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Uppercut is a character made by The_None that is considered to be unique, due to the fact that it attacks with nothing but uppercut shots, and his sprite usage. Since the character can only perform uppercuts, the move list has been restricted to use the punch buttons in M.U.G.E.N (x, y and z).

Mahō Shōjō

William Onyeabor

Ed, Edd n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures

I know it ended back in February but I'm still fucking obsessed with this show (I could say something similar about King of the Hill, 2010, and with much less obsession, whether that's to a greater degree because King of the Hill ended years before Gravity Falls or to a lesser degree because I'm still overall not nearly as into KOTH as I am with Gravity Falls but )

    Somehow, this went from Leela (Futurama) to Soos 

    Spiritual Successor Vs Spiritual "Original" 

  • Eldritch Location: All of these are subverted, and turn out to just be the result of "standard" Emazh content. In sharp contrast to its fan fic predecessor, where the "unexplainable supernatural" was very real.
    • Vista's entire yellow sector. At first glance, the massive desert with rivers and oceans of sand seems standard fare by the world's standards (it directly neighbors the chartreuse sector, which has floating islands yet is considered a rather mundane location), except there's a certain "haunted" aspect to it. It's emphasized that Emazhes with an "undead" theme are not actually undead, spirits, or bound by special rules, even if some of their designs seem to be so (many of them being weak to light-themed attacks, for one).
    • Duskyyzuh, the sort-of "ninth continent" that actually consists of several floating marks in the sky. The entire place is ruled by a yandere with a certain nack of Surreal Horror, but that's not what makes it eldritch. What does is the constant wormholes that even she does not have control over, which link to a "pocket dimension parallel-ish" version of it
  • Eldritch Location:
    • Supplimental material implies that the haunted house Kathody made into Domain 2 is this — Dipper and company, and hell, Kathody and her students themselves, were just lucky enough to have not pissed off the actual ghosts that lived there. It's a good thing that she made a new domain, out of proper giffinium metal. And it was far away from the old one.
    • Domain 11 becomes this once some of the copies start Glitching out as a result of being deprived of their mirror-addiction. As their name implies, they start glitching up, and they take out reality with it. The effects are only temporary however.
    • The Mirror Town in "DLC." Professor Eve crafts a mini sub-world with Moonside-like

  • Early Installment Weirdness: [This one doesn't exist yet. I got nothing.]
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • Seeing as a bulk of the domains are buildings made out of "giffinium" metal, it seems very coincidental that three of the first four domains all lack one. The exception is Domain 3, Searah's domain, which is also very different from the later structures in that, in the span of one day, it was a domed city under the sea. (Its metal was originally a heavily desaturated blue, while the rest of the colors are fully saturated.) Rose and Sandy may have liked nature, but there was very little reason for the former (the latter explicitely hates technology despite coming from technology) abandoning metal completely. Kathody's using a haunting house in the middle of the desert was eventually hand-waved in that she was too lazy to build giffinium structures on her own. Word of God was that he did not think of the copies having metal-making powers until he wanted to come up with a way they could make a building for the fifth domain — which practically needed one, as it was a fast food place/butcher room.
    • With the fic's emphasis on non-lethality and the distinction between self-defense and killing out of spite, it's pretty bizarre that Sandy claiming that she must "sacrifice" is just treated as a throwaway line. She ends up apologizing for this in chapter 8, even if the main characters never heard it and she never actually acted upon it.

Not-Completely-Related Stupid Shit (Press Z)

  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Nobody really cares about the lengthy storyline, or that it's a huge part of the Canon Welding from late-SBIG, or it's Stylistic Suck nature. They just care about the (offscreen) sex — the bizarre crack pairings (Stan/Summerween Trickster and a foursome/polygamy group involving Soos, Melody, Rumble, and all .GIFfany copies) and their sexual nature. It's not really fanservice (actually, none of this is), but the second most-known thing it's known for is putting Dipper through hell romantically, right down to making him and Pacifica biological brother and sister and then making them rather incompatable (Pacifica deciding that she's had enough of the supernatural, appreciates her life after becoming a positive example of her family name, )
    • Soos goes around ass-naked from chapter 4 through the rest of the story, the emphasis on Melody's ass— oh. They're secondary characters? Dipper, right, he... uh... something about a book wanting him to get keys... oh yeah, he isn't attracted to .GIFfany at all but keeps having to look at her naked in chapter 6. Wait. Mabel's the real main protagonist?
    • The Running Gag of the fic saying that you will have to give the author a ridiculous, increasing amount of money to read the "uncensored scenes."

