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Cinema Sins

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     1001 Hank Hill Quotes 

  • "Heh heh, I look like a jackass."



    Idea Jotting, Nothing Here's Garunteed at All Unless it Already Exists 

  • And So We Fight

  • Complexity Addiction:
    • The ninjas that have been harassing Mituna back in chapter 5 and re-appear later in the story have set up an overly-elaborate building to keep the things they've stolen from inside, and require any given hero to set up a complex heist method just so they can ambush them at the end. However, this backfires when Crowbar's plan to break in just amounts to Cans breaking down the wall.

  • Complexity Addiction: In a (non-"canon") SBIGlet, the Crew tries to fix up the events of chapter 10 of the Split or at least make a more ideal timeline by seeing what happens if they use Die's doll to avert Alucard's death (which is kind of the most they can do, since said character is the only major hero who dies that wears a hat most of the time). Nepeta's attempt is simple: She shouts at him not (oh screw it unmarking spoilers) to show Jan Luke, but Jan finds out Alucard has Luke absorbed anyway, and detonates his robo-arm for the same reason. Then she tries to be more vauge and tells Alucard not to use the state that shows Luke, but he remarks that because Jan insulted his hat and glasses, it's personal. She repeatedly does very trivial or unnecessary things, even fixing up his tank so it wouldn't stall on him (which fails because it turns out his tank was low on gas anyway, and this didn't come out of nowhere — Integra mentions it back in Split. Also apparantly vampires can drown). Other characters try incredibly complex mechanics as well, yet this still fails. Giving up, Nepeta comes to the conclusion that Alucard's death is one of the few, if only, events that cannot be changed with Split itself being the "only" exception (comparing it to "The Time Traveler's Pig,") then Virkso snatches the doll and simply bludgeons Jan to death with a silver baseball bat. With that, Alucard's fine and this creates an ideal timeline where all diseases are cured within a year after the Millennium war, everyone has a house, and Futurama gains a lot of success with several episodes and is still ongoing by 2018 at the least. (It also covers some of the changes to the Crew, like how the Troll Empress would have never noticed them due to Alucard at least being alive for the jury duty experiment, and thus none of season four would happen, and the Crew would take down Scratch a lot earlier.) It turns out that Alucard just went into the battle in a very crappy tank condition.
  • Continuity Lockout: Good luck reading either Hecksing: The Dawn or Housestuck: The Split without Ulumate or Hurrcain Crconikals first. (And in the latter case, the 8ackstory that ties HHC with HTS, where the first generation uses the Ballad of Duality and everyone fights the Shadow Hourglass as part of Hank's test) You'd be confused at the most basic things, such as:
    • Hecksing: The Dawn: The significance of Alucard's tank, who the hell this "Carl" guy mentioned in the flash forewards is, why Rip is such a Heel-Face Revolving Door, the significance of Kamina and his time traveling (although originally Ulumate Crconikals never mentioned Chief/Kamina's work as a time traveler), what the hell Ned Flanders is doing there, why Cortana is with Kamina, and what the ending signifies. Then there's the backstory, like who Alucard's Bro is and why everything just generally feels so weird. It's the consequence of making a universe with continuity out of minor jokes like Alucard getting punched across the ocean. Granted, many of these Make Just as Much Sense in Context, it's just that the story appears a lot more random when the continuity it's based on is unknown.
    • Housestuck: The Split: Why there are two of everybody (or four depending on what you count) and they can change their sex at will or split into two yet again but in a different way from these "counterparts," why the Felt-lephrechauns are suddenly chummy with the Rainbow Crew, why there's a fairy-like Hank Hill flying around naked, why he's so obsessed with Homer Simpson, how Latula knew about Tony Hawk being an actual were-hawk, why Dave and Roxy each jump in on some seemingly random couple in bed and interrupt them, what a "Zergizock" is, how Xenomorphs fit into this and why two of them act crazy and feral while the others are fairly intelligent, why this minor character from Hellsing is suddenly a major threat, what the "Bond of Ichigo" is, jokes about Nepeta's door knock— hell, half of the Nepeta-related jokes in general, and how the hell time travel works in the Crconikals continuityIt's actually kind of simple . Hint: HHC's in-fic summarynote  is all bullcrap, as is the cover image. The entire continuity growing into something needlessly complicated does not help.
  • Fridge Horror: Nepeta being able to take Gamzee out with her ass seems like a one-off joke and a very oblique reference to someone's headcanon drawing, but this very same story has Gamzee survivng a direct hit from a nuke like it's nothing. What the hell is wrong with that girl?
  • Mind Screw: Believe it or not, you can make sense out of this continuity. The individual stories go on and make something resembling internal consistency that's actually followed decently (To the point that Fan deems even the slightest contradictions "unacceptable" and works around them ASAP). You just gotta piece everything together. What's confusing is that some stories are closely related to eachother, some aren't at all, and you can't be sure if a story with the same characters means it's a different incarnation or it's a Stealth Sequel or Stealth Prequel. It's even more confusing thanks to SBIGlets, which is a series of short stories meaning far more installments. At least, whether or not something takes place in the Crconikals universe is made openly clear. However, Crconikals has at least two major timelines, and aside from the "main" four (HUC, its prequel HTD, HHC, its alt HTS, the latter being the only one that takes place in the split timeline), good luck figuring out which of them if any it's supposed to take place in.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Die's doll apparantly has a switch that goes from "summons a new copy of a dead person" and "warps to another point in time/another timeline where that person is alive or dead." The reason why nobody, not even Die himself, noticed prior to Gamzee pointing it out is because the switch is located by the groin. Subverted in that this feature is not actually used, but it is toyed around with in a rather confusing SBIGlet where Nepeta tries to undo Alucard's death by making a pin based on Alucard (Pretty much the only major heroic character unless you count Kamina's Master Chief uniform to wear a hat, to have a hat, as Nepeta goes hatless for most of the story as does everyone else).
  • Serious Business: These are all played for laughs.
    • Golf in Illinois (or maybe just Chicago; it tends to very from unvierse to universe) is very serious business.
    • Futurama. Insulting it will get you branded as a freak by random citizens, though maybe your friends will still like you. Mostly if you've saved their lives prior (sort of like Nepeta. Who saved the other trolls twice, even). At one point Flanders has an idea to let Alucard launch him from a tank turret (Flanders has strong religion-magic, so it's not as stupid as it sounds), and Alucard refuses to since he doesn't want to harm him. Then Flanders says he hates Futurama, and Alucard's unwillingness to fire him plummets.
  • Spoof Aesop: Surprisingly, each chapter of season six "tries" to have some simple moral along those lines.
  1. # War Is Hell, but this is intentionally broken by having the Crew comit several heroic actions that are glorified near the end.
  3. # Your mother can sleep with whoever she wants as long as it isn't cheating or just illegal, but you don't have to worry about her dating a jackass rockstar vampire from Mars.
  4. # Don't trust rumours on the street, even if they sound like very convincing ones about the dangers of time travel.
  5. # Censoring nudity is equal to pollution... somehow.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 10. It seems to be gearing towards the Crew's showdown with the Troll Empress, while Hecksing goes on to fight Rip. Then things go... off. Walter finally betrays Hecksing at a key moment, killing Integra. Except by this point, Carl (not a big deal), Seras (a much bigger deal), and Cortana are killed in the assault. The latter when the plan to hit Rip with a virus-loaded mustke backfires when Rip is tipped off about this and flings it into the hologram instead. Denise and Kaitana's ambush fails when Jaws sneaks up and kills them, too. When T.E. actually gets an upper hand when her fight crosses with Rip's and ends up frying the Captain, Rip gets incredibly pissed and uses telekinesis to throw the neighboring galaxy into the Milky Way like a shuriken. Earth crashes into the old Alternia, several black holes are now dangerously close to both planets, all of Hecksing is dead save for Alucard and Kamina, the Troll Empress is killed in the split timeline too, and finally, Yoko finally makes an appearance. Rip also has a similar reaction to how she did in the loop timeline by being added by Jude's breakdown, except instead of giving a big speech about turning her life around and spending the rest of it doing good, she floats away. There's still three chapters left, and Fan confirmed that this will not be reseted away.

This may not happen since it could be too much of a ripoff of Sonic Zombie Shopping Mall. It might be modified considerably, but the whole very general "rival gang" concept will still be wormed in. guy with the ninja [sic]:
  • Affably Evil: Hank's entire group. Leonard admits that he was just following around Hank for directions and trying to survive in the apocalypse, and gets knocked out by the Master Chief. Alucard might have terrified Squidward, but he (Al) accepts defeat when Squidward lies and says that his pirate-speek is racist against sea-creatures. Brenda just goes around grilling charcoal burgers, even when Dave outright challenges her to a fight, but only ever proposes a non-lethal competition before Dave suddenly knocks her out (this actually causes her to sneak up on him and stab him through the back after waking up, which would have killed him if not for Harry and Sasuke). Kamina actually re-considers any kind of conflict with Sasuke's group and offers a truce with Harry, but Harry has a Stupid Sexy Flanders moment and spaces out on the conversation to try to distract himself, so when Kamina offers a handshake he's alarmed and knocks him out too. Hank himself is the only one that is constantly hostile to the whole gang.

