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  • Chaos;Head: Norose Genichi is a sneering, arrogant maniac with a god complex who specializes in the Mind Rape of young girls. Operating as The Chessmaster to get the heroes, superpowered beings called Gigalomaniacs, to do what he wants to further his ends, Norose also destroyed one's sense of self to make him break down. It also revealed he experimented on another's family, using her mother as a test subject in creating matter from artificial delusions. He forced a woman who had lost her baby to have a new one from her delusions until he decided he'd gotten enough information and ended the experiment, causing the woman to lose her mind and stab her eyes out, which Norose found quite amusing. While Norose claims he is a Well-Intentioned Extremist, he is nothing more than a petty tyrant with a god complex seeking to enact his designs on a world he sees as having no point by hurting those in his way.
  • Demonbane gives us a nasty trio in a world inspired by the fiction of HP Lovecraft:
    • Tiberius is a sickening Serial Killer and Necromancer that even many of his comrades loathe. Tiberius is introduced as an undead masked clown who wants 'alone' time with the young heir of the heroic Hadou family Ruri. Once he catches her, Tiberius wastes no time molesting and trying to rape her. When his organization Anticross makes its move, the people of the city are placed in refugee shelters. Tiberius attacks one shelter and take his time slaughtering or violating every living thing, regardless of age, before he moves on to another shelter to attempt the same. when he catches Ruri, he uses her as a Human Shield in his fight with The Hero Kuro Daijuji and wastes no time in trying to rape her and other youthful females he finds during the fighting.
    • Vespasianus is the Mad Scientist of Anticross who masterminded the C Project, where orphans were taken and raised for his experiments, so he could transform them into superpowered servants for the Black Lodge. One of them tried to escape, which resulted in Vespasianus subduing him and turning him forcibly into the Black Angel Sandalphon. In present, Vespasianus presides over experiments with the Deep Ones where he has them 'breed' with human women and later sacrifices the lot of them before achieving the summoning of the God Dagon, which he knows will wreak havoc. Vespasianius later helps fellow Anticross member Augustus participate in the overthrow of their master Therion with the other 4 so he and Augustus can bind Cthulhu itself to their will. He has Cthulhu violate their captive Nero and later tries to usurp Augustus as well, driven by nothing but a drive to satisfy his intellectual curiosity.
    • Nya, AKA Nyarlathotep is the true Big Bad of the whole setting, having setup all the events, allowing Anticross to cause so much pain and suffering, as well as their experiments and the bloodshed that resulted. Her cruelty is such that she attempts to create an Eldritch Location where a hero who opposed her is forced to relive his life over and over, coming close to seeing his true love again, but resetting before he could get to her. Nya's ultimate goal is to release Azathoth and the other outer gods to consume everything, relishing in nothing more than humanity's suffering.
  • Fate/stay night: The Big Bad of the "Heaven’s Feel" route is Zouken Matou, an ancient mage who stays alive primarily by body-jacking people and instigates the entire plot in an effort to achieve immortality. Prior to the Fourth Holy Grail War, he adopted Tokiomi Tohsaka's younger daughter Sakura, ostensibly to carry on the magical legacy of the Matou family, then subjected her to ten years of constant violation by magic worms in order to control her and mold her into a vessel for the Holy Grail. To keep Sakura's budding dark side in check, Zouken had his "grandson" Shinji rape her regularly and fostered Shinji's descent into evil.
  • Kikokugai The Cyber Slayer:
    • Zhang Jaobu is the head of the Triads' prostitution ring. In the course of his job, Jaobu routinely rapes the girls to break them and was one of five Triad leaders who participated in the attempt on Kong Taolun's life, and then the gang-rape of his sister. After this, Jaobu's group took said sister Ruili to an infamous scientist and split her soul amongst five androids. Jaobu keeps one that he regularly rapes and prostitutes to wealthy clients while thinking that the real fear from the Ruili-bot is what makes it enjoyable.
    • Zhu Shaoyan, known as The Demon Empress, is another of the five who participated in Taolun's attempted murder and the gang rape of Ruili. Herself a serial rapist and serial killer, Shaoyan has modified her cyborg body to rape women with the “right equipment” and to tear her victims apart after. With her own personal Ruili-bot, Shaoyan routinely rapes and tortures her while introducing games to force the other woman to pleasure her within a certain timeframe. Failure to do so will result in horrible torture and abuse. At times, Shaoyan is simply so absorbed in her own thoughts that she damages Ruili anyways. Thinking back to Taolun, Shaoyan only sneers "That bastard was so smug... But I broke his precious little sister with my own two hands!"
  • Phantom of Inferno: In the first 10 minutes, it is established that Scythe Master used a combination of drugs and hypnosis to erase the main character's memories just because he wanted to test a new theory. He then leaves the main character to train for months in the Mojave desert with no contact from the outside world. This was the second experiment. The first person he experimented on he rapes, brainwashes, trains as a serial killer and treats like property, oh and the girl was twelve when he started this. A third person he experiments on he doesn't drug or rape, but he does lie to her about events, encourages her growing hatred and turns her full Yandere just to mess with the main character. Oh and while he is doing this with her, he is repeating his first experiment, six times over, just in case.
  • The Hideo Kojima early effort Policenauts:
    • Gates Becker and Joseph Sadaki Tokugawa are a corrupt police chief and a Corrupt Corporate Executive respectively who wish to push humankind into space to satisfy their desires for control and profit. With Gates as his hidden partner, Tokugawa created a Sex Slave operation where he had famous female celebrities cloned and used for pleasure by himself and the highest bidders. The two have anyone in their way assassinated and when Jonathan finds their headquarters, he realizes the extent of their evil: the two have been placing human beings in stasis and harvesting their organs while using cloning technology to regrow the organs for an endless supply.
    • Tony Redwood spends most of the game as a killer in a mask. When The Hero Jonathan Ingraham comes out of a 30 year stint in suspended animation, Redwood kills his former wife with a car bomb, and later in the game guns down another of his friends. In order to frame Jonathan, Redwood murders a captive scientist with Jonathan's gun, placing him under suspicion for the murder. To escape, he also installs a bomb in a civilian shop so the police have to choose between chasing Redwood or saving innocent lives. Redwood takes the adopted child of Jonathan's partner hostage later and puts the partner in the hospital. When another operative fails in her task to shut off his life support and shows signs of performing a Heel-Face Turn, Redwood murders her despite her being his own mother. When defeated, Redwood opts to throw himself to his death, laughing madly, solely to deny Jonathan the satisfaction of taking him in.

