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Web Video
aka: Rather Vocalized Illusion
Web Video is the providing of live-action video over the Internet, as opposed to "traditional" broadcast methods like Television or Film. Web video is most often delivered via a web browser, using the ubiquitous Adobe Flash Player or alternatives such as Apple QuickTime, RealPlayer, or HTML 5.

The most popular web video site in the world is, of course, YouTube, but the nature of the medium means that anyone with a domain name, a server, and a connection with enough bandwidth can offer video for streaming or for download. As with all other new media, web video was first adopted by the porn industry, giving rise to the meme The Internet Is for Porn.

As far as TV Tropes' Media Categories go, please note that, to fall under Web Video, a work must have first been posted or be available primarily on the Internet. A television program that's rebroadcast on the network's website or YouTube should still be listed under Live-Action TV and use the Series namespace.

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