Hell John: Sticker Star, originally this was just going to cover stuff related to the twist but then....
  • Demoted to Extra: It's probably easier to list the characters who have long roles in the story. Probably: John and Karkat. That's pretty much it.
    • Jade gets this harder than anyone else despite being one of the earlier main characters of canon. She's the Luigi of the story. Meaning, she gets zero lines and only five very brief appearances in the whole story that amount to cameos.
    • Vriska is simply cast into the role of Gooper Blooper, just being a boss that shows up and gets defeated/killed with very little lines. Unsurprising, since this is Fan we're talking about, who has made Vriska irrelevant as a gag way back when and then Flanderized that.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Nepeta is technically wearing the Big Bad and she doesn't even know it.
  • Minimalist Cast: There are only eighteen characters of any note at all in the whole story: The original four kids, the original twelve trolls, Jack, and Bluetail. There are twenty-one chapters. This marks a first for the creator, coming up with something that has more chapters than it does characters even if Total Zeksmit is lumped up and even counting 496 Reasons. (Both of them thanks to having Loads and Loads of Characters.)
  • Mythology Gag: Even though the actual Sticker Star abandoned many Paper Mario traditions and recurring gags,
  • Off the Rails: After about twenty chapters of following Paper Mario: Sticker Star's story rather closely, suddenly Nepeta's blue items (her hat, tail, and shoes) reveal to be alive, and a creature known as Bluetail. He proceeds to burrow microscopic "roots" into Nepeta to put her into paralysis, then shrinks down in her and fights John as well.
  • Stylistic Suck: Not in the way of Troll Fics filled with spelling and grammar episodes, but the whole story is intentionally written to be as boring and uninteresting as possible until a twist near the end.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Inverted with John, Jade, and most of the bosses, who are made silent (or, in the boss's case, just give about one line that usually involves "shine") despite having dialogue in canon. For no apparant reason other than to make the story even duller and emptier than it is, and to nod to canon.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion? Bluetail has been mistaken as female. Only Word of God confirms he's male, as he is never referred to by pronoun in the story.
  • Walking Spoiler:
    • Bluetail is the real Big Bad and the only actually original character to the story. He's a WS because he completely derails the Sticker Star-based story and sends it in a completely new direction.
  • Womb Level: Most of the real final battle takes place with John and Karkat shrunken and inside of Nepeta.

  • One Steve Limit: Aversions by crossover:
    • Edward: Ed, Edd n Eddy (times three! The show itself averted this!), and Cullen (HHC).
    • Connie: Maheswaran and Souphanousinphone (EB).
    • Sadie: Steven Universe and Total Drama (a short little joke project).
    • Eve: The Binding of Isaac and Fan's own story, A Slash of Mortality (a SBIGlet mega crossover, that was specifically SBIGlets vs original web fiction the guy wrote. The name similarity is never pointed out in-story, but the two's personalities are so different that it's pretty jarring to see them interactnote .)
    • Simon (but pronounced differently): The digger and the American Idol judge. (As a one-note joke.)
    • Kenny: McCormick and the Hacker from Hecksing: The Dawn. The latter is not to be confused with Haxxor.
    • Violet: The 360/360 Degree Duck, and this name is given to any AU versions of the post-scratch Rose Lalonde (See: Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals (she also goes by Sis by the narrative and other Rainbow Crew members, but her past self is referred to by her actual name and older characters call her that in the present), Calliope's Back Story). But she goes by Vlie, to fit the four-letter theme.
    • Margaret, though they go by different names: Peggy Hill from King of the Hill and Icesky from 360 Degree Duck. Possibly Brenda from Perfect Hair Forever. It should be noted that Icesky's real name was actually based on Peggy's, she was named such because of how the character shares Peggy's arrogance.
    • Name changes to play this straighter: Before Desert City was finished, Amethyst's Desertite counterpart was named Peridot, but that changed thanks to "Warp Tour." The eponymous city actually was still going to be named "Desert City" before that name was dropped in canon, and it's a retroactive nod to that line. Rick Abs was originally named Joey, but Hiveswap has a character confirmed with that name. If this happens again I'm just giving him a five-letter name.

  • Canon Discontinuity:
    • The original Sweet Jade and Hella John, frankly, does not exist at all in the overall continuity of this guy's stories. To the extent that a crossover idea with Gumball Vs SatanExplanation  Even moreso in naruto the guy with the ninja where Hank remarks that he's the only member of his group that has had no incarnation fo him die yet, when he was shot and killed by Aranea. HD acts as its "replacement," although the original has a tiny amount of references to it in future works.
    • While Total Drama World Tour Rewrite is part of what counts as the "overall continuity," the story itself is referenced considerably less often than anything else, especially his pet Total Drama fanwork Total Zeksmit. When it is, chances are it's through Self-Deprecation. Fan even outright said that when it comes to referncing TDWTR he has little to nothing for it that makes the story "stick out." "What would be a way to represent it? Poorly written polygamy?" This went to the extent that Homestuck Rewrite existed soley to self-mock TDWTR.
    • And Homestuck Rewrite itself was planned right from the beginning to be All Just a Dream (and to add insult to injury, it's confirmed that the "real world" the dream was in is not going to have a Sburb session and is nothing like HR's world at all). This was planned as HR was going to be pretty crappy.

  • Funny Background Event:
    • Hecksing:
      • Before Alucard arrives and scares the Geese, you can see him in the hallway correcting tilted paintings. This is a reference to Team Fourstar's abridged series, and how Alucard is actually so unlike his personality there that he's basically an inversion.
      • In the flashback of Rip giving Carl her musket, Seras and Zorin are seen wrestling over space in the coffin. A minor note, but this also confirms that the flashback takes place after Integra shooed everyone away from her bed.
    • Housestuck:
  • Non-Standard Character Design: In the comics.
    • Sonic is represented by "Sanic" copy-pasted over, representing his increased levels of idiocy in the story. Everyone else not only is originally drawn (if though sloppy MS Paint), but are not copy-pasted.
    • Kamina actually looks a lot better than most other characters, and seems to be the only one with any effort actually put into drawing him.
    • An aversion is that this is the first time Death Mecha and Darkhorse have actual, full MS Paint-drawings and aren't images copy-pasted over. After SJAHJ did the latter, the difference is rather jarring.
  • Running Gag: After SJAHJ was more-or-less equal about this with Curse Woman's bars covering about as much as Bank Robber and Homer Simpson's, the comic tie-ins to these have blatant censorship discrimination played for laughs. Namely, unattractive ones like Kenny or (justifiably) underage characters like the boy who owned the Geno doll get very large boxes that cover a considerable amount of them, while characters that are either more attractive (Seras, Rip, the whole Rainbow Crew) or ones that you're supposed to find attractive but look weird (Carl) just have tiny little boxes that would just barely pass doing their job if this actually had anatomy rules to go by. This only goes for the front: Everything from the back in uncovered, so trying to take advantage of censorship to also hide as much of Kenny the Hacker's filthy-looking gut without making it look weird as possible is kind of negated by the fact that you see his fat, naked ass several times in Hecksing: The Dawn.

Aerith and Bob: The two hacking-themed villains are named Haxxor and... Kenny.

  • The Scrappy:
    • Roxy fell straight into this, because this incarnation of her suffers from Aesop Amnesia constantly (unlike anyone else from the Rainbow Crew, whose "lessons," as Stylistic Suck and silly as they were, at least stuck: Porrim stopped being a ditz stereotype after reading up, Cronus started acting better and even got better driving skills after feeling guilty of nearly failing to save Mituna from drowning, Kankri stops being such a hypocritical jerk from one sentence from Latula, etc) and pulls a Never My Fault whenever it seemed like she would learn something out of what happened. To the point where her own counterpart, guardian-variation (who is actually Rose's parent), and her own guardian all get development sooner than her despite not being introduced until around halfway through the story. It takes until her biggest, dumbest moment, unleashing a Hate Plague on the Crew (she was fairly convinced it was a love potion, so it wasn't as stupid as it sounded; still, the story makes it pretty clear that love potions are generally treated as a bad thing akin to mind-altering drugs) that she finally learns something. Sadly, that was after the timeline splits, meaning that once Housestuck: The Split rolls around, she might still be like her old self. And this development doesn't even happen until the fourth-to-last chapter of the story. Finally, and most importantly, her base personality is very creepy and unlikable, constantly making jokes about who will be dating who or if someone's aroused at being the only guy/girl in a group (and Everyone Is Bi in the Crew, so that doesn't even make sense).
    • Porrim and her counterpart Porsiv. The former started off as a bland, generic "dumb not-blonde" stereotype. Thankfully, chapter 13 has her suddenly taking a level in smartness... just to become a borderline author mouthpiece who has no real interesting traits by herself. Porsiv is inexplicably a New-Age Retro Hippie stereotype, which was a gag that ran on too long and would be more fitting for a counterpart like Gamzee's (who is instead like a flanderized canon-early-stoned-Gamzee).
    • Jade. She's hit hard with Unintentionally Unsympathetic, which would be bad even if she's not supposed to be the lead of the story (or at least, the more "morally correct" between her and John). Unlike most of the Rainbow Crew, she provides little to no actual comedic material or distinction and is hardly defined by anything other than being picked on in the past and her Single-Target Sexuality crush-arc with John (which came off as squicky and alienating despite the fact that neither of them are related biologically or adoptively in this universe — in fact, Jade was the last person of the "Housestucks" John met, not until late in middle school). Said past with John is very clumsily written, which might seem like something that fits up the alley of a fan fic shooting for So Bad, It's Good, but since it's at the point where the story is supposed to give itself more continuity. Porrim may come off as preachy sometimes, but at least she had some actual distinction and interaction with the other characters that didn't really feel as akward as Jade's. (And Jade does not interact with other characters that often outside of John.) Nor does Porrim feel overtly smug. Probably reaches its peak in chapter 23 where Jade spends most of her subplot wangsting around while Tavros fights against a killer Jerk Jock and Nepeta, Karkta, Jude, and Rose all fend off against a Hate Plague apocalypse. It's almost insulting that her own counterpart, who is based on Jadesprite, is considered superior and more tollerable than her. Barely though.

  • Not really. According to Word of God, there are not going to be any "This is our world's version of [real world holiday/event]"-style chapters, not in Spring Shorts and espeically not in the sequel to ASOM if it happens. This applies double for Christas-themed chapters.

