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Welcome to the sandbox! You can use this page to test out the wiki's formatting, or just play around.
Note that if you wish to work on the rough draft for a page, you can also use the Sandbox namespace.

  • Simon Says edit this page for practice.

    Trying to put an image in the middle of text 

This is a line.

This is another.

An alternative style for left? I'm not sure if which or both will work.


The guy in this/these image(s), by the way, is supposed to be Hank Hill.

Hey, did anyone know that Edgar Allan Poe wrote a story called Perving on Your First Cousin When She's 13 Years Old?

You do realize that I'm doing this on purpose, and not to tick anyone off at that, right? I mean, the idea is that there's going to be one character who isn't a contestant or show staff member that temporarly joins the staff member. Each of them for each chapter, and for the whole chapter. TZW is still an elimination-based series, meaning that the contestant count would go down. And as the contestant count goes down, the chance that a more popular character is kicked off goes up. So with less popular characters, a nice compromise would be that the assistant-of-the-chapter's chances of being one someone likes would also go up. Picture it this way: Sugar or Staci or Scott (whom as I understand are the series's biggest Scrappies that are... er, currently available for "examplifying") might be among the first ones to take the role, but consider it as getting them out of the way, back when the contestant count is more tollerable.

Hold on, math 

I had a dream where, aparantly, Super Mario 3D Land has an Easter Egg in its final "normal" level where it's possible to see a piece of the Mario-verse's God or something like that. First that piece was an arm, then it retroactively shifted to this orange-yellow ball of light.

It was kind of disturbing.

  • Early-Installment Weirdness:
    • The Crew's organization was pretty different in its debut story. For one, Hank was the only one that got actual development, and his squad leaders were the only ones that got anything resembling development. Said squad leaders were also ironically far and away from the other members of their squad, and in fact it was only planned to be those four for a while, to continue how they used to be expies of the Midnight Crew. Oh, speaking of the squad leaders, it wasn't Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer, but instead Cleveland Brown, Peter Griffin, and Stan Smith. And their associated colors are darker than the squad leader's for some reason. (This was because they were originally going to be categorized by their clothing: Stan's navy blue suit, Peter's green pants, and Cleveland's yellow shirt being darkened so that it's easier to read and fits in with the other two, while Hank's bright red contrasts it). Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer were in, but were just more generic members at the time who didn't get that many lines and got killed off when Rip bombed them. This is reflected in how the members of the old crew who "didn't make the cut" (basically everyone except the King of the Hill alley guys.

New Powers as the Plot Demands?
  • The Total Drama fan fic [bleh bleh bleh] does this to Noah of all people. He was canonically implied to be pretty unathletic (Eva critizes the way he runs in the first season special at least), but here, he's the indesputable team captain, capable of jumping up and hiding into trees, a good cook, great at dodgeball, and can ultimately handle almost any challenge thrown at him thanks to skills that come out of nowhere. His only weakness is his fear of attractive girls, which he both gets over in the first season, and does not apply to his canon self.
  • [???] One story likely inspired by the above has an Original Character who conveniently announces that she's done a skill or sorts back in Sweeden during a confessional... which is also conveniently right before the challenge proper.

Happy Sunday the 13th oooh beware of ghosts or zombies or zombie ghosts!
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