dead before she has the chance to blow up Logo, you actually do end up fighting Logo for real. And to make up for the leveling up the Test gave you, he's a bit stronger than Cyborg-Brooke.
  • Bullying a Dragon: She has an extremely bad habit of this, to the point where a player can easily start wondering why it seems to never get her killed. Until she pushes her luck too far.
    • Yes, Brooke, pissing off one of the most-known swordswomen who hunts giant mutant acid-spewing deer for a living, killed a giant mutant bear at the age of eight, and is an expert elemental master even today by bragging about groping one of her childhood classmates is a good idea.
    • She finally gets the idea that her actions won't be put up with everyone upon arriving at Metal Factory where she tries to do the same things she usually does, but with Karla Tonn. Getting hit in the face with a giant support beam and then being threatened with an entire car got the point through good enough.
    • She literally bullies a dragon in the form of Wutorial Tizard at the end of the Test of the Hundred. She just sees Brooke as a drumstick and eats her.
  • Chekhov's Gun: You find her way back in Tutorimall, where she only gives the PMB a passing mention. Fast-forward to the Metal Factory and you finally get to meet their other members and their leader, and you find out that they're way smaller in number than she was implying.
  • Hate Sink: Unlike most of the colorful people that "happen to" attack the party, she's meant to just be completely unlikable from shell to core. She's one of the few non-recruitable characters you see in the flashback at the beginning, where she's claiming herself to be the queen of the school and tormenting Mike in the past. Fast-forward and she's still abusing him well in to adulthood; fighting her off is how Mike is added to the party. The one thing she does that can be considered a good deed is killing Logo the Clown before he has the chance to fight you, but that was done just to make killing Eve's party more convenient.
  • Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up: Been tormenting a good number of the playable party members, especially Mike, since childhood. This continued with Mike specifically in adulthood. In the rematch with her cyborg form, you can chose to have Mike himself in the party to make the revenge more personal, or just have whatever strong group you've assembled because Mike is by no means obligated to have to "conquer his childhood enemy." If he isn't in your fighting group, he'll lampshade this.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In Tutorimall, she's utterly pathetic despite her big talk about being the "true ruler of this world." Red Springheads have more HP than she does, and Fatinky has even less health.
  • Walking Spoiler: She just seems like a running gag, but chances are you'll end up running in to her as a significantly powerful lategame boss. Also, if you head over to the Test of the Hundred, she ends up getting eaten by the boss at the end, and Word of God is that this is canon.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Unlike almost every other character in the game not explicitely identified as dead, she vanishes after Eve knocks her off the missile at the end of the Sky Studios. This is to make her only possible appearance after, Tizard eating her, more convenient to code and write.
  • The Worf Effect: Ends up on both ends of this. On one side, she takes out Logo the Clown with one bomb, who is explicitely said to be stronger than any of the other four enforcers you've fought before him (five counting Lilith, but it's not clear where she fits on the power scale). However, after that, she's swallowed instantly by Wutorial Tizard. Ironically, Tizard is a stronger version of the first enforcer of the game.

    Fatinky Byuulance 

Brooke's partner-in-crime

    The Springheads 

The Goomba of this game, at least at first. They come in at least six known colors: red, blue, black, silver, gold, and green, in that order from weakest to strongest. Respectively, they are in Tutorimall, Bland Forest, Platform Mountain, Metal Factory, the Sky Studios, and the Green Tower. There are supposedly even stronger versions, but... that's for later on.

After seemingly being random mooks for the first two areas, Platform Mountain's Crossroads finally elaborates that they're actually a huge gang of thieves

  • Expy: They resemble Goombas to some extent, and are modeled slightly Bokoblins. Word of God says that when designing them he tried to picture "what would happen if a Bokoblin, a Goomba, and Spring Mario had a threeway."
  • Light Is Not Good: The "Holy Springheads" that attack you in Ascention are just as much assholes as the other ones.
  • Nonindicative Name: It sounds like they have springs for heads. No, they have springs and heads.
  • Take That!: The fact that you fight these guys a lot and that they're just about the only random encounter enemies in the game (there are exceptions, but they tend to be rare and are very much region-based) is a light commentary on the "low enemy variety" in Breath of the Wild. These guys look a bit like Bokoblins and even start out having the same color-progression as Breath of the Wild's enemies, just going over to green at the end to fit the Order of the Plant
  • Token Heroic Orc: You end up finding one or two Springheads that are completely peaceful, revealing that the whole species isn't a bunch of crooks.

    Horizon Jim 

A man who has trained his body to be able to move through anything, including and especially metal. Two main drawbacks: he can only do so "horizontally," meaning that he can't really help Eve go up Green Tower; and he won't really help Eve get near the Green Tower anyway because he's really frickin' uncooperative.

  • Beef Gate: There's nothing stopping you from exploring Orangeish-Vermilion Leaf River as soon as you get to Bland Forest, just make sure you're prepared for him first. He's a nudge to new players to look at the Lame Garden first, but returning players can embrace the slight option they have to tackle the sub-areas in any order they want.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: He tries to kill you for asking him to not stand right in the middle of a path.
  • Recurring Boss: You fight him twice: once with him guarding a mandatory subarea in Bland Forest, and again guarding an option area leading to the Lust/Chasity recruit in Platform Mountain. He's taken a level in badass in between those fights.

    Debate and Etabed 

"Debate" is a very strange man seen

    "Christy"/Christian Mack 

A strange man in a cave on Platform Mountain who seems to have a harem of devoted roleplayers. He's nude and uses his long hair and beard to attack. Everything about him is... weird. He's required for recruiting both Lust and Chasity to the party.

  • Battle Harem: Has a lot of girlfriends, although only six of them fight with him for game design reasons. Tweak #1 addressed this by having the rest of the haremettes in the background that
  • Beware the Silly Ones: He looks absolutely ridiculous, but he has a feared rep and several warning signs outside of his place for a reason. He's actually friendly and only fights when specifically challenged,
  • Godiva Hair: Male variant, he has long hair that "goes in to" a beard (his Scan entry notes that it's difficult to tell when the hair ends and it becomes nothing but beard, or if even the beard ends and it's really just hair that he has down the front) which forms a long trail. In battle, his sprite changes poses twice, and no matter what pose he's in — even when he's on his hands to shoot his foot-guns at you — his hair always covers him.
  • Handy Feet: So that he can fire four guns at once.
  • Running Gag: He and his harem end up twisting their bodies up thanks to their dance-battling. You first see Jaypelljia like this.

    Wutorial Tizard 

The boss at the end of the Test of the Hundred. She's the Tutorial Wizard's much older, much bigger sister, and tries to kill Eve and company... well, not out of revenge for her sister, but just for waking her up.

  • Aloof Big Brother: Eve feels the need to tell her for some reason that she technically killed her sister. Tizard's response is to just laugh it off.
  • Expy: Of Bonetail/Wracktail, as both of them are Bonus Bosses at the end of a pit of a hundred obstacles that are white, stronger versions of a previous enemy.
  • Meat-O-Vision: She sees Brooke as a drumstick right before eating her.
  • Older Is Better: At a thousand years old, she's ten times the age of Tutorial Wizard, and about ten times as powerful. Hell, her "human form" even looks like an elderly woman, in contrast to Wizard's resembling a young girl. Their dragon forms, however, are Palette Swaps of one-another.

    "Lucifer, the Fallen One"/"Actor"/Helmer 

An immortal man who tried to fight against the Order of the Plant but was sealed by Logo the Clown and LegBoot OriginalPants inside of a coffin.

  • Expy: Of "Satan"/Mike. Both of them are hidden bosses locked away and require at least one key to reach them, both are obviously given names after the Devil yet that's not their real name, and both hurt like hell.
  • Handicapped Badass: He lost an arm yet he's not only significantly stronger than the Actor enemies from i can't draw that he resembles, but he's one of the strongest bosses in the entire game.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: He looks like a shitty MS Paint drawing compared to the more detailed and consistent appearances of almost everyone else, to reference that he's more-or-less from a game made with shitty MS Paint-tier drawingsnote .