The Simpsons are coming to [adult swim]! Por sólo una noche.

Not King of the Hill, that's for sure.

  • Bowdlerize: The Earth version of Ed Edd N Eddy The Mis Edventures removed all the swearing, blood, alcohol use, changed the enemies from soldiers to animals, changed Edd's bombs to water balloons, and removed a level about the Eds having to file their taxes on time. If you have a copy of the game, you can still play the original on Mars for some reason.
    "six scams to play thru, with two unlockable bonus scams filled with fast action! original voice acting dune by the cast themselfs! a 3d artstyle that highly rresembels ed edd ne ddy! featuring music directly from the show! all of your favoritse characters get to appear here! a fully detailed cul-de-sac hub area!" [sic]

We'll see Pikmin 4 in about 2040

  • Pikmin 1 > 2: Three years.
  • 2 > 3: Nine years.
  • Therefore, it's going up by powers of three. That will mean a twenty-seven year gap between Pikmin 3 and Pikmin 4.


  • 2½D: While the gameplay proper is on a 2D fighting field in a broad term, there are really several of them in most of the given stages, and little "warp points" (or a character can sacrifice a good amount of energy to warp there at any time) that sends someone from one part to another. Projectiles are automatically thrown at the given target across the two plains and behave as they would in a full 3D setting, complete with bouncing off of anything that gets in the way or even flying from one end of Sir-Putt-a-Lot's to another (which has an extremely rare chance of happening in the normal variant but still can, but it's a lot more common in the "free tour" variant since you can decide where to go).
  • Interface Screw:
    • The Sphinx in Sir-Putt-a-Lot's has the inexplicable ability to flip the camera around horizontally, which can screw up one's directions when walking.