  • Esoteric Happy Ending:
    • Sweet Jade and Hella John:

This adventure went south. Fast.

  • Ignore the Fan Service: He's one of the only characters in the story who seems to be mortified at being around a nude .GIFfany, even if she's post-Heel–Face Turn. This comes up in chapter 4, where the story notes that his reaction to seeing her nude is identical to his reaction to seeing Rumble nude; and two cases in chapter 6. First, when they have to climb a ladder and her powers are temporarily weakened by Mable the Typomonster; she insists on going first with him climbing after her, as she thinks he was too devastated by all the ship sinkings and it would be faster if she pulls the ladder up after she reaches the top. The second is when she's shot near the "heart" and he has to remove the bullet, which requires her removing her shirt. And she doesn't wear a bra.
  • Non-Action Guy: He's notably one of the few characters who is less active fighting-wise compared to his canonical self. He never really gets to pull off any fighting feats after chapter 1, his "Triforce skill" is more-or-less the ability to teleport away from fights (Pacifica at least has defensive skills that are useful in combat), and when he attempts to try to take the lead in battle, it usually backfires horribly. He eventually figures out this and learns to accept it — it's only after that that he starts kicking ass, if while piloting a Tengen Toppa mecha along with his three sisters (meaning that it's tough to tell exactly who contributed to what).
  • Understatement: He reacts to both Nzyvo's Finalayer aiming loads of cannons after the group and Mable's spacetime rifts with an "Ohhhhh... that's bad."

  • Disc One Final Boss: She's only the main antagonist of the first half before being revealed to be Good All Along.
  • Expy: A Shadow the Hedgehog-"based" Copy Cat Parody Sue of a Perpetual Smiler character generally associated with bright, cheery colors; decked in a dark outfit, with black hair, an affinity towards guns, explosives, and high-tech weaponry, and an overall parody "edgy" atittude? And with military connections? She is to Mabel what Professor Dove is to .GIFfany. Lampshaded when she and Dove cross paths.
    Dove: Listen fucker, there is room for only one edgified Disney cartoon character in here, and I was here first! Well... technically, in my story, they talked about me a lot before your story even existd! [sic]
  • Handicapped Badass: Given that all three of her siblings also lose a limb at some point in the summer, it's a given that she qualifies as well after she gets a leg blown off in her fight with Mabel. Unlike the others, she immediately keeps going into battle after losing her limb — instead of reacting with shock, she sharpens a drill with her bare hands, uses that as a temporary prosthetic leg, leaps down what is roughly a 50-something story fall, continues battling many of Gravity Falls' regulars, makes Dipper pass out in fear, and threatens to incinerate Journal 3 with Din's Fire.
  • Meaningful Name: "Nzyvo" is just "Mabel" in Atbash. Her tower's name, Finalayer, is just "final" mixed with "layer" — think of the latter as its homophone "lair." It's a lair, but it's not the final one.
  • No Pronunciation Guide: Averted — it's ZEE-voah, the "N" is silent. She says this on her introduction.
  • Red Herring:
    • Her name is just "Mabel" in the Atbash cipher, which leads one to think that she is some kind of parallel Mabel. Especially given her talking about a "twin" in chapter 5. Nope, she's actually a military project

  • Emazh In: A guy has a really long dream.
    • Alternatively: A man who builds gears for a living winds up in a world loaded with magic robots. Many of which could kill him by accident.
  • Five Nights in the Alley: A "horror game" where you're constantly on the toilet. So that you're, you know, ready to be scared shitless! Oh yeah, and it's much harder than it looks.
    • Alternatively:

Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch The Nutshack Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch Trio the Punch



The game is actually a commentary on how far the player is willing to go to "complete" a game

Think of an early OFF or No Mercy Undertale, just really weird.

Look at the last level: After going through everything, the game forces you to kill seemingly regular, innocent animals, giving comments that seem to be mocking you or calling you out for it. ("WHAT?" "CRUETY" [sic] and "YEAH?") But, you'll still murder them because that's how you "progress the game." You are rewarded with an "ending"


"My readers fall in love with every character I've writtenthen I kill them! And they're like 'no he didn't!'"

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