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[-[[caption-width-right:331:[[MinstrelShows What would the white equivalent of "mammy" be?]]]]-]

->''"There's a white man talking up here! Silencio! ''Oongawah!''"''
-->-- '''Chuck Taylor''', ''Series/ChappellesShow'', yelling into a booing multi-ethnic crowd during the racial draft.

Similar to BlackLikeMe except usually played strictly for laughs as a black character pretends to be white. Generally, a very hip black male pretends to be a [[WhiteDudeBlackDude very straight, lame white male]].

Not related to [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Like_Me the book]], which is a personal story about white privilege.

[[AC:Comic Books]]
* During the ''Armor Wars'' storyline, [[ComicBook/WarMachine Jim Rhodes]], a black man, impersonated [[Characters/SpiderManRoguesGalleryAtoH Electro]] in order to infiltrate [[ExtranormalPrison The Vault]] in order to help ComicBook/IronMan neutralize the Guardsman armors that used his technology. Max Dillon is white, so Rhodey had to wear makeup over the exposed part of his face, and then quietly pray to himself that a brother didn't catch him removing the costume and makeup.
* Creator/ChrisRock gets reincarnated into the body of a rich, white man in ''Down to Earth''. The "straight, lame" part is averted though. He still most definitely behaves like Chris Rock... which gets him into awkward situations.
* Creator/LennyHenry in ''Film/TrueIdentity''.
* Shawn and Marlon Wayans combine this with DisguisedInDrag in ''Film/WhiteChicks''.
* Creator/EddieMurphy, thanks to the magic of ''really'' good makeup, played a CaptainErsatz of Richard Simmons in ''Film/TheNuttyProfessor''. You couldn't tell it was him unless you were explicitly told as such.
* Creator/EddieMurphy played the black barbershop's resident AlterKocker in ''Film/ComingToAmerica''.
* Creator/WhoopiGoldberg disguises herself as an elderly white businessman in ''Film/TheAssociate''.
** She pulled a similar stunt during one of her hosting of the UsefulNotes/{{Academy Awards|Ceremonies}}, where she came dressed and makeuped as Queen Elizabeth I and called herself "Film/TheAfricanQueen".
* The lead character in ''Film/TheHebrewHammer'', at one point in the film, impersonates a Gentile. Although as an American Jew he should be in no way racially different, the whole scene is PlayedForLaughs very much in this way, as if being a Jew made one completely clueless of anything Gentile, and with the disguise being that of an outrageously stereotypical fundie redneck.
* ''Film/OJMadeInAmerica'': The documentary shows O.J. Simpson getting made up in "whiteface", as an elderly Jewish man Creator/EddieMurphy-style, for his surreal 2006 "comedy" special ''Juiced''.

* In ''Literature/TheNewestPlutarch'', Esteban Ligeiro's "Ligeiro Albino", a chemical for turning black people white. First, there was a lot of controversy, then it turned out there are side effects… then [[spoiler:[[ShaggyDogStory it turned out to be temporary]]]].

[[AC:Live-Action TV]]
* Any time Creator/DaveChappelle plays/impersonates/imitates a white person, it's always in the same calm monotone that says "I have nothing exciting about me because I'm ''extra'' vanilla." Chuck Taylor, the white news anchor that Chappelle plays throughout the run of [[Series/ChappellesShow his show]] gets whiter every time he appears there. In one of the Lost Episodes, pictured above, he's ''literally white''.
* Creator/EddieMurphy did this for the first time in an old ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' short where, with the help of a good make-up artist, he discovered that white people regularly give stuff to each other for free. All the time. It ends with him with several of friends undergoing the make-up process [[ItsForABook "to continue this strange education."]]

* French rapper Kamini (who is black) has made a song and a video clip called ''"J'suis blanc"'' ("I am white") where he turns white.
* Some say this is what Music/MichaelJackson did around 1990 or so, which is why the cover of ''Music/{{Dangerous}}'' didn't show much of his face. Worth noting that his chronic Vitiligo was the real reason he got whiter and whiter as the years went on. The plastic surgery however...
* The song "If I was White" by rapper Sticky Fingaz. Bonus points for featuring Music/{{Eminem}} on the hook.
* Music/{{Eminem}}'s imitation of Jackson in the music video of ''Just Lose It'' from ''Music/TheEminemShow''.

[[AC:Newspaper Comics]]
* A ''Tank [=McNamara=]'' arc involved the "token white" on a major basketball team: terrible at the game, but they kept him because he might give hope to white children that someday they ''might'' be able to play pro basketball. Then his teammates decided he'd gone too long without a shower ... and his whiteness washed off.... When Tank interviewed him, and asked if the deception had been tough, he exclaimed, "God, man, ''you'' pretend to like Music/TheBeachBoys for six years..."

[[AC:Web Video]]
* In WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic, Malcolm once has to disguise as a white man in order to escape from a GenreSavvy Nostalgia Critic turned insane because of the miniseries based on Stephen King's ''Series/TheShining''. Thankfully, Malcolm manages to avoid being another victim of the BlackDudeDiesFirst trope, by putting on a rather impressive disguise with blonde wig, white shirt... he even reads a purely white book and listens to [[Music/MileyCyrus Wreckingball]]! Now that's dedication.
** In the behind the scenes he was the only one not laughing at it and said he didn't know how to make it not offensive.
* Singer and talk show host Lexi Allen does this in numerous videos, such as ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-RzhjIuW2o White Church vs. Black Church]]''.
* Youtuber iSekC does this in his ''[[https://youtu.be/-c6vKoaqWvU Justin Bieber eats his own poop video]]'' that has over 30 million views and has been a great conversation starter at elementary school lunches all across the globe since 2010.