  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • Of this guy's creations, Nepeta. She's a Lightning Bruiser with above-average health and defense and can very easily combo the hell out of most opponents. It doesn't help that her fighting style makes John (who has a similar close-range base) almost obsolete. Her only two weaknesses, horrible air game and the lack of a projectile/major long-range attacknote , are very irrelevant since A: MUGEN is largely a ground-based game and B: she can just rush up to an enemy. Speaking of rushing up, she's faster than Rare Akuma (a character intentionally made to be broken), and of all GPF characters her speed stats are second only to Cheaper Edd (Fan's own attempt at an intentionally broken character). She also has Scrappy in other aspects, such as being the third Homestuck character he made, and getting priority over anyone who isn't John or Karkat (the previous two HS characters, not counting the bizarro joke Cheesecakestuck). Especially Vriska. The fact that her "trailer" opened with a knocked-out Vriska and then having her (Vriska, not Nepeta) note something along the lines of "Well, if you want her in the game, make her yourself" helps even less.
    • Cheaper Edd is this by intention, a very difficult character with high stats that takes a lot of effort, time, and generally fighting flawlessly to defeat.
    • The other side of the spectrum has Red Pikmin, who is hit very hard with Early Installment Weirdness and uses the default AI setting, plus it has no outstanding features. The guy also refuses to give it any major buffs. This is also not an intentional Joke Character, despite canonical Pikmin being One-Hit-Point Wonder without any outstanding skills.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • This guy's Nepeta of all people (despite her Ensemble Darkhorse status) entered the Scrappy heap pretty hard thanks to being ridiculously overpowered by comparason to some other creations and generally making play pretty difficult. Same creator later made a character called "Skirtless Peach." How does the latter's "trailer" open? By her giving an Ass Kicks You to Nepeta. This doubles as a Take That, Scrappy! and has some Laser-Guided Karma elements if you're familiar with the maker's prior fan fiction, as Nepeta has a habit of using her butt as a very deadly weapon and was, to put it in very simple terms, intentioanlly supposed to swap roles with Vriska when it comes to plot-commanding and screentime hogging.

I'm not too sure:
  • Lethal Joke Character:
    • Omega Drew Pickles. He's a poorly-drawn cartoony (well, cartoonier) attempt at making Drew Pickles, and he even has a finite guard and crouch before he can no longer do that respective action for the rest of the round. Yet, he's Difficult but Awesome. With everything properly managed, he can and will soundly pummel almost every character in his way.
    • "Alucard Badguy." It's Alucard in a tank. Yet he's also a boss-type character who may have a very low number of moves, but they're all pretty tricky to dodge.
    • Cheaper Edd. The name's not a joke: This guy has immortal strikers, an invincible wagon hyper, scary stats, and overall had to be nerfed several times and still ends up being able to oust Most_Mysterious-tier characters.
    • Actually any Fanservice-ish character by this guy may qualify (many of them are parodies though):
      • Brenda from Perfect Hair Forever, a blatant parody of anime fanservice. Her design here is no less absurd than in canon, with a skirt that fails to cover anything. But she's a tough clone of Marth's moveset from Super Smash Bros with additional "traditional" fighting game moves, and has some pretty good speed at that. Her hypers are also devastating, such as the full-screen Cat-Bun War move.
      • "Cheesecakestuck" is a clusterfuck of Homestuck characters redesigned as poor, intentionalyl Stylistic Suck looking adult women who fight entirely in their underwear, and the give character rapidly changes all the time. Yet this... thing is also loaded with screen filling moves, and while it's the weakest character of this guy's roster plus having a finite guardnote , it compensates with AI that gets increasingly insane as Fan learns more about how it works.
      • Skirtless Peach. It's Princess Peach without the lower half of her skirt. Then you look at her stats...
      • Pimp Cody could be considered something of an Evil Counterpart to Cheesecakestuck. His gimmick is that he summons nude (but always strategically covered) MS Paint drawings of famous female characters, like Wonder Woman, Lois Griffin, or... Ms. Pac-man. Unlike Cheesecakestuck, whose eponymous cheesecake-characters count as the fighters doing the attacks, Cody's are more-or-less projectiles that he constantly spams and floods the screen with to keep him well-guarded. And unlike most other characters made by this maker that fall under this, he has no real downside or Crippling Overspecialization.
      • Fanservice Felicia was made specifically to see if he could make a character that, on average, could beat Cheaper Edd. Cheaper Edd is listed above on here. You thought he was bad with Wagon spam? She makes wagons rain on you. At least according to the backstory, she's supposed to be the Good Counterpart to Cheaper Edd.

(This one is unlikely because enough people rip off Kamina and Simon already. Or, they're going to.)
  • Crack Fic: How about anything with this quote?
    Isaac: Ted Mosby is dead. He's not here anymore. BUT! He's on my back. And in my heart. TOGETHER WE WILL LIVE ON AS ONE! You can't cling to the past. No matter how tightly you hold on, it's already gone. If there is one rule to being an architect, it's that you can't make a building look like a penis! Who am I? I am myself. Not my later caretaker Ted. I AM ME! ISAAC, UNBOUNDED! HAAAAAAAVE YOU MET ME?

    Finishing move. GIGA! STORY! BREAAAAAAAAK!
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The first half of Isaac Unbounded was supposed to mirror more of the original Gurren Lagann series more with how the Isaacites fight off the Sins, but thought that "rehashing" for too long would become strainful, so he did what the movie did and had all of the Sins save for Wrath (who was dead by then) and Pride (the Big Bad) ambush them at once, shortly after dealing with the Sloth fight. (Unlike the other Sins, Sloth does not correspond to a General, Viral, or Lordgenome, but has a completely original role in the story.)

  • I Resemble That Remark: One of the first things Joe says is that D. Meulin is obsessant over classes and aspects. Both of her verses have her constantly working in the names of the twelve classes and aspects she has control over.

  • Famous Last Words, HHC:
    • "Misa gonna go into the movies now! Bye bye!" Damara's HRG Tattoo.
    • "What the—" Gamzee in chapter 12. He's revived by a magic ghost in the same chapter.
    • "Do you know how I am a billiard themed Felt member?" Stickdawg.
    • The deaths in chapter 18 get their own section.
    • "Your cute butt, Cutebutt. Sorry. I knew someone who - well, my other self knew someone who - aw, forget it eh." Dark Ezekiel.
    • "SKREE SKREE SKREE." The Musclebeast.
    • "A knife? I don't know whether to laugh or cry... so I'll do both!" The Troll Empress.
    • "Fatal error detected. Loading final words: Watch your fucking language." Censorbot.
    • "Well, I might not strickly be YOUR bully, but you stood up to A bully. I have to say. I'm kinda proud. Good job, you have a good life ahead of you." Rick Abs.
    • "Urgh. 'M a bit seasick now mates." Jaws the Shark.
    • "ARGH FUCK! Pardon my French. OR SHOULD I SAY ENGLISH BECAUSE..." Doc Scratch.
    • "WHO WANTS TO GET SHOT?" Caliborn/Lord English.

  • Famous Last Words, 496note :
    • "Meenah, what the hell?" Duplicate Porrim.
    • "What? Do YOU wanna starve to death in here? Those are our only two options." Duplicate Meenah.
    • "Halt! And just who goes there?" Grandpasprite.
    • "Does this mean I'm next?" Momsprite.
    • "And remember this: Everything will be fine in the end." Cueballsprite.
    • "Ah, finally." Creemisprite, by proxy duplicate Meenah again.
    • "FOR THIS, I STUDIED?" Karrlasprite, by proxy duplicate Porrim again.
    • "That way." Ruanozsprite, before self-desctructing.
    • "So this is how it is to know your existance is near an end. The rest of life... meaningless and short." Dirk's Auto Responder.
    • "You think that just because I'm not a dream self that means I'm not a part of you? Listen, Dave. I still exist inside you. And will live on in you. Always. Just you wait." "Diablo," Dave's clone result from a really weird spore-creature.
    • "...Didn't see that coming." Duplicate Meulin.

  • Famous Last Words, 360DD:
    • "No, I made my choice. When I die, I'll go on and through the portal. You focus on getting up here with me in mind, and I'll focus on exploring the unknown with you in mind. We may be lightyears apart, and I may be a ghost, but we can still be close lights. Colors." Dirk Blaque. "Colors" is the first word he said to the people he's talking to when the first met, back when they were all very little.
    • "If that wasn't worth a promotion, I don't know what is. Ha ha ha, nice!" Malcolm.

  • Single-Target Sexuality:
    • Jade in Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals only had any romantic feels at all towards John. And later Jean, who is basically part of John's personality given life or something like that. To such an extent that before they met, she thought she completely lacked attraction period.
    • Both of his yandere original villains, if less obvious. Rick, the more blatant of the two, is Jadesexual. He only really took offense when she turned him down, and doesn't seem to care for the small crowd of girls that was after him in flashbacks. Additionally, the group's trip into his mind in chapter 7 revealed that the deepest part of his subconcious was littered with Jade statues and pictures everywhere. Including male Jades. Hell, when making Opposite-Sex Clones of the leads he even stares over at Jade's clone (while still in stasis in a tube) and remarks that he "looks just as good as the original" while leaning against the tube. Bororo, on the other hand, only appears to care about Gamzee or his relatives (whether or not Rick likes any of Jade's family other than her isn't clear because in two of his appearances, Jade does not appear to be related to any of the other characters. She is Dean/Pa's daughter in Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals, but Dean and Rick do not have any real interactions), and targets after him exclusively.
  • Stealth Pun: Joe's "Master Worm" form is more like the worm on a fishing hook. It's a lame "Master Bait" joke.

