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Whats In The Bible
Are we alone out here in space?
What are we doing in this place?
Is there a god, and if there is, what difference does it make?
How should we live?
What should we do?
And why should I be nice to you?
Is there a way to know what's right and what's a big mistake?
Theme song

After the success of VeggieTales, it was questionable among fans and families if another Religious Edutainment could possibly be created to rival it in terms of both humor and religious substance for children. In 2011, a possible contendor, What's in the Bible was born, which happened to also be created by Phil Vischer.

Instead of anthropomorphic vegetables, however, this show is hosted by a cast of puppets, along with Phil as a live action co host and many an animated character to play the parts of Bible characters. It is shown at a rapid, but thorough pace, usually going quickly over the Bible stories that children will probably already know and instead digging into the moral, spiritual, and ethical substance that most chilrden's bible stories wouldn't even touch. Despite this bold move, the show is still is still very child-friendly and very easy to understand, and it can make the experience educational to even the older members of the audience.

Whats In The Bible was definitely groundbreaking, both as a Spiritual Successor to VeggieTales and as it's own series. Like the former, it's goal was to teach children about the bible in a fun, and humerous way. But unlike the veggies, this show dug a bit deeper and set out to do what no other kids cartoon has ever done: Teach kids about the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and help them understand concepts that other educational means have failed to explain, and answer questions that kids would probably be asking themselves when learning about the Bible. And boy, did they succeed. The show was an instant hit, scoring high with parents and Christian children programs, and is quickly developing what will probably become a Periphery Demographic.

The show is distributed in DVD sets, with two 25-minute episodes per DVD. It is currently on it's 8th volume.

Whats In The Bible includes examples of:

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