These are random

  • Arc Number: Several.
    • Nine is one of the most obvious, and to an extent general multiples of three because of its status as nine's square root. Unitia Origin/Unitia One is Demon Number Nine on the list, and as a double-agent working against them, that really leaves the Hundred Demons as a band of ninety-nine opponents. Origin/One also had twenty-five soul beings that she stalked in her life, started her first genuine relationship with the Eighth Circle, and comits herself to Carlson in the present — that's a total of twenty-seven "love"rs, 33. Excluding the Unitias, there are nine major Stellar Silver Knights: Carlson, Stella, Eldbrash, Kameel, Ruby, Leon, Hex, Transparaghost, and Her Bone. The story often groups its characters in threes when they are not in triples. Carlson and Unitia One form three trios depending on who the third member is: counting the "main" main heroes, the third one is Stella (the Trio Introduction Arc is named after this specific group, according to Word of God); counting their Zelda/Link/Ganon "Triforce" status and how they are the three main characters who are intentionally "overpowered," it's the Eighth Circle; and counting how the main sixteen Unitias all have "foil pairs," it's Unitia Two, as Unitia One is both her foil and Carlson's as well, so they form an odd "trinity" while the other main Unitias just form duos. Unitia Nine is not critical to the plot at all, but she still does get a heafty amount of screentime and she is a bit of a Rules Lawyer for the gang when Unitia Thirty-Three does not fill out the job. The story itself is also divided in to nine arcs: one for each of the Shiny Rocks except Orange/Red share an arc (so seven), one about taking the first four Shiny Rocks back from the Gatherer, and one devoted to taking down the Eighth Circle.
  • Narm:
    • The game tries to invoke a sudden Cerebus Syndrome after beating F.L.O.W.E.R. P.O.T. by having the Bufflaos suddenly capture the gang, the King being revealed for the first time and turn out to look a lot more eldritch than the Bufflaos proper, and giving the player the choice to either sacrifice Taro or kill a few NPCs; there is no third option, and the choice made will be permanent for the rest of the game (there is no way to bring either back to life). There's a number of reasons why this is not really the effective Mood Whiplash it was going for. First, the game still keeps its MS Paint-tier sprites, and the unique sprites of the Bufflaos all leaping at the gang to knock them out just looks ridiculous. Second,
  • Ship Sinking: Notably, GPF himself encourages people to "experiment with writing weird couples if you want," and even posted joke art of Carlson with several of the other Demons. Even non-humanoid ones like Bricka. These are just moments of it being confirmed that a given couple isn't going to happen.
    • Hoodieath, at first glance, almost seems like she's being built to be a "permanent" love interest for Stella in the future (who up until that point in the story had been sleeping around with various people), what with them sharing an... enthusiastic love for fanservice-laden adult works. The former comes off as a bit brash at first, but that's just something she'll develop out of, right? Then she actually meets Stella for the first time. Stella's response is to just laugh her off.
    • In a case of anti-Ship Sinking, the end of the Fuck the Jungle Arc was the story's way of confirming that, despite both parties having their issues come at them at full force, Carlson and Unitia One's "time apart" is not a permanent breakup and they're a couple to stay. Word of God saying that their relationship is permanent at the chapter's closing notes and they won't have anything resembling a "split" to that degree again just cements that all other Carlson or Unitia One pairings are down the gutter, unless one counts that the Unitias themselves provide a harem. (But even then, Carlson/anyone not a Unitia or any Unitia/anyone not Carlson or another Unitia is done.)
    • The beginning of the "Ex-Ex-Ex Arc" (official name) drives a nail through Stella/Hex, and to a lesser extent Stella with any of the side Silver Knights/Real Skies. It was said earlier on that Stella does not feel comfortable trying to get with her own co-workers, and at first that just seemed like something she would develop out of as she slowly matures over the story. When that did happen, she tried for Hex first,
    • Fan offhandedly sinks a number of pairings involving the main eight Real Skies when they casually mention, to Stella's surprise, that most of them actually had dates the whole time (Hex just happened to be one of the few exceptions). They're not major characters, but the screentime they do have by all means indicates that they are perfectly fine and happy relationships that won't really break up any time soon.
    • Word of God directly, if jokingly, says that "Unitia One/Naruto" isn't going to happen, a reference to the popularity of Naruto crossover, Naruto harem, and Naruto harem crossover over on Eventually he wrote his own parody story where Naruto and One meet. Even ignoring the age difference, which they don't, it's still obvious that the two of them aren't really compatable at all. Then the "Naruto" from naruto the guy with the ninja, a badfic parody of such crossover harems, enters through a dimensional portal. While One lets the "closer to canon" Naruto off lightly, gwtn-Naruto starts trying to make her in to one of his brainwashed slaves. Even ignoring that Unitia One is canonically immune to mind control of any sort (illusions can be induced on her but she knows how to break out unless it was something that hits her personally), and the story does not, this fails spectacularly and she simply kills him with a finger flick.
  • Strawman Has a Point:
    • It's a stretch to call him a full-blown "Strawman," but Eighthback
  • Subverted Kids Show:
    • The High-Splash Adventures of Wavette in Ordinarily United. It more-or-less airs on the OU-verse's equivalent of Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, in broad daylight, yet the damn thing is an ecchi at the very least. The first footage we see has the eponymous water-user wrestling around with an octopus in the shower while just barely covered by Godiva Hair, and they just keep getting worse and worse until a clip near the end (the last two chapters both lack Wavette clips, as Word of God is that they would "kill the mood") flat-out shows the main lead and her love interest having sex with minimal censorship. It's implied that a lawsuit involving Hoodieath's mother against some controversy with showing Wavette's butt for the first time resulted in a sudden drop of censorship standards almost completely, allowing even kid shows to go incredibly far with sexual content in ways that would make even TV-MA writers blush. Lampshaded in a non-canon crossover where the cast of Unviewable Panties is brought in.
      Stella: Pffft! You think that's "pushing it farther than the West?" Uh, yeah, back in the 2030s, that might have been shocking. But now? Ooh, look, fully clothed boobs bouncing. Woah my mind's blown. Oh my, is that skirt almost lifting to show underwear? Fffff hahahaha, for fuck's sake dude we have a kid's show that goes farther than that and it's not blinding you with lights to buy it on disc form.
      Pay Peter: ...Stella that's still not funny.
    • Both installments of the Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan come off as aformentioned "tamer shonen with some mild fanservice." The "fanservice" itself is pretty mild compared to GPF's norm, but Unviewable suddenly nosedives in to a rather violent plot about an underground group taking over the United States with Ishiko performing a ritual to open a Hellgate with a dead man's leg bones (although the actual "bone removal" happens offscreen, but it's enough to make Taro vomit). i can't draw pushes this further, as the beginning seems like standard-fare TV-14 (at the highest) anime shenanigans. Then the guns come out. And after being warped to Generica, Ishiko's foul mouth reveals itself to people who skipped Unviewable, then come the jokes about Satan, sex, and sex with Satan. It lists Bayonetta and words from Joel as inspirations for a reason. To give you an idea: in i can't draw, Moeko chainsaws a mook in half within the first five minutes and this is played for laughs. (It helps that it's a Shout-Out to Eridan Ampora's death in Homestuck.)

    Aside from the obvious where he calls Undertale a JRPG there's all kinds of evidence in-game that Taro is nowhere near the knowledgeable nerd he claims he is. [...] He claims to be an expert in visual novels both East and West yet we see topics of two of the more well-known OELVNs come up some times: he fails to recognize Monika from DDLC (he confuses her for Haruhi) and when Junko brings up KS Taro can't remember anyone's names despite the fact that one of the girls has the same first name as one of his main fuggin' partners.

The guy thinks that Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are "obscure." Of course he's not the

Admittedly some of that was taken from Ready Player Fuck where the player character calls Ghostbusters 2 and other well-known movies obscure. The whole thing is lightly making fun of "I know this pop culture thing aren't I such a nerd" when said thing is mainstream as all hell.

    How to Piss off the characters of OU 

  • Ordinarily United:
    • If there's two non-personal things that actually get Carlson angry (threatening the Unitias actually isn't one of them, he knows they can fight their own battles), it's interrupting him while watching a premiere episode of The High-Splash Adventures of Wavette and denying him a decent challenge. For the former, when Cryipasto forced him in a Eellooshinist-assisted "creepypasta-esque" illusion that technically made him miss the real episode, he broke out of it and proceeded to hunt him down
    • Most of the main cast are porn-loving perverts, but Stella takes this to an extreme that she cares more about her Porn Stash than she does about her own house. Hands off the mags. And the thumb-drives. Some of them are nigh-irreplacable.
    • The Unitias have a list.
      • The first time someone tells them to put on clothes, they could wave it off as a misunderstanding (Carlson legitimately thought Unitia One simply "appeared" without clothing ala time travelers in Terminator). Being insistent about it
    • Hoodieath has more of a Hair-Trigger Temper than a single Berserk Button, but there are things that really anger her:
    • Eldbrash is a Chilled Water Guardian. Until about halfway through the story after Kameel and him both bring peace across all Guardian-types, getting that mixed up with "Cold Water Guardian," "Ice Water Guardian," or just calling him a "Water Guardian" is certain grounds for a herbal beatdown. As those are all seperate races and many of which were at a "war of ideas" with one-another.