  • Replacement Scrappy:
    • Rosalina for Yoko. The latter was a badass, enjoyable, relatable Hero of Another Story who is often recognized as a fanservice character and thus fitting to lead the group. She accomplishes a lot and shows her competance and seriousness for the story. The former, for some reason, comes off as a character from a poor attempt at a comedic fancomic. People did not like her exaggerated face reactions to everything, the inexplicable promotion to her as the leader after Yoko's death, her mostly-lack of any fanservice (from the perverts — others see this as something of a relief), and how a lot of her decisions are Idiot Ball-held at best and outright What the Hell, Hero? at worst (like knowingly sending Lumpy Space Princess to her death just for annoying her). Lastly, unlike Yoko, she's so vastly different from her canonical self that it's a wonder why she's even in this story at all.

  • Creator's Pet:
    • Played for laughs/invoked with Cheaper Edd. On his maker's download page, his "banner" is always on top (even though he's not the first character made, and they are ordered left to right and top to bottom by who is made) and three times as large as if to promote him more, his preview images show him wailing on the maker's other characters whereas their previews are always them beating Homer Simpson, and his description isn't nearly as factual as it is with every other non-joke character and instead written with glowing Purple Prose about how awesome he is. In-game, as the "cheap(er)" implies, he's intentionally made to have overpowered stats and comes off as being immortal to any regular fighters. Plus, eventually, he is the first character by this guy to have a full 99 victory quotes. Ultimately subverted as he's the closest thing there is to the Big Bad of his MUGEN 'verse and the other characters all seem to despise him, even if some of them confusingly appear in one of his hypers.
    • Hank Hill might be a straighter example. While he's supposed to be a Glass Cannon in-game, this is very much not evident thanks to the lower health and defense not at such a degree where it's even noticable. The maker also prioritized making him over most other characters, with Homer Army (an edit of Homer Simpson with a clone coding that was then touched up to fix some bugs, AKA someone that doesn't take that much effort to code), Glass of Water (a Joke Character that doesn't do anything and dies in one hit AKA someone that doesn't take that much effort to code), and FY (stick figure with simple sprites and movement, and is a slightly modified Kung Fu Man edit, AKA someone that doesn't take that much effort to code) getting higher priority than him. He also has special victory quotes and intros against every single other creation by the author (something nobody else has), and appears more often than anyone else in "Cheesecakestuck." Finally, he works the memetic picture of Hank smoking in all of his characters. Ironically, the guy says that he doesn't really like the canonical Hank that much, but that this is more of a case of a Creator's Pet Series.
  • Butt Monkey: Heightened even more than before when he gave his MUGEN projects Sburbian titles. Glass of Water, the intentional Joke Character who cannot attack and dies instantly from anything, is... Thief of Light. Virksa has fallen so far down the Butt Monkey pit in his fanworks that she's directly comparable to a completely harmless, non-living glass of water.

  • The first few chapters were clearly shooting for a lot more of an aesop-ish situation, and even tied at least one of its villains to the moral (ie the first chapter just went for something generic about trust, its Monster of the Week was the Bad Boss of the 360; the second chapter had a sub-plot about Yellow not letting Blue decide everything for her and even tell her how to feel, the villain is a criminal who uses a magic that automatically paralyses people with fear while he steals valuables (eg, controlling their emotions)). This sort of dropped after the first arc and it became a lot more action based, mostly because the author felt he was poor at handling aesops and even now has no idea what, if any, message should be taken from the first chapter.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer: As always, invoked.
    • Act 5 Vs Act 6 might be the worst offender of the series yet, and that's saying a lot. While it's a lot more respectful to Homestuck in a way than the other installments (which isn't saying much, it's still a weird AU based on Sonic 3 and Knuckles), towards the end a massive crossover portal opens that supposedly only includes Cartoon Network characters. Here's where the problems set in:
      • Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Spongebob, and Patrick are among the characters that step out of the portal. All five of them are from a Nickleodeon series.
      • It dis-considers Total Drama or any other Canadian-aired shows for not being actual Cartoon Network originals, only to go on and include some of their Toonami anime lineup.
      • The story delivers a quick Take That to Teen Titans Go!. Basically, the joke is that Vriska hears about the Titans being knocked out, getting concerned, then the said informer goes on and says it's their Go! incarnations, and then Jay Sherman jumps out of nowhere to say "And nothing of our value was lost." The whole joke being that there's a lot of problems with this. First: He's not a Cartoon Network character. Second: He's not from The Simpsons, that was only a crossover brought on by Executive Meddling. Third, he's "mis-named" Jay Leno. Fourth: That's not how the meme goes. Fifth: He also says "Well, that escalated quickly," and his show isn't even where that meme came from.

Okay, maybe:
  • Faux Action Girl: Actually invoked with Red. Despite being stated to be something of a good fighter with fire-related magic and claimed as a good leader, she spends about half of the story sleeping or sticking around at home or generally being less active than her more genuine Action Girl companions. Which is... well, what happens when you have a bit of a lazy lead. This bites her in the ass when Icesky tries to shame her by using her laziness against her, and when it comes to battles Red's about as incompetant compared to her allies (who quickly turn the fight around — Green, Blue, and Vermilion each outbeat her) as you would expect someone who doesn't go around that much. Turns out that she's considered The Hero simply because of the way she thinks, and how she's one of the only constantly clear-headed demons among their Disfunction Junction, full of people who don't take things too seriously or otherwise have some odd personality quirks.
  • Nominal Hero: Icesky from her perspecive and the perspective of others. While all of the actual heroes know right off the bat that she really hasn't done much heroic even before coming to the surface, she repeatedly claims to be a

  • Our Angels Are Different:
    • The closest we've seen to an angelic character in Crconikals (Cherubim appear to be a completely seperate and unrelated race, likely stemming from the alter ego having no idea that the two are connected) is Walter, who turns out to be a fallen angel and his "Angel of Death" title wasn't a lie. Word of God also states that he was kicked out of Heaven at the age of 15 for drunk driving, and four years later he met Integra. Possibly related to them are star spirits, but we've only seen one of them, Geno, and he does not last long to get much information on.
    • Ship But Not Romance has Dark Pit appear out of nowhere, although what exactly he is isn't left clear and he's mostly there just to die.
    • There are no angels in 360 Degree Duck so far (and in fact no concrete afterlife since demons are revealed to just be highly magic-infused people and all ghosts just sort of drift to a given planet's core), though the 360's ex-boss and the first chapter's Monster of the Week goes by the title "Anti Angel." Much later on is Icesky, who has somehow reversed her energy into "negative energy" and gives herself several angelic traits. She even calls herself an "anti demon." Because she's probably the Bigger Bad of the story, this is a case of Light Is Not Good.
    • A Slash of Mortality: The closest thing the story has to angels is the dopplegangers from the penultimate chapter, as this is what Joe refers to them as. (Though everybody else refers to them as "mirrors," "copies," etc.) Here, there is a counterpart to each person who enters Joe's parallel universe created, and they look like them aside from having a black and red color scheme. They also automatically drain away teleport matter, and increase in size if necessary to fight their corresponding person. Finally, they can almost instantly become stronger than their original self when in combat.

  • Wolverine Publicity:
    • In a bizarre mix of averting this to a large extreme, Fan actually removed a few references to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic in Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals (the largest being the game John, Jade, and Rose played near the beginning, which was a pony MMORPG before it became a generic World of Warcraft knockoff that was intentionally blatant in how much of a ripoff it is). There was also the planned Five Nights at Freddy's nod at the beginning of the final chapter of Hecksing: The Dawn, where Kamina would have taken a night shift job for just a tiny bit of extra money to buy a gift, then have to fight Freddy when he runs out of power shortly before 6:00 am. This wasn't written — Fan initially forgot to put it in, but after remembering he had second thoughts. Both cases were because he did not want the references to overshadow what the stories are actually about in the small chance anyone actually reviewed, that HHC isn't "That Homestuck fan fic that begins with a pony game" and all comments on HTD won't be about the cameo. This alone is also why he's hesitant on doing anything FNAF-related in SBIG, even a Shout-Out until its popularity dies down a little. (While for FIM, it's also because he's a lot less familiar with the source show.)

