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What Page Types Mean
  • Trope: The backbone of this site. A description of a recurring pattern in fiction which should come with a list of examples. Example: Sealed Evil in a Can.
  • Work: A description of a piece of fiction in which tropes may occur, containing a list of the tropes that exist in that piece of fiction. This page type enables reviews, the YMMV tab, and several other features. Additionally, if the Recap page for an individual episode of a series has its own reviews, it will need this page type for tech reasons. Example: Tomorrow Never Dies.
  • A creator or person: A page about some real-life entity associated with the creation of works (like an author, an actor or a production studio). Example: David Tennant.
  • A work's examples page: A page which is not the main page of some work, but lists some of the tropes that occur in that work anyway. These take three main forms: splits of tropes that occur when the main work page gets too big, Character Sheets, and Recap pages that include a list of tropes. Examples: Avatar: The Last Airbender.Tropes A To H, Characters.Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Recap.Community S1 E23: Modern Warfare.
  • Index: A page whose main function is to list other pages. If you want a page to show up in the center of the little blue index bars at the bottom of other pages, it needs to have this type. If the page is doing the indexing job in addition to being about a work or one of the other pages types, check-off the "doing indexing" box. Example: Espionage Tropes.
  • Sub-page: A page which is about a trope or work, but is not the main page about that trope or work. Most of these are pages in companion namespaces like Headscratchers, YMMV, or Wild Mass Guessing. Example: Quotes/ProperlyParanoid.
  • A Useful Note: A page about real-life facts, with an eye toward explaining why and how they're used in fiction. Example: Japanese Honorifics.
  • A Just For Fun bit: A page which was created to be entertaining or funny and doesn't fit into any other category. Example: Quantum Mariah Carey Problem.
  • A contributor: A page about someone who edits the wiki. Example: Fast Eddie.
  • A disambiguation: A page used to point readers in the right direction when multiple other pages share a name. Example: Leviathan
  • Administrivia: A page that exists in order to explain stuff about how the wiki works. Example: What Page Types Mean.

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