    Bringing this stuff back again 

If OU is a "corruption" of a more "typical" action work, it's one where Blazing Fast would have been the monster-turned-good rather than Unitia Origin; Stella was still the same, his companion, and eventual love interest

Here's what Word of God outright said:
  • In this hypothetical "clicheified" Ordinarily United, the Unitias would have been generic Monsters of the Week, and had a "high chance" of specifically just being Unitia One.
  • He implied that Carlson might have still been the hero with Stella as his love interest, or Carlson would have been a "secondary/tertirary/background hero" that was simply good with a boomerang. He implied that he might be the "male second lead;" Fan was all over the place for Carlson's place in "OU Prime."
  • The Eighth Circle might either have a completely different personality for some reason (this idea he teased isn't a simple For Want of a Nail, there are plenty of "nails" that get this to work), and Last might be the Big Bad rather than one of the Co-Dragons. He also hinted that "Prime Last" might look demonic, and if Eighth Circle is unchanged personality-wise, he might be another Token Good Teammate with an angelic appearance.
  • In one of the old versions, when there were just eight enemies instead of ninety-nine, Blazing Fast was going to be this droid-looking thing that was slightly shaped like the number "2." Swinging Blade, Assily Blast, DEATH MECHA (especially), The Dragon/Scale Breath, Girlaser, Dudenergy, and to a lesser extent Unitia Origin/One did not get such drastic design alterations. Most of them just lose their "robotic" appearance, and even then Swinging Blade is still gray-colored to reference his old monochrome-robot design. So why would Blazing Fast get such a huge change? DEATH MECHA does confirm that there are soul beings that resemble machines,

Here's some things about Blazing Fast that make him the "odd man out" among the whole Hundred:
  • He not only looks the most humanoid (Ninjssassin could pass if she doesn't do her hair-oil-eye thing and keeps that extra limb as a scarf, but she does have some eldritch features about her like the aformentioned "hair" and not-scarf), but he could pass exactly as a human. Think of all these anime heroes that are part-demon or part-soul thing yet look mostly human.
  • He's rather stoic, straight-laced, and to the point. The other Demons fully embrace Evil Is Hammy, and Unitia One even fits closer with them than BF does.
  • Blasting Fast's abilities are Super Speed and Playing with Fire, fairly standard protagonist powers. Contrast with Carlson's boomerang, a weapon not usually used by leads,

So, judging from that, here's the premise for what might have happened if One and Blazing Fast didn't effectively swap tickets: The Parallel is still a crowded planet of soul beings in the Soul World, and Last hatches up a plan to enter Earth for more "free space," taking advantage of magic and very precise pools of it in low orbit that can zip a few things over to Earth's world. She starts a figuratively and literally underground system to get additional soul beings, and wants to wipe out human life to have "even more room and freedom" on Earth. Blazing Fast might have actually still been fully intending to wipe out human life. However, his Tomb lands near the house of one Stella Fortyyismah, and for whatever reason he either leaves his door open or he can't close it (and none of the other soul beings can). Stella is just about the only person actually aware he exists or, if word on the other several buildings that suddenly crashed on the planet's surface come out, the specific location of that Tomb was unknown. For whatever reason, Blazing Fast had some sort of wrong idea about humanity, and Stella shows him the right side by hanging out with him over the Hibernation. Eventually, he decides to side against the Hundred Demons — which of course means finally getting dressed in a "nice, edgy outfit," donning a sword, and going off on a manly hunt of demons from hell. Useless Bob actually lives up to his name and becomes the first kill, since Ninjssassin wouldn't

GPF could still potentially write that, maybe as something even seperate from Alternatively United (which do follow a few loose rules, like Carlson and Unitia One meeting; if Carlson and One are both background characters this won't happen), since GPF did say that the only actual, true "universal constant" is that he will not put clothes on the Unitias outside of that one flashback where One tried on a shirt sleeve and a pant leg.

The Less Ones were originally just going to throw in the Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Purple Shiny Rocks; they threw in Orange and Black at the last second to throw off any Greatists trying to link them.

And maybe they would have had a "Magenta" Shiny Rock in there, but they switched it with Purple (slightly different from the rest of the RGB-abiding group, there's more red than blue in its color, while yellow and cyan have equal-parts green and red/blue respectively)

GPF is going to post an image of Unitia One actually wearing something, with no context at all

Said moment will never happen in-story and it's just him screwing with the readers. Again.

    Let's Bring Back the IG, especially now that Volume 2 is done 

Tanker is fuckin' dead deal with it.

  • Hate Sink: Tanker, as
  • Running Gag:
    • Hammithan (and it specifically involves Hammithan) walking in on Diane doing something that would be considered a prime Accidental Pervert situation, but actually turns out to be normal in IG's world. Near the end of Volume 1, he and some of his treemates notice that her door is unlocked and they head to her house to find her removing her top. She appears to panic at first when her top slips out of her hands, but then she carefully sets it down and starts "talking" like normal. The end of Volume 2 reveals that her "bikini top" is actually a very dense, heavy training weight. The reason why Diane briefly panicked was not because the men there saw her bare chest, it was because if her top fell and it the floor, it would have split the ground clear in two.

  • Eh.
    • Eighthback's two "lesser" partners, Eyebeam Man and Henfight, as well. Eyebeam Man for his optimistic nature making him . Hoodieath is one of the most important of the group — overshadowing even Eighthback himself, and the Inventor is actually quite the gigantic asshole.

    Bad Future 

(I wanna inspire but I would still find it amusing for the wrong reasons if someone did do a shitty ripoff that misses the point. This is just basically me making up a ripoff of my own crap.)

The thing about Bounded to and Fighting Down the Forces of Hell is that it is effectively the exact same plot as OU, just with what made OU original actively stripped out and replaced with the exact same cliches that the story actively commented against. Its Carlson is not a level-headed, intelligent main character who actually deconstructs the "guy with a hot-tempered girlfriend that hits him almost unprovoked" with his past relationship with Yuullieke (which pretty much damaged him all the way in to the present, and most of the story is actually about him overcoming it and ); instead Smith is the wimpy klutsy idiot that overreacts and screams at everything played straight. Its main antagonist isn't like the Eighth Circle, where the guy was doing something unambiguously bad (trying to wipe out humanity) yet had a genuinely nice personality, regretted his choice as he came to actually get to know people, and overall leaves you intentionally doubting his status as the main villain until his minions remind you of it; instead "Lucifer" is just evil mc "I'm powerful and want to kill people just because" mindless deep-voiced brute played straight —

And that's another thing. Bounded's demons are also really uncreative compared to the soul beings. OU has a whole gang of one hundred, and even the ones that were DeepWater "accidentally using the same idea twice" (Nyurmus, Solid Death, and while she's a size-changer Kilomega all being "utterly gigantic humanoidish women;" and make that four of the concept if you count Flower's Chest, although she also has a heavy plant-theme) had the story make some kind of play on it. They were widely varried ranging from completely human-looking ones like Blazing Fast to "furries" like Swinging Blade or Cryipasto (and even then, SB was more of the "human-with-an-animal-head" kind while Cryipasto is the blatantly stylized Mickey Mouse/Sonic the Hedgehog design) to a guy who is part toilet to weird eldritch things like Dagger or Tentahell, and the latter doesn't even act at all like an eldritch abomination. The one "typical devil design" is the Eighth Circle, and that's to both highlight his status as the main antagonist and to be ironic seeing as his personality is kind-hearted. This... the demons here range from looking like your typical text book monsters to just random eyes and tentacles slapped together. For just one of them having that general theme, it's okay, but all ten of them? There's a tenth as many literal demons here compared to the figurative Hundred Demons, yet they all look just look like the same general red-and-black Satan monsters but with different body parts. Not that there's anything wrong with consistency among your otherworldly being designs, but if you're gonna ripoff OU then at the very least do one of the things that actually makes OU stand out: villains that range from "typical" monsters to just being downright weird. Even worse is that the not-Unitias are the one exception to the theme... the reason why characters like Blazing Fast, Ninjssassin (I mean it's revealed long about halfway in the story that her "scarf" is another limb and her "hair" is some oily stuff that can grow eyes if she wants to but she can pull off looking exactly like a human in her main form, while the Unitias are shape-shifters their default look is nothing humanlike), etc look arguably more human and less "disturbing" than the long-nailed, Slender Man-tall Unitias is so that OU doesn't play the "good guys are beautiful while the bad guys are monsters" thing completely straight. The soul beings are on a spectrum from looking exactly like conventionally attractive people to looking eldritch, and while the Unitias do lean heavily towards the former (I mean, to some degree it does help take the story seriously. Imagine if the Unitias looked like Dagger, the really long wispy worm-thing with a mouth in the middle and six eyes and arms... and Carlson still slept with them.) they're not on the exact end. The Succubi, on the other hand, clearly are. And about them...