  • Creator Backlash:
    • He still loathes Total Drama World Tour Rewrite, especially the first version of it that was published, and will go to great lengths to have characters break the fourth wall in his Stylistic Suck stories to mock it. Homestuck Rewrite primarly exists to make fun of it. He even considered killing the story outright if not for his disappointment in the selection of Fix Fics available at the time. Even so, the revamp that started in 2013 is a lot less positive towards its leads, particularly Harold. Overall, it reads less like a story in its own right and more like a 26-chapter long ad for his far more liked (aguably too much more liked) work in the fandom Total Zeksmit.
    • He also wants to distance himself from Sweet Jade and Hella John as much as possible, even if that's technically where most of the Recurring Elements made their debut. A "remake" that's damn-near a completely different story alltogether (the only similarity is the large number of permanent Character Death and that Dave, Rose, Roxy, and Dirk are still anagonists, neither of which happens until the second half), the original effectively being disowned and hit with Negative Continuity, most would-be references being scrapped, etc.
    • And with Onionstuck, the following MSPFA. In fact, this has the honor of being the first published fanwork that he completely discontinued until further notice. While Development Hell and Series Hiatus happen a lot (this guy tends to spend months between publishing anything unless it's a Crconikals "season" (and even then there's a span of several months), and said stories that come out might not be related, but this is the first time something has been outright claimed as discontined). He might make a Sburb fansession to replace it, but details aren't clear.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Eve at the beginning before she snaps out of her Heroic BSOD (where she fits more under Iron Woobie instead). Yes, she took three people on a sudden and dangerous ride down a mountainside, and generally spent most of the early chapters trying to shove people into situations they didn't want to be in. But it's revealed that she discovered Spring-Immortality pretty early after survivng an accidental fall that also killed a pig, slowly came to the realization that she couldn't die, actually didn't like the idea of living forever, then put on her Kamina-esque act to try to convince others as much as possible that eternal life isn't something to fear because she didn't want anyone to feel as worried as she did. Once Matrarx tries to scare her off by finding a way to kill a Spring person (said person being Sarah, the closest Eve had to a mentor), Eve is absolutely devastated, blames herself for introducing the death of sentient life into the universe, and enters a state of depression that lasts for months. Even after completely breaking out of it and generally acting a lot nicer and more honest to her commerades, she comes back from the battle that saved the galaxy from being put into stasis just to get blamed for "trying to steal credit" and insulted for not being in the fight during the beginning. She doesn't really take a break until the story's end.
    • Mary. She genuinely tries to do the right thing, but her very bizarre cynic outlook earlier on means that she tries to force her leadership into bad situations thanks to her belief that it's impossible to have an outcome that doesn't have at least some consequence. She also tries to make up for her previous Lowyuist atittude when she was ten years old, but in the first half she tends to get haunted and mocked with it.
    • Even Joe. He first comes across as a massive dick of a god who threatens everyone and everything by him with existential erasure for not complying with his rules. Then it's revealed that, as his teenage appearance implies, he Was Once a Man in his home dimension who, as with the King of the Hill character his name and appearance are based on, was born through a secret affair with his parents. Unlike Joseph Gribble, he found out, and was broken over it. At some point after or before there he found a magic fruit that can grant near-divine powers, ate it, went to an empty dimension so that he could hide away there and work with creations, and thus started ASOM's world. The woobie part comes from how his home area is implied to be far more hostile towards other ideas than Arlen is, Joe really can't tell his state to anyone, and he gives himself this Blue and Orange Morality where he sees the people he created as no more real than Sims who have gone off the rails (while the previous ten chapters before his appearance confirm that they do have a lot of sentient thought on their own). His obsession with re-creating humanity and the Adam and Eve story specifically both came from him wanting a "do-over" in life yet being unable to figure out how to pull a complete Reset Button on all parties involved. In short, playing God is the closest thing he has to vent otu frustration on everything, since he's been geared by his society to believe in men not admiting emotions or even seeking help, which that combined with an addiction to ASOM's world seems to really be wearing him down.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Crossover:
    • SBIG was dominated by Homestuck from 2012 to about 2014. It has a total of seven installments primarly focused on itnote , while Ed, Edd n Eddy and Hellsing both tie for second at two each. Additionally, two of them (Sweet Jade and Hella John and Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals) are among the longest stories. This is planned to tone down a lot thanks to a large decline in interest in aformentioned comic, although it's admited to take a while since out-installmenting Homestuck can't really be instantanious due to how much it's already in. It's representation is noticably toned down as well, having only one major or secondary character (Dave) in naruto the guy with the ninja and even then he's heavily changed to the point of being unrecognizable.
    • King of the Hill, and it worms its way into serious stories as well. Both Mega Crossover fics so far (Everburn and The Fox Crew) are heavily KOTH-centric — though the former in a Rotating Protagonist sort of way — and often tend to get high focus whenever its characters are around. Additionally, SBIG fics often at least have a cameo from Hank in some way, even though KOTH as of now does not have a full installment or even a SBIGlet to its name yet. Hell, even in the "gang" in naruto the guy with the ninja, Hank is the designated leader for some reason (even though his team has a theoretical physicist, a badass Humanoid Abomination vampire, an Action Girl Badass Normal, and a Hot-Blooded man who doesn't take crap from anybody and even became the leader of his own team in canon. All four other characters honestly qualify as better leaders than him, as all he brings is his Boring but Practical lifestyle that can't really do much in the post-apocalypticish setting). Fan even made Hank in MUGEN above all characters except for two "tests" that don't take much effort to begin with, and he has pretty high stats. This gets so bad that a character in an otherwise Homestuck fan fic is a sprite that has part-Hank in him and has the bonus of holding omnipotent First Guardian powers, all hand waved because Meenah apparantly had a "phrase" where she like the troll version of his show and kept a standie lying around her house for some reason and prototyped it to shut up Meulin's then-sprite.
    • The original works are even more blatant in this regard. 360 Degree Duck is in almost everything in some way, despite (or maybe because of) claiming that he wasn't really satisfied with the way he built the initial story's world and seriously thinking of a major reboot since he was only one chapter in. Variations, cameoes, and the like of the 360 make an appearance a lot, and are even the driving force of the plot of The Hill King. They were even considered to be the players of the rebooted Onionstuck, replacing the Pikmin.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: In-universe.
    • SBIG has/had a Running Gag of at least one character being remarkably more sane than the others and speaking without any typoes. Since the series as a whole has toned down greatly on its intentional spelling mistakes, even avoiding some Throw It In cases, it's a lot harder to notice that particular aspect, but it's still easy to notice how much more detailed and rational sounding they are even when discussing very absurd plot points.
    • The author himself in The Fox Crew. He takes a Crack Fic about Hank Hill and his friends forming a mega crossover organization to fight off crime. For its premise alone, it takes itself pretty seriously and writes itself off as an otherwise normal action fic. For specific characters, you would have no idea that Winter and Summer originated from a joke meme on Tumblr considering how much genuine development they get. With cases like this and a few other stories he's well more than aware that it's a dumb idea, but rolls with it anyway.

  • Accidentally Accurate: Alucard's family's last name is Badguy, and Flanders even refers to him as "Mr. Badguy" in the first chapter. This is neither a reference to Sol Badguy nor its inspiration of Freddie Mercury's Mr. Bad Guy.

Both versions/Pre-Remastering (The version that currently exists)

  • Crack Fic: To the extent that Fan's still not actually sure why he wrote this.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Brenda's eyes flash red during the final battle, shortly before charging at the BBT couple.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Carl Stevens Universe, another bizarre crossover with very unfitting series (Steven Universe and the author's... sorta Hellsing AU from a fan fic made bad on purpose). It will be succeeded by New Super Dale Gribble U, though that one takes itself more seriously than this or CSU.
  • Whole Plot Reference: "The Sweaters" from The Amazing World of Gumball.

Post- (Summary because it might get a page?)

  • Avoid the Dreaded G Rating: The plot's actually pretty clean and tame. But it throws in references to infamous Shrek memes and has quite a bit of perverted humor when it comes to Penny and Brenda to try to justify its "T" rating.
  • Foreshadowing: Not to this story, but Hank Hill, Kamina, and Alucard all make very quick cameo appearances as a tight group together in the audience. They would then team up with BBT and PHF characters in naruto the guy with the ninja, who attack Sasuke's group in chapter 2 and have minor recocurring roles after that.
  • Mind Screw: There's suddenly another university and a bunch of people come out of nowhere to challenge the main leads to a series of needlessly complicated matches. And there's weird crossover. Notably, characters are implied to be able to mind-screw eachother and not just the only sane men: When Penny and Gerald break into an argument over whether anime or western cartoons are better, Brenda actually shrugs when Leonard asks where the hell that came from. The entire audience is equally confused.
  • Only Sane Man: Catman reprises his role from his canon self, and even tries to help Leonard escape the story's bizarre plot.
  • Ship Tease: Believe it or not, at the very least every combination of the four playing the tournament (Leonard, Penny, Brenda, Gerald) has been teased at some point or another. With Sheldon tossed in for some good measure. Curiously, all of them save Gerald (so far, anyway) appear in naruto the guy with the ninja, yet have very little interaction.

  • Just Here for Godzilla: Strangely, this is the opinion of the author himself. He says that he was mainly motivated for writing this because he thought up a "rival gang" idea and really wanted to reach that point. He even thought of giving Hank and co. a spinoff, and already started on a joke fic that devoted itself to crack/Crossover Ships of all 10 combinations of Hank's group.
  • Running Gag:
  • Testosterone Poisoning: The Crystal Gems Kicking Ass You Guys!!!!!!!!!!!! is a very short chapter supposedly of what would happen if "Steven Universe listened to a lot of suggestions." To keep it simple, it starts with the Gems aboard a cloud's worth of helicopters carrying giant aircraft carriers armed to the point of overflowing with tanks that each have cars inside of them. This isn't just a flowery description for show, either: after landing in "The Bad Gem"'s base, every single one of those will be used plus a ton of guns and explosions that would even put Michael Bay to shame if this were animated. And yes, the Gems kick ass. A lot of ass. Too much within the short span of it, in fact. Also, Duke Nukem replaces Steven. The whole point of this was Fan trying to defend the show's comparative lack of action and sentient enemies, by saying that while those might be nice, focusing too much on making it an adventure could be very detrimental to what it's built itself up as.
    • Duke's appearance is a nod to how similar Fan's web story 360 Degree Duck may come off as being to Steven Universe, as its male lead started off as a joke expy of Duke before the story was written but then got retooled into someone new, who still kept the name. Everything else is just wow.
  • Trolling Creator:

Sounds like something you'd hear in Super Smash Bros..

  • Easy Evangelism
  • Personality Powers? Averted. The elements are personalities were thought of seperately. Red a fire-using character who is incredibly laid-back, lazy, and sleeps for about half her screen time; Blue is a water-user but a bit of a geek that


Each of the main Gems have an associated classical element, and all of the other ones introduced will fit under that as well

  • Garnet: Fire (She's the only one who can swim through lava, her course in "the Test," she takes Steven through a room full of fire and spikes in "Serious Steven")
  • Pearl: Water (Her room?)
  • Rose and Steven: Earth (Plant associations, Rose is a Friend to All Living Things and Steven, interacting with humans more often, is in a way a lot closer to earth the planet, )
  • And that leaves Amethyst: Wind. I really don't have anything for that.

    Well, It's Been a While Since I Did One of These 

(An alternate idea would be a takeoff of Scrooge vs Trump. Homer's Scrooge, Peter's Trump/Marley, Hank's the Ghost of Animated Sitcom's Past, Cartman's present, and Bender's future.)