Subjective, Not Objective

    Extremely Unlikely if not Outright Impossible 

  • Base Breaker:
    • Icesky is generally understood to be a Hate Sink with an intentionally unlikable personality. However, her habit of killing off heroic characters like flies and pretty much forcing herself into most of her villainous plots has irritated many to the point of being turned off reading the story entirely. Others see that as the point, and that the series would be a lot more dull if there wasn't a villain this hatable in it. Several of the spinoff stories still having her or an expy therof either established as the villain right away or hijacking the plot does not help at all.
    • Blue, mainly over whether or not her pretty bossy treatment of Yellow was anything that she made up for or even if it was justified as early-story Yellow did seem incredibly dependant on everything. That's not even getting into whetheror not Blue's anything more than a geek stereotype crossed with being slightly more controlling than she initially looks.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
  • Iron Woobie: Dirk Blaque in Island, who was sent to the titular island in what is pretty much hell for something he had absolutely no control over (his parents basically made a Deal with the Devil where if they lose, he's sent there from the age of twelve with whatever proper preparation and tools he had back in the living world) until he kills 360 extremely powerful demons, or dies. And he befriends all the demons to the point where he can't kill them. Despite effectively being stranded out in the middle of nowhere with no true access to the outside world for fifteen years (as of the story's proper beginning), he seems to be pretty fine with it. It's also implied that, with the 360, he's working on taking a third option to get out of the island with everyone still alive.

Objective, not Subjective

    Will Probably Delete 

No because it's like just about every idea I come up with later becomes done in the show itself before the fic is even remotely close to publishing level. I mean I have to change the big plot twist in one of them because it turns out that the show's universe functions like the old plan of the parallel universe I made, and of course there needs to be some more distinction to the backstory to explain why the "desert" world is, well, mostly destroyed and turned into a giant desert, while the "beach" world is pretty much SU's regular Earth. I'm sure a lot of people like having their fan concepts/theories/fan fiction be somewhat canon in some way but I'm actually not one of those people. I feel like I'm trying to drive it in a new direction then canon comes driving in the same direction and just hits me off the road without even seeing it. And this went on repeatedly. What if there was some dream-based alternate magic pocket dimension world? No wait, that happened and it was played for horror. What if Steven fused with a human and it worked? No wait, that happened. Connie taking up sword-fighting? Apparantly in a future episode she's going to train for that. The name Desert City? Actually uttered in canon, now the whole title and main town's name of the parallel world is gonna be a reference to that. Sort-of retroactive reference. Before the story even came out.

So this is why my rule is to not even bother typing a single word in the stories proper focused on it (But I do often plan the plots out, and how to accomidate with recently-revealed canon) unless the show itself is on hiatus. And that should work, after all nothing can constantly be updating weekly... there has to be a rest somewhere. And it is sort of where the 360-stuff comes from: Another team of mostly color-coded superpowered women who go on missions, only since it's my own canon of sorts I don't have to worry about the actual canon going on to disprove something as being possible or already taking the bare-bones concept in a completely different direction.