The Succubi are everything the Unitias are not. Everything. The Unitias are lighthearted, fun-loving dorks assuming you meet their high standards (and even if you don't, like Stella, they put on a pretty good mask pretending to tollerate you), don't take kindly to things associated with a usual harem protag (freaking out over seeing them naked, offering them clothing, making dumb mistakes in general), and despite Origin/One's past life as a genuinely bad person she's turned her life around and now her and the other Unitias absolutely care for Carlson's safety, physical and mental. One and Yuullieke were both written as middle fingers to the whole "Oh look, it looks like they hate each-other but are they could they actually be in love?!?! Hrm?!" cliche and here the Succubi are playing it straight. They're all copy-paste (say what you will about the Unitias and, yeah, doubling indefinitely is a bit overkill when them just stopping at sixteen or whatever would be well more than enough; but the main sixteen themselves have a ton differentiating them from one-another, especially when Extraordinarily rolled around) bullies who whip and humiliate Smith. Effectively, an army of Yuulliekes, but instead of being cold or angry, they're just smugly grinning that they "own" him now. The very first chapter of OU made it clear that Carlson and One did not get United by accident, or in any way were forced to being together; One told him the details and he took a few days to think it over. Their relationship slowly developed over the Hibernation year from what started as her simply teaching him about the Hundred Demons, and it was during those lessons that they found they actually enjoy each-other's company, and One had more than enough other people come in and try to white knight clothes on her that she knew Carlson was an exception to humans annoying her rather than a rule that just anybody could stumble in to her harem. And Uniting isn't even any sort of real "well now we're tied together spiritually somehow hahaha," it's basically just power-sharing and can be undone at any moment. Here? Oh no whoops, MC trips in such a way now he's technically been stuck with the Succubi before he even knew what they look like, he has to be dragged with them by an invisible teather to the main one because shenanigans. This is the exact sort of "they wouldn't work out as a couple if it wasn't for the plot forcing them together; and even then you kinda hate that pairing and just think the author has the hots for abusers" thing that Carlson and Yuullieke's past relationship mocked, and Carlson and the Unitias' went out of its way to avoid.

And it's the tip of the iceberg. Again, the Succubi are everything the Unitias aren't, not just in terms of personality and role in relationships. The Unitias were written with the intention to have a number of characters that

I normally wouldn't really care about this except he's doing one big thing OU mocked: using boobs to sell out. Ordinarily United's text version is 100% free and uncensored. Its webcomic is too. I mean, sure, you could technically count the "refusal" to show crotches as "censorship," but there really isn't anything underneath or any alternate version that requires payment, and it's really more of a tongue-in-cheek thing if anything considering how overly non-effective it is and how the ending just drops it completely. The entire character of Pay Peter was making fun of ludicrous censorship to the point where an anime might as well be saying "Just buy the damn discs," why else do you think he uses beams of light among his attacks? Even Unitia Ten, the light-themed one, does not in the same way. This on the other hand flat-out "posts" entire pages that are completely blank in effort to get people to go to the payed site section. In a way, because the plot and main characters are taken from OU, it's almost like this guy is making money off of DeepWater's characters, so it's really tip-toeing the "lawsuit" line.

TL;DR NeedsMoreDeepWater once drew an image of .GIFfany, one of Unitia One's inspirations (see, this is a case of inspiring rather than ripping off; if you ignore the fan fics "in-between" (and you should Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage is "bad on purpose" and it's really long) while One does have a few things in common with .GIFfany she's ultimately almost nothing like her, they do feel like different and distinct characters, unlike Tammy and Unitia One), just gives her one look and says "No." Someone do something like that where UO looks at Tammy and just says "No."

There are a lot of reasons why that won't work and go against about half of what the Unitias were designed around.
  • All Unitias make concious efforts to actually expose themselves. The very beginning having a bit of censor hair for a split-second before Unitia One throws it off? She did that on purpose. It would be out of character for her to go "Ah well my hair is conveniently covering me oh well I guess I'll keep it that way because suddenly we're Ed, Edd n Eddy now and the fourth wall can just go away for the sake of a dumb joke and something something ratings" because she does notice these things, and makes it so that they do not happen. The finger/hand-thing is just mostly tongue-in-cheek references to "minimal not-really censorship," and even then the Unitias admit that it doesn't actually hide anything from anyone, they just enjoy it as their little injoke game.
  • On the subject of the hand-thing, it ties to Unitia One's whole "moving away from her past." Notice how when we finally get her mentally showing "Unitia Origin" as a seperate person, "Origin" has extra arms growing from her and they form a sort of organic pseudo-dress. Forget the arm-sleave, this is the closest we've seen to any Unitia actually being "clothed," even if it's technically just her hands (and a bunch of them). As Ordinarily United eventually inverts that whole "character is naked to show how inhuman they are," this is to give the vibe that the more Unitia One/Origin covers with her arms, the closer this is to her "stalker" persona, and her single-finger is that one last little step before she fully realizes herself as a hero. Hence why her "I was a terrible person..." speech marks the first point where both hands are off in the middle of public. She could have blocked that sword with just one hand, but she chose to use both. The Unitia who hides part of herself away and still clings on to her history as something that would forever define her is gone, as she's reborn as a truly 100% free spirit.
  • It's very unoriginal. I want the Unitias to stand out design-wise. A dumb gimmick where they go out of their way to find random objects to half-cover their lower regions at all times, trying to be "Austin Powers"-y but not, and failing that just using one finger, kind of makes a character stand out. Just having magic hair glued over their chests at all times on the other hand is something that's been done to death for just any "permanude" character in any non-R-rated work.
  • It's a lose/lose situation. People who are reading it for the Unitia boobs won't like the work being "censored" and people who don't like that stuff probably wouldn't be won over just because the nipples are hidden by hair (it's possible that some might but I'm pretty sure that number is smaller than the fanservice-fans that would leave). Consider that one of my "motivations" for writing this is people acting like swimsuits that are pretty damn modest by swimsuit-standards are "suggestive/nudity/"etc. If middrifts and clevage are too much for them than taking something that goes farther and dialing it back a little won't make a difference.
  • If this is supposed to be an excuse to get people to pay for the "exclusive" uncensored version then that goes against a huge point of why Pay Peter was thought up and it would be the whole story being flat-out hypocritical. Not "ironic," hypocritical.
  • Ordinarily United is not a story in general that makes fourth wall jokes, not like the example given or like most other meta humor. Rarely it will lean on it, but there has never been a moment — not even in the various "out-there" alternate world chapters in Extraordinarily — where the characters flat-out admit that they are in a web novel/web comic. It just clashes with the way it's otherwise rather "down-to-earth" despite having two ridiculously powerful main characters. And jokes like "Well, this is like so-and-so show where XYZ happens" would come off as really forced. There's a reason why the closest character who talks like that is the Inventor, he's part of a cross-story "running gag" where a character who acts all "meta" is actually a creepy asshole, along with Dave Unfel from Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group and
  • This is just my preference here but on the topic of the fourth wall I specifically don't like rating-related jokes. "Oh, this is too X-rated to show." "Gotta keep things PG." "Those are R-rated bits you guys." "This is not an M-rated game." It's the sort of thing that only really works once. ...Not per-story, just once. I made fun of that in Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals way back in 2011 (like the running gag that back in Chapter 1 it was "supposedly" K+ (it actually wasn't, fun trivia), and right when the narrator says this was originally supposed to be K+ he says "FOR FUCK'S SAKE" and, you know, throwing on even more language randomly... it's just a thing), and my thoughts haven't really changed. I don't really see how OU would feel consistent at all if it went "Hey we're 13 year-old friendly now and... and... we're gonna point that out!"
  • I personally don't think "if we point out our flaws we don't have to do anything about them" is good writing. And I do think that censoring one's own work just to make it easier for a larger audience to get in to that is a flaw.

Honestly, if there has to be a "toned down" version of it, I would prefer it to A: be optional; I don't want the entire story to take a mandatory taming in nudity just to appease one website or company's guidelines (which is why this staying free and indie), and B: just use Barbie doll anatomy instead, as it still gives off the ideas of the Unitias as not "hiding" anything and should still be sufficiently "shocking" enough since they still do look fairly humanoid (unlike the whole BDA thing with Cryipasto, who has a design that you, you know, already would expect would just look blank down there).

Well at least in his "defense" the rewrite "fixed" a few things, and there's an original story that's supposed to "fix" even more (he's rebooting it twice; RG's rewrite is a "test" because he felt the original wasn't "enough of a good start," leading up to Emazh In), and being an original story you can't really pull the "fucking with canon" complaint with Emazh In.
  • Cardia and Shannon's parts are completely rewritten so that they don't feel like ripoffs of Zones 2/3 in OFF. Cardia is a lot more mentally sound and the story really paints her workers as being in the wrong, rather than
  • Likewise with Shannon actively witnessing everything go to hell around her in Domain 11. The whole "misunderstanding" mini-plot point doesn't really happen and
  • The stuff about humans being able to "excell channeling magic" has been removed. While the thirteen "prior players" still appear in the finale, it's because .GIFfany was bribing them to the other professors, not because she was draining magic from them or anything like that. By the finale it's "just" the Shacktron plugging itself in to some hijacked robots.
  • The "moral" with Sandy's arc is far more clear.