Homer: Woo hoo! I'll run over everyone else, you just got in my home!
Homer: What're ya' gonna do, call your army of clones?
Homer: When it comes to TV I'm one of the highest,
Homer: While you're suffering from a series midlife crisis!
Homer: Bring in the emmies! My skin's gold and I still don't look old,
Homer: You're sooooo obsessed with grossness, your show's getting mold.
Homer: I'm about to sign off, no second verse for me,
Homer: But I'm sure you'll get hit from the future. An ass that's more... you know, shiny.

Peter: Beating you is gonna be a big achievement in my life,
Peter: Like that time Quagmire had sex with your wife.
Peter: You think you can beat the next gen G?
Peter: We're the tougher, edgier family!
Peter: I'll blow you like a terrorist, leave you a bloody pile looking dour.
Peter: While your family weeps, and keeping runnin' the half-hour.
Peter: You calling me gettin' old? You're always two years behind!
Peter: And speaking of behinds, there's a reason I'm still allowed to show mine!
Peter: I have all the balls! There's a pair on my chin!
Peter: You're a spineless coward that deserves to be shot in the shin.

Hank Hill: Now wait a minute, I'm here to make things right.
Hank: There's no need to get into an asinine fight.
Hank: Because you're both bad! How much am I sick of your crap?
Hank: Well I'm in this battle even though I hate rap!
Hank: Now, watch. I can entertain without whacky mindless violence,
Hank: Or just being weird like the artists, hippies, or those old cartoons that were silent.
Hank: Because I'm closer to Earth! My skills reach tall,
Hank: While you're outsmarted by your daughter, and you your dog!
Hank: Guys, let's watch the fire these guys started die, but first let it burn up.
Hank: Now for a beer,
Dale: Yep.
Bill: Yep.
Boomhauer: Mm hmm.
Hank: Yep.

Eric Cartman: HEY! I'm taking charge now, listen to me!
Cartman: Simpson! This song'll hurt you worse than you crossover with Glee!
Cartman: And really Peter's here too? It's an insult to be with you!
Cartman: Hank, my god get with the times and have better rhymes!
Cartman: End the summer, a snowstorm's coming!
Cartman: And then a cliffhanger will cut to T&P and the fan's mouths foaming!
Cartman: You're all parents right, I'll make you into chilli!
Cartman: Since you disgust me! Clones of a clone of the Fintstones? Really?
Cartman: I'm the surreal king cardboard gave me wealth.
Cartman: Now the three of you can go Fox yourselves!

Title Theme Drop

all lowercase letters

  • Most Wonderful Sound: The KO sound of almost any cheap character (as long as that sound isn't god-awfuly annoying by itself), especially if you used a fair fighter to achieve that. Like Dooby Dummy's "WAHAOUW! PEZ!" Why? Because it means that you just won against an opponent that is unfairly difficult.

Red Dwarf "While I am explaining this to you, the Inquisitor jumps at me from behind, like this:"

Spin Jump <— Is this a trope? Also.

Mega Man 10's This place appears to have nourishment. I shall investigate. Oh look, tacos.

Meh I don't know: "Being YMMV doesn't mean examples can go on a tangent to bash the episode. At the very least, rewording this to be more neutral and more focused on the plot that's wasted (which is the trope) instead of deriding the plot that was given (which is just complaining)."

Peggy Hill: "I had to go powder my nose. It took eight flushes."

Canon Destruction:
Vriska: I had to leave to........ powder my nose. It took eight flushes.
Rose: I don't know which explanation is sadder: That you did that because of your numerical obsession, or because you really needed that many.
Vriska: Hey! 8lame Hashaway, not me!

Fried chicken? Re-fried? [...] This fried fried chicken would taste so good with this cold beer.

    The YMMV (Spoilers Unmarked) 

  • Ending Fatigue: Just about the first 90% of the final chapter consists of the showdown with Joe. What makes this worse is that nearly all of the second-to-last and most of the third-to-last was about simply getting to his location.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The concept behind Joe brings several new ideas the story previously unexplored, covering themes such as how fiction can impact a person positively or negatively, and the consequences of an over-reliance on escapism. It also works as a nice medium/work around to "this whole story was all part of this imaginitive/post-apocalyptic/etc kid's imagination" while keeping the actual, as-present events of the story as happening (a story in his imagination is how Joe sees it, but since this is more akin to a god creating a universe, the others feel as though their adventures were more than just an Off the Rails of his script). Unfortunately, this only happens in the final three chapters, and the rest of the story just seemed like an Excuse Plot about fighting off these universe-controllers who previously had very little reason for hating technological progression aside from some very brief foreshadowing throughout.


SoBadItsGood.Video Games



[Ear-annaihalating version of the Green Hill Zone]

  • I'll be standing right here — in my Tighty Walter Whities!
    • SANIC
      • RUNS FAST

The continuity goes crazy. Also, dammit Carrie:

    Oh wow the stretching 
"Wow Eve! This body's so much better than Gumball's! No fur, you have a better sense of fashion, it's almost like what I would be like if I wasn't a ghost! 
[strike:And two eyes? This thing's deluxe!]] The only problem is... your senses are a lot worse than his."

"What are you going to do with it?"

"Well, I promise I won't go on an eating binge. Though FYI, you could use a much healthier diet. I can tell that already. 
But push that aside. I have priorities. Like capturing your friends!"

"I don't like calling them my friends."

"Like capturing your allies!"


"And you got tossed into Hard Mode! Guess what? When I possed people, they used to be able to stick in their own body and could even get some control! 
Not anymore, when I step in, I kick the old spirit out. Hopefully permanently."

"Double no!"

King of the Perfect Hellsing Lagann Theory.

Let's see, chronology of the stuff that's been victim to my fics. Don't edit this unless it's adding months in case there's entries with the same year, or days to ones with the exact same month.
  • SMB: 1981 (Going by the original Donkey Kong)
  • TLOZ: 1986
  • Simpsons: 1989 (Retired)
  • STH: 1991 (Unless his earlier cameo was in a game before that year)
  • KOTH: 1997 (January)
  • HLS: 1997 (I don't know what month)
  • Naruto: 1997 (Still don't know what month)
  • EENE: 1999 (January 12th)
  • FG: 1999 (January 31st)
  • MUGEN: 1999 (July)
  • Pikmin: 2001
  • PHF: 2004
  • TD: 2006, I think
  • TTGL: 2007 (April?)
  • BBT: 2007 (September)
  • HS: 2009
  • TBOI?: 2011
  • SU: 2013

    Most Mysterious's Characters 

While several of them have some basis to a canon, they are so vastly different from their original incarnations that they might as well be considered M.U.G.E.N. instead.

In General

  • Lethal Joke Character: For most of them looking like weird MS Paint creations, they sure pack a punch:
    • Dink spams projectiles and can easily push any enemy off to the side without a wide chance to fight back.
    • Dooby locks into fast combos, giving very little breathing room.
    • Fiunn has hard-hitting projectiles that fling enemies into the sky, attacks fast, and a teleport move that does auto-damage if it isn't blocked just in time.

Dink Smallwood


A man from the beat 'em up Franko: The Crazy Revenge.

Dooby Dummy

A mook from the unreleased game Pencil Whipped.

Omega Tiger Woods

Rox Howard Clones

Kung Fu Bender

Kung Fu Fiunn

Arcade mode intro.

An original stick figure character with a yellow triangular hat. He's supposed to be a "funny warrior" that Kung Fu Man hired after failing to find Swauve Dude.

  • Gravity Screw: He can completely flip the Earth around/reverse gravity, making his enemies fall into the sky and return with a lot of damage.
  • No Ending: He has an intro for arcade mode, but lacks a proper ending.
  • Teleport Spam: He can warp over to an enemy, disappear in a blur, and hit multiple times. The only downside to this moves is that Fiunn himself is damaged if this is blocked.

    Omega Tom Hanks 

"Hey, everybody! I'm invincible!"
—Arcade mode intro.

An intentional Game Breaker, this is a character resembling Tom Hank's head on a cartoon dressed in a suit. He is completely invincible, and attacks with both flying posters of films he starred in and insta-nuke Hooch bombs. (Which, oddly, make Yoshi sounds.)

(Yes, this character actually exists right now.)

  • Action Bomb: Hooch, an exploding dog.
  • Development Gag: He kills three abandoned work in progress projects that the maker had as one of his two intros.
  • Excuse Plot: He just flies around saying "HEY, EVERYBODY! I'M INVINCIBLE!" That the closest thing he gets to a storyline.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Normal fighters cannot kill him without the use of debug keys.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: When up against him. Mirror matches, or against characters like Rare Akuma (who are immune to his attacks yet still cannot damage him), are complete stalemates.
  • Game Breaker: Invoked. He's an April Fools' Day character intended to be so overpowered that he can't even be fought.
  • Lethal Joke Character: Definitely not the only invincible character in MUGEN, but one of the first and most well known.
  • One-Hit Kill: The Hooch Bomb attack is an instant kill, probably to cut a fight with an inevidable ending short.
  • Power Glows: He's constantly followed by a blue after-image trail. His powers are followed by purple{?}.
  • Widget Series: Widget Character. He's a celebrity actor made invincible and uses floating posters to attack, plus he has the power to fly and drop exploding insta-kill dogs on people. His arcade intro is simply him flying through the air shouting "HEY, EVERYBODY! I'M INVINCIBLE!"