    Another thing that will be deleted soon 
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Spongebob. He might be extremely caustic to the eventual Blue and Yellow Team, especially Jean thanks to falling asleep during his exposition (resulting in him sending seven messages to her, backwards from her perspective but forewards from his), but his entire life pretty much consisted of being stuck on a city-moon that had all of its friendly inhabitants completely wiped out, and on a crash-course heading for Earth. And he later knows that he's going to be the only character to not survive the impact. Said moon is also inhabited mainly by a number of self-replicating killers, and another killer who can change his size. And he tried contacting three of their members just to get told off by all of them (a Stable Time Loop, as his repeated trolling of the Team started because of this, yet he got yelled at because he trolled them in the past and they were all sick of them since this took place during the Darkest Hour from their perspective). And he seemed to start off just as friendly as his earlier-canonical self. To add insult to injury, the story's Disc One Final Boss went around and recruited everyone to his organization that Silencer created except him. The final conversation to Jean (from both of their perspectives) consists of him begging her to find a way to avoid his pretty much inevidable death and she just doesn't really care about him anymore (having spent her whole life seeing him as just a jackass troll).
    • Dave in HD. This time, instead of simply verbally insulting him, Jade pretty much ruined his life, and he suppressed any negative feelings until some freak incident granted one of his creations with his own hatred of her, and nearly killed the Team as a result. Because of this, and following accusations that he was trying to murder her, he was forced to either go on the run or fight. He chose to fight. And that led to the destruction of the multiverse.
    • Thanks to some off-hand Word of God about the original, Rip. Her adopted parents were pretty terrible, her biological (via cloning and Time Travel) parents had no idea they were even cloned to make her until after one of the relatives kills her (though Rip knew the entire time, and tried to act as an exposition guide to both of them), and her only real childhood friend was Hank. Who completely disowned her after she helped him cheat in a shooting contest. After that she was pretty much alone until college.
  • In HD, the story of the "ancestors" is changed a little. SD and RC's fates are the same (minus the whole cursing bit so that each group births twins next), until for the end, where RC manages to counter with SD's training and kicks her onto the glacier where she gets impaled, instead of her kicking him on the glacier for cheating on her with KC. Fast-foreward, and there are a lot of similarities with the SD/RC dynamic and the Jade/Dave dynamic: The Harley treats the Strider like utter crap and basically a slave, before turning on him. The difference is that, in the ancestral case, the Harley is impaled, while with their descendants the Strider is impaled. Why aside from the more "heroic" of the two being flipped? Well, there wasn't an Egbert. John and Jane's parents had their "tale" in a completely different location at the time. The friend that was mostly neutral up to a certain point and could easily speak to and get the trust of one of them. In the descendant's case, John was there to lower Dave's guard (to allow for the Relic-impalement), otherwise he would have completely obliterated Jade.
  • In the original, John is obsessed with Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures, which turns out to have powers that include strong time travel, space-hopping, and even free warping to the Afterlife (well, the waiting room, anyway). And it's also a sign of the gods or something. His "inner self" or something along those lines also likes a dress in the primary twelve colors associated with the Hat Goddess. In HD, this isn't mentioned at all, but he has a new interest that his canonical self lacks: Relics. And it turns out that summoning the Hat Goddess involves putting together a series of pipe-like objects into something called the Relic. In both instances, John is always drawn towards something related to the gods, present or future.
  • In the original, why do only the "solid" members of the Millennium get jujus, and why is Rip an exception to that? Well, Captain's both very powerful and an idiot, Janitor is hated by Quimby so it's natural that he would spite him by not allowing him any powerful artifacts, Cartman is very much a wild card and still not to be trusted with that, Hydra might fight with himself over that since each head has its own personality, Waterwraith will probably carelessly use one to kill his own allies (as he ran over Darkhorse with no remourse), Death Mecha would also likely put allies in danger, Darkhorse is a racist against trolls, and Rip is both dangerous already without a juju and also a threat to their allies. ODP is mostly just an information relayer, and Quimby already has his sash that allows for free time travel, so any of the seven jujus would be pretty underwhelming.
  • Original: Why did the Tricksters make the Jennerator in the first place? An intentional attempt at making a Red Shirt Army. Dave is powerful, and could easily wipe out huge groups of the Team even with powers. Unfortunately for this plan, usually the major ones go out first.
  • Oririnal: Dave telling Rose that killing Kanaya was the only logical thing to do after being accusing of being a secret murderer might make sense in a dark way. Dave is essentially a child celebrity. Even a rumor that he might be a hidden killer would devastate him since actual proof could be found, one way or another, especially since Jade would have been dead if not for both the 7-up and the Edward Cullen prototyping (which also means Meenah indirectly saved her from dying several times, if by accident). Going full-blown and killing all those who accused Dave is the most obvious, if highly drastic and evil, way to stop the rumor from spreading. But it backfired heavily with Rose's near-death, and would have backfired more if Kanaya didn't just stab her but instead chopped her up, preventing Dave from converting her into a vampire.

  • Evil Versus Oblivion: Becomes the oblivion to Witchita, Seecon, Cattite Red, and pretty much any villain's evil.

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