  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?:
    • Omega Toonwife Battle Simulator. Basically, Earth has been taken over by an evil empire, and a swordswoman travels over to its center to take out its leader and main minions, all while learning The Power of Friendship along the way. Sounds normal? Well, the "evil empire" is also a cult that worships a completely normal cactus, its ranks consist of an asshole clown actor that can make tornados, an expy of Bowser but as a large rock-woman, a hydra that's actually the easiest "main boss" of the game, some guy obsessed with pipes that can make "fist-wings" out of water, and a talking boot that rips off various indie games. You go around

It was unintentional when he was plotting the game's skeleton but the further you go in the game the less "natural" the setting gets and the more artificial shit gets.
  • How can Tutorimall be more natural than Bland Forest when TM is a ruined mall while BF is, well, a forest out in the open? One subtle detail: animals. TM actually has quite a number of harmless animals that scurry away. In Bland Forest, you'll notice that the animals are mysteriously absent, except for the Bug Tetra's summons which are artificial. It actually feels a bit uncanny when you realize that: a lot of trees and vegetation, even in the "winter" portion, but not a single real animal except the people you find and their explicit pets. In contrast to the wild animals you see in Tutorimall. Also, Tutorimall at least has that "nature taking over" vibe.
  • What's way more obvious and explicitely stated is that Platform Mountains lacks plants. Fan said this was initially because he just wanted to see how many types of distinct biomes he can make with no plants involved and just with "different forms of H2O and different solid rock materials," but still. You've got a desert, a hot spring, a "swamp" (really just a shitload of mud), a volcanic area... without a single blade of grass.
  • By the time you reach Metal Factory, the rocks are gone, and replaced with... well, metal. You're by this huge complex. However, there's still a ton of water going through, flowing through pipes and used to power water wheels. And the water is at least pure. Hell, the boss takes place in the ocean and he's the "water" of the element system the enforcers have.
  • But then you hit Sky Studios and the few "rivers" there are are actually soda and the like. Even the Aquatic Studio is actually just a special type of clear soda. And its "crossroads" hold the first shop in the game where you can't buy water, instead you've got soda effectively replacing it. So, to recap, starting from Tutorimall, you lose the animals, lose the plants, lose the dirt/rocks, and lose the water. However, all prior areas — even Metal Factory — were mostly outdoors (the MF crossroads were inside, but all of the subareas have at least one outdoors segment. And the crossroads were only inside so that its inn could use the "building inside a building" joke.) There's also a great deal of sunlight — Sky Studios doesn't really have that at first, but the weather clears up after Logo dies and this can be seen in the earlier areas if you backtrack. Well, Green Tower is mostly inside. With very few windows, and most of the lighting coming from its artificial lamps.
  • Then after that things get a bit complicated. Depending on how you view things Ascention/Pitch-Black Ocean is removing the "air" in a way and replacing them with their mist/smoke. The "Ultigarden" could be considered natural (and look! "animals" from the Tutorimall are back!) but the entire dimension was actually created artificially by Separation, or you could take the "spirital area" literally and that it's removing the "physicalness..." then again it's a plot point that Eve and co enter there alive, so they don't actually lose their bodies or anything.

Another coincidence at first was that this corresponds to the order you take out the Enforcers. Tutorial Wizard's "element" is "Dragon," basically the closest any of them have to having "animal" as an element. You take down the "animal" one, and there's no wildlife in Bland Forest. Then "fire..." which is also, kinda like Naruto's Land of Fire, associated with forest and stuff. You would think getting rid of the "fire" guy would mean more trees but hanging with this logic, it's less. Rockshell, the earth user — right after her, no more dirt, all future areas have metal for grounds, or their strange otherworldly locations outright. Kill the water guy, the areas immediately after that replace "pure water" with soda. Kill the air guy, and there's almost no more outside air and sunlight (although sunlight would make more sense for the fire guy, but... this was apparently not planned at first).

    General Tropes 

  • Sinking Ship Scenario: The second half of the fight with Corp. S. plays out this way. The first fight is set on his gigantic battleship,
  • Wham Episode:
    • Everything from the Matrarx fight onward
    • If you head to Ascention, you'll find out that "Aeritola, the Creator" might not actually be an ordinary cactus. Apparently, there's a dimension of the dead known only as the "Ultigarden," and while living beings are able to go through under certain circumstances, none have made it back out. The one thing that has left the Ultigarden is a cactus. Which, due to its status as being the one thing that left the "afterlife," was worshipped by the eventual Order of the Plant. Who were actually under Separation's control the entire time. It does turn out later that Aeritola is a regular cactus, but on that Separation grabbed just to throw out of the Green Gates to fuck with people. Oh yeah, and the Ultigarden is an "artificial afterlife" that's been sucking dead souls in to it,

    General Tropes 

  • Gainax Ending: Hoo boy, the game has Multiple Endings, and all of them bar the basic "kill King Flao" (which Word of God confirms is the only "fully canon" ending; like Emazh In, this game has no "extra pure" Golden Ending, and the "default" end is the most canon outcome).
    • If you spare Taro at the cost of the shopkeepers after Mount. Tan's boss, "Tropes" will start appearing over the map, one Hidden in Plain Sight in each area barring Mount. Tannote . Collecting all five of them will cause a beam of light to appear near the Completely Immovable Statue, which will warp the gang in to an area eerily similar to the Cathedral from The Binding of Isaac. The gang will come across the "Group of the Fourth Wall," a lighthearted group of people with "loose standards" (at least according to Austin Powers, who is part of the group),
  • Naked People Are Funny:
    • Austin Powers attacks completely naked out of his gang in the hidden boss fight with the "Group of the Fourth Wall."
  • Suspicious Video Game Generosity: All over the place. Played for laughs at first, but once the Difficulty Spike sets in, it's played straight.
    • Shortly before the first boss with Green Bufflao, there is a screen that just consists of two narrow walkways down the forest with nothing but In Seasons that walk in straight lines and can easily be dodged. If you do fight them, you can go to the four treasure chests they guard and see that they consist of a growing number of Burn Bombs. Except the last/top-right one, which just has a slip of paper written by the Red Empire where they laugh at you. The game repeatedly tells you that Green Bufflao is weak to Burn Bombs, although this is one of the parodies as you'll pretty much get more than you need from the treasure chests alone.
    • Midway through the game, there will be a treasure chest in the middle of the path (in other words, the game really wants you to open it) containing "Diesel Burn Bombs." From that point on, they will be available in the regular Shop Blocks. Panic. Really, any time the game starts handing you diesel, be prepared for what's in the next screen.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: F.L.O.W.E.R. P.O.T. is where the game suddenly stops being nice, which is appropriate as it's both a Climax Boss and the first normal path boss that's a lot beefier than a buff flower-man. The thing is a Humongous Mecha

    Might be minor spoilers for Stanley Parable, Undertale, and Doki Doki Literature Club if you care. 

Dab is a lategame attack Taro can unlock.

  • Unlocked at: Level 18.
  • Menu Description: "Pisses off everyone. I mean everyone."
  • Effect: Induces Pissed the Fuck Off. (Enraged + damage up; attacks anyone.)
  • Scope: All enemies, all allies (except Taro himself, who is coded to be immune to the status effect entirely).
  • Action Description: (user) dabs! ...Nobody is impressed.

  • This is a highly dangerous move to pull off due to the way the party's attack scales. The party has much lower numbers used for their health than enemies, in order to balance their attack power with the "Paper Mario-esque" fighting system.

Possible joke boss thing when you grab the "Tropes."
  • Deadpool (the "leader")
  • Bugs Bunny [This one I'm not that sure about.]
  • The Stanley Parable Narrator (represented by the Adventure Line™)
  • Austin Powers (who, for some reason, appears naked in-fight and post-battle on the overworld; he is clothed on the overworld pre-fight, implying that he )
  • Ed (Ed Edd n Eddy)
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Chara (Undertale)
  • Monika (Doki Doki Literature Club!)

(Edit fuck Kyu would fit perfectly here and considering the general tone of Unviewable. I guess I could slice Bugs Bunny.)

Notices Monika's skirt almost flying up, "almost."
Right behind her is the completely nude Austin Powers.
Hoodieath would blow a fucking fuse if she saw that. She doesn't care that the main playable cast consists of a fully-clothed man and seven barely-dressed cat-demonesses, HD hates magic skirts especially when paired with male nudity/half-nudity.

I mean on one hand the Unviewable series does exist within Ordinarily United's world, on the other hand this fight is explicitely non-canon to i can't draw meaning that the icd game lacks


(N) (<- Normal Mode-exclusive content.)

The Counsil of the Fourth Wall is an optional hidden, Normal Mode-only (as it only happens when Taro is alive after Mount. Tan, which is impossible in Hard Mode) "final boss" group found by obtaining the "Five Tropes" scattered around all regions excluding Mount. Tan and the King's Castle.