    Kamina's Co-Worker Spartans/The 360 (Not MUGEN) 

  • All Love Is Unrequited: With them, only. Jenkins is heavily implied to have had a thing for Kamina, who in turn also liked Yoko but the latter died before(?) they could get together.
  • Ascended Extra: They have a much bigger role in Hecksing Hot Springs Special and Housestuck: The Split.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Chapter 6 of Hecksing: The Dawn and 22 of Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals, the former being their first appearance.
  • Development Gag: The names of the primary/secondary/tertiary 12 are the original surnames Fan had back in 360DD, before realizing that giving a very long-standing series of empires names of random origins would be a little weird and the hand waving would be too much.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Their debut was intended to be out after 360DD, so their first appearance was made one to aformentioned original story when things didn't quite work out. There, they have far less sexualized designs.
  • Fanservice Extra: They weren't that relevant to Dawn or Hurrcane Crconikals and didn't even appear at all in Ulumate Crconikals, and they're mostly just there for even more "fanservice." In case, you know, Seras, Rip, or the whole Rainbow Crew didn't provide enough. Downplayed in Hot Springs Special where the fanservice is a lot more legit, but they have a bigger role in the plot.
  • Stripperiffic: Averted when they're in the full-body Spartan armor and generally look exactly like Kamina/Master Chief, just with different colors. Played straight as their casual outfits — all 360 of them — are tiny thongs that are completely invisible from the back due to being floss-string thin. And no tops. But they spent more time so far either in full body armor or just helmetless than Kamina did. (Mostly because with Kamina, it was more of a reveal.)

    Bricks and Whatnots 

  • Brick Joke:
    • 5word claims that all the negative effects of the story could have been solved by more Links. 11word does just that. And the Links all nearly crush eachother to death because there are too many of them.
    • In Isaac Unbounded, a quote from Ted in a flashback is that "Good people make good buildings, badguys don't have foundations in their buildings because they don't have foundations in their hearts." Pride built his Evil Tower of Ominousness without a foundation, which results in his death.
    • Gurren Lagann is a Drunk has a literal one. It opens with Kamina throwing a brick, which also travels into a portal he opened that will "hit a destined enemy" of his. Five stories later, and in the end Alucard is hit by a brick flying out of a portal from nowhere.

  • Brick Joke:
    • In the prologue, Smuppetsprite claims that he refuses to act as a proper sprite in any way until after someone feels his(...?) butt. Much later, the Big Bad gets fed up with him and tries to slap him, but misses and accidentally slaps his ass. The sprite finally stops grinning, goes silent, and calmly floats over to Skaia, like he was supposed to about an in-universe month ago.
    • Also related to the same character: John notes in the prologue that, while going through Dave's house, Smuppetsprite infested it with puppets, and some of them even looked like the player group. Smuppetsprite would later have a fic-within-a-fic set up where the smuppetizations of the characters would go on adventures (a self-nod to many things the author has done, most notably Calliope's Back Story), then Hanksprite put his metaphorical foot down on it and this marked the beginning of their actual but very weird interactions beyond Smuppetsprite simply annoying an ignoring Hanksprite.
    • One of the first monsters of the week resulted from cross-contamination of a very dangerous and mutantious Alternian disease (long story) with the common cold Jane had. Somehow, this grew into a pair of eggs, one blue and one yellow. The yellow one rolls into a deep crack in the meteor while the blue one hatches into aformentioned Monster of the Week and is killed pretty quickly. Much later, in fact the final obstacle before returning to B2, a much larger, older yellow variation bursts through from the core and has to be fought off and killed as well. The majority of the story happens between these points, so unless you think Fan didn't outright forget it and/or know his blue/yellow duality theme it's very easy to forget this. Also serves as Book Ends to the meteor trip.
    • Inspired by a comment on the Sonic Boom playthrough of Game Grumps, very early into the story the characters discuss failed timelines that happened in the A1/A2/B2 jumps over. Damara mentions that one of her doomed offshoots got so sick of Gamzee that she flung him out into the Furthest Ring, and he probably hasn't been erased from existance and went around befriending any ghosts he drifted past. Towards the end of the story, just before the characters are about to enter the door, a very old-looking Gamzeenote  crashes into the platform and nearly kills John. Though there is one mention of this in-between, by implying: Meulin wonders if any living people around in the Ring by the time her Duplicate consumed everything would still be around floating like normal, and Rose re-assures that regular players not in any universe would be just fine, if the situation ever comes up.

  • Apparantly Fan thought it would be funny if Steven randomly tried fusing with a human, only to find that to his surprise it worked. Fan didn't actually even write that or mention it, but he was pleasantly surprised to see it canonically happen before I Thought Those Were the Ingredients.

  • Broken Aesop: Played for laughs/intentionally when a Show Within a Show has man taking out the villain of the week and then immediately giving an anti-gun aesop.

Dale Gribble in the nude! Tasteful, but you can see everything.

Roxy: The full name of this project should be Cheesecakestuck: Tasteful, but You Can See Almost Everything!

Answering questions about my own stuff

Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals
  • Why are the guardians so shocked at Carl only being into ladies when A: They already knew him for a day, and B: Jade has Single-Target Sexuality, so they already technically know someone who is monosexual?
    • All it said about the guardians as a whole was that they all looked at eachother aside from Dean (which makes sense since he's the Only Sane Man and Jade's father). And Beth, since she wasn't there. Dale was an idiot who had another one of his conspiracies, Lily might have genuinely not really cared/never asked considering her personality and lack of interactions with Jade, Vlie and Burt were probably trolls waiting to see Dale's reaction (and the comic tie-in supports this: they both look at him), Harl is also an idiot, and Kate probably knew Harl and Dale's reactions and was bracing for what they had to say.
  • How do Beth, Disciple/Aurink, etc get re-dressed after entering water?
    • They don't. (And the comic confirms this.) Considering their personalities, it makes sense that they out of everyone wouldn't mind wardrobe malfunctions as much. The same question can actually be applies to a lot of the Crew, since water could easily screw up their costumes (Mindfang/Bezedu, for one). Then again it was implied that Beth kept a spray can of whipped cream at all times...
  • Why is Jade generally portrayed as a chickification parody yet also associated with militant-elements? (Her RC outfit.) Seems to be contradiction of the fake-author's own stupidity.
  • Wouldn't the Sisters be giving a very bad image of themselves if they go around attacking Porrim unprovoked? Especially right in public by a large crowd, in chapter 13? And trashing up a library? Unlike the other villains, they are basically supposed to be an extremist, negative political group, so they should think that negative attention is exactly what they would want to avoid.
    • They're not so aimed on persuading opinion change as they are forcing by fright. So they are being effective in their eyes. Going after Porrim, a powerful regenerative vampire (until her death and revival in chapter 18 took that all away) isn't saying "We're all a bunch of nutjobs," it's more like "OBEY US OR WE'LL HUNT YOU DOWN TOO!" Because they do come off as jerks like that. Sort of like Icesky.
  • Why didn't any of the other Xenomorphs tell John, Jade, and the Sisters that they were being hijacked by one of the two brothers?
    • They were all afraid that the jerkass one would kill them all. They were still hostages, after all.
  • Trolls and Martians look very humanoid. Xenomorphs and zergizocks do not and actually resemble eachother. Humans, Martians, and xenomorphs are from the Milky Way Galaxy. Trolls and zergizocks are from the Andromeda Galaxy. There is no appearance consistency.
    • Sentient life can either evolve in one of two ways, or limited. Basically, looking sort of like Xenomorphs or looking sort of like humans.
  • If vampires are derived from jadebloods/rainbow drinkers, why are they weak to things declared "holy," and at that objects that are powered differently depending on the religion used?
    • It was never said that rainbow drinkers were just "people but with increased form and powers and little actual supernatural stuff like an inability to see reflections" like how "vampirism" works in a lot of this guy's other stories. They are probably weak to holy objects too. Throw a Bible at Kanaya or Porrim (pre-chapter 18, anyway) and it would probably hurt them like hell.
  • For that matter, why are there even multiple religions in Crconikals since knowledge of the afterlife is common place? Brian Griffin can be excused for being a Flat Earth Atheist since it's a nod to how he didn't believe in God in a world where He can be found picking up women in bars, but just about nobody else really has reason to think that it works any different from how it is, unless it's all based on possible higher powers than the afterlife.
    • Denial or issues about if there is something higher than whatever rules the afterlives. Which still has not actually been elaborated on.
  • Why are "live" vampires unable to see ghosts outside of the afterlives but unpowered humans can? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
    • That's the joke. Also a parody of Rule of Drama, since it was introduced by Pip saying that Seras cannot see him, thus keeping the two apart even more in favor for Carl/Seras.
  • So Kurloz gets hit in the ass with a dead porcupine for indirectly making the Pikmin rage out (not even knowing that he put Jake's well being in danger — maybe), but Vriska gets off with nothing for killing Tavros? Eridan was outright possessed (well, now anyway) and Gamzee had a brain-hit that screwed hit personalities back up, but Vriska has no excuse. And Pavlig throwing her into a house after hearing about it doesn't count, since the whole Crew apparantly didn't care for it.
    • Terezi killing her was considered good enough. Tavros must have a similar Easily Forgiven atittude Jake has in Crconikals. In fact this was openly addressed just to shoot down any "because they're Pages" ideas.
  • If Roxy wanted to out-do the other Crew members in outfit absurdity, why didn't she just... pick something else after the presentation?
    • It might be because she doesn't really have anything weirder, and doesn't have much effort to get it. Also, this version of Roxy is an idiot.
  • It was implied that the Zodiacs did everything by seperation (Tavros and Terezi being the only two by the Felt Apartment when the "Housestucks" fell out, Karkat's comments about Nepeta's mission), as did the Alphas (Damara being the only one to stop scratch), when the Rainbow Crew just about does everything in groups or splits them to different squads. Why the sudden change?
    • Pre-end of chapter 18: Rose is a pretty mean ruler. Post: Dirk is a traditionalist, and he considered the Housestuck/Rose-era Rainbow Crew to be "tradition" and not either troll gang even though they're both implied to be along longer.
  • If all of the Zodiacs live in Chicago, then why the hell do they go to the Grand Canyon for their meetings?
    • Seasons 1-3 answer: That's the joke. Seasons 4-7 answer: Like the other more unexplained aspects, this was explained by retcon. The Zodiacs usually use holograms, but if they suspect that Doc Scratch is trying to hunt for them, they "disappear" so to speak into the Canyon in person. Tavros and Terezi's actual mission when the Housestucks encountered them was to check around and see if the coast was clear. As was Kanaya's, but her date with Edward distracted her.
  • Why the hell would Kanaya — or anyone, for that matter — fall for Edward Cullen? Even if she didn't know about his creepy parts, and even ignoring the elephant in the room about this (well, one of them, at least), Edward here talks in a very bored, pausing monotone. Plus, she has eleven available dates since the Zodiacs all appear to be very chummy with eachother, and even get into a twelve-way relationship in chapter 12. Plus whoever else is dating who.
  • How did Scratch turn the Felt Apartment into the Felt Tower (either variation, before or after the Six Barriers) when he's an idiot pothead, and most of the rest of the Felt seem a bit dumb too? For that matter, how did Scratch even keep Damara held at his house for three years when the guy himself can barely put on a disguise to get pot?