  • Ed and Monika, along with the Flao King, are the only Normal Mode enemies to be capable of inflicting the "DEAD" status ailment. Because of this, it is recommended more than normal to have Taro and Margaret along the party, as for story reasons they are immune to the "DEAD" status (although the attack will still deplete all their health, it just will not permanently remove them from the party).
  • Ed's fatal "house crush" attack is a reference to GPF's "Cheaper Edd" character in MUGEN
  • Austin appears clothed on the overworld and in his portrait before the battle, but once the battle starts his sprite is nude, his portrait shows him nude, and he's similarly bare on his overworld sprite after the fight. It is implied that he stripped down to nothing just before the fight began.
    • Austin's sprite is actually covered by a small censor-circle, yet the troop is intentionally set up so that Bugs Bunny's ears, Ed's hand, and Monika's head obscure it. Because of Austin's low health and high priority of being taken down, it is likely that a player will not see the actual censor over him and assume that he is meant to be covered by his allies. His censorship and nudity is also a reference to his home films.




  • Tutorimall Crossroads:
  • Bland Forest Crossroads:
    • Lame Garden — "Flower"/spring/plant? theme (Mostly just for EXP-boosting so you can take down Horizon Jim; also )
    • Spicy Jungle — ()
    • Orangeish-Vermilion Leaf River ()
  • Platform Mountain Crossroads:
    • Hot Spring

Omega won't have a "Hard Mode"

    Another Damn Self-"Analysis"/Just me explaining the intention of a dumb story 

I'll just bring up what the Nostalgia Critic said in his video about Thank You for Smoking (Something about "Most shocking film in years"), kind of.

Basically that "anyone" can slap together something just "offensive," relying on just carelessly throwing in violence and sex and controversal subjects, but to really last you have to have something that makes the audience think rather than shock the audience, and it should also tackle it in a mature way. I'm not saying OU actually does this, that's up for you to decide and not me, but it is what I'm going for.

Yes, in certain respects OU might be considered "tame" when comparing it to, say, full-blown hentai stuff. It definitely is tame violence-wise; the worst it ever gets is Cryipasto's Wavette illusions, and even that's about on par with Simpsons Treehouse of Horror or Itchy and Scratchy (okay the face-tearing thing might be pushing that Simpsons standard but hey I'm sticking with it because it's a dumb reference to this Felix the Cat bootleg game), if not lower. It's not gore on the same scale as stuff like South Park, Hellsing, Binding of Isaac etc. But that's not an issue I was trying to "correct." In fact I do think that even Cryipasto's illusion was pushing things a little far, because it's supposed to be tame violence-wise.

Ordinarily United was never intended to be a story about flaunting that M rating with every single possible content warning I could think of. It was never about throwing in the most graphic gore, the most head-tilting fetishes, or whatnot. In a way I wanted to show that

     Roy: The World's Final Chicken 

[I don't know if I want there to be a robot or not. This might be hypocritical considering how Meta from IG has a show-within-a-show about an apocalypse that only has ten humans left but I might actually try out Roy just having ten actual humans left.]

  • Crosses the Line Once:
    • Most of the humor in the Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan series is this. So, there's an overpowered highschool boy (well, in the first story, he graduates at the end and the sequel starts with him 19 and off in the business world) swordsman who found out that he was born with a magical gem in place of his heart that gives him talents nobody else has, and he has a group of color haired-girls that basically secretly love him. Sounds like a standard anime, right? Except said girls are Satan-worshipping cat-like monsters from Hell— er, Sheol that run around in outfits that get more revealing as the story goes on, and they are at war with an army led by some sort of attempt at cloning Joseph Stalin who, despite being at least over 70 (the story is implied to take place slightly in the future), looks like a spoiled little girl. The first installment alone, the Fictionpress text-story, features the president of the United States (who, for some reason, is effectively "Diamond" Joe Quimby) trying to fend off with members of the "Red Empire" while implied to be suffering from effects of Viagra and an "old wise mentor man" dying in an excessively violent fashion. The sequel gives you the option to moon enemies or flash them as attacks (yes, even Taro, the one guy in the group, can flash them) and has the token Shrinking Violet chainsawing someone who appears to be a regular young man (but is actually one of the remains of the Red Empire) within the first five minutes, while the cheerful Ms. Exposition runs over a few more Red Empire members with a truck while making cheesy alliteration jokes.
    • The premise of Destroy All Clothing in Existence is Exactly What Is Says On The Tin; a paranoid scientist crafts a sapient flower, gives it a humanoid body, and orders this resulting (customizable) character to run around with a special sword that only destroys clothing. And, canonically, the flower succeeds. Why? Because clothing is a multiversal conspiracy set out by a group of evil space cockroaches. It turns out he's right. Stripping the clothes off of everyone on planet Earth is the first level, and you later go on through the solar system, other galaxies, and refuse to even spare the afterlife. Not much says "What the fuck is this game" like witnessing God, the Devil, and "Cahtheeluu" all teaming up just to have their outfits torn off
    • Ordinarily United:
      • The Unitias were designed to not cross the line so much as destroy it outright, turn it in to salt, and sprinkle it all over the enormous meaty/fishy meals they enjoy synthesizing and eating. Word of God is that he thought that the fanservice of several "controversial" and more-known works was too tame and people were getting bothered over nothing, so he set out
      • The Inventor is still a large Hate Sink (and you're meant to hate him more than the Big Bad that wants to wipe out the entire human race, although it helps that said Big Bad is a genuinely nice guy and he decides to "spare" just about every single human he actually meets and it's implied he can't even comit to kill anyone after all) but his depraved, stalker-esque acts go from being potentially disturbing to just laughable when he starts trying to make out with his collection of mannequins. Or when he tells Unitia One his "original fiction" with a blatantly sexist, slavery-glorifying premise that gets worse and worse. It helps that he ends up getting punished for his creepy behavior and eventual murder attempt on Carlson, namely by the Unitias all pitching in together to conjure a planet-sized ball of their own magic-generated maggots, arms, and tentacles; and punching him in to it, all flying to form a line as they laugh at him hopelessly flailing. His cockiness finally falters as it dawns on him that there is no way, even with his superpowers, he can push against the force of the punch, and he's forced to watch a squicky fate slowly get closer. Then the Unitias cut in the Moon in half and crush him inside the halves. Normally this would be like something out of a horror story (except the odd take on the Colony Drop at the end), but considering the Inventor's general personality it's all played for laughs. Also, because of what One did to the Moon, right after we see people on the news complaining that it looks "weird" that the craters don't line up where the split was. So an annoyed Unitia One simply flies up to the moon and "twists" it with her feet to align what was the two halves.
        Inventor: (Snickers.) As usual, your punch might not kill me, and when I'm finished flying, I'll— (Looks behind him.) Ohhhh.... FUCK THAT SHIT!
        Unitia One: I wasn't trying to kill you. If humanity's afterlife is anything like mine, it's too nice of a fate for you. You like getting your slimy, dirty flesh on other people without their permission? This should give you an idea of how these people feel. Then I'll kill you.

Then there's the stuff nobody in their right mind would actually try out blindly and instead just resort to opening its RPG Maker files.

Like, early in Metal Factory Ash will ask Insa how old she is. It's easy to figure out that Insa's response is actually based on the number of times you've slept at an inn, but if you don't go to any inn at all she'll say she "just turned 18 this morning." Sleep 1-20 times, and it's "I just turned 18 yesterday/2-20 days ago." More than that and it's a blunt "18." But if you sleep 365 times then she replies that she's 19, and then says she was 18 when Eve arrived in the region but asks why she slept so much. Sleep 730+ times and instead of answering she'll just say "How old? Too old. Stop sleeping all the time and move the hell on already."

  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • In the original Chapter 1, prior to its rewrite before Chapter 6 came out:
      • In a flashback, Unitia One briefly mentions that there are flesh-and-blood animals (but not sapient people) in the Parallel, and that soul beings could interact with them in limited ways in order to eat them. This pretty much contradicts everything that the story proper would establish about how soul-mass, magic, and "regular mass" all work. Fan thought about changing it a little to elaborate how it works,
      • During the Hibernation span of time, the story mentions that Unitia Origin "remembred" to keep her single-finger Hand-or-Object Underwear thing, when the very next chapter would establish that all Unitias have a Photographic Memory, and Chapter 8 will also elaborate that they seperately do not forget anything.
      • The wording of certain sentences and the like implied that there might be some Demons who were also fighting for good, whether as undercover agents or on their own thing, saving humanity instead of trying to destroy them. Well, by the end of the story proper, it turned out Unitia One was the only soul being part of the Hundred Demons who was not a villain trying to kill humanity in some way. While there are quite a number of Demons that do not listen to the Eighth Circle's orders, they are all still violent and kill-happy, and still act as antagonists rather than allies.
    • It can be a bit jarring going through the first three-and-a-half arcs of the original Ordinarily United with Unitia One having a really strange "Unitia Origin/One" name debate with the other Unitias, and that's somehow supposed to be tied to her character growth, since the following spinoffs and the like firmly settle for calling her the latter and barely mention "Origin" even in the time period where she does call herself that. This was as Fan came to regret the Odd Name Out system from the number-naming, and the name "Origin" was a leftover from a prototype concept of the Unitias that worked vastly differently.

To be frank you can spin them all the other way, just about:

Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group:
  • "An evil generational supervillain empire has the rest of the world cowering under them, when one of its members breaks away from them, gets powers from staying in a magic forest, and starts a team with some guys just looking for a home!"
  • Or: "discount hank hill runs around wearing nothing but leaves throwing flowers at bad guys because he wants to kill discount naruto"

Ordinarily United:
  • "I'm gonna write a kinda-parody of action/superhero stories with overpowered main characters! A purposefully overpowered demon-ghost woman from the afterlife dimension breaks up with her even more overpowered Devil-looking boyfriend and then teams up with and falls in love with a less-overpowered human from Earth!"
  • Or: "nerdy guy fucks the ghost from the ring. a lot."

Unviewable Duology:
  • "Let's do more of an anime parody, except it's one with a bunch of guns and a dragon and gemstone powers and an army of zillions after zillions of catgirls... but the main characters actually start growing out of their cliches, and that carries on in to the next installment, a full-fledge RPG Maker game lightly making fun of the "Toad overuse" in the Mario series that makes you think it's generic as everything but the more you look in to it the more 'depth' you find! And then the game really tests if you care about the characters or not by forcing you to either kill the main dude or kill three 'generic, identical' NPCs!"
  • Or: "the story about the ghost-fucker right above this, but it's meant to be a bad anime parody."

_Roy: The World's Final Chicken:
  • "Okay, I know I said I'm not that fond of trying out post-apocalypse ideas, but I'll try a shot with my own spin. What about... a guy wakes up on Mars, shoots off to Earth, and travels the ocean on a boat to figure out what happened, and he's accompanied by a strange mutant ant and a robot!"
  • Or: "red dwarf but it's really yet another waifu thing a few chapters in but before that here a dude walking in a desert with a buff ant-person, a robot, and"

Emazh In:
  • "A scientist wants to make a harem of magic robots that will create an ultimate utopia for humans, but the small group they're exposed to just end up devolving to war over it, killing each-other, and the robots lock themselves in their own program for years on their end because they can't even agree what a utopia is, until one of them that witnessed the war stalks a human and mentally shoots him in to the world just to stir chaos and try to get out!"
  • (Less spoilery:) "A timid member of this strange divine-like fairy race sets out on an adventure to help bring her world together after it's been split for so long in to different groups that all have their own idea of what a 'perfect world' should be like!"
  • Or: "my gravity falls fan fic from years ago but with even more pretty sparkly mary sue-ish ocs and with the actual gravity falls canon just shoved off completely."

    Hard/Tear Mode (General Differences in icd's case, since there are way too many specific changes, like "each enemy" not being completely replaced but still having a Hard Mode "counterpart") 

i can't draw — "Hard Mode"

Near the beginning of the game, Tamiko will ask to give a "generic pet name that will be important later." Entering "HardMD" for this name will start Hard Mode. (If you pick "EasyMD," however, you will get "Easy Mode." Unlike Hard Mode, which is a full alternate playthrough with some exclusive paths, Easy Mode is a simple joke game that is impossible to lose with only one real "battle," a fight against the Flao King where he instantly surrenders.)

  • Usually, but not always (this is deliberate), enemies are replaced with stronger variations. Since their regular counterparts may remain, this can be considered doubling the amount of enemies in each region from five on average to ten on average (with the exceptions of Snowfall Tundra and Mount. Tan, which already have more enemies).
    • The main bosses are the same "characters," but are replaced
  • Saving at any time is disabled (places that normally disable menu saving, like the Thirty-Trial Test, will have the warning note remove to reflect this). Instead, the player must save at the former Healing Spots. They still fully heal the party, but they are single-use; they will "shatter" after being opened, regardless of whether or not the player actually saves. The mechanic also shows up in the Thirty-Trial Test in Normal Mode, where each of the three floors has a one-use savepoint so that the player does not have to clear all thirty battles in one sitting. This is meant to discourage save scumming.
    • A new "Healing Spot" is added in Flao Town that is completely unbreakable. However, it simply saves the game, it does not heal the party. This is for the convenience of a player who needs to save in an emergency.
  • Permadeath is no longer exclusive to just three final bosses (Ed's House Crush move, Monika's File Deletion that she will use after five turns, and Flao King's Execution (only used if Taro is picked to live in Mount. Tan)), Taro's potential death in the Mount. Tan choice, or self-sacrifice specials, but instead can be inflicted by regular enemies. There are multiple alternate branches of dialogue to account for any party member getting killed off.
    • Having everyone dead except Margaret will open up the Sage Ending's Path, with the Sheldon Cooper/Sage of Water battle. However, this is non-canon, and "far from a 'golden ending.'"
  • Taro now unavoidably dies after the fight against Green Bufflao DX. It is still technically possible to recruit Tamiko before this happens and have both of them in the party for a limited amount of time in Hard Mode, but considering how this requires beating the Thirty-Trial Test with Tox-Tick Woods-level of equipment and stats this is not recommended.
    • The signs and dialogue foreshadowing his original possible death in Normal Mode have been altered to trick the player in to thinking this is the key to get through the game without anyone dying or by going on the Love Potion Route. Any references to "losing your head" are removed.
    • Because of Taro's early death, the Meta Path (which, in Normal Mode, is only availble post-Mount. Tan and if Taro's life is spared) and the Love Potion Path (which is based on Taro turning evil) are both inaccessible, as a result they both lack events that trigger the route. "Tropes" will not spawn at all, and while the Dark Woods is still accessable, going there with Taro will have the Crow remark that this is "not [his] story anymore..." while going after his death provokes the same reaction the Crow will give if the player beat Tox-Tick Woods on the normal path.
    • There is still a choice in Mount. Tan after beating the boss, however it is the Flao King capturing up to three party members and asking the player to kill them or kill the three shopkeepers, due to Taro's unavoidable death and the variable nature of the rest of the party.
      • The party members have a predetermined algorithm for which ones are chosen, in the likely event that some of them had already succumbed to permadeath attacks. If the game returns that a member is in the party, she will be picked, and if not the algorithm will move on to the next of the list. In order, this is: Moeko, Junko, Yoko, Hanako, Ishiko, and Tamiko. Margaret will never be selected. This means that for a full party, he will always hold Moeko, Junko, and Yoko hostage along with the three shopkeeper Flaos. If there are less than three "other" party members, then the remainders will be the ones captured, leaving Margaret alone. If Margaret is by herself, the Flao King will instead offer her to either kill the shopkeepers or give up her Sage powers, money, and items. Picking the latter will revert her from "Brenda" to a level 20 Margaret (regardless of Margaret's level prior to "awakening"). This will also lock off the Sage path.
      • Trying to "outsmart" the game by attempting to sacrifice a remaining party, then trying to complete the Thirty Trial Test with a solo Margaret and bring Tamiko for the end game will not work. If the algorithm picks Tamiko (which requires at least three other deaths) and she is not recruited, the Flao King will leap back in to Tox-Tick Woods, capture her, and hold her hostage. If Tamiko is spared, he will intentionally keep her in Mount. Tan rather than firing her to Sparkle Shores as with the others. Regardless of what action is taken, the Thirty-Trial Test will be closed off and Tamiko cannot be recruited for the rest of the game.
  • While the main five Slimes (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Purple) are not directly replaced on a per-type basis, random encounters with Slimes now consist of that original type plus their "hidden" type for each region (Gray and Green for Tox-Tick Woods, Orange and Yellow for Sandfall Desert, etc). Mount. Tan's Slime encounter is not a random pick of one of the five main types, but instead a group all of five of them at once. "Bonus" slimes, however, are placed, and fought in trios: the "new" Slime, their Normal Mode counterpart, and the one seen in the region throughout. The Slime Rush in the King's Castle is now far longer and includes all Slime types in addition to several more unique to the Rush.
  • Beating the five secret Map Bosses will now allow access to a secret fight against Ninthee, a villain from Emazh In. Ninthee is intended to be the hardest boss in the entire game, with high stats, powerful multi-hitting moves, and a strong resistance to the dark element used by the otherwise powerful Tamiko (meaning you can't cheese her with Sheol Strike). This is from the Completely Immovable Statue from Mount. Tan turning in to the Relatively Movable Door, which only opens when said Map Bosses are beaten. The Map Bosses themselves all have Hard Mode counterparts that are based on the same series, but with different character (for example, the one in Tox-Tick Woods is based more on Ryuko from Kill La Kill, rather than Mako).
  • The running gag in the first half of the game of Hanako blatantly pointing out each of the first three bosses' weaknesses (Burn Bombs for Green Bufflao, Bzzt Bombs for Yellow Bufflao, and Burr Bombs for Red Bufflao) is gone. At first this seems to be a parody of the nature of the game being "harder," the joke being that since the player likely cleared Normal Mode already they would know about the weakness, except it is an early clue that the DX versions of the Bufflaos are not as weak to the respective element.