naruto the guy with the ninja
  • It's been implied that some characters share the same origins as they did in Crconikals, and confirmed for virtually all of Hank's "rival gang" (if they did appear in Crconikals, that is, but either way their country of origins have been confirmed). Because of this, there's just a lot of general confusion. Alucard is ultimately a (hoo boy... Sdrawkcab Name of Dracula, title of Vlad III Tepes, Vlad =...) Slavic name, yet he was raised in America and by a family implied to be German or Austrian considering... his Bro. Kamina is from Greece, born and raised there with a Greek family (yes it's an enlongated Halo-Spartan vs real Sparta nod to his previous role as the Master Chief from HUC), yet has a name derived from Japanese (Kami = "above"). Brenda's name possibly comes from Old Norse yet she's been in Japan all her life, considering how the five lands are part of Japan in this.
    • According to Muppets Most Wanted, "Badguy" is French. Then again, Alucard/Bro's surname is pronounded "Bad guy," while Domonic says it's "Bad-Gee." Also, the surname sharing is a coincidence, as MMW was not out by the time HUC was written.
    • naruto the guy with the ninja takes place some time between the present day and Futurama's day. That might qualify as an answer alone, since Futurama is supposedly "canon" in it even though it exists as a show. But it raises a lot of other questions, such as:
  • Naruto put the Leaf Village under a major imprisoning spell, and endangered the Land of Fire. Problem with this, because of Naruto's world being made into a small speck of "our" world (EG all together they're just around one continent more-or-less, and other major countries like Russia or the United States or India still exist around but probably geographically shifted)
  • This takes place between our world and Futurama's time. (Pinned down to 1496, to be specific.) Ignoring that plate shifting isn't that fast, this story's world has been re-arranged. Futurama's has not.
    • Let's just say 2199: Major Ten Tails-attack or something completely screwed up the Earth. ~2800: Very powerful charka use(s) decide(s) Status Quo Is God and reverts the Earth's landmasses to structures more "familiar" through history.
  • If this was written by the same alter ego who did Crconikals, seeing all the very deep in-jokes that can't possibly have "because Pikmin Fan" as the in-universe explanation, why the sudden inconsistency with the capitalization? Why is this the only installment with all lowercase letters, especially seeing as the story proper has nearly zero problems with capitalization?
    • It still doesn't have to be. Let's say that the "world" these alter egoes take place in, they find eachother's ideas off the web and think "Hey, this seems like something I'd want to take from." Boom.

Isaac and co. are also Kreugers/Striders/Ikanames when it comes to unifying worlds

Not based on Isaac himself, but his allies from the Isaac Unbounded SBIGlet. Piece them together — or hell, just use Eve by herself — and there's enough similarities that was good enough to draw some ties. Judas covers most of them being betrayers or Face-Heel Turning (Kathy to Ezekiel, Dave and Dirk to everyone in SJAHJ, Carrie to everyone in GVS, etc) and uses the Crying Blood/ general Bloody Murder trope, Samson has the "broken strength," Eden is confirmed to bear a hair style that is similar to Carrie's old hair, Lazarus has red hair (Jib, Emo-Dave, Kathy), and Eve has multiples of these.
  • None of them so far really liked guns though, while Isaac and co. are gun crazy.

NightmareFuel.Super Mario Bros

  • Critical Research Failure: [invoked, intentional, blah blah blah.]
    • According to chapter 20, the fake-author has no idea that Blackbeard is a real person, and just thinks that it's a catch-all nickname for any pirate, as well as any other color beard. Such as Greenbeard.

Wings Of Vi (This time I'm actually not planning on starting the page, I just wanna check if the page is made. I'm still thinking of something with Air Control though.) This was made by the same guy who did an I Wanna Be the Guy fangame I Wanna Be The Boshy? Hang on, um... it's apparantly Nintendo Hard (sure looks like it even from the start), and the main character's a Walking Swimsuit Scene. (Or looks like one.) That's a trope-related start.

    Oh, Why Not? 

Wings of Vi is a 2014 action platformer by Solgryn, creator of I Wanna Be The Boshy.

The game's page.

  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: Secrets in general, which change Vi's appearance. Beating the game in general? Grants a potion that makes you resemble Rubi.
  • All Men Are Perverts: Implied by Rubi's line at the beginning that she can make boys do whatever she wants, explaining why there are no guards by Jeh'oul.
  • Antepiece: The entire beginning eases you into the jump mechanics, with harmless teleporting pads that take you out of pits that would likely be deadly later into the game. The fact that even the beginning asks for a bit of an angeled air-jump should give an indication of what the game proper has to offer.
  • Bare Your Midrift: Vi's default outfit leaves her mid-section open.
  • Book Ends: The game begins and ends at the Floating Keep. All of the NPCs from the beginning are still there. The demonic forces that have infested the Floating Keep also make a return at the end.
  • The Cameo: It's possible to find a Boshy custom in a hidden area.
  • Checkpoint Starvation: Each succeeding difficulty level strips away checkpoints. Players on the lower levels would know which will be removed higher on based on color: Red checkpoints are in all three, yellow checkpoints are in the Mortal and Angel modes, and pink checkpoints are exclusive to the Angel mode.
  • Colorful Theme Naming: The main character's name is a shortening of violet, and her friend is named Rubi. Also present is an Amethyst.
  • Distressed Damsel: Rubi, but she's rescued at the end of the first area.
  • Dual Boss: The Twin Orcs.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: "Angel Mode" (Easy), "Mortal Mode" (Normal), and "Demon Mode" (Hard).
  • Improbably Female Cast: There appear to be far more female angels than male.
  • Magic Skirt: Rubi's dress stays put while being held upside-down by Pr'gora.
  • Nintendo Hard: The game has been considered very difficult, for demanding jumps and several insta-kill or near-insta-kill spike traps.
  • Non-Lethal Bottomless Pits: Only in the easiest difficulty. Vi will be teleported away from ordinarly insta-kill obstacles at the cost of losing half of a full life bar thanks to the Life Orb. If she has less than that, then she dies.
  • Not Quite Flight: Vi cannot fly with her wings in the beginning, but she can gain an air jump if she hasn't jumped prior.
  • One-Hit Kill: There are certain Invincible Minor Minions that essentially act as bottomless pits, killing Vi instantly (or resulting in her getting warped out by the Life Orb on Angel Mode) if she lands in one.
  • Our Angels Are Different: They live in the skies, are very much mortal, go through a course on purifying the sins, have seemingly decorative halos, and their flight magic can be taken away.
  • Stripperiffic: Vi's standard outfit is a pair of shorts and a clevage-exposing top, bearing more than a passing resemblance to sleepwear, but she fights off demonic forces like that.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: Vi's default outfit includes a pair of shorts.
  • Womb Level: The final section of the game.

60's Spider Man.

Spider-Man (1967)


  • Mind Screw: Uppercut, a character who, on the surface, only attacks with uppercut moves. Sounds simple? Yeah, well, its standing sprite flickers between several variaints of Ryu, it changes its appearance a lot, and every time it connects an attack you hear the YEAAAAAH! meme from CSI: Miami.

    Lots of Bosses, few Enemies (YKTTW? I don't know exactly how to define this though) 

This doesn't count things that aren't, I don't know, "living" obstacles? Like Spikes Of Doom don't count.

  • I Wanna Be the Guy has enough bosses to make a rush out of it, but only a select, rare number of enemies that can actually be killed. It does, however, feature a number of obstacles that seem to defy physics to try to kill you.
  • Conkers Bad Fur Day has just about a boss every chapter, but until the last few levels there isn't really much that could be considered basic mooks. Conker's upgrading from a Frying Pan of Doom to guns during those portions of the game probably helps, since a much better, long-range weapon would allow for more combat. The remake tried to avoid this by adding defeatable wood-wearing imps along with strange possessed dolls in varrying points of the game.

Zoo Race

Some text. ...And on a second line.

Hyperdimension Neptunia has Pirachu
  • Pikachu

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Seeing if editing works


ȷ -> 'J'

    Gettig Carp Past the Radar [sic]  

I can't believe I'm saying this: (Here because I don't know if it's intentional or not. I mean, even out of context that is a funny face)
  • Alan occasionally makes a face that resembles the infamous "Yaranaika" meme, which has a rather adult origin.

Spider Thread
ten decillion vigintillionnote 

"You want fun? You are in a five-ringged circius of simplicity and self-reliance."

"I heard it was an alternate costume where Luigi had an angry face." Dangit I actually want Angry Face Luigi to be an alt in Smash now.

You can't out-Tetris Tetris. It's universally impossible. Pentris (five-part pieces/pentominos) would be too complicated but also sounds a bit interesting.


White Chicks is the best movie ever

    Youchew qoutses 

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