Omega Toonwife Battle Simulator — "Tear Mode"

Activated by choice rather than being protected by "password," from Lilith in the prologue. As Omega is a "bigger game" than i can't draw, and Hard Mode was "making the game over again from scratch just about," this is not a major overhaul that replaces most enemies. Instead, it is similar to Pain Mode from Lisa: The Painful, the base game with some changes to make it more difficult.

  • Just like in Pain Mode of its inspiration Lisa: The Painful and Hard Mode of its predecessor another "another world" story, save points are temporary.
  • However, as they are the only random encounter enemies in the game, Springheads are buffed slightly, and come in new colors that are "in-between" the color of the ones encountered in that area and the ones in the next area. They may also be joined by several of the "Normal Mode"-tier Springheads. The full list is as follows:
    • Red: Orange (Tutorimall)
    • Blue: Purple (Bland Forest)
    • Black: Gray (Platform Mountain)
    • Silver: Pink (Metal Factory)
    • Gold: Platinum (Sky Studios)
    • Green: Yellow (Green Tower)
    • Unholy: Demonic (Pitch-Black Ocean)
    • Holy: Angelic (Ascention)
  • Certain encounters have
  • Shadows have a slightly higher chance of appearing, but all of them are still up to RNG.
  • Karla will demand that the party gives up their badges in addition to their armor when recruiting, but otherwise functions the same way.
  • A form of "permadeath" is implimented in to the game — party members that lose all health will become "critically injured" and cannot continue, with Eve being the sole exception (she's still knocked out and revived with Chocolate as usual). If Ash, Mike, and Lilith are critically injured, they will stay with the group for story-reasons, but other fighters will leave and will often be seen resting in the area they are recruited in.
    • If this happens to Karla, the party still cannot equip armor, and future members will strip as well.

    Wayne the Wisp/"The Mistake"/"Dudeality" 

A sort-of recurring character in NeedsMoreDeepWater's less-serious stories. And in M.U.G.E.N.

  • Beware the Silly Ones: His design looks especially half-assed
  • Degraded Boss: Unlike most of the "miniboss-class" enemies (In Season, Quick's Hand, Rubber Fuck-You), he's
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: In Another "Another World" Story, he has fire and ice powers, which is where his new name of "Dudeality" comes from. In that world, he was apparently originally an ice elemental (which for once in the Water-stories is represented by cyan rather than white/pale blue), but Red Bufflao's setting Snowfall Tundra ablaze somehow gave him fire powers (the game implies that his abilities are based on the region he's in, although him still being fire/ice based in the Thirty Trial Test and his reappearance near the end of Handy Graveyard contradicts this)

  • Hate Sink:
    • Pay Peter plays with this in that he never really does anything unambiguously bad and he is in fact a part-time selfless hero, but he was still designed to come off as an extremely annoying character nonetheless. An intentional spotlight-stealer with a rather boring power compared to the "doubling every day and making any matter out of nothing" skills of the Unitias, he's pretty much a light comment on fiction censorship... and just about nothing else.
  • Yandere:
    • The Inventor. He first seems to be an admirable hero who came from and triumphed over a miserable, orphaned past where his little brother died of a bone complication and he found out he had the same problem, which would just become "active" a lot later. Yet, through his own studying and hard work (which are things the story itself emphasizes as positive traits, just to trick readers in to thinking he's being built up as a perfect role model), he managed to cure his own bone problem, solve a number of medical issues up to and including curing cancer, and when the Hundred Demons attack Earth he's there to save humanity. Sounds like a perfectly good guy, right? Unfortunately, he has an unhealthy obsession with fighting the "jocks" (and he pegs Carlson, the male lead, as one of them, despite Carlson being a decent person on his own) and this eventually spills in to flat-out attempted murder. His views on women are also extremely creepy, possessive, and make it clear that he has zero respect for anyone's boundaries. He tried flat-out groping Stella and Unitia One (both of which had extremely bad results on his end, given that the former is a highly-trained hero squad leader and the latter is a friggin Eldritch Abomination from Hell that can blow up kaiju just by flicking her finger at them) in a manner not played for laughs, and in-between them he flat-out punched a hole in Carlson. Which obviously would have killed him, if not for the Unitias having a serum that put him in stasis and also teleported him to their medic area. Right before his true colors are revealed he openly tells Unitia One about his sex-slavery fan fiction, and as those colors are revealed it becomes increasingly obvious that he actually wants a scenario like that in real life ( contrast with Stella's dumb "Nude Curse" series which is just her goofing about but not actually threatening to harm real people).
    • The Gatherer. She was told in advance that she was one of Stella's many, many one-night stands (yes, Stella does have a habit of attracting yanderes, as she also briefly dated aformentioned Inventor), yet still clung on to the idea of being able to "change" her. It's implied that she started her whole cult about using the soul being powers to create a new "better Earth" at the cost of destroying the old Earth simply because she couldn't stand getting rejected by Stella like that.
    • Rounding off the "major human villains with a loose trio theme"... trio is Lock-On, the scientist with an obsession over replicating the power of the Unitias. He reallys wants them for experimention. He really does. Especially when Unitia One became the first person who completely failed to be captured by his self-named power copying ability.
    • Ninjssassin to Unitia One, given that they were friends in the past and she's dead-set on killing One's current lover, Carlson. She only
    • Unitia One herself — who had eventually dubbed this phrase of her "Unitia Origin" — used to be one. She found twenty-five soul beings that she relentlessly stalked, bothered, and outright threatened to attack if they did not return her "love," until she legitimately started liking the Eighth Circle when they bonded over having a few similar issues. One painted her own mission to take down the Hundred Demons as some sort of government agent project, but in reality she finally turned herself in (being nearly invincible and far more powerful than any of the Parallel's armies, it was not like anyone could just capture her) and the Hundred Demon-combat was just community service. Save the lives of seven billion to make up for the twenty-five souls that she tormented and made miserable. In the present, she's far more generous and less violent, and her main concern is her slipping right back in to what she has been like before

  • I wouldn't exactly call it Broken Aesop because there isn't really a message in the first place. I might not even go with this, they just hate clothes irrationally.
    • Also, the Unitias' insistence on going naked all the time and the story emphasizing that they are proud of it rather than ashamed of it would seem like a matching foil to all the "forced nudity, but the character is uncomfortable/vulnerable/misterable/etc" type of fanservice... except it's highly implied that any sort of clothing (lying in bed sheets do not count, and even then those are special custom-made sheets and they never even come close to using sheets as makeshift clothes) causes physical irritation to them, so in essense they are biologically "forced" to be naked, it's just that they "would have" enjoyed it if given the choice rather than being forced to cope with it.


    Gonna try cleaning up a thing on Broken Aesop/Western Animation; there's an example in there (the part about televised junk food), but as it stands there's a bit of Conversation on the Main Page and the first bullet is less "the story tries to tell a moral but the actual events break that moral" and more "a character in-story believes in one thing but also doesn't believe in another thing and other characters find that hypocritical," which is not the trope. "Intentional" also disqualifies something from being a Broken Aesop, it has to be unintentional 

  • Done subtly (and likely intentionally) in "Itchy and Scratchy and Marge". At first it seemed that Marge's crusade against cartoon violence was justified, especially when she was successful, getting the studio to stop doing it after the town supported her, and ultimately getting children to stop watching too much television. Unfortunately, after she refused to support another far more ridiculous protest against Michelangelo's David (claiming, justifiably, that It's Not Porn, It's Art) she was called out on this, claiming she opposed one type of freedom of expression but supported another, and she couldn't defend herself. (In short, Marge was forced to admit she advocated an ugly thing that rigid Moral Guardians are frequently accused of advocating: Censorship. The show may have had a true Aesop, but it was not the one that Marge was trying to covey at all.)
    • Complicating the message further is that the Moral Guardians are actually shown to have a pretty good point. Itchy and Scratchy is a very trashy show that does indeed inspire violence in children, and the people who make it are shown to be Corrupt Corporate Executives who believe that kids just want to see blood. Thus, the moral becomes that "Though censorship, even in small amounts, may lead to obnoxious Moral Guardians trying to restrict great art for stupid reasons, no censorship whatsoever leads to hucksters flooding the media with televised junk food — there isn't an easy solution and all actions have consequences."
    • It's important to keep in mind that it was Maggie, a baby and thus more impressionable than Bart, Lisa, and their friends, who inspired Marge's crusade. At no point during the episode are any older Springfield children shown to act on any violent impulses from watching Itchy and Scratchy, nor is the middle ground of restricting viewership to an older audience and not letting Maggie watch it ever considered.

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